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Cylindric Set Algebras

Author : L. Henkin
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Cylindric Algebras

Author : Bozzano G Luisa
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Volume II completes the description of the main aspects of the theory, covering representation questions, model theory and decision problems for them, translations from logic to algebra and vice-versa, and relationships with other algebraic versions of logic.

Cylindric like Algebras and Algebraic Logic

Author : Hajnal Andréka
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Algebraic logic is a subject in the interface between logic, algebra and geometry, it has strong connections with category theory and combinatorics. Tarski’s quest for finding structure in logic leads to cylindric-like algebras as studied in this book, they are among the main players in Tarskian algebraic logic. Cylindric algebra theory can be viewed in many ways: as an algebraic form of definability theory, as a study of higher-dimensional relations, as an enrichment of Boolean Algebra theory, or, as logic in geometric form (“cylindric” in the name refers to geometric aspects). Cylindric-like algebras have a wide range of applications, in, e.g., natural language theory, data-base theory, stochastics, and even in relativity theory. The present volume, consisting of 18 survey papers, intends to give an overview of the main achievements and new research directions in the past 30 years, since the publication of the Henkin-Monk-Tarski monographs. It is dedicated to the memory of Leon Henkin.​

Relation Algebras by Games

Author : Robin Hirsch
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Relation algebras are algebras arising from the study of binary relations. They form a part of the field of algebraic logic, and have applications in proof theory, modal logic, and computer science. This research text uses combinatorial games to study the fundamental notion of representations of relation algebras. Games allow an intuitive and appealing approach to the subject, and permit substantial advances to be made. The book contains many new results and proofs not published elsewhere. It should be invaluable to graduate students and researchers interested in relation algebras and games. After an introduction describing the authors' perspective on the material, the text proper has six parts. The lengthy first part is devoted to background material, including the formal definitions of relation algebras, cylindric algebras, their basic properties, and some connections between them. Examples are given. Part 1 ends with a short survey of other work beyond the scope of the book. In part 2, games are introduced, and used to axiomatise various classes of algebras. Part 3 discusses approximations to representability, using bases, relation algebra reducts, and relativised representations. Part 4 presents some constructions of relation algebras, including Monk algebras and the 'rainbow construction', and uses them to show that various classes of representable algebras are non-finitely axiomatisable or even non-elementary. Part 5 shows that the representability problem for finite relation algebras is undecidable, and then in contrast proves some finite base property results. Part 6 contains a condensed summary of the book, and a list of problems. There are more than 400 exercises. The book is generally self-contained on relation algebras and on games, and introductory text is scattered throughout. Some familiarity with elementary aspects of first-order logic and set theory is assumed, though many of the definitions are given. Chapter 2 introduces the necessary universal algebra and model theory, and more specific model-theoretic ideas are explained as they arise.

Set Theoretical Logic The Algebra of Models

Author : W Felscher
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This is an introduction to mathematical logic in which all the usual topics are presented: compactness and axiomatizability of semantical consequence, Löwenheim-Skolem-Tarski theorems, prenex and other normal forms, and characterizations of elementary classes with the help of ultraproducts. Logic is based exclusively on semantics: truth and satisfiability of formulas in structures are the basic notions. The methods are algebraic in the sense that notions such as homomorphisms and congruence relations are applied throughout in order to gain new insights. These concepts are developed and can be viewed as a first course on universal algebra. The approach to algorithms generating semantical consequences is algebraic as well: for equations in algebras, for propositional formulas, for open formulas of predicate logic, and for the formulas of quantifier logic. The structural description of logical consequence is a straightforward extension of that of equational consequence, as long as Boolean valued propositions and Boolean valued structures are considered; the reduction of the classical 2-valued case then depends on the Boolean prime ideal theorem.

The Life and Work of Leon Henkin

Author : María Manzano
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This is a comprehensive book on the life and works of Leon Henkin (1921–2006), an extraordinary scientist and excellent teacher whose writings became influential right from the beginning of his career with his doctoral thesis on “The completeness of formal systems” under the direction of Alonzo Church. Upon the invitation of Alfred Tarski, Henkin joined the Group in Logic and the Methodology of Science in the Department of Mathematics at the University of California Berkeley in 1953. He stayed with the group until his retirement in 1991. This edited volume includes both foundational material and a logic perspective. Algebraic logic, model theory, type theory, completeness theorems, philosophical and foundational studies are among the topics covered, as well as mathematical education. The work discusses Henkin’s intellectual development, his relation to his predecessors and contemporaries and his impact on the recent development of mathematical logic. It offers a valuable reference work for researchers and students in the fields of philosophy, mathematics and computer science.

Amalgamation and Interpolation Properties of Cylindric Algebras

Author : Don Leonard Pigozzi
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Hajnal Andr ka and Istv n N meti on Unity of Science

Author : Judit Madarász
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This book features more than 20 papers that celebrate the work of Hajnal Andréka and István Németi. It illustrates an interaction between developing and applying mathematical logic. The papers offer new results as well as surveys in areas influenced by these two outstanding researchers. They also provide details on the after-life of some of their initiatives. Computer science connects the papers in the first part of the book. The second part concentrates on algebraic logic. It features a range of papers that hint at the intricate many-way connections between logic, algebra, and geometry. The third part explores novel applications of logic in relativity theory, philosophy of logic, philosophy of physics and spacetime, and methodology of science. They include such exciting subjects as time travelling in emergent spacetime. The short autobiographies of Hajnal Andréka and István Németi at the end of the book describe an adventurous journey from electric engineering and Maxwell’s equations to a complex system of computer programs for designing Hungary’s electric power system, to exploring and contributing deep results to Tarskian algebraic logic as the deepest core theory of such questions, then on to applications of the results in such exciting new areas as relativity theory in order to rejuvenate logic itself.

Cylindric Algebras

Author : Leon Henkin
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Volume I provides a detailed analysis of cylindric algebras, starting with a formulation of their axioms and a development of their elementary properties, and proceeding to a deeper study of their interrelationships by means of general algebraic notions such as subalgebras, homomorphisms, direct products, free algebras, reducts and relativized algebras.

Multi Dimensional Modal Logic

Author : Maarten Marx
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Modal Logic is a branch of logic with applications in many related disciplines such as computer science, philosophy, linguistics and artificial intelligence. Over the last twenty years, in all of these neighbouring fields, modal systems have been developed that we call multi-dimensional. (Our definition of multi-dimensionality in modal logic is a technical one: we call a modal formalism multi-dimensional if, in its intended semantics, the universe of a model consists of states that are tuples over some more basic set.) This book treats such multi-dimensional modal logics in a uniform way, linking their mathematical theory to the research tradition in algebraic logic. We will define and discuss a number of systems in detail, focusing on such aspects as expressiveness, definability, axiomatics, decidability and interpolation. Although the book will be mathematical in spirit, we take care to give motivations from the disciplines mentioned earlier on.