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Cyprus and the Politics of Memory

Author : Rebecca Bryant
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The island of Cyprus has been bitterly divided for more than four decades. One of the most divisive elements of the Cyprus conflict is the writing of its history, a history called on by both communities to justify and explain their own notions of justice. While for Greek Cypriots the history of Cyprus begins with ancient Greece, for the Turkish Cypriot community the history of the island begins with the Ottoman conquest of 1571. The singular narratives both sides often employ to tell the story of the island are, as this volume argues, a means of continuing the battle which has torn the island apart, and an obstacle to resolution. Cyprus and the Politics of Memory re-orientates history-writing on Cyprus from a tool of division to a form of dialogue, and explores a way forward for the future of conflict resolution in the region.

Cypriot Cinemas

Author : Costas Constandinides
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Cyprus, the idyllic “island of Aphrodite,” is better known as a site of conflict and division between Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots, rather than for its film production. Constandinides and Papadakis work to rectify this dearth of information by discussing the ouevre of filmmakers engaging with the island's traumatic legacies: anti-colonial struggles, post-colonial instability, interethnic conflict, external interventions and war. Starting with the cinema of the 1960s, when the island became a republic, the collection focuses on the recent decades of filmmakers exploring issues of conflict, memory, identity, nationalism, migration and gender, as well as the work of filmmakers who chose to cooperate across the ethnic divide. Cypriot Cinemas utilizes a methodology that engages all necessary perspectives for an illuminating critical discussion: historical, theoretical and comparative (Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot films in relation to regional film cultures/practices). While the volume develops a discussion based on the reading of the political in Cypriot films, it also looks at other film cultures and debates such as (s)exploitation films and transnational cinema.

The Politics of Culture in Turkey Greece Cyprus

Author : Leonidas Karakatsanis
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Performing a political identity usually involves more than just casting a vote. For Left-wingers in Turkey, Greece and Cyprus – countries that emerged as the only non-socialist constituents of South-eastern Europe after WWII – political preference meant immersion to distinct ways of life, to ‘cultures’: in times of dictatorship or persecution, the desire to find alternative ways to express themselves gave content to these cultures. In times of political normality, it was the echoes of such memories of precarity and loss that took the lead. This book explores the intersection between the politics and cultures of the Left since the sixties in Turkey, Greece and Cyprus. With the use of 12 case studies, the contributors expose the moments in which the Left has been claimed and performed, not only through political manifestos and traditional political boundaries, but also through corporeal acts, discursive practices and affective encounters. These are all transformed into distinct modalities of everyday life and conduct, which are commemorated, narrated or sung, versed, painted, or captured in photographic images and on reels of tape. By focusing on culture and performance, this book highlights the complex link between nationalism and internationalism in left-wing cultures, and illuminates the entanglements between the ways in which left-wingers experienced transitions from dictatorship to democracy and vice versa. As the first book to analyse cultures and performances of the Left in the three countries, The Politics of Culture in Turkey, Greece and Cyprus causes a rethinking of the boundaries of political practice and fosters new understandings of the formation of diverse expressions of the Left. As such, it will be a valuable resource for students and scholars of cultural and social anthropology, modern European history and political science.

The Political Museum

Author : Theopisti Stylianou-Lambert
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This engaging volume reveals how politics permeates all facets of museum practice, particularly in regions of political conflict. In these settings, museums can be extraordinarily influential for shaping identity and collective memory and for peace building. Using key Cypriote archaeological, historical, ethnographic, and art museums as examples, this book: provides a multifaceted and deeper understanding of how politics, conflict, national agendas, and individual initiatives can shape museums and their narratives; discusses how these forces contribute to the creation of, and conflict over, national, community and personal identities; examines how museums use inclusion and exclusion in their collections, exhibitions, objects and interpretive material as a way of selectively constructing collective memories. This book will be an important resource for museum professionals, as well as scholars interested in the effects of politics on museums and interpretations of the past.

Postcolonial Ghosts in New Turkish Cinema

Author : Cihat Arinc
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Britain and the Cyprus Crisis of 1974

Author : John Burke
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This book examines the ideological and socio-political discourses shaping the remembrance and representation of Britain and the Cyprus conflict of 1974 within Greek Cypriot society. By combining the official with the popular and drawing on an extensive range of oral history interviews, this monograph shows that a suspicion born out of Britain’s long (neo-)colonial connection to Cyprus has come to frame the image and understanding of British actions associated with the events, and lasting consequences, of 1974. Indeed, with the island of Cyprus still divided, and the requirement to remember a national imperative, this book has a direct contemporary relevance. However, within the existent literature, while much has been written about the political roots of the Cyprus conflict, no study has yet sought to systematically analyse and understand the influences shaping the history and memory of British actions on Cyprus in 1974. One defined by the existence of 'partitionist' conspiracies, collusive accusations and a series of memory distortions which continue to resonate strongly irrespective of the evidence that is now available. As such, by analysing the influences shaping the image of Britain in 1974, one can begin to understand in ever greater detail the Anglo–Greek Cypriot relationship in a modern context.

Resolving the Cyprus Conflict

Author : M. Michael
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By placing the conflict in its historical, ideological, ethno-political and geostrategic context, the book extends beyond conventional realist approaches and lays bare those less visible dimensions that are often ignored by analysts and policy-makers alike.

Bodies of Evidence

Author : Paul Sant Cassia
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Over 2,000 people went missing in Cyprus between 1963 & 1974. This work examines how both communities face the need to mourn without a body, nor even any certain knowledge of what has happened to their loved ones.

Echoes from the Dead Zone

Author : Yiannis Papadakis
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In the space of a generation, Cyprus – the island of Aphrodite, goddess of beauty and love – has experienced an anti-colonial struggle, post-colonial chaos, internecine fighting and hatred, civil war, invasion, population displacements and physical partition. The narrative of Cyprus’ recent history has created numerous attitudes and prejudices which run deep but which have never before been explored on a human level. Now for the first time Yiannis Papadakis, firmly planted in the Greek Cypriot world, sets out to discover 'The Other' – the much maligned Turks. Papadakis decided with some trepidation to travel to Constantinople (to his Greek worldview it was still Constantinople) to learn Turkish. There he discovered that actually it is Istanbul, and that Turkey is not the place of his once imagined demonology. Armed with new insights he returned to Cyprus and delved into the two communities, locked in their mutually contemptuous embrace, to explore their common humanity and to understand what divided them. He focused on Nicosia where the people who used to live together in one neighbourhood found themselves separated by a ‘Dead Zone’, two armies and a UN force. His was a journey to the various sides of the Dead Zone and to the various zones of the dead, the realms of memory and history. This book is the moving, sometimes humorous and always fascinating account of that journey.

European Cultural Memory Post 89

Author : Conny Mithander
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This volume is the first comprehensive mapping of how practices of cultural memory in post-communist countries and other late newcomers to the European Union have been affected due to the fall of the Berlin Wall and the collapse of communism. The essays cover Austria, the Czech Republic, Finland, the unified Germany, Hungary, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Sweden as well as Europe’s significant Other, Russia. The practices analysed range from films, novels and theatre to museums and state organizations such as memory institutes and pedagogical campaigns.

Journal of Mediterranean Studies

Author :
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Identities in Space

Author : Simon Gunn
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Issues of urban space have come to the fore in modern urban and social history in recent years, with many questions being raised concerning the nature of its production, the construction of divisions between public and private, and the regulation of the social life of the streets particularly in relation to gender and class. The essays in this volume take up these issues, exploring the historical relationship between social identity and urban history in an international context. In particular, attention is focussed on the ways in which urban spaces have been shaped by conflicts over access and use, and how the identities of social groups have in turn been forged by such conflicts.

Revolution Society and the Politics of Memory

Author : Michael Adcock
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Languages and the Military

Author : H. Footitt
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Through detailed case studies ranging from the 18th century until today,this book explores the role of foreign languages in military alliances, in occupation and in peace building. It brings together academic researchers and practitioners from the museum and interpreting worlds and the military.

Modern Greek Society

Author :
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Contemporary Art from Cyprus

Author : Elena Stylianou
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This edited volume uses Cyprus as a case study for the exploration of notions of the global and the local, identity, and regionalism in contemporary art practices. This book is not a complete historiography of contemporary Cypriot art; rather, this critical text provides a theoretical and historical framework that both contextualizes and frames current and future art practices from Cyprus, and always relates these back to the international art scene. Numerous current and pressing issues, all relevant beyond Cyprus, are investigated in this volume; these include, but are not limited to, art as capital, the emergence of the “periphery”, the importance of thriving localities, issues on memory and memorialization, archaeology, artists' identities, conflict and politics, social engagement, gender politics, and curatorial alternatives (artist-run spaces).

New Perspectives on Turkey

Author :
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The Europeanization of Cyprus

Author : Angelos Sepos
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Drawing from rationalist and constructivist approaches The Europeanization of Cyprus identifies mechanisms and processes of Europeanization and examines their impact on the following key dimensions of Cyprus: executive, legislative and judicial authorities; political parties and public opinion; economy; agriculture and regional policy; foreign policy; and justice and home affairs. It also assesses how the territorial and temporal dimensions of the country have mediated the impact of these mechanisms and processes, and ultimately shaped the country's Europeanization experience. The book provides a deep understanding of the relations between Cyprus and the EU, while also enhancing our theoretical understanding of the impact of Europeanization on states, whether inside or outside the EU.

Politics of Violence

Author : Charlotte Heath-Kelly
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Critical thinkers like Foucault, Benjamin, Derrida and Žižek have long challenged the liberal separation of violence and politics by highlighting the implicit violence within political and economic structures. But in an era of international terrorism and counter-terrorism, should we not also reverse the question to ask ‘what is political about violence?’ Using interviews with ex-militants from Italian leftist struggle of the 1970s and the Cypriot anti-colonial militancy of the 1950s, Heath-Kelly explores the political utility of violence. Studies of conflict and international politics rarely address how killing and injuring function to win wars or overturn regimes. But by rejecting conceptions of violence as a means-to-an-end found in the works of Clausewitz and Arendt, this book draws upon studies of pain to explore the ways in which armed struggle produces new political subjects and regimes, and discredits others, through experiences of violence. Using Elaine Scarry’s conception of pain as ‘world-destroying’ and Walter Benjamin’s delineation of violence as either lawmaking or law-preserving to frame ex-militant discussions of participation in armed struggle, the book contributes a pathbreaking empirical exploration of violence to international politics literatures - moving the study of political violence away from an understanding of violence as just a means-to-an-end. Drawing out insights that have a far wider resonance and significance for the analysis of the ‘politicality’ of political violence, this work will be of interest to students and scholars in areas such as international relations, security studies and international relations theory.


Author : Eylem Atakav
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Taking themes of gender, genre, cultural memory and (trans)national identity as its starting point, this book - the first English-language directory of Turkish films - provides an extensive historical overview the country's cinema since the early 1920s. The resulting volume, which includes a comprehensive filmography and recommendations for thos...