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Documenting Spain Artists Exhibition Culture and the Modern Nation 1929 1939

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Surrealism Politics and Culture

Author : Raymond Spiteri
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This title was first published in 2003. Drawing on literary, art historical and historical studies, this essay collection explores the complex encounter between culture and politics within Surrealism. The Surrealist movement was one of the first cultural movements to question explicitly the relation between culture and politics, and its attempt to fuse social and cultural revolution has been a critical factor in shaping our sense of modernity. This anthology addresses not only the contested ground between culture and politics within Surrealism itself, and within the subsequent historical accounts of the movement, but also the broader implications of this encounter on our own sense of modernity. Its goal is to delineate the role of radical politics in shaping the historical trajectory of Surrealism.

It s All Dal

Author : Salvador Dalí
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False Memories Adventures of the Living Dali

Author : Gabrielle Mallarm
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Praise for False Memories: "It was rich. Like eating a large slice of cheese cake with blueberry topping. I finished reading it today-did what it was suppose to do-kept my interest, created a deeper mystery surrounding the artist, brought up controversy, cleared a few questions, and much, much more. This will be a book, not just for collectors, but for anyone wanting to know a little about the psyche of a painter. Brilliant!" -Lynn Vermillion False memories is a psychologist's term for memories cleverly and conveniently created by the subconscious mind. Since the theory of reincarnation is not widely accepted, we tend to explain away memories of previous lives as false memories. Contemporary American painter Anton Brzezinski would be the first to agree that his own memories of previous lives are productions of his prodigious imagination-but Brzezinski's memories of his own experiences need no exaggeration to make them fascinating. In False Memories: Adventures of the Living Dali, with the exception of the pseudo-author Gabrielle Mallarmé, people who appear as characters in this book are not fictitious. This is a work of fiction, but even the wildest incidents described here really occurred!

Dali Paintings

Author : Salvador Dali
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Superb reproductions of surrealist masterpieces: The Basket of Bread, Disappearing Bust of Voltaire, The Disintegration of the Persistence of Memory, 21 more. Introduction. Notes. Captions.

Mess One Man s Struggle to Clean Up His House and His Act

Author : Barry Yourgrau
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Hilarious and poignant, a glimpse into the mind of someone who is both a sufferer from and an investigator of clutter. Millions of Americans struggle with severe clutter and hoarding. New York writer and bohemian Barry Yourgrau is one of them. Behind the door of his Queens apartment, Yourgrau’s life is, quite literally, chaos. Confronted by his exasperated girlfriend, a globe-trotting food critic, he embarks on a heartfelt, wide-ranging, and too often uproarious project—part Larry David, part Janet Malcolm—to take control of his crammed, disorderly apartment and life, and to explore the wider world of collecting, clutter, and extreme hoarding. Encounters with a professional declutterer, a Lacanian shrink, and Clutterers Anonymous—not to mention England’s most excessive hoarder—as well as explorations of the bewildering universe of new therapies and brain science, help Yourgrau navigate uncharted territory: clearing shelves, boxes, and bags; throwing out a nostalgic cracked pasta bowl; and sorting through a lifetime of messy relationships. Mess is the story of one man’s efforts to learn to let go, to clean up his space (physical and emotional), and to save his relationship.


Author : Cindy Martinusen Coloma
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Eventide: the time from when the sun begins to set until total darkness has descended. It was once of those magical seasons that lives forever in memory. An Italian seaside village. Days of adventure and romantic exploration. Moonlight swims in a sparkling sea. A once-in-a-lifetime love. And though it ended in heartbreak, though she moved on to marry happily and have a son, Carrie never quite put that summer behind her. Now she's dying young and still haunted by thoughts of her long-ago love. Her best friend Lauren, determined to put Carrie's mind at ease, sets out to do something completely foreign to her own cautious, conservative nature. Out of love, Lauren will find and confront the man she despises, the man who broke her best friend's heart, the man who has spent the last twenty years running from his past. Out of love, she will journey alone to retrieve secrets left behind after that never-for-gotten summer. And somehow, she will set into motion events that change nothing . . . but transform everything. As the mysteries of twenty years unravel, as husband and son and friend and even a long-lost love converge to say goodbye, something unexpected unfolds. Another seaside adventure. Another moonlight swim. And somethow, even at eventide, the miracle of enduring grace.

Salvador Dal Or the Art of Spitting on Your Mother s Portrait

Author : Carlos Rojas
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Among the many books written on or by Salvador Dalí, this is the first to give a complete, well-documented picture of his life and art. Carlos Rojas's approach to Dalí is somewhere between biography, Freudian analysis, and art and literary interpretation. Dalí is haunted from earliest childhood by the specter of his elder brother who died as a toddler shortly before Dalí was conceived (both brothers and the father bore the same name), as he is haunted by the devouring phantom of his mother, that praying mantis on whose portrait he would like to spit. Dalí is seen as endlessly struggling to affirm his identity and existence. A combination of genius, madman, neurotic, and spoiled brat, Dalí is illuminated by his work, while the known facts of his life, his own writings, those of his sister, and of others, are used to analyze the paintings, which are described in considerable detail. Rojas also provides sustained analyses of Dalí's relationships, including his influential amorous and intellectual affair with Federico García Lorca.

Art Journal

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Salvador Dali at Home

Author : Jackie De Burca
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Salvador Dalí at Home explores the influence of Catalan culture and tradition, Dalí's home life and the places he lived, on his life and work. Dalí was born in Figueres and was deeply connected to the area. Fully illustrated with over 150 illustrations of his famous work, as well as lesser known pieces, archive imagery, contemporary landscapes and personal photographs, the book provides uniquely accessible insight into the people and places that shaped this iconic artist and how the homes and landscapes of his life relate to his work.