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The Tail of the Dragon

Author : Marcia B. Siegel
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In The Tail of the Dragon, Marcia B. Siegel and Nathaniel Tileston track the evolution of new dance in New York during the rich and crucial transitional period from the mid-1970s to the early 1980s. Siegel, one of America’s most important dance critics, and Tileston, an accomplished dance photographer, focus on the choreographers who were propelled into rebellion against conventional modern dance by the Judson Dance Theater and other countercultural movements born of the 1960s. This collection of Siegel’s writing, compiled from reviews in Soho Weekly News and New York Magazine, as well as from longer essays and notebook pieces, forms an insightful commentary--occasionally wry, always perceptive—on the absorption of a radical art form by the mainstream. From minimalism, improvisation, street dancing, body awareness, and “poor theater” experimental strategies, these young rebels identified and adopted personal styles of movement and dancemaking; from that, they turned gradually to tamer, more accessible work, marked by virtuosic dancing, proscenium-ready repertoires, and touring companies. Included in this story are the principal players in the “postmodernist” dance movement—Merce Cunningham, Twyla Tharp, Trisha Brown, David Gordon—now well known internationally as leaders of dance in the 1990s. Siegel also looks at artists who worked steadily but less visibly, influential ones who drifted out of dance, and unknowns who have gained prominence. The dances described here are formal and outlandish, scruffy and beautiful, endearingly fallible and icily perfect. In rightfully celebrating the importance of dances long forgotten, The Tail of the Dragon produces a vibrant portrait of a generation of dance.

Princess DisGrace 2 Second Term at Tall Towers

Author : Lou Kuenzler
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A second, illustrated adventure starring Princess Grace - who is anything but graceful! After all the adventures of her first term at Tall Towers, Grace is sure that she's well on her way to becoming a perfect princess at last. If only she could think of a skill to perform at the talent competition...

The Dance of the Dragon

Author : Paul Broadhurst
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Chin Chiang and the Dragon s Dance

Author : Ian Wallace
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The story of a young Chinese boy who has the opportunity to fulfill his lifelong dream of dancing in the New Year's parade, and almost lets fear ruin everything.

The Dragon Can t Dance

Author : Earl Lovelace
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Described as 'a landmark, not in the West Indian, but in the contemporary novel' by C.L.R. James, Earl Lovelace's Caribbean classic tells the story of Calvary Hill - poverty stricken, pot-holed and garbage-strewn - where the slum shacks 'leap out of the red dirt and stone, thin like smoke, fragile like kite paper, balancing on their rickety pillars as broomsticks on the edge of a juggler's nose'. The Dragon Can't Dance is a remarkable canvas of shanty-town life in which Lovelace's intimate knowledge of rural Trinidad and the Carnival as a sustaining cultural tradition are brilliantly brought to life.

The Dance of the Dragon s Teeth

Author : Aonghas Leoht
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There is something about Humanity is there not? We have a history behind us in which we can find answers if we look in the right places. There is also something with us here and now. But, are these two things separate or are we refusing to associate with what we are? This manuscript explores what it means to be presented with what lands on our door and what this means to us here and now. What is safety? Is it in knowing everything or is it in dancing around the very things which we argue over time and again?

Dance of the Dragon Sorceress Tangere Tales 3

Author : Heather Rainier
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[Siren Menage Everlasting: Erotic Contemporary Fantasy Fairy Tales Menage a Trois Paranormal Romance, M/F/M, HEA] Basile and Rainger are sworn to defend and foster the baby dragons of the Eastern Kingdom. While searching for the heir to the dragon king's throne, they fall under the spell of a bewitching brunette. Desire takes a back seat to duty because they must find the baby dragon before it falls into the hands of the evil queen, Draconia. Seeking shelter from a storm for herself and the odd little stray she picked up, Elaina takes refuge in the stronghold of the Knights of the Order of the Dragon. She's discovered sound asleep with the tiny dragon king curled up beside her, and mayhem ensues when the prince, the huntsman, and the seven knights learn firsthand she's not some damsel in distress. When Draconia learns of the enchanting beauty that has stolen the hearts of the men whom she desires for herself, she sets a plan into motion that endangers Basile and Rainger's love for Elaina before it's barely begun. Note: This book contains double penetration. ** A Siren Erotic Romance Heather Rainier is a Siren-exclusive author.

Chin Chang and the Dragon s Dance

Author :
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Dance of the Master s White Dragon

Author : Felecia Hullett
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The Strange Case of the Dragon Dance

Author : Geronimo Stilton
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The Last Dragon Dance

Author : Chinatown Stories
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On A Hot Summer Day In 1942, Sitting Outside Her Shoe Shop In Bentinck Street, A Mother Fixes Her Six-Year-Old Daughter&Rsquo;S Marriage To Her Neighbour&Rsquo;S Son. A Widow Converts A Part Of Her House To A Temple So That She Can Support Her Family With The Donations. During A Border Skirmish In The North-East, Chinese Mothers Prepare Packages For Life In Concentration Camps Giving Special Instructions To The Children, Lest They Get Separated. A Gentle Bookseller And His Daughter Disappear In The Middle Of The Night When They Are Deported To China For His Political Sympathies. And In The Delightful Story &Lsquo;Uncle Worry&Rsquo;, Uncle Chien Worries When His Daughter Pi Moi Forgets To Call Him: He Worries That She And Her Husband, Mohamed, Have Had A Falling Out. He Worries When Pi Moi Does Call, For She Must Be Fighting With Mohamed, Otherwise Why Would She Call? From Crumbling Shops In Chinatown To Decaying Tanneries In Tangra, Kwai-Yun Li&Rsquo;S The Last Dragon Dance: Chinatown Stories, Exposes Us To The Life Of The Little-Known Chinese Community In Calcutta. While The Arrival Of The Chinese In India Abounds In Legends, The Mass Exodus Of This Dwindling Community Is Not As Romantic: Political And Economic Upheavals Have Forced Them To Abandon Their Home. Even Though Theirs Is So Much A Story Of Assimilation And Syncretism&Mdash;Growing Up In 1950S&Rsquo; Calcutta One Never Paid Much Attention To Which Customs Were Indian Or Chinese&Mdash;The Chinese Have Often Felt The Brunt Of Their Foreignness. The Rift Between Mao And Chiang Kai Shek Led To The Deportment And Imprisonment Of Hundreds Of Maoist Sympathizers. This Collection Gives Voice To Such Concerns Without Being Overtly Sentimental Or Sensational; Li Never Fails To See The Humour In The Idiosyncrasies Of Her Community. These Inspired-From-Life Stories Wonderfully Capture The Mood Of The Time With Unassuming Grace.

Dance of the Dragon

Author : Maurice LaVigne
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The Dragon symbolizes the ability of the healer to dance and move freely with the chaotic nature of the Universe. This ability allows the healer to connect with the energy of the patient and to re-balance the flow of Qi. For a Qi Healer, the first step is to heal oneself. The energy of a Qi Healer needs to be clear, light and abundant in order to overcome the toxic Qi of others. This publication provides the theory and exercises needed to strengthen, move and balance Qi in one's own body. Only then can the Qi Healer possess true knowledge to heal others. Dance of the Dragon also offers powerful Qi Healing techniques that can be applied to help others build a healthy and happy life.

Why the Dragon Can t Dance

Author : Kenneth Ramchand
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Dragon Dance

Author : Sue Graves
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Ju-Long and Ting are spending New Year at their grandparents' house and will be watching the dragon dance at the village celebrations. Ju-Long adores dragons and longs to be part of the dance, just like his grandfather was... and this year, his dreams come true! Reading Champion offers independent reading books for children to practise and reinforce their developing reading skills. Fantastic, original stories are accompanied by engaging artwork and a reading activity. Each book has been carefully graded so that it can be matched to a child's reading ability, encouraging reading for pleasure. The Key Stage 2 Reading Champion Books are suggested for use as follows: Independent Reading 11: start of Year 3 or age 7+ Independent Reading 12: end of Year 3 or age 7+ Independent Reading 13: start of Year 4 or age 8+ Independent Reading 14: end of Year 4 or age 8+ Independent Reading 15: start of Year 5 or age 9+ Independent Reading 16: end of Year 5 or age 9+ Independent Reading 17: start of Year 6 or age 10+ Independent Reading 18: end of Year 6 or age 10+

D Is for Dragon Dance

Author : Ying Chang Compestine
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From firecrackers to noodles, from red envelopes to the zodiac, young readers are introduced to the exciting traditions of the Chinese New Year in this accessible and visually stunning homage to the holiday. Full color.

The Dragon Dance

Author : Dugald Steer
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Dance of the Dragon

Author : Kira Nyte
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Taryn Chovetz has called New Orleans home for decades and wholeheartedly embraces the city's motto: Let the good times roll. The Big Easy is a good place for a man who has learned to hide the pain of his past with a sexy grin and a no-strings lifestyle. Every day is a torment for Gabriella Metz, whose mother subjected her to a lifetime of horror to score it big by trading her to a figurative and literal monster--not that Gabby believes in fantastical tales of dragons and priceless hoards of gold and jewels. Taryn recognizes her instantly, a beautiful woman too fragile to be in a bar full of creatures that would eat her up, or worse. Trust Fate to offer him a precious lifemate while ensuring she was raised by a conniving, faithless bed-hopper. But sweet Gabriella isn't just fragile. She is very nearly broken. And she owns his heart. Her mother's lies begin to unravel almost as soon as Gabriella meets him, her gorgeous, funny, seductive dragon in shining armor. Taryn makes her want to believe life can be more than just surviving. She would give her soul to have him. But she lost that long ago.Note: This story is both hotter and darker than previous stories, but contains matters appropriate for the characters, their struggles, and their triumphs.

Dragon Dance

Author : Peter Tasker
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In this fast-paced political thriller, international terrorists plot to destabilize relations between the United States, Japan, and China.

Tales of the Dancing Dragon

Author : Eva Wong
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Presents a series of tales that chronicle the history and evolution of Taoism in China from prehistory through the early twentieth century.

Dance with the Dragon

Author : David Hagberg
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Format : PDF, Kindle
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The CIA is on edge. All signs indicate that something is coming at the United States. Perhaps another 9/11, maybe bigger. The body of CIA agent Louis Updegraf ends up on the steps of the US Embassy in Mexico. His last operation was to tap into the communications of the Chinese Embassy, but there is no record of why. He appeared to be freelancing and the Agency must scramble to get a clue as to what he was after. Kirk McGarvey, serving as a visiting professor at the University of Florida, is once again longing for the action of the field. So when his old friend Otto Rencke asks him to help figure out the connection between China and the murdered agent, it takes almost no effort to get McGarvey up and running. The only informant they can find is an enigmatic Iranian belly dancer—the dark and lovely Shahrzad Shadmand. But her story changes with the wind, and her knowledge of McGarvey's past is uncanny. Kirk McGarvey must unravel her shattered mind to get to something that might resemble the truth. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.