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Dancing in Chains

Author : John Wright
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Popular Music and Public Diplomacy

Author : Mario Dunkel
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In the early years of the Cold War, Western nations increasingly adopted strategies of public diplomacy involving popular music. While the diplomatic use of popular music was initially limited to such genres as jazz, the second half of the 20th century saw a growing presence of various popular genres in diplomatic contexts, including rock, pop, bluegrass, flamenco, funk, disco, and hip-hop, among others. This volume illuminates the interrelation of popular music and public diplomacy from a transnational and transdisciplinary angle. The contributions argue that, as popular music has been a crucial factor in international relations, its diplomatic use has substantially impacted the global musical landscape of the 20th and 21st centuries.

What We Should Learn From Artists

Author : Silvia Capodivacca
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What can we learn from the way artists live and operate in the world? This is one of the questions that Nietzsche asks himself throughout the course of his work, although it is not one for which he is most famous. In its answer, the question functions as a swinging incessant movement that oscillates between a highly critical analysis of dogmas and prejudices of the Western philosophical tradition and an equally profound recognition of how important it is for each of us to cling to a system of certainties and truths that are but illusions necessary to life. Art speaks to us of this perpetual transit from the brutality of the real to the enchantment of an invented world and teaches us how to move between both extremes. Beyond stereotypes and false myths, the crucial nodes of Nietzsche’s thought are shown in a different light, demonstrating once again the complexity of a philosophy that resists all simplifications.

Hegel Nietzsche and Philosophy

Author : Will Dudley
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Dirty Dancing

Author : Rachela Colosi
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Based on ethnographic research conducted in 'Starlets', a lap-dancing club in the North of England, this book delves into what is often seen as the 'deviant', and 'stigmatized' world of lap-dancing. As well as the relationships between dancers, the author offers a unique insider's account of lap-dancing club culture, having worked as a lap-dancer both prior to, and during, the study. The book tells a fascinating tale of the author's experiences working as a lap dancer and the insights this has provided. This book projects a textured picture of working, socializing and living as a lap-dancer by following the dancer from the beginning of her career, to her eventual exit; providing a fluid and comprehensive examination of the occupation of lap-dancing. As well as building on the popular themes of 'dancer motivation', 'dancer exploitation/empowerment' and risk already embedded in existing literature, this book also offers completely new insight into this industry by drawing attention to the occupational subculture of which lap-dancers at 'Starlets' were found to be a part. This book is recommended for anyone studying or researching in this field.

Thesaurus of Traditional English Metaphors

Author : P.R. Wilkinson
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This fascinating collection of traditional metaphors and figures of speech, groups expressions according to theme. The second edition includes over 1,500 new entries, more information on first known usages, a new introduction and two expanded indexes. It will appeal to those interested in cultural history and the English language.

Dancing in Chains

Author : Joshua Foa Dienstag
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Rejecting traditional distinctions between philosophy, history, and literature, this book traces a broad connection between political identity and narrative in the field of political theory.

Beaded Chains Ropes

Author :
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Beaded Chains & Ropes presents many ideas for making over 25 sturdy, pretty chains and ropes. Using popular stitches such as tubular herringbone, spiral rope, bead crochet, kumihimo, right-angle weave, and more, stitchers are sure to find the designs they are looking for! This book is for anyone who wants to use their favorite seed beads to create a classic chain, loves to stitch fabulous beveled pendants, or is looking for a way to display their favorite focal beads in an attractive, handmade way. Also, you aren’t going to want to miss this collection of projects featuring your favorite designers including Jill Wiseman, Anna Elizabeth Draeger, Beth Stone, Carolyn Cave, Rebecca Combs, and many more. This is the perfect collection that makes it easy to find any chain or rope you want to make, all in one place.

Logistics and Supply Chain Management in the Globalized Business Era

Author : Wood, Lincoln C.
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The global supply chain expanded significantly in the last decades of the 20th century, especially in the automobile, food, and textile industries. This growth of the globalized business era brings both challenges and motivation for researchers and practitioners with interests in logistics and supply chain management. Logistics and Supply Chain Management in the Globalized Business Era provides an introduction as well as up-to-date information in the logistics and supply chain management fields. The book focuses on applying theory to practices and provides both quantitative and qualitative methods for decision makers; additionally, it details current information regarding digitalization, information technology, and optimization techniques. It is ideal for supply chain managers, executives, operations managers, business owners, suppliers, researchers, postgraduate students, laypersons, researchers, and professionals.

Jeanne Devereaux Prima Ballerina of Vaudeville and Broadway

Author : Kathleen Menzie Lesko
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International vaudeville star and Broadway prima ballerina Jeanne Devereaux performed for millions across America and Europe from age eleven until her retirement at forty. A headliner at Radio City Music Hall, she led a large group of performers on one of the first USO Camp Shows tours to Japan. Born Jean Helman, she entered showbiz as a dancing trouper performing in palatial theaters and was one of the last vaudevillians surviving into the 2010s. In her later years living in Pasadena, California, Devereaux indulged her passion for research and writing in the Huntington Library's Rothenberg Reading Room, losing none of her intelligence and wit despite a fading memory. Drawing on personal interviews, theatrical programs, and her diary and letters, this biography illuminates the life and career of one of vaudeville's stars of stage, film, and television.