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Tarot for Troubled Times

Author : Shaheen Miro
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Out of Darkness Comes the Light of Transformation Each of us has a shadow that darkens our inner and outer lives. In Tarot for Troubled Times, Shaheen Miro and Theresa Reed show us how working with the shadow—facing it directly, leaning into it rather than away—releases power that can free ourselves from negative mental habits and destructive emotions to find healing ourselves and others. Tarot, as the authors show, offers a rich and subtle path for this profound transformation. Through this book, you will discover a different approach to tarot, life, and self-empowerment. Befriend our shadow by working with the archetypes of the Major Arcana Discover—through affirmations, tarot prescriptions, and other healing modalities—how to empower ourselves and find our true voices Take our newly found powers and speak out so that we can become a helpful ally for the light and begin to do your greater work in the world Tarot for Troubled Times is not just another book on how to read the tarot—the authors provide specialty readings and suggested practices for issues such as grief, addiction, depression, fear, anger, divorce, illness, abuse, and oppression, and provide practical suggestions for stepping up as an ally or leader so that you can shape social policies. With a selection of mindful, introspective tarot spreads, you’ll learn how the Tarot can help you rewrite your healing story and change your life, and help transform the world.

Tarot for Your Self

Author : Mary K. Greer
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A classic guide on how to master a Tarot reading that combines self-teaching techniques with personal insight provides revised interpretations for the Minor arcana as well as coverage of topics ranging from crystals and astrology to numerology and occult metaphysics.

The Shadow Tarot

Author : Linda Falorio
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Linda Falorio, creator of the Occult bestseller, The Shadow Tarot, is an internationally recognized artist and writer. The Shadow Tarot, first published in 1988 has been distributed in countries all around the world and is in use on every continent of the Planet. This newly released and much anticipated edition of The Shadow Tarot includes full color images of all seventy-eight cards representing both Major and Minor Arcana. The Major Arcana cards are based on the twenty-two paths of the Qliphoth described by Aleister Crowley in his Liber 231 and further embellished by Kenneth Grant in his The Nightside Of Eden. The Minor Arcana of this new edition arise from the entities described in the Goetia. The Shadow Tarot has been created as an exploration tool for delving into those areas of the psyche that find their reflection in the Collective Unconscious and the Archetypal Shadow. The images represent the Nightside of consciousness as opposed to our ordinary "dayside" reality. Through her art and writing Linda seeks to create a direct outré experience in the viewer of transforming states of self-awareness; to open Gates into vast, unexplored inner geographies of the psyche, finding beauty and power in the twistings and turnings of the Inner Labyrinth. The artist is also known for her magickal altarpieces, for magickal portraits and for interpreting personal symbols and dreams on canvas.

My Daze of Dancing with the Dark Muse

Author : D. M. Needom
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Some say, Nigel Hartagan is a legend, and that's certainly true in his mind. He seems to have everything; a successful music career, a talented wife, and beautiful daughter, but nothing is as real as it appears from the outside. When a temptress, he calls the Goddess comes into his world, Nigel soon discovers a monster lurking inside him. Everything he once treasured has become worthless as he slips further into the Goddess's clutches. The inner beast takes control and debauchery becomes his goal. While he loves his new Goddess more than his musical mistress, Nigel soon begins to question if the price she requires is too high as he realizes he's in a battle for his life.

Dark Dance

Author : Tanith Lee
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Rachaela worked in a bookstore, a conventional young woman, living a conventional life. Then they beckoned, using a variety of ruses to lure her to the house by the sea. Now she is a prisoner, part of a family of creatures she cannot escape, lover to a demon who thirsts for her blood.

A Gravity s Rainbow Companion

Author : Steven C. Weisenburger
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Adding some 20 percent to the original content, this is a completely updated edition of Steven Weisenburger's indispensable guide to Thomas Pynchon's Gravity's Rainbow. Weisenburger takes the reader page by page, often line by line, through the welter of historical references, scientific data, cultural fragments, anthropological research, jokes, and puns around which Pynchon wove his story. Weisenburger fully annotates Pynchon's use of languages ranging from Russian and Hebrew to such subdialects of English as 1940s street talk, drug lingo, and military slang as well as the more obscure terminology of black magic, Rosicrucianism, and Pavlovian psychology. The Companion also reveals the underlying organization of Gravity's Rainbow--how the book's myriad references form patterns of meaning and structure that have eluded both admirers and critics of the novel. The Companion is keyed to the pages of the principal American editions of Gravity's Rainbow: Viking/Penguin (1973), Bantam (1974), and the special, repaginated Penguin paperback (2000) honoring the novel as one of twenty "Great Books of the Twentieth Century."

Experience the Mystery of Tarot

Author : Katalin Jett Koda
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Take Your Destiny Into Your Own Hands Combine Tarot with Simple Ceremonies to Change Your Life Experience the Mystery of Tarot explores a fresh perspective on the cards and shares meditations, ceremonies, and exercises for using tarot to make positive changes. For each card, you will discover an in-depth exploration of card meanings, as well as essential qualities, activity suggestions, and a hands-on exercise or ceremony. Learning to make sense of your experience through myth and ritual enables a better grasp on what's coming up in the future so you can resolve difficult situations and improve your connections with loved ones. Within these pages, you will also discover layout suggestions and dozens of ideas for gaining insights into relationships, finances, work, health issues, spiritual questions, and so much more. This unique, embodied approach to tarot supports beginners and experienced readers alike in the quest to transform our lives and embrace the joy and love that await us.

Pathworking the Tarot

Author : Leeza Robertson
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Enhance Your Tarot Skills and Expand Your Spirituality by Delving Deeper into Each Card's Story Just as using a tarot deck is a journey through a story, so is pathworking a journey through an inner landscape to find higher awareness and spiritual growth. This practical book's approach to pathworking will deepen your connection to the cards and encourage you to evolve spiritually. As you pathwork through the deck, you'll learn how to meditate on your readings and uncover so much more than you thought you could. Leeza Robertson introduces you to three pathworking styles: intentional (intentionally selecting cards based on theme), intuitive (letting the cards guide you), and wandering (combining a little of both the intentional and intuitive styles). Using straightforward techniques and hands-on exercises, she guides you through the seventy-eight cards and the stories they tell. This remarkable book inspires you to go further, deeper, and wider with your tarot practice and find spiritual enlightenment through new experiences with your deck.


Author : Pierre Chevalier
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The verses of Poetic Revelations, each titled after one of the twenty two letters of the Hebrew alphabet, combine esoteric Tarot principles related to the twenty two major arcana or trump cards of the Tarot and Qabalistic ageless wisdom. A blend of ancient Western mysticism and Eastern religious thought with contemporary psychology, including embedded techniques for personal spiritual growth and development, fashions this information into the condensed form of free verse. The black and white images of the twenty two major arcana cards provided beseech the reader to participate in the journey by coloring his or her own Tarot trump. The notes of Poetic Revelations provide the reader with a variety of related information including Qabalistic, astrological, mythological, and sensory attributions related to the letter of each verse. The sensory attributions include color for sight; musical note for sound; perfume for smell; gem or stone for touch; and vegetation for taste. The mythological attributions include ancient Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Hindu, and others. The Other Verses is a selection of poetry from the author's collected verses which provide the reader with a sampling of related topics concerning spiritual growth and personal development, and which reflects to a significant degree the author's recommended reading list.

Jung and Tarot

Author : Sallie Nichols
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Highly innovative work presenting a piercing interpretation of the tarot in terms of Jungian psychology. Through analogy with the humanities, mythology and the graphic arts, the significance of the cards is related to personal growth and individuation. The major arcana becomes a map of life, and the hero's journey becomes something that each individual can relate to the symbolism of the cards and therefore to the personal life. "Sallie Nichols, in her profound investigation of Tarot, and her illuminated exegesis of its pattern as an authentic attempt at enlargement of the possibilities of human perceptions has . .. performed an immense service for analytical psychology. Her book enriches and helps us to understand the awesome responsibilities laid upon us by consciousness .... On top of it all, she has done this not in an arid fashion, but as an act of knowing derived from her own experience of Tarot and its strangely translucent lights. As a result her book not only lives but quickens life in whomever it touches." --from the Introduction by Laurens van der Post

Tarot and the Archetypal Journey

Author : Sallie Nichols
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This highly innovative work presents a piercing interpretation of the tarot in terms of Jungian psychology. Through analogies to the humanities, mythology, and the graphic arts, the significance of the cards is related to personal growth and what Jung termed "individuation." The Major Arcana becomes a map of life, and the hero's journey becomes something that each individual can relate to one's personal life. "Sallie Nichols, in her profound investigation of the Tarot has performed an immense service. Her book enriches and helps us to understand the awesome responsibilities laid upon consciousness. She has done this not in an arid fashion but derived from her own experience of the Tarot and its strangely translucent lights. As a result her book not only lives but quickens life in whomever it touches." --Laurens van der Post

Tall Dark Stranger

Author : Corrine Kenner
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A tour of the tarot begins with its romantic, colorful history; then goes on to describe the deck itself, explaining its structure, suits, symbolism, archetypes, and astrological associations, especially in relation to love and relationships; and ends with the logistics of tarot readings, including choosing a deck and interpreting cards and spreads. Original.

Lady of the Tarot

Author : Juli D. Revezzo
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WHAT THE CARDS FORETELL MAY BE REAL, AFTER ALL 1793: Having escaped the Reign of Terror, Emilie Maigny took refuge in England, trying to come to grips with the life and loss she left behind. When her brother, Sinjon, returns, a terrifying evil swoops down upon her. Nightmares plague her now, providing strange clues ... but to what? Scottish-born Linton Morrison spent his entire life in luxury, whiling away the hours in intense study of the tarot and the cards' hidden meanings, but until he met the lovely Emilie Maigny, he would never have guessed how important his study might be--to his life and Emilie's survival when terrible evil strikes. A Cypher is all Emilie needs, but what is it? Is Linton the key? He may charm her heart--and he may be her only salvation.

The Mythic Tarot

Author : Juliet Sharman-Burke
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Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Gives both beginning and experienced readers a kit containing everything needed for Tarot-interpreting including a lavishly illustrated deck, a guide that pairs each suit with a mythical figure, and a reading cloth. Original.

Proceedings of the Eighth International Conference on the Study of Shamanism and Alternate Modes of Healing

Author : Ruth-Inge Heinze
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Her Dark Secret

Author : Michelle Love
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She is the last person I should fall in love with ... And yet it was inevitable. The moment I set eyes on Temple Dubois, I knew I had to have her. Her beautiful face, her smile, the body that haunts my dreams. I need her in my bed, in my life. The scent of her skin, the way the curves of her body cling to me ... God, she's incredible. And a virgin ... Before I'm done with her, I'll make sure she's as insatiable as I am ... what am I saying? I'll never be done with her. She's my life now ...

Tarot Reversals for Beginners

Author : Leeza Robertson
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Format : PDF, Kindle
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Many people don't know what to do when a card appears upside down in a tarot spread. This book helps you become more comfortable and confident when these topsy-turvy cards dance into your readings. Join author Leeza Robertson as she explores five distinct areas of energy related to reversals: blocks, protection, mirror, shadow, and retrograde. This system of reading reversals is a simple way to deepen your connection to the cards and receive the guidance they have to offer.

Tarot Shadow Work

Author : Christine Jette
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"In Tarot Shadow Work, Christine Jette bravely takes the practice of tarot readings to new depths and places many people fear to go. She shows us how we can use the cards to trigger awareness in ourselves of troubling aspects of our lives and histories, and then go beyond discovery to use the cards as tools for healing. This is part of the work that needs to be done with tarot in this new century." —Rachel Pollack, author of 78 Degrees of Wisdom and the forthcoming Shining Tribe Tarot Deep within our psyches, the unconscious holds our forbidden feelings, secret wishes, and creative urges. Over time, these "dark forces" take on a life of their own and form the shadow—a powerful force of unresolved inner conflicts and unexpressed emotions that defies our efforts to control it. The shadow takes its shape from a menagerie of archetypes, each recognizable throughout time and around the world—troubling characters who thrive within our persona. The shadow is sabateur, martyr, victim, addict, sadist, masochist, or tyrant; all the dark figures that prey on the lighter qualities of the human personality. The shadow also represents those latent talents and positive traits that were banished from us at some time along our life path: artistic, musical, athletic, or creative talents. An undeveloped ability, a dream that has gone unexpressed, a fantasy of what might have been—these too make up the personal shadow, the lost parts of ourselves. Tarot Shadow Work shows you how to free yourself from the shackles of the shadow's power. Through tarot work, journaling, meditation, creative visualization, and dream work, you will bring the shadow into the light. This book is ideal for those who are in recovery from a serious addiction or illness, as well as any person seeking a deeper understanding of his or her true self. By exploring the dark and uncharted territory of the unconscious mind, you will work towards understanding and integrating the shadow. No prior knowledge of the tarot is required. You will learn to use the cards as a tool to help you break free from negative patterns and self-destructive behavior. Once we realize that we are made of both light and darkness, life will start to make sense. When we accept our dual natures, we stop sabotaging our own efforts and learn to be compassionate with others and with ourselves.

Necronomicon Tarot

Author : Donald Tyson
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The symbolism of these vividly illustrated cards corresponds with astrology, the elements, and the Golden Dawn, while the 78-card decks structure honors the boundaries of traditional tarot. The book features detailed descriptions of the cards and the meaning for both upright and reversed positions.

Dark Pool of Light Volume Three

Author : Richard Grossinger
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In books like Embyogenesis and Embryos, Galaxies, and Sentient Beings, author Richard Grossinger brought together the subjects of biological embryology and the esoteric process of human consciousness becoming embodied ("The embryo is the universe writing itself on its own body"). In Dark Pool of Light, his three-volume series of books discussing the nature of reality and consciousness, Grossinger weaves neuroscience-based behaviorism and the phenomenology of "being" and reality together with psychological and psychospiritual views of "that single thing which is most difficult to understand or vindicate: our own existence." In 2008, Grossinger began studying with noted psychic teacher John Friedlander, who helped him refine his vision of cerebral and somatic awareness to still-subtler levels. "Dark Pool of Light began unnamed in the journals of my psychic work with John Friedlander," says Grossinger, "not so much a record of actual practices as insights from them and extensions out of them." This expansive inquiry into the nature of consciousness ends with this third volume in the series, The Crisis and Future of Consciousness. Grossinger addresses the perennial question of evil and shares the author's hopes and fears for the future of humanity. While wisdom gleaned from such seemingly disparate sources as science, philosophy, religion, and spirituality might appear "very, very different things," Grossinger nevertheless finds their meeting place in subjective, lived experience.