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The Competitiveness of Financial Institutions and Centres in Europe

Author : D.E. Fair
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The papers collected in this volume are those presented at the eighteenth Colloquium arranged by the Societe Universitaire Europeenne de Recherches Financieres (SUERF), which took place in Dublin in May 1994. The Society is supported by a large number of central banks and com mercial banks, by other financial and business institutions and by personal subscriptions from academics and others interested in monetary and financial problems. Since its establishment in 1963, it has developed as a forum for the exchange of information, research results and ideas among academics and practitioners in these fields, including central bank and treasury officials responsible for formulating and applying monetary and financial policies, national and international. A major activity of SUERF is to organise and conduct Colloquia on subjects of topical interest to its members. The titles, places and dates of previous Colloquia for which volumes of the collected papers were published are noted on the last page of this volume.

Limits to Competition

Author : Group of Lisbon Staff
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How can Europe, the United States, and Japan stop the technological, trade, and financial war on which they have increasingly and wastefully embarked? How can they direct the development and uses of science and technology and the economy in the interests of the well-being of the 8 billion people who will inhabit the planet in 2010-2020? Limits to Competition boldly frames international political economy and globalization debates within the new overarching ideology of competition and offers a balancing voice. The word compete originally meant "to seek together," but in our time it has taken on more adversarial connotations and has become a rallying cry of both firms and governments, often with devastating consequences. Limits to Competition explores the question of whether free-market competition can indeed deliver the full range of needs for sustainable development. Is competition the best instrument for coping with increasingly severe environmental, demographic, economic, and social problems at a global level?

The Princeton Encyclopedia of the World Economy Two volume set

Author : Kenneth A. Reinert
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Increasing economic globalization has made understanding the world economy more important than ever. From trade agreements to offshore outsourcing to foreign aid, this two-volume encyclopedia explains the key elements of the world economy and provides a first step to further research for students and scholars in public policy, international studies, business, and the broader social sciences, as well as for economic policy professionals. Written by an international team of contributors, this comprehensive reference includes more than 300 up-to-date entries covering a wide range of topics in international trade, finance, production, and economic development. These topics include concepts and principles, models and theory, institutions and agreements, policies and instruments, analysis and tools, and sectors and special issues. Each entry includes cross-references and a list of sources for further reading and research. Complete with an index and a table of contents that groups entries by topic, The Princeton Encyclopedia of the World Economy is an essential resource for anyone who needs to better understand the global economy. Features: ? More than 300 alphabetically arranged articles on topics in international trade, finance, production, and economic development International team of contributors Annotated list of further reading with each article Topical list of entries Full index and cross-references Entry categories and sample topics: ? Concepts and principles: globalization, anti-globalization, fair trade, foreign direct investment, international migration, economic development, multinational enterprises Models and theory: Heckscher-Ohlin model, internalization theory, New Trade Theory, North-South trade, Triffin dilemma Institutions and agreements: European Union, International Monetary Fund, World Trade Organization, World Bank, Doha Round, international investment agreements Policies and instruments: dollar standard, international aid, sanctions, tariffs Analysis and tools: exchange rate forecasting, effective protection, monetary policy rules Sectors and special issues: child labor, corporate governance, the digital divide, health and globalization, illegal drugs trade, petroleum, steel

Planning Cities for the Future

Author : Peter Karl Kresl
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The book delivers an inspiring, first-hand insight into the state of urban competitiveness and how cities may make the best use of it. . . Kresl gives a well-informed insight into urban problems and related strategies, based on a carefully deployed comparative approach. Markus Hesse, Growth and Change This volume delves into issues overlooked in many texts about the EU and will be useful for courses in European and international studies and local government. Recommended. G.T. Potter, Choice Peter Kresl brings unique and invaluable empirical evidence, from the early 1990s through to 2005, to examine the relationship between urban competitiveness and economic-strategic planning for ten internationally networked cities within the EU. Planning Cities for the Future links the study of urban economic competitiveness with urban planning and is able to ascertain the crucial factors for success in this area of public policy. These factors include effective governance, leadership and monitoring of performance. The author also reveals how economic turbulence macro-economic stagnation, the emergence of competitors such as China and Central Europe and the introduction of the euro for example all have distinct impacts on the economic development of cities. He also suggests that today s economic strengths may create tomorrow s social pathologies, a fact which city planners must always keep in mind. Peter Kresl s book offers examples of cities that got it right and others that did not. Scholars and researchers interested in public sector economics, urban economic development and planning as well as city planners themselves will find much to interest and stimulate them in this book.

Political Economy for the 21st Century

Author : Charles J. Whalen
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Provides a coherent and practical alternative to conventional economics--one that draws on neoclassical and non-neoclassical insights into a coherent and practical alternative to conventional economics. The book brings together Lester Thurow, Robert Heilbroner, Alice Amsden, Barry Bluestone, and 11 other prominent economists from America and England to revitalize economic theory and policy in light of the pressing issues of the 1990s--and to provide a starting point for research into the real-world challenges to be confronted in the rapidly approaching third millennium. Four main sections--Provisioning, Ethics and Gender; Firms, Human Resources and Money; and Macroeconomics, Structural Change and Distribution; Competitiveness, Trade and Development--include original essays by prominent economists from America and England (including Lester Thurow, Robert Heilbroner, Alice Amsden, and Barry Bluestone). The book --considers the future shape of economics from an explicitly non-neoclassical perspective; --synthesizes neoclassical and non-neoclassical insights into a coherent and practical alternative to standard economics--a political economy that is both capable of addressing the real-world challenges of the late 1990s and useful as a starting point for the 21st century; --demonstrates how the redefinition of economics found at the core of this political economy leads not only to a methodological foundation that is fundamentally different from the one supporting economic orthodoxy but also to a new perspective on both theory and policy; --emphasizes common

From Adam Smith to Michael Porter

Author : Dong-Sung Cho
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This book deals with important theories of international competitiveness and their strategic implications. The theories range from classical theories such as Adam Smith's absolute advantage to new theories such as Michael Porter's diamond model.

Urban Growth in Emerging Economies

Author : Gordon McGranahan
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Along with globalization, urban transitions have been central in the southward shift in economic power towards the newly emerging economies. As this book shows, however, these transitions have not been painless, and it is important for the rest of the urbanizing world to learn from the mistakes. It examines the role of urbanization and urban growth in the emerging economies, taking the BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) as case studies. Their different approaches towards urbanization have shaped their historical development paths and assisted or constrained their futures. Several of the BRICS bear heavy burdens from past failures to accommodate urban growth inclusively and efficiently, and many other urbanizing countries in Asia and Africa are in danger of replicating their mistakes. The overriding lesson of the book is that cities and nations must anticipate urbanization, and accommodate urban growth pro-actively, so as not to be left with an enduring legacy of inequalities and lost opportunities. This book is aimed at students and researchers in urban studies and development studies. It will also be of interest to policy advisors concerned with urbanization and the role of cities in a country’s development


Author : Hayley DiMarco
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Are you obsessed? We can all feel that way at times--when all our thoughts, time, and energy are poured into something all-consuming. But for too many teen girls, obsession becomes a way of life. In Obsessed, bestselling author Hayley DiMarco helps those girls leave behind the thoughts, actions, and stuff that so easily get between them and God. She challenges them to look at three key areas where it all tends to start: obsession with losing (fear, worry, stress, busyness) obsession with gaining (love, stuff, success) obsession with numbing (addiction, cutting, eating, purging, controlling, comfort) Obsessed helps girls to identify the unhealthy affections in their lives and points them to God to be set free from them. Life's pursuits aren't inherently bad, DiMarco reminds girls, but the level of devotion you give to them can make them bad for you. When you put God in his proper place, the other stuff goes to its proper place as well. And the result is a life rightly obsessed with God.

Climate Policy Options Post 2012

Author : Bert Metz
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This special issue of the Climate Policy journal addresses the following key questions: * What long-term range of policies for climate change adaptation and mitigation should Europe pursue to adequately enhance sustainability on a global level? * What are the implications of long-term European climate strategy for the design of a global post-2012 climate regime? * What are the key concerns of different stakeholders and how will these concerns impact on long-term climate policy? These questions were discussed during two workshops, commissioned by the European Forum on Integrated Environmental Assessment (EFIEA) and jointly organized by the National Institute of Public Health and the Environment (RIVM), The Netherlands and the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research, UK. Selected papers from these workshops were adapted and peer-reviewed for publication. International experts offer detailed policy analysis and review the links between policy and economics, sustainable development, technology and adaptation. Also included are introductory and concluding remarks from the guest editors, highlighting key points and offering an expert synthesis of the workshop discussions. This will be invaluable reading for professionals, researchers and academics interested in climate change and climate policy, policy makers, policy analysts, energy consultants, and representatives from industry planning their own long-term energy strategies.

Kulturen der Weltwirtschaft

Author : Werner Abelshauser
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Was sind Wirtschaftskulturen, und welche Rolle spielen sie auf dem Weltmarkt?