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Daughter of Empire

Author : Pamela Hicks
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The princess daughter Lord Louis and Edwina Mountbatten and descendant of British and Russian royals documents her singular childhood in England and India surrounded by famous guests, her parents' open lovers and her exotic pets. By the author of India Remembered. 40,000 first printing.

Daughter of the Empire

Author : Raymond E. Feist
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Book one in the magnificent Empire Trilogy by bestselling authors Raymond E. Feist and Janny Wurts, now available in ebook format.

Daughter of the Empire State

Author : Jacqueline A. McLeod
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This long overdue biography elevates Jane Matilda Bolin to her rightful place in American history as an activist, integrationist, jurist, and outspoken public figure in the political and professional milieu of New York City before the onset of the modern Civil Rights movement. When Bolin was appointed to New York City's domestic relations court in 1939 for the first of four ten-year terms, she became the nation's first African American woman judge. Drawing on archival materials as well as a meeting with Bolin in 2002, historian Jacqueline A. McLeod reveals how Bolin parlayed her judicial position to impact significant reforms of the legal and social service system in New York. Beginning with Bolin's childhood and educational experiences at Wellesley and Yale, Daughter of the Empire State chronicles Bolin's relatively quick rise through the ranks of a profession that routinely excluded both women and African Americans. McLeod links Bolin's activist leanings and integrationist zeal to her involvement in the NAACP and details her work as a critic and reformer of domestic relations courts and juvenile placement facilities.

Afterglow of Empire

Author : Aidan Dodson
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During the half-millennium from the eleventh through the sixth centuries BC, the power and the glory of the imperial pharaohs of the New Kingdom crumbled in the face of internal crises and external pressures, ultimately reversed by invaders from Nubia and consolidated by natives of the Nile Delta following a series of Assyrian invasions. Much of this era remains obscure, with little consensus among Egyptologists. Against this background, Aidan Dodson reconsiders the evidence and proposes a number of new solutions to the problems of the period. He also considers the art, architecture, and archaeology of the period, including the royal tombs of Tanis, one of which yielded the intact burials of no fewer than five pharaohs. The book is extensively illustrated with images of this material, much of which is little known to non-specialists of the period. By the author of the bestselling Amarna Sunset and Poisoned Legacy.

The Complete Empire Trilogy Daughter of the Empire Mistress of the Empire Servant of the Empire

Author : Raymond E. Feist
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The critically acclaimed and bestselling Empire Trilogy by Raymond E. Feist and Janny Wurts, is now available in this ebook bundle. The bundle includes Daughter of the Empire (1), Servant of the Empire (2), and Mistress of the Empire (3).

Shards of Empire

Author : Susan Shwartz
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In the tenth century, the center of the world is not Rome, but Byzantium - a glorious empire, upon which the sun never sets. Constantinople, the center of this mighty dynasty, is starting to unravel. The great kings and princes, the holy city, the affluence of the empire will be scattered to the winds. Attacked by the Turks on all sides, Byzantium looks to its emperor for deliverance. Leo Ducas, heir to the Byzantine crown, must fight for his inheritance, but he doesn't truly know who his enemies are. Shunned by the citizens of Constantinople, Leo flees the city and great works are revealed to him. He learns of a realm that falls outside his Christian training, a realm of magic and wisdom...

The End of Empire Attila the Hun the Fall of Rome

Author : Christopher Kelly
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"A thoughtful and sophisticated account of a notoriously complicated and controversial period." —R. I. Moore, Times Literary Supplement History remembers Attila, the leader of the Huns, as the Romans perceived him: a savage barbarian brutally inflicting terror on whoever crossed his path. Following Attila and the Huns from the steppes of Kazakhstan to the court of Constantinople, Christopher Kelly portrays Attila in a compelling new light, uncovering an unlikely marriage proposal, a long-standing relationship with a treacherous Roman general, and a thwarted assassination plot. We see Attila as both a master warrior and an astute strategist whose rule was threatening but whose sudden loss of power was even more so. The End of Empire is an original exploration of the clash between empire and barbarity in the ancient world, full of contemporary resonance.

Daughters of Empire

Author : Jane Satterfield
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A dual British-American national on her first return trip to England in over a decade, Jane Satterfield faced a woman's fundamental decision: to become a mother or to forge a new life on her own. That the decision was not so simple was only the first of many revelations. Satterfield casts a loving yet skeptical glance on the world of mid-`90s Britain as well as the cultural and literary legacy that continues to haunt, shape, and challenge her. In a voice by turns tender, insightful, and funny, Satterfield brings to life a provocative personal history through fascinating detours into music, popular culture, and literary mothers such as the Brontës, Sylvia Plath, and Angela Carter.

Paradoxes of Postcolonial Culture

Author : Sandra Ponzanesi
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Explores postcolonial discourse from the standpoint of feminism and writers in minority languages.

The Conspiracy The Cartoonist and the Contessa Daughters of the Empire 3

Author : Suzette Hollingsworth
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[BookStrand Historical Romantic Suspense, HEA] Against all reason, the Contessa of Silviatti is in love with her husband, a charismatic Italian nobleman who makes a game of bedding other women. While spying on the count, a public horror encroaches upon her private nightmare: Adolf Hitler. Traveling in the same circles as Hitler, Mussolini, and Franco, Sophia puts her newly found spying abilities to work for the Allied cause and enters a career of espionage as a double agent, taking on the code name of Strega (Witch). The Viscount of Saint-Cloud paints portraits of the aristocracy and is the disappointment of his conservative British political family. No one suspects that Saint-Cloud is the anti-Nazi underground political cartoonist The Shadow Knight—or that he is a spy. The Shadow Knight showcases the Contessa of Silviatti, believed to be a Fascist, in his cartoons. To her horror, the war effort is threatened as she is cast into the limelight, compromising her cover, her position as an insider in the Third Reich, and her family’s safety. She has no choice but to kill him. ** A BookStrand Mainstream Romance

The Bone Shard Daughter

Author : Andrea Stewart
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'One of the best fantasy novels I've read in a long time...This book is truly special' Sarah J. Maas 'Epic fantasy at its most human and heartfelt . . . inventive, adventurous and wonderfully written' Alix E. Harrow 'Brilliant world-building, deep intrigue and incredible heart' Megan E. O'Keefe The Sukai Dynasty has ruled the Phoenix Empire for over a century, their mastery of bone shard magic powering the monstrous constructs that maintain law and order. But now the emperor's rule is failing, and revolution is sweeping across the Empire's many islands. Lin is the Emperor's daughter, but a mysterious illness has stolen her childhood memories and her status as heir to the empire. Trapped in a palace of locked doors and old secrets, Lin vows to reclaim her birthright by mastering the forbidden art of bone shard magic. But the mysteries behind such power are dark and deep, and wielding her family's magic carries a great cost. When the revolution reaches the gates of the palace itself, Lin must decide how far she is willing to go to claim her throne - and save her people. The Bone Shard Daughter is an unmissable fantasy debut for 2020 - a captivating tale of magic, revolution and mystery, where a young woman's sense of identity will make or break an empire. 'A bold, ambitious debut' M. R. Carey 'Utterly absorbing. I adored it' Emily A. Duncan 'A triumph. Memorable characters and bone-chilling secrets that keep you turning the pages' K. S. Villoso 'Begins with a spark of intrigue that ignites into a thrilling adventure' Hafsah Faizal 'Intricate and expansive, incisive and thoughtful - a complex web of political and personal intrigue' Kerstin Hall 'A thoroughly fantastic read and I eagerly await the sequel' Kevin Hearne 'Groundbreaking epic fantasy for a new age' Tasha Suri

The Arts of Empire

Author : Walter S. H. Lim
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This book focuses its reading of the poetics and politics of colonial expansion in Renaissance England on the lives and writings of such diverse figures as Sir Walter Ralegh, John Donne, Richard Hakluyt, Samuel Purchas, William Shakespeare, Edmund Spenser, and John Milton. It studies a wide range of texts, including The Discoverie of Guiana, Virginia's Verger, Othello, The Faerie Queene, A View of the Present State of Ireland, Paradise Lost, and Paradise Regained. It also examines the inscription in these writings of themes, motifs, and tropes frequently found in colonial texts: the land as desiring female body and object of desire; the masculinist gaze responding to the exotic; and the experience of the thrilling sensations of wonder.

Lodge s Peerage and Baronetage knightage Companionage of the British Empire

Author :
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Edge of Empire

Author : Jane M. Jacobs
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Edge of Empire examines struggles over urban space in three contemporary first world cities in an attempt to map the real geographies of colonialism and postcolonialism as manifest in modern society. From London, the one-time heart of the empire, to Perth and Brisbane, scenes of Aboriginal claims for the sacred in the space of the modern city, Jacobs emphasises the global geography of the local and unravels the spatialised cultural politics of postcolonial processes. Edge of Empire forms the basis for understanding imperialism over space and time, and is a recognition of the unruly spatial politics of race and nation, nature and culture, past and present.

Evangelists of Empire

Author : Amanda Barry
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Utilising a range of source material and a variety of theoretical and methodological approaches, this ground-breaking collection offers the reader new ways of assessing the uneven paths of mission endeavours, and examines the ways in which Indigenous peoples responded to -- and took ownership of -- aspects of Christian and Western culture and spirituality.

Daughter of Independence The Chronicles of Kydan 3

Author : Simon Brown
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"A first-class trilogy. The Chronicles of Kydan has all the traditional fantasy ingredients expertly mixed with new ideas." – Garth Nix, author of The Abhorsen Trilogy In the new land, everyone works together to bring Kydan the wealth and strength it needs to survive the inevitable confrontation with the old world. Strategos Galys Valera believes the key to defeating the Hamilayan Empire is buried in the papers left behind by her dead lover, Kitayra Albyn ... but can it be found in time? Across the Deepening Sea, Empress Lerena Kevleren is forging her power base made from human sacrifice and her overwhelming control of the Sefid, the source of all magic, before turning her gaze on Kydan. This final confrontation between old and new, magic and freedom, and between empire and a growing nation state, will determine the fate of millions – not least the brave band of colonists who set out from Hamilay to settle Kydan with courage and hope in their hearts.

Captives of Empire

Author : Greg Leck
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Captives of Empire is the definitive history of the Japanese internment of Allied civilians in China, 1941-1945. There are over 650 scarce and rare illustrations, 20 maps, a detailed index and an extensive bibliography of published and non published sources. Also included is a complete list of the 13,544 internees held in China and Hong Kong, with detailed biographical information, compiled from scores of sources and the only such published database of its kind in the world. Covered are the lives of Westerners in the prewar world of the Treaty Ports, the shock and dismay of the Japanese invasion, life under the occupation, life in the camps, and the aftermath of the war. This book would be of interest to anyone whose family was in China or those interested in the history of Westerners in China.

Builders of Empire

Author : Jessica L. Harland-Jacobs
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They built some of the first communal structures on the empire's frontiers. The empire's most powerful proconsuls sought entrance into their lodges. Their public rituals drew dense crowds from Montreal to Madras. The Ancient Free and Accepted Masons were quintessential builders of empire, argues Jessica Harland-Jacobs. In this first study of the relationship between Freemasonry and British imperialism, Harland-Jacobs takes readers on a journey across two centuries and five continents, demonstrating that from the moment it left Britain's shores, Freemasonry proved central to the building and cohesion of the British Empire. The organization formally emerged in 1717 as a fraternity identified with the ideals of Enlightenment cosmopolitanism, such as universal brotherhood, sociability, tolerance, and benevolence. As Freemasonry spread to Europe, the Americas, Asia, Australasia, and Africa, the group's claims of cosmopolitan brotherhood were put to the test. Harland-Jacobs examines the brotherhood's role in diverse colonial settings and the impact of the empire on the brotherhood; in the process, she addresses issues of globalization, supranational identities, imperial power, fraternalism, and masculinity. By tracking an important, identifiable institution across the wide chronological and geographical expanse of the British Empire, Builders of Empire makes a significant contribution to transnational history as well as the history of the Freemasons and imperial Britain.

Perils of Empire

Author : Monte Pearson
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" In Perils of Empire: The Roman Republic and the American Republic, the author traces how the Roman Republic gained an empire and lost its freedoms, and he ponders the expansionist foreign policy that has characterized the American Republic since Teddy Roosevelt led the Rough Riders up San Juan Hill. This well-researched study of both long-term trends and current events highlights the difficulties of balancing the demands of ruling an empire and protecting democratic political institutions and political freedoms."--Publisher's website.

The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire

Author : Edward Gibbon
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