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Dead for a Dollar

Author : William W. Johnstone
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Johnstone Justice. Making the West wild again. Keeping the peace in a West Texas town like Buffalo Peak should be easy for a legendary frontiersman like Marshal Elwood "Firestick" McQueen. He’s got his longtime buddies "Beartooth" Skinner and "Moosejaw" Hendricks as his deputies—not to mention the famous rifle that earned him his nickname. But when Firestick learns that their ornery old friend “Rip” Ripley just rode into town, all bets are off. It’s darn near impossible to keep the peace when Rip’s specialty is disturbing it. Firestick finds a decade-old wanted poster for Rip—the reward is one dollar. Firestick uses it to toss Rip into the clink till he decides to leave town. But Ripley’s still up to his old tricks—he has a new gang of cutthroats coming to Buffalo Peak to steal a king’s ransom in gold in the town bank. Firestick, Beartooth, and Moosejaw become pawns in what just might be the heist of the century. Because Rip’s kill-crazy pals will have to bust him out of jail first . . . Live Free. Read Hard.

Studying the Dead

Author : Nicholas G. Meriwether
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Although academic study of the Grateful Dead began shortly after the group’s formation, the dramatic growth of scholarly literature only occurred after the band’s formal retirement of the name in 1995. One major incubator of much of this work has been the Grateful Dead area of the Southwest/Texas Popular Culture and American Culture Association. Inaugurated as a separate section in 1998 and nicknamed the Grateful Dead Scholars Caucus, it has produced almost three hundred papers over fifteen years, nearly a third of which have been revised for publication. Caucus presenters have also edited a dozen books and periodical volumes, all of which have drawn on Caucus presentations, some almost exclusively. Studying the Dead: The Grateful Dead Scholars Caucus provides an informal history of the Caucus and sketches its significance as a scholarly community, focusing on its increasing self-awareness, its ability to span diverse disciplinary and theoretical perspectives, and most of all, its contribution to our understanding of the Grateful Dead phenomenon. For the academy as a whole, the Caucus is a fascinating model for the development of discourse communities, from the role of orality to its interrogation of the texts that are derived from them. Remarkable for its interdisciplinary dialogue, the Caucus demonstrates how the nature of the art—and the phenomenon that it studies—can shape these discourses. Though ostensibly aimed at scholars of the Grateful Dead, others who will find this book of interest include students and teachers of popular culture, as well as fans of the band.

The Grateful Dead in Concert

Author : Jim Tuedio
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This book offers a spirited analysis of the unique improvisational character of Grateful Dead music and its impact on appreciative fans. The 20 essays capture distinct facets of the Grateful Dead phenomenon from a broad range of scholarly angles. The band’s trademark synergizing focus is discussed as a function of complex musical improvisation interlaced with the band members’ collective assimilation of an impressive range of marginal musical forms and lyrical traditions. These facets are shown to produce a vibrant Deadhead experience, resulting in community influences still morphing in new directions 45 years after the band’s initial impact.

Better Off Dead

Author : John Paul Carinci
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Young Frank Granstino knew that selling life insurance would be a tough business even though he had only started selling six months before. But he never thought that it could cost him his life. After all, who knew that Tony Vongemi, the restaurant owner who had been feeding Frank people to write insurance on, was in the Mob? Not until Frank's clients start dying does he realize that something is very wrong, and the Vongemi Family is involved. Frank soon realizes that he s at the point of no return. And to the Vongemi Family, one day he, too, will be Better Off Dead. This fiction adventure takes place in Brooklyn, New York. Frank realizes his time is running out. He must do something, but what? How can he go up against the powerful Mafia Family? Frank comes up with a brilliant plan and means of escape. But something goes terribly wrong. Will Frank be just another accident? This action packed adventure will keep you on the edge of your seat.

The Compiled Statutes of the State of Nebraska 1881

Author : Nebraska
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Symposium the Dead Softwood Timber Resource

Author :
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The Compiled Statutes of the State of Nebraska

Author : Nebraska
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Continuing Bonds with the Dead

Author : Harold K. Bush
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Continuing Bonds with the Dead explores the redemptive literary achievements of five nineteenth-century American authors who lost a son or daughter. In it, Harold K. Bush illuminates America's evolving cultural attitudes about death and grief.

Given Up for Dead

Author : Bill Sloan
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A gripping narrative of unprecedented valor and personal courage, here is the story of the first American battle of World War II: the battle for Wake Island. Based on firsthand accounts from long-lost survivors who have emerged to tell about it, this stirring tale of the “Alamo of the Pacific” will reverberate for generations to come. On December 8, 1941, just five hours after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, Japanese planes attacked a remote U.S. outpost in the westernmost reaches of the Pacific. It was the beginning of an incredible sixteen-day fight for Wake Island, a tiny but strategically valuable dot in the ocean. Unprepared for the stunning assault, the small battalion was dangerously outnumbered and outgunned. But they compensated with a surplus of bravery and perseverance, waging an extraordinary battle against all odds. When it was over, a few hundred American Marines, sailors, and soldiers, along with a small army of heroic civilian laborers, had repulsed enemy forces several thousand strong––but it was still not enough. Among the Marines was twenty-year-old PFC Wiley Sloman. By Christmas Day, he lay semiconscious in the sand, struck by enemy fire. Another day would pass before he was found—stripped of his rifle and his uniform. Shocked to realize he hadn’t awakened to victory, Sloman wondered: Had he been given up for dead—and had the Marines simply given up? In this riveting account, veteran journalist Bill Sloan re-creates this history-making battle, the crushing surrender, and the stories of the uncommonly gutsy men who fought it. From the civilians who served as gunmen, medics, and even preachers, to the daily grind of life on an isolated island—literally at the ends of the earth—to the agony of POW camps, here we meet our heroes and confront the enemy face-to-face, bayonet to bayonet.

Dead Heat

Author : Richard S. Prather
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This time around Shell Scott gives up chasing downtown low-lifes for the uptown high-end kind. A mysterious and industrious industrialist trusts Scott with finding a stock swapper who seems to know too much. And too much is just the beginning. From big-time boardrooms to bawdy motel rooms our man Scott isn't about to sell these crooks short. Tempers flare and plots boil over but in this contest between Shell Scott and some bad-guy bigwigs, busty femme fatales and flying bullets; between life and death, the end could come right down to a Dead Heat. Honored with the Life Achievement Award by the Private Eye Writers of America! Dead Heat is the 25th book in the Shell Scott Mysteries, but you may enjoy reading the series in any order.