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Game Addiction The Untold Stories of Game Addiction the Experience the Effects and Game Addiction Treatment

Author : Jayne Omojayne
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Folks adore gaming, and that's not always a disgusting thing. Whether played on a hand-held platform, a PC, or a TV, the games might supply hours of silent fun. It is well known that the games might advance PC skills and greater eye-hand coordination partakers. However, Video games are psychologically "unruffled." When an individual makes a mistake, no one else sees (contrary to the public abjection of, say, striking out in a real life baseball game). Nonetheless gaming bears a few downsides. Besides being truly costly, many in demand games engross vivid sex and aggression. Perhaps most bothersome, they might be especially habit-forming. And as a result any individual might become "obsessed" to gaming, and any folks with AD/HD become visible to be at specific risk. In this book "Game Addiction: The Untold Stories of Game Addiction... the Experience, the Effects and Game Addiction Treatment" you will be exposed to the danger of gaming and the treatment if you are already an addict!

Gaming Addiction Arsenal

Author : RD king
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Get All The Support And Guidance You Need To Be A Success At Beating Gaming Addictions! Is the fact that you would like to deal with a gamin addiction but just don't know how making your life difficult... maybe even miserable? First, you are NOT alone! It may seem like it sometimes, but not knowing how to get started with getting rid of gaming addiction is far more common than you’d think. Your lack of knowledge in this area may not be your fault, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t -- or can’t -- do anything to find out everything you need to know to finally be a success! So today -- in the next FEW MINUTES, in fact -- we’re going to help you GET ON TRACK, and learn how you can quickly and easily get your addictions under control... for GOOD! This powerful tool will provide you with everything you need to know to be a success and achieve your goal of getting your addictions to a successful place. In This Book, You Will Learn: Addiction Basics Recognize the Addiction Find a Support Group Determine if You Need Therapy Check into Treatment Centers

Gaming Addiction Group Ground Rules

Author : Michael Dexter
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Video game addiction is when one spends too much time on video games while forsaking all other life experiences. This addiction can also affect a person's work, school, and relationships with friends and family. Get all the info and help you need here.

Hooked on Games

Author : Andrew P. Doan
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"As is true with many addictions, overuse of video games steals our valuable and limited time and minds." - Christie Morse, MD (Pediatric Ophthalmologist) "Shocking insights into the minds of hardcore gamers." - Daniel Hunt (Former Competitive Gamer) About the Book The multi-billion dollar video game industry is in the business of creating fun and enticing games that can be addictive. As addicted gamers feast on digital indulgences, real life is neglected and their reality crumbles around them. Headlines related to video games "New Mexico mom gets 25 years for starving daughter." - Fox News "China used prisoners in lucrative Internet gaming work." - Guardian News "Online gamer killed for selling virtual weapon." - Sydney Morning Herald "South Korean dies after games sessions." - BBC News Hooked on Games is written by Brooke Strickland and Andrew Doan, MD, PhD, a physician with a research background in neuroscience, who battled his own addictions with video games. Dr. Doan was an addicted gamer, who at his peak, invested over 20,000 hours of playing games over a period of nine years. Dr. Doan's reckless compulsion to play games transformed him into a monster that almost destroyed his family, marriage, and career. He shares his expertise to educate others on the dangers of video game addiction and to provide hope for video game addicts and their families. Dr. Doan shares steps for gaming addicts to achieve recovery and steps for families and loved ones to intervene. Without attention to this quickest growing addiction, our society will suffer from the creation of Generation Vidiot, millions of people devoid of innovation and skills to live in the physical world.

Control the Controller

Author : Ciaran O'Connor
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Control the Controller looks at how gaming and addiction have come together so rapidly in recent years. Mobile-based gaming and free-to-play games have revolutionized the gaming world. But, what are the implications of this? How does it affect the current thinking on addiction? The book addresses gamers, their families, mental health professionals, and game developers in this thorough and fascinating discussion of the nature of video game addiction. Many questions are answered, including how we can recognize a gaming addiction, what causes it, and what we can do to return an addict to healthy behavior. A step-by-step process for this is outlined, making the book an invaluable title for all who are affected by video game addiction and all those who encounter it. *** "...counselor and psychotherapist Ciaran O'Connor draws upon years of experience and expertise in working with gamers and games designers to cogently address one of the growing social issues of the modern digital world -- the use and abuse of computer gaming. Exceptionally well written, organized and presented...strongly recommended addition to professional and academic library collections. - Midwest Book Review, MBR Bookwatch, Dunford's Bookshelf, January 2015 *** "This is a focused and well done book. ...For those not familiar with the designing of video games and their different genres, this book can be very helpful. ...It does an excellent job of detailing the strategies that can be used to assist people and, also addresses the challenges that can be found when dealing with addictive individuals with their resistances and cognitive distortions." - Journal of Child & Family Behaviour Therapy, 2015 [Subject: Mental Health, Addictive Behavior, Psychology]~

Video Game Addiction

Author : P. J. Graham
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The World Health Organization included gaming disorder in the 2018 edition of its International Classification of Diseases, but video game addiction has been a problem since the first at-home and arcade video game consoles. Video Game Addiction examines the history of video game addiction, explores controversies in the video game industry, and discusses the future advances of gaming disorder treatment and solutions.

Game Addiction

Author : Neils Clark
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An eleven-year-old boy strangled an elderly woman for the equivalent of five dollars in 2007, then buried her body under a thin layer of sand. He told the police that he needed the money to play online videogames. Just a month later, an eight-year-old Norwegian boy saved his younger sister’s life by threatening an attacking moose and then feigning death when the moose attacked him—skills he said he learned while playing World of Warcraft. As these two instances show, videogames affect the minds, bodies, and lives of millions of gamers, negatively and positively. This book approaches videogame addiction from a cross-disciplinary perspective, bridging the divide between liberal arts academics and clinical researchers. The topic of addiction is examined neutrally, using accepted research in neuroscience, media studies, and developmental psychology.

Psychological and Social Implications Surrounding Internet and Gaming Addiction

Author : Bishop, Jonathan
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Addiction takes many forms and has the potential to impact individuals of all ages, socio-economic statuses, and ethnic backgrounds. Digital addiction has become one of the latest topics of interest among researchers and mental health professionals as individuals become more engrossed in and reliant on digital devices. Psychological and Social Implications Surrounding Internet and Gaming Addiction focuses on the dark side of technology and the ways in which individuals are falling victim to compulsive internet use as well as gaming and gambling addictions. Highlighting socio-cultural, psycho-social, and techno-cultural perspectives on problematic technology use, this critical publication is essential to the research and practical needs of therapists, public administrators, psychologists, students, and researchers interested in compulsive disorders, human behavior, dependency, and other key mental health issues. A pivotal addition to the current mental health research available, this book focuses on topics including, but not limited to, Internet addiction, gaming addiction disorder, gambling, gamification, hypermedia seduction theory, MMORPGs, psychotherapy, and related public policy issues.

Video Game Addiction Stories

Author : Jerry Banfield
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This book is an accumulation of various gaming addiction stories from real people. You might laugh or you might cry when you read lines like this: "By now TK and Keith had full blown World of Warcraft addictions by any definition ranging from telling girlfriends they were going to bed and then staying up ten more hours to game to actually getting their girlfriend to play World of Warcraft with them." You might laugh or roll your eyes when you read quotes such as "I wondered how many times I could handle failing like this before I just gave up and settled for the first fugly bitch that came along and wanted to get married?" I have compiled these stories to not only help people with gaming addictions but also to bring an understanding to family members and friends of gamers. There are so many aspects of gaming addiction and these stories encompass various people's walks with playing excessive amounts of addicting games. This book is not a traditional book. You may want to jump around to different chapters in any order to find what stories most relate to you. I have saved my own story for last and would love for you to check it out. Female gamers might get the most out of reading Chapter 4 which is a story written by a nineteen year old female. Chapter 5 is about a high school boy who now has to get dentures because of his gaming habits. He has turned his life around and joined the Army. For anyone who has doubts about gaming addictions please read chapter 8 which includes numerous short stories about gaming addiction and can give you a quick look at what different gamers go through. I encourage you to read all stories and get a better understanding of what gaming addicts go through. The idea with this book is to share stories and to gain a complete perspective on the good, bad, and the ugly of playing too many addicting games. I hope you will submit your story at after you read this story so that future editions of this book will offer even more value than this first edition!

Mindful and Compassionate Solutions to Internet Gaming Addiction

Author : Dr. Bruce Killen
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This concise, research-based, and tool-filled book gives you the information and skills you need as a parent, therapist, or gamer to overcome Internet gaming addiction. Dr. Bruce Killen draws on his decades of experience as a psychotherapist helping individuals overcome Internet gaming addiction to explain why people game and common problems associated with gaming. He also shares specific tools addicted individuals can use to conquer negative behaviors. Find out how to: • overcome challenges like depression, social anxiety, and family problems for yourself, loved ones, and/or clients; • recognize how an addiction to gaming affects individuals and their loved ones; • summon the courage to help a family member or client recognize a gaming addiction. Helping individuals addicted to gaming accept what is going on with gentleness and compassion is no easy task, but it can improve every area of someone’s life. Whether you are a therapist, family member, or someone addicted to Internet gaming, this book will provide you with tools to mindfully overcome addiction.