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Aspects of Grief Psychology Revivals

Author : Jane Littlewood
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How do bereaved people come to terms with their loss? What factors are important in successful coping? The death of a loved one is one of the most painful experiences that we have to encounter. If the loved one is a child or partner the experience can be especially devastating. How do we cope? Do our families provide sufficient support? Would professional help be better? In this book, originally published in 1992, the author provides an in-depth study of the many aspects of bereavement and the grieving process. With ample support from personal accounts of bereaved people, she examines the experience of bereavement: what can go wrong, the importance of social networks, both family and professional, and looks at how society’s attitudes to death and dying can affect our ability to cope. There are specific chapters on the death of children in childhood, adolescence and adult life, and on the death of a partner. The result is a book that will be of importance to all those who have regular contact with the dying and bereaved.

Death Bereavement and Mourning

Author : Samuel C. Heilman
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An encounter with the death of another is often an occasion when the bereaved need to be sustained in their loss, relieved of the anxiety that the meeting with death engenders, and comforted in their grief. It is a time when those left behind often seek to redress wrongs in themselves or in the relationships that death has shaken and upset. In both collective and individual responses to the trauma of encountering death, we witness efforts to counter the misfortune and to explain the meaning of the loss, to turn memory into blessing, to reconcile life with death, to regenerate life, and redeem both the bereaved and the dead. Sometimes loss may transform the bereaved in ways that lead to growth and maturity; other times a loss leads to unremitting anger or melancholia. There may be a variety of spiritual expressions that the bereaved experience in their time of loss, but there appears to be some common elements in all of them. Overtime, survivors' feelings are transformed into growing exploration of the spiritual, a profound sense of rebirth, newfound feelings of self-mastery or confidence, and a deeply held conviction that "life goes on." The contributions to this volume are based on a conference held in New York on the first anniversary of September 11, 2001. Contributors include Peter Metcalf, Robert Jay Lifton, Ilana Harlow, Robert A. Neimeyer, Samuel Heilman, and Neil Gillman. This sensitive and heartfelt volume relates specifically to issues of death, bereavement, and mourning in the aftermath of the attack on the World Trade Center, but the applications to other individual and catastrophic events is obvious. The contributions do not simply explore how people deal with bereavement or are psychologically affected by extreme grief: they address how people can try to find meaning in tragedy and loss, and strive to help restore order in the wake of chaos. The multidisciplinary perspectives include those of anthropology, psychology, theology, social work, and art.

Grief and Mourning and the Phases of Grief

Author : Lisette Laval
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Part 1 of this eBook describes grief and mourning and explains why we grieve and mourn, what is healthy grieving and mourning and what is unhealthy grieving and mourning. Part 2 explains the phases of feelings experienced as grief is processed, from the initial shock until acceptance of the new circumstances of life resulting from the death or other significant loss is reached. The information in this eBook will help individuals and families who are in grief and mourning and those involved in supporting them to: • understand that grief and mourning are natural human responses to death and other significant loss. • realise the importance of recognising, acknowledging, and validating the feelings experienced when in grief and mourning. • realise that unhealthy grief and/or mourning keeps us stuck in the past and has debilitating effects on our lives • realise that by going through the process of grief and mourning in a healthy way we become stronger and more compassionate • Help those in grief and mourning to process in a healthy way through the debilitating effects of grief towards accepting the new circumstances of life resulting from the death or other significant loss.

Death Grief and Mourning

Author : John Samuel Stephenson
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How do Americans cope with death? Do our feelings about dying influence the way we live? How are our ideas of death different from those of our ancestors? These questions and others are addressed in this innovative new book -- a comprehensive, interdisciplinary approach to the processes, practices, and experiences concerning death and dying in the United States. Drawing on sociology and psychology as well as history and literature, John S. Stephenson surveys the range of individual and social responses to death -- from our very conception of its meaning to the complex ethical dilemmas surrounding suicide and euthanasia. Stephenson synthesizes a theoretical perspective of death from the contributions of such important thinkers as Freud, Jung, Ernest Becker, and Robert Jay Lifton. He reviews the evolution of American attitudes and behaviors toward death -- from the Puritan era to the present, and charts the significance of such organizations for the dying as hospitals, hospices, and nursing homes. Bereavement as both personal reaction (grief) and social convention (mourning) is also discussed, as is the denial of death as a coping mechanism for individuals and institutions alike. In his final chapters, Stephenson analyzes the ceremonies of death (including gravestones as social indicators) and provides a psychosocial overview of suicide as a final, desperate attempt to assert control. He concludes by exploring the implications of euthanasia at a time when technology can extend life dramatically but is not always capable of assuring its quality. Throughout, authentic case examples -- many drawn from Stephenson's own clinical work -- illustrate the multi-faceted imageryand experiences that comprise the American way of death. Stephenson's book will be welcomed by sociologists, psychologists, social workers, religious leaders, nurses, and others concerned with caring for the dying and the bereaved. It is a brilliant and elegantly written work that crosses disciplinary boundaries to provide a valuable synthesis of existing knowledge and offer educators and professionals a firm foundation for teaching, practice, and research.

The Meaning of Mourning

Author : Mikołaj Sławkowski-Rode
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"The Meaning of Mourning brings perspectives from leading philosophers, psychologists, theologians, writers, and artists exploring different dimensions of death, loss, and grief. They together form a wide-ranging study of some of the most difficult and formative experiences in human life"--

The World of Bereavement

Author : Joanne Cacciatore
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This visionary work explores the sensitive balance between the personal and private aspects of grief, the social and cultural variables that unite communities in bereavement, and the universal experience of loss. Its global journey takes readers into the processes of coping, ritual, and belief across established and emerging nations, indigenous cultures, and countries undergoing major upheavals, richly detailed by native scholars and practitioners. In these pages, culture itself is recognized as formed through many lenses, from the ancestral to the experiential. The human capacity to mourn, endure, and make meaning is examined in papers such as: Death, grief, and culture in Kenya: experiential strengths-based research. Death and grief in Korea: the continuum of life and death. To live with death: loss in Romanian culture. The Brazilian ways of living, dying, and grieving. Death and bereavement in Israel: Jewish, Muslim, and Christian perspectives. Completing the circle of life: death and grief among Native Americans. It is always normal to remember: death, grief, and culture in Australia. The World of Bereavement will fascinate and inspire clinicians, providers, and researchers in the field of death studies as well as privately-held professional training programs and the bereavement community in general.

Dealing with Dying Death and Grief during Adolescence

Author : David E. Balk
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For some, life’s introduction to death and grief comes early, and when it does it can take many forms. Not only does Dealing with Dying, Death, and Grief during Adolescence tackle them all, it does so with David Balk’s remarkable sensitivity to and deep knowledge of the pressures and opportunities adolescents face in their transition from childhood to adulthood. In seamless, jargon-free language, Balk brings readers up to date with what we know about adolescent development, because over time such changes form the backstory we need to comprehend the impact of death and bereavement in an adolescent’s life. The book’s later chapters break down the recent findings in the study of life-threatening illness and bereavement during adolescence. And, crucially, these chapters also examine interventions that assist adolescents coping with these difficulties. Clinicians will come away from this book with both a grounded understanding of adolescent development and the adolescent experience of death, and they’ll also gain specific tools for helping adolescents cope with death and grief on their own terms. For any clinician committed to supporting adolescents facing some of life’s most difficult experiences, this integrated, up-to-date, and deeply insightful text is simply the book to have. David E. Balk is professor in the department of health and nutrition sciences at Brooklyn College (CUNY), where he directs the graduate program in thanatology. He is the author of Adolescent Development: Early Through Late Adolescence, Helping the Bereaved College Student, and several other books on death and bereavement. He is also co-editor of the 2nd edition of the Handbook of Thanatology (Routledge, 2013).

On Bereavement

Author : Walter, Tony
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Denne grundlæggende bog ser på de efterladtes sociale position. De efterladte finder sig selv fanget mellem liv og død, nogle gange søgende efter retningslinjer i et de-ritualiseret samfund, som kun har lidt at tilbyde, og nogle gange oplever de at deres sorg på upassende vis, sygeliggøres og kontrolleres af andre. Bogen er rettet mod studerende, sundhedspersonale, socialarbejdere m.v. og bidrager med en sociologisk indgangsvinkel i forhold til døden, døende og dødsfald og de efterladte.

Ethnic Variations in Dying Death and Grief

Author : Donald P. Irish
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Analysis of dying, death and grief among African Americans, Mexican Americans, Hmong, Native Americans, Judaism, Buddhism, and Islamic cultures.

Love and Grief

Author : Catherine Marianne O'Neill
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Love and Grief offers sympathetic support to adults who have lost a partner, helping them to explore the difficult and often painful process of forming new relationships. Through personal accounts and poems, the authors show how the challenges of grief are experienced and dealt with by the bereaved and all around them.