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Death Danger and Sometimes Christmas

Author : Joseph McMullin
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Although called an "achingly poignant look at the awkwardness of adolescent years" and a "deft political thriller in the tradition of Clancy and Koontz", it is in fact neither of these. It is a collection of poetry which captures the grandeur and magnificence of human drama. No, no, that's not it either. This is in fact a collection of poems of largely personal consequence collected together for the first time to prevent the author from having to look all over the house for them. Including the garage.

The Most Dangerous Thing

Author : Laura Lippman
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“One of the best novelists around, period.” —Washington Post “Lippman has enriched literature as a whole. —Chicago Sun-Times One of the most acclaimed novelists in America today, Laura Lippman has greatly expanded the boundaries of mystery fiction and psychological suspense with her Tess Monaghan p.i. series and her New York Times bestselling standalone novels (What the Dead Know, Life Sentences, I’d Know You Anywhere, etc.). With The Most Dangerous Thing, the multiple award winning author—recipient of the Anthony, Edgar®, Shamus, and Agatha Awards, to name but a few—once again demonstrates how storytelling is done to perfection. Set once again in the well-wrought environs of Lippman’s beloved Baltimore, it is the shadowy tale of a group of onetime friends forced to confront a dark past they’ve each tried to bury following the death of one of their number. Rich in the compassion and insight into flawed human nature that has become a Lippman trademark while telling an absolutely gripping story, The Most Dangerous Thing will not be confined by genre restrictions, reaching out instead to captive a wide, diverse audience, from Harlan Coben and Kate Atkinson fans to readers of Jodi Picoult and Kathryn Stockett.

Death by Leisure

Author : Christine Moore
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A British journalist’s “fast and funny” account of hedonism and conspicuous consumption in Los Angeles—and his attempt to get in on the fun (The New York Times). From the author of War Reporting for Cowards, Death by Leisure is the incisive, irreverent, and savagely funny story of British journalist Chris Ayres’s attempt to infiltrate the American leisure class (and find true love) in the credit-fueled years before the 2008 economic collapse. When the bubble bursts, however, Ayres must learn to live without the billionaire balls, supermodel girlfriends, foie gras pina coladas, and caviar facials to which he’s grown accustomed. Just like the rest of us, alas. “With dry British wit, [Ayres] skewers American greed, L.A. life, and his own endless romantic foibles...Somehow, Ayres knew the fall was coming and kept going anyway. So did we.” —Time “Were this merely a tale of a stranger in a strange land, Ayres’s hilariously self-effacing manner would make this worth reading. But what makes it more than merely clever is the way Ayres turns his own romantic insecurity and material aspiration into a stinging, if sympathetic, indictment of mindless consumption. Yes, we’re destroying the planet, he seems to say, but can we help it, given how pathetic we are? And anyone who can make us laugh at that must be a genius.” —Booklist (starred review)

Behind A Door Of Mystery

Author : G.K. Hais
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This book is an astute observation by a lay person, not in the medical fi eld, as well as not in the professional clinical psychology fi eld. The author is a clergyman. He was raised in the atmosphere of a household where serious identifi cation problems existed. The author became acclimated to this household environment, and actually found it to be pleasant. He now remembers it as the wonderful days of childhood back on the family farm. As a result, there has developed, a tolerance of people who have acute I D problems, as well as a savvy, and a God given discernment capability. People who have I D as well as other psychological problems feel drawn to this author. The author makes no claim to holding any applicable credential as a professional, in some of the fi elds of interest presented by this book. He claims no medical knowledge more than common knowledge, nor professional psychology knowledge beyond common knowledge. He has done his research as a writer, and defers to professionals. Nothing is intended to suggest that this book is about the practice of medicine by the author, nor any credentialed psychological service by the author. This book is the author’s autobiography, and is intended to be a documentary of a lay persons observations. I do hope that some professional experts can fi nd these observations helpful to their cause.

Safety Review

Author :
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Dangerous Mediations

Author : Áine Mangaoang
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In 2007, an unlikely troupe of 1500 Filipino prisoners became Internet celebrities after their YouTube video of Michael Jackson's ground-breaking hit 'Thriller' went viral. Taking this spectacular dance as a point of departure, Dangerous Mediations explores the disquieting development of prisoners performing punishment to a global, online audience. Combining analysis of this YouTube video with first-hand experiences from fieldwork in the Philippine prison, Áine Mangaoang investigates a wide range of interlocking contexts surrounding this user-generated text to reveal how places of punishment can be transformed into spaces of spectacular entertainment, leisure, and penal tourism. In the post-YouTube era, Dangerous Mediations sounds the call for close readings of music videos produced outside of the corporate culture industries. By connecting historical discussions on postcolonialism, surveillance and prison philosophy with contemporary scholarship on popular music, participatory culture and new media, Dangerous Mediations is the first book to ask critical questions about the politics of pop music and audiovisual mediation in early 21st-century detention centres.

The Rotarian

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Established in 1911, The Rotarian is the official magazine of Rotary International and is circulated worldwide. Each issue contains feature articles, columns, and departments about, or of interest to, Rotarians. Seventeen Nobel Prize winners and 19 Pulitzer Prize winners – from Mahatma Ghandi to Kurt Vonnegut Jr. – have written for the magazine.

Christmas in Ritual and Tradition

Author : Clement A. Miles
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Dangerous Intimacy

Author : Karen Lystra
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The misunderstood events of the last ten years of Mark Twain's life are liberated in an incisive biography, demonstrating that, while he lived in the shadows of losses, he continued to explore the balance between love and pain with energy and enthusiasm.

The Silent Dead Paula Maguire 3

Author : Claire McGowan
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Some say they deserve their fate. But isn't everyone entitled to justice? Forensic psychologist Paula Maguire is in a race against time to solve a deadly crime in THE SILENT DEAD, the third novel in Claire McGowan's terrific, hard-hitting crime series. The perfect read for fans of Val McDermid and Elly Griffiths. 'Astonishing, powerful and immensely satisfying' - Peter James Victim: Male. Mid-thirties. 5'7". Cause of death: Hanging. Initial impression - murder. ID: Mickey Doyle. Suspected terrorist and member of the Mayday Five. The officers at the crime scene know exactly who the victim is. Doyle was one of five suspected bombers who caused the deaths of sixteen people. The remaining four are also missing and when a second body is found, decapitated, it's clear they are being killed by the same methods their victims suffered. Forensic psychologist Paula Maguire is assigned the case but she is up against the clock - both personally and professionally. With moral boundaries blurred between victim and perpetrator, will Paula be able to find those responsible? After all, even killers deserve justice... What readers are saying about The Silent Dead: 'Great atmosphere - it's tense and chilling. I simply did not want to put this book down. Superb fast-paced plot and wonderful storytelling' 'A gripping story covering grief and frustration as it explores the moral dilemma of people failed by the system to may just be taking justice into their own hands. A great read' 'Absorbing story that constantly holds your attention. Steady, tense layering, building up to the nerve-wrecking end'

Diagon 2 The House of Elizabeth Gass

Author : Jennifer Meier
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After moving to a new country, Nicki has finally found happiness, but that peace seems destined to be drowned under the rage of a long dead man. Growing up amongst the superstitious Irish, Nicki is used to tales of Ghosts and otherworld creatures, but nothing prepared her for what was waiting on her within the walls of her newly bought home. She had long ago fallen into the arms of traditional Witchcraft, and only her belief in the world of magic and Ghosts keeps her sane while she tries to come to terms with her childhood fear and solve the riddle that has been placed upon her shoulders.

Woman of War

Author : Анна Шила
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Woman of War is the first attempt to write about the military conflict on the East of our country in the light of women stories. The book contains 25 stories. Each story is based on real-life events narrated by real-life women — paramedics, volunteers, journalists, and servicewomen who have gone to the front line to fight for their Homeland. The author tells their hard fates, but at the same time, each heroine is a composite character displaying life and emotions of many female warriors. The women are speakers of Ukraine. Their voice is worth hearing and paying heed to.

The Canterbury Preacher s Companion 2015

Author : Michael Counsell
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An annual favourite, offering 150 complete sermons for the coming year, with hymn suggestions. For each Sunday of the year there are two sermons, plus material for festivals, saints days, baptisms, weddings and funerals.

Christmas in Texas

Author : Elizabeth Silverthorne
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Describes how different ethnic groups in Texas celebrate Christmas, and shares traditional recipes and customs


Author : Folklore Society (Great Britain)
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Notes on the Folk lore of the North East of Scotland

Author : Walter Gregor
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Death s Shadow

Author : Jon Wells
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Award-winning Hamilton Spectator journalist Jon Wells delivers four blockbuster murder stories, taking readers up close into multiple homicide investigations, the agony of victims and their loved ones, and into the heart of darkness of cold-blooded killers.

An Introduction to the Work of a Medical Examiner

Author : John J. Miletich
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Takes readers into the fascinating world of the medical examiner, who must determine cause of death, and explains the systems and tools used to determine if death was natural, accidental, suicide or murder.

Facing Death And Finding Hope

Author : Christine Longaker
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Many books have been written on the subject of death and dying over the last twenty-five years, yet none provides a comprehensive spiritual paradigm combined with practical guidance for resounding effectively and compassionately to be most common difficulties and challenges of the dying. Christine's Longaker's uncompromising and uplifting book does it all, and is based on her own personal experiences, her study and work with Sogyal Rinpoche and on the workshops she now holds all over Europe and the USA.

Till Death

Author : William Kienzle
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"Father Koesler is on the case, thank God." —Baltimore Sun From William X. Kienzle, author of the mystery classic, The Rosary Murders. The priesthood or Lil. It would be a gut-wrenching decision for Rick. Sixty-year-old Father Rick Casserly, the much loved, socially conscious pastor at St. William of Thierry Church, and Lillian "Lil" Niedermeir, the principal at nearby St. Enda's elementary school, share a common bond. They are secret lovers, driven into the closet by the Catholic Church's position on the marriage of its clergy members. And when troubled former nun, now reporter, Dora Riccardo sets her cap for Rick, the already complex state of affairs unfolds into a spiraling scenario that isn't resolved until someone is dead. Till Death is the twenty-second mystery from the pen of William X. Kienzle featuring Father Robert Koesler. In Till Death, Father Koesler is a member of the "St. Ursula Survivors Club"—a group of current and former clergy who served under the tyrannical Father Angelico. Koesler is the confidant whom some of the club members turn to when there's nowhere else to go, but even the temperate Father Koesler struggles to bring closure to a set of circumstances charged with forbidden love and tortured souls. Kienzle fans have snatched up almost two and a half million copies of the author's mysteries. Till Death provides readers with his signature twists and turns, while also exploring the explosive social issue of whether priests should be allowed to marry.