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Death in Breslau

Author : Marek Krajewski
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Introducing one of the most stylish and moody historic detective series ever: The Inspector Eberhard Mock Quartet Occupied Breslau, 1933: Two young women are found murdered on a train, scorpions writhing on their bodies, an indecipherable note in an apparently oriental language nearby ...Police Inspector Eberhard Mock's weekly assignation with two ladies of the night is interrupted as he is called to investigate. But uncovering the truth is no straightforward matter in Breslau. The city is in the grip of the Gestapo, and has become a place where spies are everywhere, corrupt ministers torture confessions from Jewish merchants, and Freemasons guard their secrets with blackmail and violence. And as Mock and his young assistant Herbert Anwaldt plunge into the city's squalid underbelly the case takes on a dark twist of the occult when the mysterious note seems to indicate a ritual killing with roots in the Crusades ...

The Time of My Death

Author : Alan Jeffry Breslau
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"It was a routine businessman's flight to Rochester, Nw York. Alan Breslau thought it was odd that the plane would take off in a severe thunderstorm, but he was a seasoned traveller, so her fastened his seatbelt and relaxed into his seat just behind the cockpit. That was his last moment of relaxation in a very long time."--Blurb.

Come Sweet Death

Author : Wolf Haas
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Another dose of hilarity and mayhem from the author Carl Hiaasen calls “the real deal” In this winner of the German Thriller Prize, ex-cop Simon Brenner, as part of his never-ending quest to get as far away from being a cop as he can, takes a job as an ambulance driver in downtown Vienna. It’s a hair-raising job, though, made more so by the tendency of the other EMTs to place bets on how many red lights they can run. Even worse, Brenner’s new employer has a problem: its major competitor is somehow listening in on radio communications and beating his unit to every pickup. Knowing his past on the force, Brenner’s boss asks him to act like a cop and investigate. Meanwhile, is it Brenner’s paranoia or are certain wealthy elderly patients who are essentially healthy dying more quickly than they should? It isn’t long before Brenner’s life is in real danger, and once again it will take a certain amount of booze, pills, and bad behavior for our man to survive being a cop one more time.

The Silent Death

Author : Volker Kutscher
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Berlin 1930. Sound film is conquering the big screen, leaving many by the wayside: producers, cinema owners – and silent film stars. Investigating the violent on-set death of actress Betty Winter, Inspector Gereon Rath encounters the dark side of glamour and an industry in turmoil. When his father requests that he help his friend, the mayor of Cologne, Konrad Adenauer, and his ex-girlfriend Charly makes a renewed attempt at rapprochement, things start to get out of hand. Trapped in the machinations of rival film producers, he roams Berlin’s Chinese quarter and the city’s underworld as he works ever closer to the edge of legality. Meanwhile the funeral of the murdered Horst Wessel leads to clashes between Nazis and Communists.

Euro Noir

Author : Barry Forshaw
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Euro Noir examines the astonishing success of European fiction and drama which is often edgier, grittier and more compelling than some of its British or American equivalents, and provides a highly readable guide for those wanting to look further than the obvious choices. Euro Noir provides the perfect shopping list for what to watch or read before that trip to Paris, Rome or Berlin. The invasion of foreign crime fiction, films and TV (not just the Scandinavian variety) has transformed the crime shelves of bookshops and DVD stores. But the sheer volume of new European writers and films is daunting and there is a keen need for a guide to the field. Euro Noir presents a roadmap to the territory and is the perfect travel guide to the genre. From Italy, such influential authors as Andrea Camilleri and Leonardo Sciascia and Mafia crime dramas Romanzo Criminale and Gomorrah, along with the gruesome Gialli crime films. From France and Belgium, important writers from Maigret's creator Georges Simenon to today's Fred Vargas, cult television programmes Braquo and Spiral and films, from the classic heist movie Rififi to modern greats such as Hidden, Mesrine and Tell No One. German and Austrian greats such as Jakob Arjouni and Jan Costin Wagner, crime films including Run Lola Run and The Lives of Others. Along with the best crime writing and filmmaking from Spain, Portugal, Greece, Holland and other European countries

Hitler s Final Fortress

Author : Richard Hargreaves
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In early 1945, the Red Army plunged into the Third Reich from the east, rolling up territory and crushing virtually everything in its path, with one exception: the city of Breslau, which Hitler had declared a fortress-city, to be defended to the death. This book examines in detail the notorious four-month siege of Breslau. • The first full-length English-language account of the bloody siege • Chronicles the bitter struggle as the Red Army encircled Breslau and eventually pillaged the city, taking savage retribution on the survivors • Details the brutal methods used by the city's Nazi leaders to keep German troops fighting and maintain order

Between Mass Death and Individual Loss

Author : Alon Confino
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Recent years have witnessed growing scholarly interest in the history of death. Increasing academic attention toward death as a historical subject in its own right is very much linked to its pre-eminent place in 20th-century history, and Germany, predictably, occupies a special place in these inquiries. This collection of essays explores how German mourning changed over the 20th century in different contexts, with a particular view to how death was linked to larger issues of social order and cultural self-understanding. It contributes to a history of death in 20th-century Germany that does not begin and end with the Third Reich.

Expectations of Life

Author : H.O. Lancaster
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Destined to become a classic epidemiological study, EXPECTA- TIONS OF LIFE surveys world mortality, describing and ex- plaining the declines of mortality which have become especi- ally evident in this century.

The history of England from the Revolution to the death of George the Second Designed as a continuation of Mr Hume s History A new edition with the author s last corrections and improvements

Author : Tobias Smollett
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Author : Gerda Bikales
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"This is a beautifully written, insightful chronicle of a young girl's Holocaust survival. Though very private and personal, it nevertheless captures the common torments of children living through this disastrous civilizational breakdown. What makes this book unique is that the author pulls the reader into the story. We get to know her parents and other memorable characters for the kind of people they were. There is an immediacy in the writing that almost makes the reader a participant in the daily struggles to keep alive. We get an honest look at the relationships between men and women on the edge of annihilation and how children coped with these unusual alliances. This emotionally powerful yet intellectually lucid work stands out within the Holocaust literature. Students and others will greatly benefit as the author guides the reader, setting forth the political and historical context in which the action unfolds." -Stefanie Seltzer, President of the World Federation of Jewish Child Survivors of the Holocaust "The story of the relentless hunt of a Jewish child in Nazi Europe haunts the reader long after the last page has been turned This gripping memoir illuminates the fearsome experiences of a Holocaust child survivor with the intelligence and wisdom of an adult's retrospection." -Henryk Grynberg, Author of The Jewish Wars and The Victory, Children of Zion, and Drohobycz, Drohobycz: True Tales from the Holocaust and Life After.


Author : Wolf Haas
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“Wolf Haas is the real deal, and his arrival on the American book scene is long overdue.” —Carl Hiaasen THE FIRST INSPECTOR BRENNER NOVEL The darkly comic book that launched the bestselling series . . . Wolf Haas is firmly established as one of the world’s bestselling crime novelists. And now the novel that introduced Simon Brenner, Haas’s inimitable protagonist—a detective who always gets where he’s going, but never the way anyone else would—is available for the first time in English. When the corpses of two Americans turn up on a ski lift in the idyllic Swiss town of Zell, former police inspector Brenner, who needs a new job, not to mention more migraine medication, agrees to investigate the deaths for an insurance company. But as Brenner gets acquainted with the finer points of curling, community theater, and certain sexy local schoolteachers, he notices one thing starkly missing: any semblance of a clue. Until he stumbles across a buried secret that might have explosive consequences. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Phantoms of Breslau

Author : Marek Krajewski
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Breslau, 1919: the hideously battered, naked bodies of four sailors are discovered on an island in the River Oder. As he pieces together the elements of this brutal crime, Criminal Assistant Mock combs the brothels and drinking dens of Breslau and is drawn into an insidious game: it seems that anyone he questions during the course of the investigation is destined to become the next victim. At the same time, he is haunted by appalling nightmares; only nights spent drinking and carousing can keep his demons at bay. Dark, sophisticated and uncompromising, the distinctive Breslau series has already received broad critical acclaim. Phantoms of Breslau confirms Eberhard Mock as the most outrageous and original detective in crime fiction.

The War Around Us

Author : Wolfgang Peter May
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Wolfgang Peter May is no stranger to war. As a young child, he fled from his home in Breslau, Germanynow Wroclaw, Polandduring World War II and witnessed the destruction of Dresden. He immigrated to the United States and eventually joined the US Army. While in the army, he became an intelligence operations officer of the Fourth Armored Division in Germany, and he served in the Vietnam War. These life events profoundly impacted Mays view of war. In The War Around Us, he explores and debates the many past and present faces of war. Juxtaposing his personal experiences with world events, May delivers a thought-provoking view of warfare. May discusses World War I, the development of the atomic bomb, war criminals, and the ineffectiveness of political leaders. He even comes to grips with his own war guilt from the Vietnam War and shares his familys experience in Germany during World War II. Mays observations offer a sobering statement of how armed conflict can leave a legacy that will resonate for generations to come. Part memoir and part commentary, The War Around Us delivers a hard-hitting, first-person look at the true face of war.

My Life Recollections of a Nobel Laureate

Author : Max Born
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In this collection of informal reminiscences, first published in 1975, Max Born has written an extraordinarily vivid account of his life and work, originally intended for his family. Ranging from his time at the University of Göttingen, where Born had his first real motivation for a professional career in science, to the period in Berlin as professor extraordinary, when he and his wife became close friends of Einstein, these anecdotes and memories chart the "heroic age of physics" from the perspective of one of its leading characters. In 1954 Born was awarded the Nobel Prize in physics for his fundamental contributions to the great discovery of that cadre of superlative scientific minds – quantum theory. But his scientific research provides only one strand of this story. Born’s varied interests outside science led to many interesting experiences – some of historical importance insofar as they offer a glimpse into German society before and between the wars.

The Tribune

Author :
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Breslau Seminary the Jewish Theological Seminary Fraenckel Foundation of Breslau 1854 1938

Author : Guido Kisch
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In the Fire of the Eastern Front

Author : Hendrick C. Verton
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Extraordinary story of a Dutch volunteer in the Waffen-SS. Vivid details on SS training and combat on the Eastern Front. Account of the little-known siege of Breslau in early 1945.

The History of England from the Revolution to the Death of George the Second

Author : Tobias George Smollett
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The History of England from the Revolution in 1688 to the Death of George II

Author : Tobias Smollett
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The History of England from the Revolution in 1688 to the Death of George 2 Designed as a Continuation of Hume Embellished with Engravings on Copper and Wood from Original Designs By T Smollett M D Volume the First sixth

Author :
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