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Debating Modern Revolution

Author : Jack R. Censer
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Revolution is an idea that has been one of the most important drivers of human activity since its emergence in its modern form in the 18th century. From the American and French revolutionaries who upset a monarchical order that had dominated for over a millennium up to the Arab Spring, this notion continues but has also developed its meanings. Equated with democracy and legal equality at first and surprisingly redefined into its modern meaning, revolution has become a means to create nations, change the social order, and throw out colonial occupiers, and has been labelled as both conservative and reactionary. In this concise introduction to the topic, Jack R. Censer charts the development of these competing ideas and definitions in four chronological sections. Each section includes a debate from protagonists who represent various forms of revolution and counterrevolution, allowing students a firmer grasp on the particular ideas and individuals of each era. This book offers a new approach to the topic of revolution for all students of world history.

Debating the Revolution

Author : Chris Evans
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The late 18th century, especially the 1790s, was a fateful period for Britain and all parts of the world where European influence was felt. The disintegration of French absolutism unleashed a global crisis and vital features of modernism in politics took center stage-democracy, nationalism, mass military mobilization on a scale later seen in world wars, and even colonial revolt. Chris Evans shows how in Britain, long fermenting, touched all sectors of society. This study, based on the latest historiography shows how all these issues were sharpened by the Revolution and how it resulted in the widespread if gradual modernization of the British state in the following century.

Shia Islam and Politics

Author : Jon Armajani
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This book argues that ever since Iran’s Islamic Revolution in 1979, which established a Shia Islamic government in Iran, that country’s religious and political leaders, have used Shia Islam as a crucial way of expanding Iran’s objectives in the Middle East and beyond. Since 1979, Iran’s religious and political leaders have been concerned about Iran’s security in the face of the hostility and expansionism of the United States and other western countries, and the threats from powerful neighboring Sunni leaders and countries. While Iran’s government has attempted to align itself with Shia Muslims in various countries, such as Iraq and Lebanon, against American and Sunni expansionism, the Iranian government has attempted to religiously nourish and politically mobilize those Shias as a matter of principle, not only because of the Iranian government’s desires to protect Iran from external threats. The book analyzes Shia Islam and politics in Iraq, Iraq, and Lebanon which have among the largest proportional Shia populations in the Middle East and are vibrant centers of Shia intellectual life. The book's clear and jargon-free approach make it especially accessible for students and general readers who would like an introduction to the book's topics.

Revolutions Antient and Modern

Author : Trevor T. Lethem Overend
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Debating Muslims

Author : Michael M. J. Fischer
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Begins around the middle ages and continues up to the present day. Many illustrations, including contemporary photos. Includes genealogical tables. Arrangement is by region or country. Following an important, but dense, critical preface, this fascinating collection of essays explores genres of access to intercultural dialogue, examining Islamic history and culture through oral and written traditions, religious and secular texts, and art--particularly poster art (a selection of which is included). The figure of the late Ayatollah Khomeini looms as the resonant center or coalescing image through these pages. Paper edition (unseen), $23.50. Annotation copyrighted by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

Modern Debating

Author : Andrew Noah Fox
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Literary Debates in Modern China 1918 1937

Author : Amitendranath Tagore
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French Revolution Debate in Britain

Author :
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The Military Revolution Debate

Author : Clifford J Rogers
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This book brings together, for the first time, the classic articles that began and have shaped the debate about the Military Revolution in early modern Europe, adding important new essays by eminent historians of early modern Europe to further this important scholarly interchange.

The French Revolution Debate in English Literature and Culture

Author : Lisa Plummer Crafton
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Discusses the significance of the French Revolution in English literary and cultural history, particularly in the works of Edmund Burke, William Blake, William Wordsworth, and Thomas Carlyle.

Parliamentary Debates Hansard

Author : Great Britain. Parliament. House of Commons
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The Parliamentary Debates official Report

Author : Great Britain. Parliament. House of Commons
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Airpower Journal

Author :
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Debates of Parliament

Author : South Africa. Parliament
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Author : Rosemary H. T. O'Kane
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The Debate on the French Revolution

Author : Peter J. Davies
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This book deals with the various types of revolutionary history and the numerous schools of historical thought concerned with the French Revolution. The survey of writings presents a cross-section of historians of the Revolution from the early nineteenth century right up to the present day. From liberals to conservatives and from Marxists to revisionists, it focuses on those individuals who are generally perceived to be the 'major' or 'pre-eminent' figures within revolutionary historiography. A 'history of the histories', this book will be an ideal starting point for those students seeking to better-understand the French Revolution and its history.

House of Commons Debates Official Report

Author : Canada. Parliament. House of Commons
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Modern Revolutions and Revolutionists

Author : Robert Blackey
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The Debate on the American Revolution

Author : Gwenda Morgan
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The Debate on the American Revolution is the first in-depth study of the way in which historians dealt with the coming of the American Revolution and the formation of the U.S. Constitution. The approach is thematic, examining how historians in different periods interpreted these events, their causes, and their meaning. Making accessible the work of often-neglected by early historians, this book examines how the emergence of history as a professional discipline led to new and competing versions of the Revolution. It spans from the first generation of writers--whose ideas about history were shaped by the Enlightenment--to those of the 21st century--who drew on the rich legacy provided by black studies, gender and women's studies, cultural studies, and ethno-history.

The Dynamics of Revolution

Author : Thomas G. Hart
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