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How to Promote Christian Union

Author : Frederick Doyle Kershner
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Declaration and Address Centennial Edition

Author : Thomas Campbell
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This is the Centennial Celebration Edition published in 1908. Thomas Campbell was born February 1, 1763 in Ireland, and migrated to the United States in 1807. A Presbyterian minister who grew tired of denominationalism, set forth in this publication the reasons why. He proclaimed that all the churches had gone astray and encouraged them to use the New Testament as their guide book. Barton W. Stone, as well as others came to the same conclusion, which started the Restoration Movement - to restore the churches to the New Testament. Today, their followers are known as Disciples of Christ, Christians and churches of Christ.

Causation and Laws of Nature

Author : H. Sankey
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Causation and Laws of Nature is a collection of articles which represents current research on the metaphysics of causation and laws of nature, mostly by authors working in or active in the Australasian region. The book provides an overview of current work on the theory of causation, including counterfactual, singularist, nomological and causal process approaches. It also covers work on the nature of laws of nature, with special emphasis on the scientific essentialist theory that laws of nature are, at base, the fundamental dispositions or capacities of natural kinds of things. Because the book represents a good cross-section of authors currently working on these themes in the Australasian region, it conveys something of the interest and excitement of an active philosophical debate between advocates of several different research programmes in the area.

Interpreting Disciples

Author : L. Dale Richesin
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Christians Only

Author : James D. Murch
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The Quest for Christian Unity Peace and Purity in Thomas Campbell s Declaration and Address

Author : Thomas H. Olbricht
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Composed in 1809 in order to organize and direct a loosely assembled network of Scots-Irish Presbyterians on the Western Pennsylvania frontier, the Declaration and Address of the Christian Association of Washington never quite achieved the immediate objectives that compelled its composition. Yet the document's lofty vision of a unified Christian Church, restored to the peace and purity that the New Testament had preached and promised, has for generations fueled the imagination and fired the commitment of millions of Christians worldwide--with, often, quite contradictory results. Emerging from the work of an international online seminar, this truly monumental volume presents a definitive text with critical apparatus for a landmark document in the history of American religion and worldwide Christian ecumenism, along with eighteen insightful, incisive studies of the document's historical provenance, its theological and ecclesiological significance, and its continuing influence.

Chalice Introduction to Disciples Theology

Author :
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Chalice Introduction to Disciples Theology offers a comprehensive introduction to theology and ethics from the standpoint of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). Including a broad range of Disciples authors, the text represents the racial-ethnic, generational, and theological diversity that characterizes the denomination from a postmodern and postcolonial view. Contributors include: D. Newell Williams, James O. Duke, Verity Jones, William J. Nottingham, Hee An Choi, William Tabbernee, W. Clark Gilpin, Kristine A. Culp, Don Browning, Clark M. Williamson, Rita Nakashima Brock, Dyron Daughrity, Victor L. Hunter, Sharon E. Watkins, Keith Watkins, Thomas F. Best, Belva Brown Jordan, Stephanie A. Paulsell, Kay Bessler Northcutt, Mark Miller McLemore, Darryl Trimiew, Joe R. Jones, William Wright, Boseale Eale, Karen-Marie Yust, Bonnie J. Miller-McLemore, Joseph D. Driskill, Angel Luis Rivera-Agosto, Michael K. Kinnamon, Michael St. A. Miller, Carmelo Álvarez, Christobal Mareco Lird, Don A. Pittman, Carlos F. Cardoza-Orlandi, and Peter Goodwin Heltzel

The Old Faith in a New Nation

Author : Paul J. Gutacker
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Conventional wisdom holds that tradition and history meant little to nineteenth-century American Protestants, who relied on common sense and "the Bible alone." The Old Faith in a New Nation challenges this portrayal by recovering evangelical engagement with the Christian past. Even when they appeared to be most scornful toward tradition, most optimistic and forward-looking, and most confident in their grasp of the Bible, evangelicals found themselves returning, time and again, to Christian history. They studied religious historiography, reinterpreted the history of the church, and argued over its implications for the present. Between the Revolution and the Civil War, American Protestants were deeply interested in the meaning of the Christian past. Paul J. Gutacker draws from hundreds of print sources-sermons, books, speeches, legal arguments, political petitions, and more-to show how ordinary educated Americans remembered and used Christian history. While claiming to rely on the Bible alone, antebellum Protestants frequently turned to the Christian past on questions of import: how should the government relate to religion? Could Catholic immigrants become true Americans? What opportunities and rights should be available to women? To African Americans? Protestants across denominations answered these questions not only with the Bible but also with history. By recovering the ways in which American evangelicals remembered and used Christian history, The Old Faith in a New Nation shows how religious memory shaped the nation and interrogates the meaning of "biblicism."

The Stone Campbell Movement

Author : Leroy Garrett
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The Appeal and Course of Christian Restorationism on the Early Nineteenth Century American Frontier

Author : Lloyd Alan Knowles
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