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Decolonising the Mediterranean

Author : Gabriele Proglio
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Decolonising the Mediterranean means, first and foremost, investigating how the legacy of colonial rule over bodies and land has been used by other entities and powers to impose new forms of hegemony after the fall of empires and European powers. It means denouncing and dissecting the tools employed in the production of new geometries of power in the global Mediterranean, as well as in the farthest, most recondite corners of the Mediterranean World. Decolonising the Mediterranean is an epistemological practice of border dismantling and scrutiny of the ways in which powers overlap and intertwine. The multiplication of the border is investigated in this volume from an in-between position, namely a specific positionality of subjectivities, in order to connect the global and local, and address Mediterranean issues with a transnational approach. Decolonising the Mediterranean means thinking of the Mediterranean as a space of investigation beyond its geographical boundaries. Finally, it requires deconstructing the power relations at play, viewing the Mediterranean as an excess space of signification in order to reconsider the past and present stories and subjectivities erased by Eurocentric, nationalist historical discourse. In this sense, the Mediterranean may, then, be more than a “method”: a matter of politics, or a space without borders where the future can be reinvented from the bottom up. This volume is structured into six chapters, each written by a different author focusing on a single North African, Maghreb and Mashrek country’s colonial legacy to investigate borders in a transnational perspective. While the research directions and topics of investigation adopted here are different, they can all be situated on the boundary line described above, and each chapter suggests a specific path for decolonising knowledge.

Decolonising and Internationalising Geography

Author : Bruno Schelhaas
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International scholarship is increasingly aware that the ‘geographical tradition’ is a contentious and contested field: while critical reflections on the imperial past of the discipline are still ongoing, new tendencies including de-colonial studies and geographies of internationalism are focusing on the progressive aspects of plural geographical traditions. This volume contains selected papers presented at two Symposia of the Commission on the History of Geography of the International Geographical Union within the 25th International Congress of History of Science and Technology which took place in Rio de Janeiro in July 2017. The papers address processes of ‘decolonising’ and ‘internationalising’ science in the 19th and 20th century, with a special emphasis on geography. Internationalization, circulation and dissemination of geographical concepts and ideas are in the focus. The volume includes case studies on Latin America, tropical regions as well as Europe and Japan. There is also an emphasis on the history of international congresses and organizations and on the international circulation of knowledge.

North Africa Islam and the Mediterranean World

Author : Julia Clancy-Smith
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Long regarded as the preserve of French scholars and Francophone audiences due to its significance to France's colonial empire, North Africa is increasingly recognized for its own singular importance as a crossover region. Situated where Islamic, Mediterranean, African, and European histories intersect, the Maghrib has long acted as a cultural conduit, mediator and broker. From the medieval era, when the oasis of Sijilmasa in the Moroccan wilderness funnelled caravan loads of gold into international networks, through the 16th century when two superpowers, the Ottomans and the Spanish Hapsburgs, battled for mastery of the Mediterranean along the North African frontier, and well into the 20th century which witnessed one of Africa's cruellest wars unfold in "French Algeria", the Maghrib has retained its uniqueness as a place where worlds meet.


Author : Nicholas White
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Concise and accessible, this guide provides an overview of the process of British decolonisation. Dr White syntheses recent historical debate by looking at the demise of British imperial power from three main perspectives: the shifting emphases of British imperial policy; the rise of populist, colonial nationalism, and the international political, strategic, and economic environment dominated by the USA and the USSR. The book also positions the British experience within the context of European decolonisation and contains many documents which have only recently become available. Introducing the reader to the key debates it the ideal introductory text on the subject.

Understanding the British Empire

Author : Ronald Hyam
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Understanding the British Empire draws on a lifetime's research and reflection on the history of the British Empire by one of the senior figures in the field. Essays cover six key themes: the geopolitical and economic dynamics of empire, religion and ethics, imperial bureaucracy, the contribution of political leaders, the significance of sexuality, and the shaping of imperial historiography. A major new introductory chapter draws together the wider framework of Dr Hyam's studies and several new chapters focus on lesser known figures. Other chapters are revised versions of earlier papers, reflecting some of the debates and controversies raised by the author's work, including the issue of sexual exploitation, the European intrusion into Africa, including the African response to missionaries, trusteeship, and Winston Churchill's imperial attitudes. Combining traditional archival research with newer forms of cultural exploration, this is an unusually wide-ranging approach to key aspects of empire.

Longman Companion to European Decolonisation in the Twentieth Century

Author : Muriel E. Chamberlain
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This new Companion brings together, in one single volume, all the essential facts and figures relating to European decolonisation in the twentieth century. Professor Chamberlain has taken each European empire in turn (the British, French, Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish, Belgian and Italian) and for each one she has provided a detailed chronology of the process of decolonisation in the individual states.

British Decolonisation 1918 1984

Author : Richard Davis
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Few subjects have aroused more controversy in recent years than that of empire, and that of the British Empire in particular. Few other subjects are of greater importance to today’s world. How the British Empire was created and maintained, and the impact it had on both the colonised and the colonisers, have been the source of long-running and heated debates amongst historians, politicians and in the media. For several decades it has been analysed from numerous different perspectives, providing a wide range of differing interpretations. Over recent years, new studies have extended the scope of imperial history into previously ignored fields that have significantly added to our understanding. Imperial history can, therefore, no longer be regarded as the exclusive realm of the political historian, or the reserve of an essentially British approach. The British Empire was complex. Each of the far-flung components that made it up had its own particularities. At various times and in various places it took on different forms and had different meanings. It affected people across the globe in a multitude of ways. This inevitably produces a multi-facetted picture. The large number of actors, in Britain and in the colonised world, who played a part in its history adds to this impression. As a consequence, it is difficult to come up with one, all-encompassing, history of the British Empire. All these aspects of the British Empire are apparent in the story of how it ended. What precisely decolonisation was, how it came about, and what it meant for the British and for those who gained their independence, varied considerably from one part of the Empire to another, and from one period to another. How these changes came about, how independence was won across the colonial world, and how it was resisted, are dealt with here across a selection of different case studies. Understanding how the British Empire collapsed tells us a great deal about what this Empire was and about its legacy in today’s world.

British Government Policy and Decolonisation 1945 1963

Author : Frank Heinlein
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Examine the views of the Empire and Commonwealth held by British policy makers during the two decades after World War II, arguing that the institutional framework of the formal and informal empire and the Commonwealth was considered necessary and useful to promote British interests.

British Government Policy and Decolonisation 1945 63

Author : Frank Heinlein
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This book is an in-depth study of the importnace of the Empire-Commonwealth in the two decades after WWII for Britain's self-image as a great power. By studying a wide range of debates on general and specific imperial problems, the book highlights the "official mind" of decolonization - and of late imperialism.

Nationalism and Decolonisation in the Mediterranean

Author : Antigone Heraclidou
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Mediterranean Conference on Population Migration and Development

Author :
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Journal of Mediterranean Studies

Author :
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Britain in Global Politics Volume 2

Author : J. Young
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This collection of essays focuses Britain's role in global affairs since the Second World War. The essays cover a broad field, from relations with Japan and China, through European and African developments, to defence planning in Whitehall.

Decolonising the African Mind

Author : Chinweizu
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The Making of the Modern Greek Family

Author : Paul Sant Cassia
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This 1991 study deals with a specific set of institutions in nineteenth-century Athens. Relying on matrimonial contracts, travellers' accounts, memoirs and popular literature, the authors show how distinctive forms of marriage, kinship and property transmission evolved in Athens in the nineteenth century. These forms then became a feature of wider Greek society which continued into the twentieth century. Greece was the first post-colonial modern nation state in Europe whose national identity was created largely by peasants who had migrated to the city. As Athenian society became less agrarian, a new mercantile group superseded and incorporated previous elites and went on to dominate and control the new resources of the nation state. Such groups developed their own, more mobile, systems of property transmission, mostly in response to external pressures of a political and economic character. This is a persuasive piece of detective work which has advanced our knowledge of modern Greece. It is a model for scholarship on the development of family and other 'intimate' ideologies where nation states encroach upon local consciousness.

Socialist Thought and Practice

Author :
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The Mediterranean Between War and Peace

Author : Radovan Vukadinović
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Emergence of a new Mediterranean culture

Author : Wolfgang Freund
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Le présent ouvrage est le résultat des travaux du colloque international que le Centre Chaim Herzog d'études sur le Moyen-Orient et de diplomatie (Université Ben-Gurion du Néguev, Beer-Sheva, Israël) a organisé en février 1997 avec la collaboration du Centre culturel français de Beer-Sheva. Lors de cette rencontre, universitaires et chercheurs du monde arabe, d'Europe et d'Israël ont pu - à un moment où beaucoup d'espoir en faveur de la réconciliation entre Israéliens et Arabes semblait pour la première fois être permis - discuter autour d'un thème visionnaire. Les contributions de ce volume répondent à une double finalité: exprimer les préoccupations thématiques de leurs auteurs et témoigner du climat extraordinaire d'échange et d'amitié qui a prévalu lors de ce colloque. These papers are the contributions to an international conference which had been organized in February 1997 by the Chaim Herzog Center for Middle East Studies and Diplomacy (Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Beer-Sheva, Israel). Around a visionary topic academics and scholars from the Arab World, Europe, and Israel met together, during a period of ongoing conflictual events when, for the first time, high expectations in favour of true reconciliation between Arabs and Israelis were nevertheless on the agenda. The contributions do reveal a double function: each co-author, of course, expresses something specific. The collection on the other hand is witnessing to an outstanding moment of exchange and friendship that had prevailed among all participants.

Dialogue Between Peoples and Cultures in the Euro Mediterranean Area

Author : European Commission. High-Level Advisory Group
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Recoge: 1. Where have we got? - 2. Forging an intercultural dialogue - 3. Inmediate need to engage in renewed dialogue - Conclusion.

Mediterranean Frontiers

Author : Dimitar Bechev
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"Expert scholars in the field come together to look at the impact of political boundaries upon the region, along with pressures from European and economic integration, the resurgence of nationalism, and refugee and security concerns. The authors explore the politics of memory: the ways in which the past shapes conflicts in the present, but also how memories held by individuals and communities challenge master narratives of 'us versus them'. Turning to the present, the book investigates how political fragmentation and divisive identities manifest in territorial borders influence everyday lives. Rather than a clear-cut boundary between North and South, the vision that emerges is of a Mediterranean transformed by the forces of globalization into a set of hybrid frontiers: borderlands shaped by intertwined exchanges, identities and conflicts." --Book Jacket.