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Democracy in the Balance

Author : Mehran Kamrava
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Drawing on the disciplines of history, sociology, political science, and cultural anthropology, as well as an extensive bibliography of recent publications in Middle Eastern studies, Democracy in the Balance provides a comprehensive survey of the social and cultural dynamics of the Middle East, while its author sounds an impassioned call for the fundamental changes that are needed if democracy is to take root and eventually thrive in the region.

Democracy and Civil Society in Arab Political Thought

Author : Michaelle L. Browers
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This book provides a significant and unique contribution to the emerging literature of comparative political thought. Michaelle L. Browers offers compelling evidence, with extensive analysis and references, that a rigorous debate is taking place in Arabic concerning the value of democracy and civil society. Exploring the globalization of ideas of democracy and civil society, Browers addresses the question of what occurs when concepts cross the boundaries of cultures or languages. She analyzes the historical concept of democracy in Arab and Islamic political thought, the transformations that have occurred over the past several decades resulting from Arab forays into an international discussion of civil society and what these transformations tell us about the status of ideological and conceptual debates in the region. The book’s value, however, lies in its main premise: despite the dearth of actual democratic practices in the Arab world, intellectual elites of the region have vigorously debated reform concepts for decades. Browers emphasizes that current conflicts involving the Middle East are less about Islam against the west and its secular allies in the region and more about diverse sectors of Arab society grappling with how to reform overreaching and unjust states. Browers shows that the seeds of democratic reform in the region were well planted prior to the war on Iraq and the Greater Middle East Initiative.

Prospects of Democratic Transition in the Middle East

Author : Patrick Haack
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Seminar paper from the year 2005 in the subject Politics - International Politics - Region: Near East, Near Orient, grade: 1,0, York University, course: Transitions from Authoritarianism, 73 entries in the bibliography, language: English, abstract: The topic of this paper is the relationship between Islamic political culture and democratic transtion in the Middle East. It scrutinizes the question of the salience of Islam as an explantory variable for political and institutional outcomes – in this case a country’s regime type. The setting of Islam in quotations marks in this paper’s title indicates the author’s conviction that Islam is a complex phenomenon that prohibits simple definitions or conceptualizations. Like Christianity, Islam is a term that works in a certain distance: at close range, finer distinctions are necessary. Of course, there is a common core to the diverse expressions of Islam, but what is at the core, its size and halo varies considerably. In making this issue explicit, I hope to mitigate negative impacts of manifest generalizations in this paper. The reader has to be aware of the fact that for reasons of analytical clearness the complexity of the topic has been notably reduced. Due to restrictions in space (course director B. Frolic: “I have to read all the stuff”) and the author’s relative ignorance of the subject (notwithstanding extensive discussions about the subject matter on a five hour taxi drive from the ranges of the Atlas-mountains to Marrakesh, and contacts to Islamic fundamentalists in Granada, Al-Andaluz) this paper sketches only some relevant topics of the debate. Another issue to mention here is that my approach is normative: The spread of “democracy” (as a form of government) is viewed as desirable for human beings, independent of their socio-cultural background. I try to take a pragmatic approach, being aware that there is no such thing as true “objectivity” – “knowledge” and “facts” are what socially is agreed on (Berger and Luckman 1966). Thus, I agree very much with Edward Said’s remark: “No production of knowledge in the human sciences can ever ignore or disclaim its author’s involvement as a human subject in his own circumstances” (1978, 11). As always, I am deeply indebted to my fabulous housemates and neighbours, being at the same time valuable proofreaders and good friends.

Political Culture and Conflict Resolution in the Arab World

Author : Benjamin MacQueen
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Benjamin MacQueen presents an innovative and in-depth look at contemporary conflict resolution in the Arab Middle East, developing a unique theory of political culture through his analysis of peace processes in Lebanon and Algeria. Moving beyond conventional perspectives, Political Culture and Conflict Resolution in the Arab World highlights that while culture can serve as a key to resolving and transforming conflict, if neglected, it can act to worsen the conditions that lead to conflict. This book represents a critical advance in the study of conflict and its resolution in the Arab World.

Democracy and Arab Political Culture

Author : Elie Kedourie
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Except for Israel, the Middle East remains largely untouched by the democratic revolution that swept across Eastern Europe and the former USSR. This book aims to explain and analyze the reasons why despotism or religious fundamentalism continue to control the Middle Eastern countries.

Latin American Political Culture

Author : John A. Booth
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Analysing data on eighteen countries, this book systematically and comparatively evaluates norms, attitudes, and opinions concerning democracy and its consolidation and presents readers with a pan-Latin American examination of the region's contemporary political culture.

Introduction to Comparative Political Culture

Author : Dezhi Tong
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This book starts with four aspects - subject’s cognition, way of thinking, political value and ideology, conducts comparative studies on political culture. Amid using the concept of political culture in western academic circles, it makes comprehensive supplement for this concept, and put forward an updated concept of political culture which is more localized. This new concept, on the grounds of the comparison with political system, takes political culture as the subjective side of political system and incorporates ideology into political culture, thus undoubtedly enriching our knowledge of political culture. On the basis of clarifying the concept of political culture and establishing the comparative dimension of it, this book widely refers to the outlooks of individuals, nations, society and power of political cognition; the modes of objectives, directions and methods of political ideas; democratic awareness, legal concept and system selection of political value; as well as liberalism and republicanism, etc. All these bring substantial benefits to promoting and deepening the comparative studies on political culture. This book can not only be used for the teaching undergraduate and graduates who major in Politics, but also used as the reference book for politics academic research.

Political Culture and Democracy in Developing Countries

Author : Larry Jay Diamond
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This textbook edition of Political Culture and Democracy in Developing Countries has been abridged to convey the core arguments of the book in a format appropriate for classroom use.

Digital Media and the Politics of Transformation in the Arab World and Asia

Author : Carola Richter
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In times of increasing mediatization and digitalization media play an important role in political and societal transformation processes. The authors of this volume take an actor-centered perspective to shed light on current cases in Arab and Asian countries. They inquire into the ways processes of networking and mobilization evolve in the context of restricted media systems and state-dominated public spheres. It features original research about various social and political actors such as women’s rights activists, public intellectuals, anarchists and Islamists.

Cultural Politics in the Third World

Author : Mehran Kamrava
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