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The Cost of Democracy

Author : K D Ewing
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This book charts the evolution of the party funding problem and explores the weaknesses of the Political Parties, Elections and Referendums Act 2000.

The Age of Urban Democracy

Author : Donald Read
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This ambitious survey covers all aspects of the period in which English society acquired its modern shape -- industrial rather than agricultural, urban rather than rural, democratic in its institutions, and middle class rather than aristocratic in the control of political power. For this revised edition the footnotes and bibliography have been fully updated, and the entire text has been reset in a larger and more attractive format. An ideal introduction to the subject, it masters a huge amount of material through its clear structure, sensible judgements and approachable style.

Explorations in Public Sector Economics

Author : Joshua Hall
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This book is a collection of never-before-published papers from some of the most prominent voices in public economics. Curated by the current director of the Public Choice Society, the papers presented showcase the work of recognized leaders in the field, including a Nobel Laureate (Gary Becker), Past Presidents of the Public Choice Society (Larry Kenny, Edward Lopez), the Past President of the Southern Economic Association (Dwight Lee) and some of the most notable public choice economists (Bruce Benson, Russell Sobel, JR Clark, Art Denzau, Morris Coats, Richard Vedder). Among the broad list of topics covered are voting, education quality, environmental issues, externality theory, and public goods theory. This volume makes an important contribution to the field by making new perspectives on a variety of topics accessible to researchers. This book will be of interest to economists, political scientists, and researchers interested in public policy.

British Democracy

Author : Lewis Abbott
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Modern parliamentary democracy first developed in Great Britain and Britons played a major role in spreading democracy around the world ¿ for example, through the Commonwealth. However, at the start of the 21st century, Britain itself was no longer a fully independent democratic country. As part of the European Union bloc, unelected and immovable foreign authorities determined a large part of its laws, policies, and taxes. Domestically meanwhile, such things as extra-parliamentary bureaucratic lawmaking, curbs on local political autonomy, moves from direct to indirect representation, and restrictions on the private funding and advertizing of political parties had diminished democracy. This study provides a detailed review of the main political independence and constitutional reform requirements for restoring and extending democracy in present-day Britain. CONTENTS: 1. THE RESTORATION & EXTENSION OF BRITISH DEMOCRACY: AN OVERVIEW OF THE MAIN REQUIREMENTS 2. NATIONAL POLITICAL INDEPENDENCE & DEMOCRACY: WITHDRAWAL FROM THE EUROPEAN UNION 3. THE REFORM OF PARLIAMENT & CENTRAL GOVERNMENT 4. JUDICIAL INDEPENDENCE & THE RULE OF LAW 5. THE LEGAL PROTECTION OF DEMOCRACY & FREEDOM: THE CASE FOR A NEW WRITTEN CONSTITUTION & BILL OF RIGHTS 6. THE RESTORATION OF LOCAL DEMOCRACY 7. ELECTORAL SYSTEM REFORM: INCREASING COMPETITION & VOTER CHOICE & INFLUENCE

Elements of Democratic Government

Author : James Alexander Corry
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British Electoral Facts 1885 1975

Author : Frederick Walter Scott Craig
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The UK s Changing Democracy

Author : Patrick Dunleavy
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The UK’s Changing Democracy presents a uniquely democratic perspective on all aspects of UK politics, at the centre in Westminster and Whitehall, and in all the devolved nations. The 2016 referendum vote to leave the EU marked a turning point in the UK’s political system. In the previous two decades, the country had undergone a series of democratic reforms, during which it seemed to evolve into a more typical European liberal democracy. The establishment of a Supreme Court, adoption of the Human Rights Act, Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish devolution, proportional electoral systems, executive mayors and the growth in multi-party competition all marked profound changes to the British political tradition. Brexit may now bring some of these developments to a juddering halt. The UK’s previous ‘exceptionalism’ from European patterns looks certain to continue indefinitely. ‘Taking back control’ of regulations, trade, immigration and much more is the biggest change in UK governance for half a century. It has already produced enduring crises for the party system, Parliament and the core executive, with uniquely contested governance over critical issues, and a rapidly changing political landscape. Other recent trends are no less fast-moving, such as the revival of two-party dominance in England, the re-creation of some mass membership parties and the disruptive challenges of social media. In this context, an in-depth assessment of the quality of the UK’s democracy is essential. Each of the 2018 Democratic Audit’s 37 short chapters starts with clear criteria for what democracy requires in that part of the nation’s political life and outlines key recent developments before a SWOT analysis (of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) crystallises the current situation. A small number of core issues are then explored in more depth. Set against the global rise of debased semi-democracies, the book’s approach returns our focus firmly to the big issues around the quality and sustainability of the UK’s liberal democracy.

Papers Submitted to the Congresses

Author : International Political Science Association
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British Government and the Constitution

Author : Colin Turpin
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Like the immensely successful previous edition of this highly respected work, this new edition has been jointly prepared and thorough updated by Colin Turpin and Adam Tomkins. It takes fully into account constitutional developments under the coalition government and examines the most recent case law of the Supreme Court, the European Court of Justice and the European Court of Human Rights. While it includes extensive material and commentary on contemporary constitutional practice, the book covers the historical traditions and the continuity of the British constitution as well as the current tide of change. Designed principally for law students, the book includes substantial extracts from parliamentary and other political sources, as well as from legislation and case law, making it ideal for politics and government students. With its fresh design it provides a full yet accessible account of the British constitution at a fascinating moment in its ongoing development.

How Sick Is British Democracy

Author : Richard Rose
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Forecasts of the death of democracy are often heard and the United Kingdom is on the death watch list. This book challenges such a gloomy view by carefully examining the health of the British body politic from Tony Blair's time in Downing Street to the challenges of Brexit and the coronavirus pandemic. It finds some parts are in good health, for example, elections are free and losers as well as winners accept the results, unlike the United States. Other parts show intermittent symptoms of ill health, such as Cabinet ministers avoiding accountability. There is also a chronic problem of managing the unity of the United Kingdom. None of the symptoms is fatal. The book identifies effective remedies for some symptoms, placebos that offer assurance without cure, and perennially popular prescriptions that are politically impossible. Being a healthy democracy does not promise effectiveness in dealing with economic problems, but a big majority of Britons do not want to trade the freedom that comes with democracy for the promises of undemocratic leaders. Richard Rose is Professor of Public Policy at the University of Strathclyde, UK, and a Visiting Fellow at the European University Institute Florence, Italy, and the Science Centre Berlin, Germany. He has been writing award-winning studies of British politics and democracy in comparative perspective for more than half a century.