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Depression in Context

Author : Christopher R. Martell
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This book represents one of the last contributions of Neil Jacobson to the study of depression. At the time of his death he, Christopher Martell, and Michael Addis had just begun writing. In fact, they had spent several years discussing behavioral approaches to treating depression and had been collaborating on one of the largest clinical trials for depression comparing behavioral activation to cognitive therapy and medication. Preliminary findings suggest that treating depression by helping to activate people (behavioral activation) is just as effective as helping them to change their thinking (cognitive therapy). Behavioral activation is a positive approach to treating depression. Within this framework, the therapist helps clients to see depression not as something inside of them but as a natural consequence of the way they cope with the shifting contexts of daily life. There is no search for mental illness, skill deficits or distortions in thinking. Rather, the therapist coaches the client to engage in activities that will lead to a more rewarding life. This book is arranged in three parts. Part I reviews theories of depression and various treatments for depression, particularly pharmacological treatments, cognitive therapy and behavioral therapy. Part II describes the behavioral activation treatment approach and provides ample case transcript material. Part III looks at problems that can arise in therapy and at future opportunities for the use of behavioral activation.

Burnout at Work

Author : Michael P Leiter
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The psychological concept of burnout refers to long-term exhaustion from, and diminished interest in, the work we do. It’s a phenomenon that most of us have some understanding of, even if we haven’t always been affected directly. Many people start their working lives full of energy and enthusiasm, but far fewer are able to maintain that level of engagement. Burnout at Work: A Psychological Perspective provides a comprehensive overview of how the concept of burnout has been conceived over recent decades, as well as discussing the challenges and possible interventions that can help confront this pervasive issue. Including contributions from the most eminent researchers in this field, the book examines a range of topics including: The links between burnout and health How our individual relationships at work can affect levels of burnout The role of leadership in mediating or causing burnout The strategies that individuals can pursue to avoid burnout, as well as wider interventions. The book will be required reading for anyone studying organizational or occupational psychology, and will also interest students of business and management, and health psychology.

Child and Adolescent Development in Context

Author : Tara L. Kuther
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Like children themselves, development is dynamic. In the chronologically organized Child and Adolescent Development in Context, award-winning author Tara L. Kuther frames development research in real-life contexts, including gender, race and ethnicity, socioeconomic status, and more. Kuther presents highly relatable examples, vivid cross-cultural stories, and case studies of real individuals, consistently prompting students to reflect on chapter content with What do you think? questions. The book emphasizes three core themes: the centrality of context, the importance of research, and the applied value of developmental science; students will come away with an understanding of these themes that they will immediately be able to apply to their own lives and future careers. INSTRUCTORS: Child and Adolescent Development in Context is accompanied by a complete teaching and learning package! Contact your rep to request a demo. SAGE Vantage Digital Option SAGE Vantage is an intuitive digital platform that delivers this text’s content in a learning experience carefully designed to ignite student engagement and drive critical thinking. Built with you and your students in mind, it offers easy course set-up and enables students to better prepare for class. Learn more. Assignable Video Assignable Video (available on the SAGE Vantage platform) is tied to learning objectives and curated exclusively for this text to bring concepts to life and appeal to different learning styles. Watch a sample video now. SAGE Coursepacks SAGE Coursepacks makes it easy to import our quality content into your school’s learning management system (LMS). Learn more. SAGE Edge This open access site offers students a robust online environment with an impressive array of learning tools and resources. Learn more. Teach a course on infants and children? Kuther′s Infants and Children in Context covers ages 0-12 and is available now. Learn more. Also of Interest: Case Studies in Lifespan Development by Stephanie M. Wright presents a series of 12 case studies shaped by the contributions of real students to build immersive examples that readers can relate to and enjoy. Bundle Case Studies in Lifespan Development with Child and Adolescent Development in Context for only $5 more!

The Sociocultural Context of Psychosocial Interventions

Author : Francisco José Eiroa-Orosa
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Across diverse academic fields, scholars and practitioners are engaged in developing interventions to promote outcomes like health and quality of life. Indeed, such is the apparent efficacy of such interventions, that there are many policy-led initiatives to implement these at national and international scales. However, few scholars or practitioners have thought in any systematic and critical way about the importance of contextualizing these interventions, i.e., considering how the impact of such interventions may be affected and mediated by specific sociocultural factors (from gender, to ethnicity and socio-economics). The aim of the Research Topic “The Sociocultural Context of Psychosocial Interventions” was to address this lacuna. As such, we tried to help bringing a more ‘contextual’ mindset to the implementation of health and wellbeing interventions. This may help to shift the way such interventions are designed and implemented, both at a granular local level (i.e., influencing individual practitioners) and at a large-scale macro level (e.g., influencing policy makers). Themes within this Research Topic have concerned both macro-sociocultural as well as meso-and micro-layers, and the peculiarities of implementing real world research based on these levels. There has been room for physical and mental health, for family relationships, for educational contexts and even for the effects of crime. Some works have included interesting methodological discussions on the integration of different ecological layers or the modal distribution of our interests. For us it has been very important to work giving a greater diffusion to these issues since, considering psychosocial interventions in the context in which they occur, goes beyond an epistemological or methodological discussion. Rather, these considerations seriously affect the ability of practitioners to really reach the people who need their interventions, listening to their needs and respecting their preferences. For the editors of this book, then, the contextualization of interventions means considering the people who receive them as full citizens immersed in complex societies where factors such as social justice and health or well-being do not float apart in space but affect each other dialectically. We therefore think that the duty of both academics and practitioners is not to forget that it is as important to evaluate the direct effect of our interventions as the influence we have in the society as a whole when we carry them out. We hope you enjoy reading these works and that their dissemination stimulates new lines of research committed to both good practise and social transformation.

Rumination Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Depression

Author : Edward R. Watkins
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From a leading clinician-researcher, this book presents an empirically tested approach for helping clients with severe and chronic depression by directly tackling negative rumination. Rumination-focused cognitive-behavioral therapy (RFCBT) combines carefully adapted elements of CBT with imagery, visualization, and compassion-based techniques. The book provides everything needed to implement this 12-session approach, including numerous sample dialogues, a chapter-length case example, reflections and learning exercises for therapists, and 10 reproducible client handouts. Purchasers get access to a Web page where they can download and print the reproducible materials in a convenient 8 1/2" x 11" size.

Stress and Adaptation in the Context of Culture

Author : William W. Dressler
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This book provides a unique study in social and cultural psychiatry, carried out in an African-American community in the rural South. Using a combination of concepts and methods from anthropology and social epidemiology, the specific social and psychological risk factors for depression are examined. The author places special emphasis on how that risk is modified by the social and historical context of the Black community in the United States, and suggests a new basis for the sociocultural comparative study of health and disease.

Lifespan Development in Context

Author : Tara L. Kuther
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Award-winning author Tara L. Kuther presents Lifespan Development in Context, a topically organized version of her bestselling Lifespan Development text that provides a panoramic view of the many influences that shape human development. Kuther’s student-friendly narrative guides the reader through immersive video cases and real-world examples to illustrate how the places, sociocultural environments, and ways in which we are raised influence who we become and how we grow and change throughout our lives. Three core themes resonate throughout each chapter: the centrality of context, the importance of research, and the value of applied developmental science. Foundational theories and classic studies are combined with contemporary research and culturally diverse perspectives for a modern introduction to the field that is both comprehensive and concise. Visual overviews, case studies, and critical thinking questions encourage self-reflection and class discussion, ensuring students have the tools they need to apply course concepts to their lives and future careers.

Perinatal Mental Health Expanding the Focus to the Family Context

Author : Susan Garthus-Niegel
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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in a Global Context

Author : Mark D. Terjesen
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This book presents a new approach to understanding the history and practice of cognitive-behavior therapy by presenting country profiles in 38 countries located around the world. The objectives of this edited volume are to provide a broad understanding of the practice of CBT internationally as well as country specific practices that will provide researchers and practitioners with important information for consideration in the application of CBT. The book begins with an introductory chapter by the editors that discusses the history of CBT and the efforts to globalize and disseminate the science and practice of CBT as well as the unique cultural and international variables. The subsequent chapters offer detailed country profiles of the history and practice of CBT from around the globe. More specifically, chapters will provide an overview of the country, a history of psychotherapy in the country, current regulations regarding psychotherapy provision, professional and cognitive behavior therapy organizations, training opportunities/programs in CBT, populations most frequently worked with using CBT in the country, the use and adaptation of CBT, the research on CBT in the country, and CBT with special populations (children, immigrants, HIV+, etc). Many of the nations represented are the most populous and influential ones in their respective regions where CBT has been incorporated into psychotherapy training and practice. Taken as a whole, the countries are quite diverse in terms of sociocultural, economic, and political conditions and the impact of these variables on the practice of CBT in the country will be discussed. The final chapter of the volume offers a summary of the patterns of practice, integrating the main findings and challenges and discussing them within a global context. A discussion of the vision for next steps in the globalization of CBT concludes the book.

Clinical Handbook for the Management of Mood Disorders

Author : J. John Mann
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This Clinical Handbook for the Management of Mood Disorders will equip clinicians with the knowledge to refine their diagnostic skills and implement treatment plans for mood disorders based on the most up-to-date evidence on interventions that work. Covering the widest range of treatments and techniques, it provides clear guidance for the management of all types and subtypes of both minor and major depression. Chapters cover the latest and most innovative treatments, including use of ketamine, deep brain stimulation and transcranial magnetic stimulation, effective integration of pharmacological and psychotherapeutic approaches, as well as providing a thought-provoking look at the future research agenda and the potential for reliable biomarkers. This is the most comprehensive review of depression available today. Written and edited by leading experts mostly from Columbia University, this is an essential resource for anyone involved in the care and treatment of patients with mood disorders.