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Depression in Context

Author : Christopher R. Martell
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This book represents one of the last contributions of Neil Jacobson to the study of depression. At the time of his death he, Christopher Martell, and Michael Addis had just begun writing. In fact, they had spent several years discussing behavioral approaches to treating depression and had been collaborating on one of the largest clinical trials for depression comparing behavioral activation to cognitive therapy and medication. Preliminary findings suggest that treating depression by helping to activate people (behavioral activation) is just as effective as helping them to change their thinking (cognitive therapy). Behavioral activation is a positive approach to treating depression. Within this framework, the therapist helps clients to see depression not as something inside of them but as a natural consequence of the way they cope with the shifting contexts of daily life. There is no search for mental illness, skill deficits or distortions in thinking. Rather, the therapist coaches the client to engage in activities that will lead to a more rewarding life. This book is arranged in three parts. Part I reviews theories of depression and various treatments for depression, particularly pharmacological treatments, cognitive therapy and behavioral therapy. Part II describes the behavioral activation treatment approach and provides ample case transcript material. Part III looks at problems that can arise in therapy and at future opportunities for the use of behavioral activation.

Situating Sadness

Author : Janet M. Stoppard
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'Situating Sadness' sheds light on the influence of sociocultural factors, such as economic distress, child-bearing or child-care difficulties, or feelings of powerlessness which may play a significant role, and points to the importance of centext for understanding women's depression.

Depression Runs in Families

Author : Constance Hammen
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"Depression runs in families." Above all, the goal of this book is to come to some conclusions about the meaning of that simple assertion, which has a far from simple ex- planation of meaning. This book is designed to address some of the gaps in previous research on depressive disorders in the family context: the sheer numbers of people with affective disorders marks them as our most common psychiatric problem.

Stress and Adaptation in the Context of Culture

Author : William W. Dressler
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This book provides a unique study in social and cultural psychiatry, carried out in an African-American community in the rural South. Using a combination of concepts and methods from anthropology and social epidemiology, the specific social and psychological risk factors for depression are examined. The author places special emphasis on how that risk is modified by the social and historical context of the Black community in the United States, and suggests a new basis for the sociocultural comparative study of health and disease.

The Interwar Depression in an International Context

Author : Elisabeth Müller-Luckner
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From the contents: Harold James, Introduction: Interpreting the Great Depression Albrecht Ritschl, International Capital Movements and the Onset of the Great Depression: Some International Evidence Dietmar Rothermund, Currencies, Taxes and Credit. ASian Peasants in the Great Depression, 1930-1939 Monika Rosengarten, Carl-Ludwig Holtfrerich, Economic Policy Positions and Influence of the International Chamber of Commerce during the Great Depression Gerald D. FEldman, Insurance Company Collapses in the World Economic Crisis. THe Frankfurter Allgemeine Versicherungs-AG (Fevag) and the Austrian Phonix Patricia Clavin, Explaining the Failure of the London World Economic Conference Robert Skidelsky, The Great Depression: Keynes's Perspective Christoph Buchheim, The "Crisis befor the Crisis" - The Export Engine Out of Gear Forrest Capie, The International Depression and Trade Protection in the 1930s Solomos Solomou, Trade Protection in the 1930s

The Ethical Context of Population level Interventions Against Depression

Author : Søren Holm
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The Political and Economic Context of Unemployment Policies in the Depression

Author : Gordon W. Ternowetsky
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Treatment of Depression

Author : Cynthia Diane Mulrow
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Understanding Depression

Author : Janet Stoppard
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Women are particularly vulnerable to depression. Understanding Depression provides an in-depth critical examination of mainstream approaches to understanding and treating depression from a feminist perspective. Janet Stoppard argues that current approaches give only partial accounts of womens' experiences of depression and concludes that a better understanding will only be achieved when womens' experiences and lived realities are considered in relation to the material and social conditions in which their everyday lives are embedded. The impact of this change in approach for modes of treatment are discussed and solutions are suggested. Understanding Depression offers new insights into the problem and its treatment. It will prove useful to those with an interest in depression and gender as well as mental health practitioners.

The Oxford Handbook of Depression and Comorbidity

Author : C. Steven Richards
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Depression is frequently associated with other psychiatric disorders and is often related to chronic health problems. Depressive symptoms are also common in chronically distressed close relationships and severe interpersonal difficulties in families and at work. The topic of depressive comorbidity is clearly very important, and while recent research in this area has been methodologically sophisticated, well presented, and inherently interesting, there has not been a comprehensive, academic resource that covers recent developments in this area. The Oxford Handbook of Depression and Comorbidity brings together scholarly contributions from world-class researchers to present a careful and empirically based review of depressive comorbidity. Cutting-edge chapters address theory, research, and practice, while capturing the diversity, evidence-base, and importance of depressive comorbidity. Specific topics include the comorbidity between depression and PTSD, alcohol use, and eating, anxiety, panic, bipolar, personality, and sleep disorders, as well as schizophrenia, suicide, cardiovascular disease, cancer, pain, obesity, intimate relationships, and many more. The Oxford Handbook of Depression and Comorbidity is a unique and much-needed resource that will be helpful to a broad range of researchers and practitioners including clinical and counseling psychologists, psychiatrists, marital and family therapists, social workers, and counselors working in mental-health and general health-care settings, as well as students in these areas.

Context sensitive Web Search

Author : Taher H. Haveliwala
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Bulletin of Suicidology

Author :
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Oxford Guide to Metaphors in CBT

Author : Richard Stott
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"Oxford Guide to Metaphors in CBT, Building Cognitive Bridges is a remarkable, memorable, and continually fascinating book, one that will be on my repeated reference list for years to come." Robert Leahy, Clinical Professor of Pscyhology in Psychiatry at Well-Comell University Medical College --

Parenting in the Context of Adversity

Author : Glenetta Latresha Hudson
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Psychology in Context

Author : Stephen Michael Kosslyn
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To be the most comprehensive neuroscience introductory psychologybook, every chapter contains much new research and cutting-edgecoverage, all accessibly presented with engaging real-world examplesthat make the material relevant and interesting to students. Studentslearn the connections between the various fields of psychology in theirintroductory course by using Kosslyn /Rosenberg 3e. They alsounderstand the science behind psychology while being motivated tolearn with student-friendly pedagogy and real world examples.Students will understand the scientific method, how to think criticallyabout research, and how to draw inferences from the results.

Behavior Therapy for Depression

Author : Lynn P. Rehm
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HIV and Depression

Author : Francisco José González
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Depression and Physical Illness

Author : Mary Robertson
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Depression and Physical Illness, the sixth volume from the Perspectives in Psychiatry series, has been comprehensively compiled by international authorities in the field of depression. Concentrating on the presentation, assessment, aetiology, management and prognosis of depressive disorders in physical illnesses ranging from AIDS and cancer to cardiovascular disease and arthritis, this new work is essential reading for all those involved in the treatment of depression. The well-respected and experienced editors, Mary Robertson and Cornelius Katona have covered all aspects of the practical and clinical management of depression from pregnancy and childbirth, through childhood, adolescence and into elderly life.

The Social Context of the Chronic Pain Sufferer

Author : Ranjan Roy
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The State in Action

Author : James Simmie
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