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Design and Nature

Author : Kate Fletcher
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Organised as a dialogue between nature and design, this book explores design ideas, opportunities, visions and practices through relating and uncovering experience of the natural world. Presented as an edited collection of 25 wide-ranging short chapters, the book explores the possibility of new relations between design and nature, beyond human mastery and understandings of nature as resource and by calling into question the longstanding role for design as agent of capitalism. The book puts forward ways in which design can form partnerships with living species and examines designers’ capacities for direct experience, awe, integrated relationships and new ways of knowing. It covers: • New design ethics of care • Indigenous perspectives • Prototyping with nature • Methods for new design and nature relations • A history of design and nature • Animist beliefs • De-centering human-centered design • Understanding nature has power and agency Design and Nature: A Partnership is a rich resource for designers who wish to learn to engage with sustainability from the ground up.

Design and Nature II

Author : C. A. Brebbia
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Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Design and Nature.

The Essential Ian McHarg

Author : Ian L. McHarg
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The Essential Ian McHarg brings together a series of short essays that reveal the full range of Ian McHarg's thoughts on design and nature. Adapted from the comprehensive book of his work, To Heal the Earth, these carefully selected essays provide an ideal reader for undergraduate and graduate students in planning and landscape architecture.

Design and Nature III

Author : C. A. Brebbia
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Throughout history, many leading thinkers have been inspired by the parallels between nature and human design, in mathematics, engineering and other areas. This book brings together articles from researchers from around the world working on a variety of studies involving nature and their significance for modern scientific thought and design. Featuring papers from the Third International Conference Comparing Design in Nature with Science and Engineering, the text will be of interest to researchers and those interested in the study of natural materials, organisms, processes and their significance for design in the world today. Notable topics include: Design in Nature; Shape and Form in Engineering and Nature; Nature and Architectural Design; Thermodynamics in Nature; Biomimetics; Natural Materials in Engineering; Mechanics in Nature; Bioengineering; Bionics; Solutions from Nature; Evolutionary Optimization; Complexity; Sustainability Studies.

Nature and Design

Author : M. W. Collins
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Provides a comprehensive introduction to the common scientific laws of both the natural and engineered worlds. As well as straightforward engineering design and biology, it also features mathematics, physics, chemistry, thermodynamics, biomimetics, medical engineering and history of science. The individual chapters are intended to be personal flashes of illumination, combining authority, inspiration and state-of-the-art knowledge. [Publisher web site].

Design and Nature VI

Author : S. Hernandez
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Throughout history, many leading thinkers have been inspired by the parallels between nature and human design, in mathematics, engineering and other areas. Today, the huge increase in biological knowledge, developments in design engineering systems, together with the growth in computer power and developments in simulation modelling, have all made possible more comprehensive studies of nature.Conference topics include the following: Mechanics in nature; Nature and architecture; Natural materials and processes; Solutions from nature; Biomimetics and bio-inspiration; Biocapacity; Education in design and nature; Competition in nature; Biological engineering; Constructional theory; Locomotion in nature; Gravitational biology; Self-sustaining environments.It is these developments which have prompted the reconvening of this international conference on Design and Nature. It is intended that the meeting will bring together researchers from around the world working on a variety of studies involving nature and their significance for modern scientific thought and design.

Systems Design and Nature of Work

Author : Charles R. DeCarlo
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On the Design and Nature of Divine Worship A sermon etc

Author : David Aitchison
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Design Nature V

Author : Angelo Carpi
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With the onward march of science and technology, and the continuing quest for improvement, there is a growing curiosity about the world around us. Close examination of structures in nature can be rewarding and surprising Nature has shown an extraordinary capacity to develop dynamic structures and systems over many millions of years and there is still much to be learnt. Aimed at providing researchers in this subject with fresh impetus and inspiration, this book consists of papers presented at the Fifth International Conference on Design and Nature. The contributions reflect the rich variety of work currently taking place around the world and cover the following topics: Nature and Architecture; Mechanics in Nature; Natural Materials and Processing; Solutions from Nature; Biomimetics; Biomimetics and Bioinspiration; Biocapacity; Education in Design and Nature, and Helical Design in Nature.

Culture Architecture and Nature

Author : Sim Van der Ryn
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Gathering his most compelling essays and addresses from the last fifty years in one accessible volume, this book looks at the pioneering ideas that underpin Sim Van der Ryn’s ecological design philosophy. It offers a unique decade-by-decade retrospective of the key issues in environmental design, beginning with the most recent years and looking back to the 1960s. With an introductory chapter and further recommended reading for each decade, this book is key reading for any architect or designer practising today, and students will find a wealth of knowledge with which to support their studies. The author’s beautiful illustrations, painted in a corresponding timescale to the chapters, offer further insight into the way he understands the challenges of humanity’s stewardship of our planet.

Eco Architecture VI

Author : V. Echarri
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Comprising of the proceedings of the Sixth International Conference on Harmonisation between Architecture and Nature, the papers deal with topics such as building technologies, design by passive systems, design with nature, cultural sensitivity, life cycle assessment, resources and rehabilitation as well as many others. This book follows five successful meetings which started in the New Forest, UK in 2006, then followed in the Algarve (2008), A Coruna (2010), Kos (2012) and Siena, Italy (2014). Eco-Architecture signifies a new approach to the design process intended to harmonise its products with nature. This involves concepts such as minimum use of energy at each stage of the building process, taking into account the amount required during the extraction and transportation of materials, their fabrication, assembly, building formation, maintenance and eventual future recycling. The adaptation of the architectural design to the natural environment, is another important issue. The book will be of interest to architects, engineers, planners, physical scientists, sociologists and economists and contained within these proceedings are case studies from many different places around the world. Topics covered consist of: Design with nature; Energy efficiency; Tall buildings and environment; Ecological impacts of materials; Biomaterials; Bioclimatic design; Water quality; Green facades; Ecological; Education and training; Adapted reuse; Transformative design; Sustainability indices in architecture; Bioclimatic design and passive systems; Recycle, reuse, reduce and recovery; Mixing it up and building flexibility; Architectural visualisation and New techniques: building information modelling.

Female Education Its Importance Design and Nature Considered

Author : Barbara H. Farquhar
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The Culture of Nature in the History of Design

Author : Kjetil Fallan
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The Culture of Nature in the History of Design confronts the dilemma caused by design’s pertinent yet precarious position in environmental discourse through interdisciplinary conversations about the design of nature and the nature of design. Demonstrating that the deep entanglements of design and nature have a deeper and broader history than contemporary discourse on sustainable design and ecological design might imply, this book presents case studies ranging from the eighteenth to the twenty-first century and from Singapore to Mexico. It gathers scholarship on a broad range of fields/practices, from urban planning, landscape architecture, and architecture, to engineering design, industrial design, furniture design and graphic design. From adobe architecture to the atomic bomb, from the bonsai tree to Biosphere 2, from pesticides to photovoltaics, from rust to recycling – the culture of nature permeates the history of design. As an activity and a profession always operating in the borderlands between human and non-human environments, design has always been part of the environmental problem, whilst also being an indispensable part of the solution. The book ventures into domains as diverse as design theory, research, pedagogy, politics, activism, organizations, exhibitions, and fiction and trade literature to explore how design is constantly making and unmaking the environment and, conversely, how the environment is both making and unmaking design. This book will be of great interest to a range of scholarly fields, from design education and design history to environmental policy and environmental history.

EIA Golf Course Design and Nature Conservation

Author : Mark John Thompson
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With People in Mind

Author : Rachel Kaplan
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Some parks, preserves, and other natural areas serve people well; others are disappointing. Successful design and managemrequires knowledge of both people and environments.With People in Mind explores how to design and manage areas of "everyday nature" -- parks and open spaces, corporate grounds, vacant lots and backyard gardens, fields and forests -- in ways that are beneficial to and appreciated by humans. Rachel Kaplan and Stephen Kaplan, leading researchers in the field of environmental psychology, along with Robert Ryan, a landscape architect and urban planner, provide a conceptual framework for considering the human dimensions of natural areas and offer a fresh perspective on the subject. The authors examine.physical aspects of natural settings that enhance preference and reduce fear ways to facilitate way-finding how to create restorative settings that allow people to recover from the stress of daily demands landscape elements that are particularly important to human needs techniques for obtaining useful public input

Design by Nature

Author : Erica Tanov
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The first design book that translates elements of nature--including flora, water, and wood--into elements of decor for beautiful, lived-in, bohemian interiors, from acclaimed designer and tastemaker Erica Tanov. Inspired by nature's colors, textures, and patterns, design icon Erica Tanov uses her passion for textiles to create beautiful, timeless interiors that connect us to the natural world. Now, in her first book, Design by Nature, Tanov teaches you how to train your eye to the beauty of the natural world, and then bring the outdoors in—incorporating patterns and motifs from nature, as well as actual organic elements, into simple ideas for everyday decorating and design. Design by Nature contains new and imaginative decorating ideas for an organic and bohemian style that mixes and layers rugs, pillows, throws, and drapery, and incorporates unique patterns and fabrics such as shibori, ikat, and jamdani, all stunningly photographed by renowned photographer Ngoc Minh Ngo. With topics ranging from embracing imperfection in your home, to seeking out flea markets, to displaying your collections, Design by Nature takes an enduring and intuitive approach to design that transcends fleeting trends and encourages you to find your own personal style, source of creativity, and connection to the natural world. You don't need to travel to distant locales to find beauty; it's all around us, from the crackle of fallen leaves to the jagged bark of a tree.

Design With Nature

Author : Ian L. McHarg
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Building for Life

Author : Stephen R. Kellert
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Sustainable design has made great strides in recent years; unfortunately, it still falls short of fully integrating nature into our built environment. Through a groundbreaking new paradigm of "restorative environmental design," award-winning author Stephen R. Kellert proposes a new architectural model of sustainability. In Building For Life, Kellert examines the fundamental interconnectedness of people and nature, and how the loss of this connection results in a diminished quality of life. This thoughtful new work illustrates how architects and designers can use simple methods to address our innate needs for contact with nature. Through the use of natural lighting, ventilation, and materials, as well as more unexpected methodologies-the use of metaphor, perspective, enticement, and symbol-architects can greatly enhance our daily lives. These design techniques foster intellectual development, relaxation, and physical and emotional well-being. In the works of architects like Frank Lloyd Wright, Eero Saarinen, Cesar Pelli, Norman Foster, and Michael Hopkins, Kellert sees the success of these strategies and presents models for moving forward. Ultimately, Kellert views our fractured relationship with nature as a design problem rather than an unavoidable aspect of modern life, and he proposes many practical and creative solutions for cultivating a more rewarding experience of nature in our built environment.

Childhood and Nature

Author : David Sobel
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Presents a collection of essays combining anecdotal and theoretical insights into environmental ethics and human ecology to help foster environmentally responsible students.

God and Nature

Author : Curtis L. Thompson
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The current religion and science dialogue begs for greater clarity on the relation of God to nature. In God and Nature two scholars who embrace contemporary insights from science and religion explore the complexities of this debate. As the narrative unfolds, classical and contemporary thinkers are engaged as discussion partners in articulating a philosophical theology of nature. Conceptual pairs, in which two concepts play off of each other, provide the structure for each of the seven chapters, with usually the first concept being more scientific in character and the second more religious in tone. These pairs of concepts-from chronology and creation to creativity and creator-help to thematize and structure the progressing narrative. Within each chapter the two concepts are first investigated independently, then interdependently, and finally in relation to the divine. At the story's completion nature has emerged as alive with possibility that is as alluring as the actuality it evokes. Envisioned is a divine Creator who works in and through the possibility of creation to lure it into fuller manifestations via creative transformation.