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Designs on Empire

Author : Andrew Priest
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In the eyes of both contemporaries and historians, the United States became an empire in 1898. By taking possession of Cuba and the Philippines, the nation seemed to have reached a watershed moment in its rise to power—spurring arguments over whether it should be a colonial power at all. However, the questions that emerged in the wake of 1898 built on long-standing and far-reaching debates over America’s place in the world. Andrew Priest offers a new understanding of the roots of American empire that foregrounds the longer history of perceptions of European powers. He traces the development of American thinking about European imperialism in the years after the Civil War, before the United States embarked on its own overseas colonial projects. Designs on Empire examines responses to Napoleon III’s intervention in Mexico, Spain and the Ten Years’ War in Cuba, Britain’s occupation of Egypt, and the carving up of Africa at the Berlin Conference. Priest shows how observing and interacting with other empires shaped American understandings of the international environment and their own burgeoning power. He highlights ambivalence among American elites regarding empire as well as the prevalence of notions of racial hierarchy. While many deplored the way powerful nations dominated others, others saw imperial projects as the advance of civilization, and even critics often felt a closer affinity with European imperialists than colonized peoples. A wide-ranging book that blends intellectual, political, and diplomatic history, Designs on Empire sheds new light on the foundations of American power.

Liberalism Nationalism and Design Reform in the Habsburg Empire

Author : Matthew Rampley
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Liberalism, Nationalism and Design Reform in the Habsburg Empire is a study of museums of design and applied arts in Austria-Hungary from 1864 to 1914. The Museum for Art and Industry (now the Museum of Applied Arts) as well as its design school occupies a prominent place in the study. The book also gives equal attention to museums of design and applied arts in cities elsewhere in the Empire, such as Budapest Prague, Cracow, Brno and Zagreb. The book is shaped by two broad concerns: the role of liberalism as a political, cultural and economic ideology motivating the museums’ foundation, and their engagement with the politics of imperial, national and regional identity of the late Habsburg Empire. This book will be of interest for scholars of art history, museum studies, design history, and European history.

Design Technology and Communication in the British Empire 1830 1914

Author : Annie Tindley
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This book is an innovative, interdisciplinary study of the nature of design as a form of communication within and across Britain and its empire in the long nineteenth century. In this period, Britain had developed from the world’s first industrial nation into the ‘Workshop of the World’ but how were technological innovations translated and communicated across the imperial territories? How were designs turned into reality? This book explores these themes, incorporating archival case study technologies such as trains, sugar manufacture and agricultural technologies. Using a four-part framework we firstly examine the identification of innovation opportunities and how these translated to engineering specifications. The realization of conceptual designs through collaboration and their subsequent manufacture and distribution as finished products are then reviewed. Using the authors’ expertise in the fields of historical and design engineering, this study contributes real-world case studies to design theory.

The World Book Encyclopedia

Author :
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An encyclopedia designed especially to meet the needs of elementary, junior high, and senior high school students.

Empire Style Designs and Ornaments

Author : Joseph Beunat
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This is a complete reprinting of one of Beunat's later and more complete catalogs, showing and again making available over 900 individual ornaments and designs. There are many repeatable linear patterns, both horizontal and vertical, for frames, friezes, dividers, furniture decoration, figures and scenes based on mythological and biblical motives, plus many more forms.

Sir Claude MacDonald the Open Door and British Informal Empire in China 1895 1900

Author : Mary H. Wilgus
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First published in 1987. Great Britain secured and expanded its informal empire in China during the five years following the Sino-Japanese War. From 1895 through 1900 Lord Salisbury accepted England’s traditional, commercially oriented China policy and adapted it to dramatically altered political conditions in East Asia. Through the efforts of Sir Claude MacDonald, Britain met the commercial and political challenges of its European competitors and implemented the "open door," a strong but maligned policy. With the assistance of Britain’s indigenous collaborators, England managed to maintain a greatly weakened Manchu dynasty and to increase its financial, commercial, and informal political power in China without the use of military force or formal alliance. In order to help the reader understand Britain’s informal empire in China, the author reviews the historical background which brought China into Britain’s expanding economy.

The Styles of Ornament

Author : Alexander Speltz
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Over three thousand drawings illustrate the ornamented styles that have been produced throughout the world since prehistoric times

Slav Or Saxon

Author : William Dudley Foulke
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Design and Crime

Author : Hal Foster
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In the first half of this book, Hal Foster surveys our new 'political economy of design,' exploring the marketing of culture and the branding of identity, the development of spectacle-architecture and the rise of global cities. In the second half, he examines the historical relations of modern art and the modern museum, the conceptual vicissitudes of art history and visual studies, the recent travails of art criticism, and the double aftermath of modernism and postmodernism. Written in a lively style, Design and Crime offers historical sketches and contemporary test-cases in an attempt to illuminate the conditions for critical culture in the present.


Author : National Retail Merchants Association (U.S.)
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