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Detail in Contemporary Concrete Architecture

Author : David Phillips
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Detail in Contemporary Concrete Architecture provides analysis of both the technical and the aesthetic importance of details in modern concrete architecture. Featuring the work of renowned architects from around the world, this book presents 49 of the most recently completed and influential concrete designs for both residential and commercial architecture. The projects are presented in clear and concise layouts over four pages. All of the drawings are styled consistently and presented at standard architectural scales to allow for easy comparison. Each project is presented with colour photographs, site plans and sections and elevations, as well as numerous construction details. There is also descriptive text, detailed captions and in-depth information for each project.

Basics Concrete Construction

Author : Katrin Hanses
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Concrete is the “modern” construction material that has helped shape the fundamental static principles of structural load bearing. Similar to masonry, concrete effectively transmits pressure downward, but its weak point is tractive forces. Concrete has also enabled freer use of architectonic forms. This title imparts the basic knowledge every architect needs to master for planning reinforced and non-reinforced concrete construction.

Rehabilitation and Reconstruction of Buildings II

Author : Michaela Dvorakova
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The 20th Conference on the Rehabilitation and Reconstruction of Buildings (28 - 29 November 2018, Brno, Czech Republic) addresses the issue of building rehabilitation, a field which can be topically classified into the following areas of interest:1. Flaws and failures affecting historical and contemporary buildings; 2. Advanced materials used in buildings reconstruction and 3. Fire safety of buildings. The scientific papers include the areas of remediation of wood structures, building surface treatments (plasters), repair mortars, stone restoration, rehabilitation of masonry, rehabilitation of concrete structures, physicochemical properties of building materials, statics and dynamics of buildings and rehabilitation of timber-frame structures.

Tempel und Teehaus in Japan

Author : Werner Blaser
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Nach einer Japanreise im Jahr 1953 veröffentlichte Werner Blaser sein Buch über klassische japanische Architektur. Seine Studien der Holzbauten aus dem 17.-18 Jhd. dokumentieren minimalistische, rasterbasierte Strukturen mit starken Schwarzweiß-Fotos, einigen Farbaufnahmen und zahlreichen Strichzeichnungen. Die viel beachtete Publikation trug erheblich zum Einfluss der japanischen Ästhetik auf die westliche Architektur, Kunst und Grafik bei.

Architectural Material Detail Structure

Author : Ferrando
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In our expectations, concrete is always rough and grey. Therefore, how to increase its public acceptance is architects' great consideration. Many architects have tried actively; some mix concrete and other materials in a proper proportion clean concrete surface combined with carefully manufactured wood or metal makes it easier to be acceptable. The perfection and abstraction of concrete are also more influential to those who are familiar to contemporary art trend."

Materials for Architects and Builders

Author : Arthur Lyons
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Materials for Architects and Builders provides a clear and concise introduction to the broad range of materials used within the construction industry and covers the essential details of their manufacture, key physical properties, specification and uses. Understanding the basics of materials is a crucial part of undergraduate and diploma construction or architecture-related courses, and this established textbook helps the reader to do just that with the help of colour photographs and clear diagrams throughout. This new sixth edition has been completely revised and updated to include the latest developments in materials research, new images, appropriate technologies and relevant legislation. The ecological effects of building construction and lifetime use remain an important focus, and this new edition includes a wide range of energy-saving building components.

Failed Stone

Author : Patrick Loughran
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Concrete and stone seem made to last forever. But the fact is they develop problems. It is not always as dramatic as the collapse of a section of the roof of the Paris Charles de Gaulle airport in 2004. Gradual changes also occur that may compromise the appearance and structural soundness of buildings constructed with these materials. These changes can be created by efflorescence, thermal stress, weathering, leakage and corrosion. This book explains how to avoid typical kinds of failure. With this in mind, it systematically analyzes cases of damage in contemporary international architecture. It also offers strategies for minimizing the risk of damage. Examples include such high-visibility structures as Finlandia Hall in Helsinki, Parco della Musica in Rome and Vontz Center for Molecular Studies in Cincinnatti. In eight chapters, typical kinds of damage are explained and illustrated with examples. Beton und Stein scheinen für die Ewigkeit gemacht. Dennoch kommt es hier zu Bauschäden. Nicht immer sind sie so dramatisch wie der Deckeneinsturz im Terminal des Flughafen Paris-Roissy 2004. Es gibt auch schleichende Veränderungen, die Erscheinungsbild und Statik von Beton- oder Steingebäuden beeinträchtigen können. Dazu gehören Ausblühungen, thermische Auswirkungen, Materialunverträglichkeiten, Korrosion oder massive Krafteinwirkung. Dieses Buch zeigt, wie sich typische Schäden vermeiden lassen. Zu diesem Zweck analysiert es systematisch Schadensfälle in der zeitgenössischen internationalen Architektur. Ebenso werden Strategien vorgestellt, mit denen sich das Schadensrisiko minimieren lässt. Zu den Beispielen gehören so bekannte Bauten wie die Finlandia Hall in Helsinki, Renzo Pianos Parco della Musica in Rom oder Vontz Center for Molecular Studies in Cincinnatti. In insgesamt acht Kapiteln werden typische Schäden erklärt und dann mit Beispielen illustriert.

Architectural Regeneration

Author : Aylin Orbasli
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Architectural Regeneration will address the different perspectives, scales and tools of architectural regeneration by means of detailed overviews of the current state of thinking and practice, with case studies from around the world used as examples to support the theoretical arguments.

The City in Time

Author : Pamela N. Corey
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In The City in Time, Pamela N. Corey provides new ways of understanding contemporary artistic practices in a region that continues to linger in international perceptions as perpetually “postwar.” Focusing on art from the last two decades, Corey connects artistic developments with social transformations as reflected through the urban landscapes of Ho Chi Minh City and Phnom Penh. As she argues, artists’ engagements with urban space and form reveal ways of grasping multiple and layered senses and concepts of time, whether aligned with colonialism, postcolonial modernity, communism, or postsocialism. The City in Time traces the process through which collective memory and aspiration are mapped onto landscape and built space to shed light on how these vibrant Southeast Asian cities shape artistic practices as the art simultaneously consolidates the city as image and imaginary. Featuring a dynamic array of creative productions that include staged and documentary photography, the moving image, and public performance and installation, The City in Time illustrates how artists from Vietnam and Cambodia have envisioned their rapidly changing worlds.

Contemporary Trends in Landscape Architecture

Author : Steven L. Cantor
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This book showcases new trends in the vital and changing field of landscape design. Important contemporary concerns affecting the landscape professional are considered: the impact of recent scientific research, historic preservation, populations with unique needs, international practices, and much more.