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Detail in Contemporary Glass Architecture

Author : Virginia McLeod
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Following the success of the earlier titles in this series, Detail in Contemporary Glass Architecture provides analysis of both the technical and the aesthetic importance of details in modern glass architecture. Featuring the work of renowned architects from around the world, this book presents 50 of the most recently completed and influential glass designs for residential, public and commercial architecture. Each project is presented with colour photographs, site plans and sections and elevations, as well as numerous construction details. There is also a descriptive text, detailed captions and in-depth information for each project, including the location, client, architectural project team, main consultants and contractors. The projects are presented in clear and concise layouts over four pages. All of the drawings are styled in the same consistent way and presented at standard architectural scales to allow for easy comparison. There is also a CD-ROM which contains all the drawings as printed in the book, in both EPS and DWG (generic CAD) formats. In addition the book features an index of architects that includes the name, address and all contact details for each architect. Detail in Contemporary Glass Architecture is an excellent reference work for practising architects as well as architecture and design students.

Architectural Glass Art

Author : Andrew Moor
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Architectural Glass Art is an invaluable resource and inspiration for students, designers, artists, and architects - everyone interested in the latest developments in the contemporary, artistic uses of glass.

Glass in Architecture

Author : Michael Wigginton
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An overview of the art and science of glass in architecture. This work provides a comprehensive overview of the art and science of glass use, demonstrating its historical importance in paving the way for a closer synergy between the designer and technologist. In addition to providing a historical context for glass architecture, the central section of the book presents 20 international detailed case studies of contemporary glass buildings showing the range of applications in a variety of situations, large and small. The book also explores the potential for the future, as new materials move from the abstract world of technical research into realization; a detailed appendix provides a full review of the science of glass, with a section on design and performance.

New Glass Architecture

Author : Brent Richards
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For centuries, glass has provoked fascination with its properties as a versatile material that permits light to enter buildings in spectacular ways. Much of modern architecture has been conceived by using glass to create increasingly minimal structures, to promote the notion of lightweight construction solutions, and to allow maximum daylight into buildings. New Glass Architecture showcases the changing ways that aesthetics and methods for using glass have been developing since the 1990s. The book begins with an introduction that traces the history of key moments in glass architecture--from the stained glass windows of Chartres Cathedral to the Crystal Palace of 1851, and early constructions by John Soane, Bruno Taut, Le Corbusier, and Mies van der Rohe. Author Brent Richards explains the importance of glass artists in the second half of the 20th century and describes developments in glass technology over the last twenty years. Beautifully illustrated with newly commissioned photographs by Dennis Gilbert, the book features twenty-five case studies of recent glass constructions from around the world by such leading architects as Foster and Partners, Frank Gehry, Herzog & de Meuron, Steven Holl, Toyo Ito & Associates, Jean Nouvel, Raphael Viñoly, and Peter Zumthor. Each building is illustrated in full color and accompanied by detailed drawings. New Glass Architecture features these buildings and more: · Chapel of Ignatius, Seattle · Condé Nast Café, New York · DZ Bank, Berlin · Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts, Philadelphia · Kunsthaus, Graz, Austria · Laban Dance Centre, London · Torre Agbar, Barcelona

Blurred Transparencies in Contemporary Glass Architecture

Author : Aki Ishida
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Blurred Transparencies in Contemporary Glass Architecture brings to light complex readings of transparent glass through close observations of six pivotal works of architecture. Written from the perspectives of a practitioner, the six essays challenge assumptions about fragility and visual transparency of glass. A material imbued with idealism and utopic vision, glass has captured architects’ imagination, and glass’s fragility and difficulties in thermal control continue to present technical challenges. In recent decades, architecture has witnessed an emergence of technological advancements in chemical coating, structural engineering, and fabrication methods that resulted in new kinds of glass transparencies. Buildings examined in the book include a sanatorium with expansive windows delivering light and air to recovering tuberculosis patients, a pavilion with a crystal clear glass plenum circulating air for heating and cooling, a glass monument symbolizing the screen of personal devices that shortened the distance between machines and humans, and a glass building symbolizing the social and material intertwining in the glass ceiling metaphor. Connecting material glass to broader cultural and social contexts, Blurred Transparencies in Contemporary Glass Architecture enlightens students and practitioners of architecture as well as the general public with interest in design. The author demonstrates how glass is rarely crystal clear but is blurred both materially and metaphysically, revealing complex readings of ideas for which glass continues to stand.

Details in Contemporary Architecture

Author : Christine Killory
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Curious about how Alsop Architects managed to construct that flying, translucent rectangle at the Ontario College of Art and Design? Wonder about the sustainability of the Genzyme Building? The saying "the truth is in the details" reveals an essential quality of architectural design. How a staircase curves, a roof seemingly floats, or a concrete wall illuminates are critical questions for architects looking at or creating new work. You might forgive designers for closely guarding their signature techniques. Fortunately, Edited bys Christine Killory and Rene Davids culled an amazing collection of the best trade secrets in Details in Contemporary Architecture.

Great Glass Buildings

Author : Peter Hyatt
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A unique focus on the work of renowned contemporary architects from around the world showcasing their projects designed with glass.

Glass Buildings

Author : Heinz W. Krewinkel
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Glass is a material which renders possible an especially elegant architectural language. This book provides a detailed insight into a world of technically sophisticated structures. Twenty-five projects from the past five years are presented here in a wealth of detail by way of descriptions, photographs and scale drawings. The buildings selected encompass a wide range of different types and functions, providing an intriguing record of the whole spectrum of current developments in glass technology and the role it plays in construction.

Detail in Contemporary Bathroom Design

Author : Virginia McLeod
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This book examines over 30 bathroom designs from around the world, each one designed by a notable architect and created especially for a specific residence. For each bathroom there is an image of the whole house (placing it in context and providing a flavor of the general design style), images of the bathroom, and a floor plan showing its relation to the other spaces. The pages that follow are entirely devoted to detailed drawings showing the arrangement and construction of the bathroom, in particular sections, elevations, and construction details of all the fitted units and joinery. These drawings are all made to a consistent style and to a set number of scales for easy comparison. Dimensions are also included with the drawings as well as details of fitted units (baths, showers, basins, etc.). The credits for the projects include contact details of suppliers so that the exact materials and fixtures can be sourced. The projects are arranged into chapters by type of dominant material: glass, steel and stone. The book will be invaluable for all practicing architects as well as those considering commissioning a high-quality bathroom for their own house.

Contemporary Architecture and the Digital Design Process

Author : Peter Szalapaj
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Contemporary Architecture and the Digital Design Process introduces the reader to new developments in the computer modelling of design form in contemporary architectural practice through a series of detailed case studies. The book illustrates how evolving design practices use and exploit the potential of new computing technologies in a wide range of areas and application. A central thesis of this book is that technology follows design demand, rather than design adjusting to available new technology. Designers are not merely passive recipients of prescribed computing tools and techniques. Instead, they are increasingly able to express their intuitive design ideas through the rational medium of computing. The book features several contemporary building projects, each of which introduces a range of CAD and computing issues based upon the work of creative architectural and engineering design practices. These include the offices of Frank O. Gehry, Peter Cook and Colin Fournier, Anthony Hunt Associates, Peter Hubner, Szyskowitz-Kowalski, and Faulkner Brown. All these examples show what architects need to know and the skills they need to acquire to use advanced CAD technology.

Glass Construction Manual

Author : Christian Schittich
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This completely revised Glass Construction Manual presents the current state of the art on planning and building with glass.

Integrated Design in Contemporary Architecture

Author : Kiel Moe
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The author takes a comprehensive look at projects that exemplify approaches to this field. From museums to residences, from office buildings to universities and yoga centers, this book showcases 28 examples of integrated design that cut across building types, budgets, climates, and locales.

Contemporary Curtain Wall Architecture

Author : Scott Murray
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"In Contemporary Curtain Wall Architecture, building-technology historian and architect Scott Murray traces the evolution of the curtain wall, from early skeleton-frame structures of the past to today's complex and technologically advanced configurations. Presenting twenty-four detailed case studies of exemplary structures completed in the last decade, he reveals the curtain wall as one of the most enduring and malleable concepts of contemporary architecture, capable of adapting intelligently to site constraints, utilizing resources efficiently, and offering unprecedented opportunities for innovations in digital design and fabrication, material detailing, and aesthetic expression."--BOOK JACKET

The Glass State

Author : Annette Fierro
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From the Gothic to the contemporary, glass has transformed the structural, formal, and philosophical principles of architecture. In The Glass State, Annette Fierro views the many meanings of transparency in architecture. Specifically, she analyzes the transparent monumental buildings that were built in Paris between 1981 and 1998 as part of Francois Mitterrand's program of Grands Projets. The Grands Projets provide a rare opportunity to study a finite set of buildings constructed of similar materials, in the same time period, in a specific urban landscape, and with related ideological missions.Fierro employs a "discourse of the detail," in which the smallest architectural detail manifests the political, theoretical, and urban contexts of the building's design and construction. She examines the paradox of the most pared down architectural configurations being used to support the most complex meanings. Intrinsic to Mitterrand's glass buildings in Paris, for example, is a political concept: the metaphor of accessibility as a means of breaking open cultural institutions previously closed to the public.In addition to the structures of the Grands Projets -- the Institut du Monde Arabe, the Grande and Petite Pyramides du Louvre, the glass greenhouses at utopian park projects at La Villette and Andre Citroën and the Bibliotheque nationale de France -- Fierro discusses the Fondation Cartier and two precedent structures, the Centre Georges Pompidou and the Eiffel Tower.

The Gray Cloth

Author : Paul Scheerbart
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The Victorian-era German cult novel, set in the mid-twentieth century, serves up a utopian vision of a future of glass architecture, as the protagonist, Swiss architect Edgar Krug, circumnavigates the globe by airship with his wife, constructing a wild variety of colored-glass buildings in various locales.

Detail in Contemporary Hotel Design

Author : Drew Plunkett
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Hotel interiors need to satisfy the imaginations of their customers and whet the appetite for a return visit or recommendation, and the design that gets the formula right will do as much to prolong the life of the business as the service delivered within the hotel. This book explores in detail 36 of the best recent hotel interior design schemes, featuring projects by leading architects from around the world. The book is divided into three sections embracing newly built and refurbished hotels as well as conversions. Each project includes photographs as well as detailed drawings and plans, where appropriate, as well as informative text describing the design concept and process.

Cultures of Glass Architecture

Author : Professor Hisham Elkadi
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When designing, architects are responding to and creating a relationship between identity, culture and architectural style. This book discusses whether the extent of the use of glass facades has increased, or indeed enhanced, the creation of meaningful place-making, thereby creating a cultural identity of 'place'. Looking at the development of perceptions of glass facades in different cultures, it shows how modernist 'glass' buildings are perceived as an expression of technical achievement, as symbols of global economic success and as setting a neutral platform for multi-cultural societies – all of which are difficult for urban developers and policy makers to resist in our era of globalization. Drawing on a number of modern and heritage design projects from Europe, the USA, the Middle East and South East Asia, the book reviews efforts of some regional towns and local places to move up the economic ladder by adopting a more 'global' aesthetic.

Falling Glass

Author : Patrick Loughran
File Size : 70.16 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The focus of the book is how these typical defects can be avoided and what the practitioner needs to bear in mind to this end."--BOOK JACKET.

In Detail Japan

Author : Christian Schittich
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Japan is becoming a popular travel destination for more and more architects. This book looks at developments in Japanese architecture and offers portraits of well-known Japanese architects and buildings.

Translucent Building Skins

Author : Scott Murray
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Exploring the design of innovative building enclosure systems (or skins) in contemporary architecture and their precedents in earlier twentieth century modern architecture, this book examines the tectonics, the history and the influence of translucency as a defining characteristic in architecture. Highly illustrated throughout with drawings and full colour photographs, the book shows that translucency has been and continues to be a fertile ground for architectural experimentation. Each chapter presents a comparative analysis of two primary buildings: a recent project, paired with a historical precedent, highlighting how architects in different eras have realized the distinctive effects of translucency. The included buildings span a variety of program types, ranging from a single-family residence, to a factory, to a synagogue. Whether it is Pierre Chareau’s glass-lens curtain wall at the Maison de Verre, Frank Lloyd Wright’s wall of stacked glass tubes at the Johnson Wax Research Tower, or Peter Zumthor’s use of acid-etched glass in a double-skin envelope at the Kunsthaus Bregenz, the included projects each offer an exemplary case study of innovations in materiality and fabrication techniques. Today, among many contemporary architects, there is an engagement with new technologies, new material assemblies, and new priorities such as sustainability and energy-efficiency. A resurgent interest in translucency as a defining quality in buildings has been an important part of this recent dialogue and this book makes essential reading for any architect looking to incorporate aspects of translucency into their buildings.