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The Effective Evaluation of Training and Development in Higher Education

Author : Bob Thackwray
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This text puts forward the argument that higher education must develop better and more consistent practices with regards to the evaluation of training and development. Most evaluations are valueless unless they start by clarifying the puropse they are intended to serve, and this usually means clarifying whose puropses are being served. This text provides a guide to best practices and uses examples and case studies from both the UK and abroad to show the benefits that can be gained from using evaluation effectively.

Higher Education in Regional and City Development Post Secondary Vocational Education and Training Pathways and Partnerships

Author : OECD
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This work identifies vocational education and training-university linkages as one of the common issues that impact the engagement of tertiary education in socio-economic development across countries.

Higher Education and International Capacity Building

Author : David Stephens
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For the past 25 years UK Higher Education institutions have forged research and teaching partnerships with their counterparts overseas. Many of these links were funded by the British Government and managed by the British Council’s Higher Education Links Scheme. This book takes an informed and critical look at issues and trends in global higher education over the past twenty five years with an in-depth and often personal account of how these links were managed and led. Ten experts representing a variety of disciplines from areas such as conserving the natural environment, the promotion of human rights, and education and gender present an ‘insider’s’ view of their link, reflecting upon the successes and challenges in promoting research, developing institutional capacity at home and abroad, and the lessons they have learned. This book will be of particular interest to those working in higher education and international development generally; as well as students, researchers and professionals engaged in bilateral and multi-lateral development assistance programmes.

Routledge Handbook of Higher Education for Sustainable Development

Author : Matthias Barth
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The Routledge International Handbook of Higher Education for Sustainable Development gives a systematic and comprehensive overview of existing and upcoming research approaches for higher education for sustainable development. It provides a unique resource for researchers engaged in the field of higher education for sustainable development by connecting theoretical aspects of the range of relevant methodologies, showing the interdisciplinary aspects of the research field and illustrating the breadth of research directions. With a team of international authors from leading universities in research and teaching in higher education for sustainable development this Handbook brings together a broad range of research approaches and shows how these approaches are reflected in the research practice in higher education for sustainable development. Key topics include: Research Paradigms and Methodologies Ongoing and Future Directions of Research Meta-Analysis and Reviews Policy and Politics Challenges for Implementation Action Research and Transdisciplinary Perspective Gender, Diversity and Post-Colonial Perspectives Operationalising Competencies Outcome-Oriented Research Curriculum Change Organisational Change and Organisational Learning Community and Partnerships University Appraisal Systems and Indicators Evaluation Approaches Engaging Academic Teachers Good Practice Learning and Teaching Transformative Leadership and Change Strategies This Handbook is an invaluable research and teaching tool for all those working in higher education for sustainable development.

Exploring Academic Development in Higher Education

Author : Liz Elvidge
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Handbook of Research on Trends in European Higher Education Convergence

Author : Dima, Alina Mihaela
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With an increase in global competition among universities and national higher education systems, educational programs desire to offer compatible content without losing their competitive advantage. Because of this balance, the issue of convergence, along with its benefits and limits, has emerged. Handbook of Research on Trends in European Higher Education Convergence aims to identify the indicators that meet the consensus of the academic community and higher education management experts. Analyzing the recognized trends within the publication and concluding which measures should be taken to improve convergence pace and avoid potential pitfalls; this reference book is a useful resource for academics and students, as well as specialists, policy makers, and professionals connected with the educational sector.

Innovative Strategies in Higher Education for Accelerated Human Resource Development in South Asia

Author : Asian Development Bank
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This publication is part of a series of six country reports on technical and vocational education and training (TVET) and higher education in Bangladesh, Nepal, and Sri Lanka. Each report presents current arrangements and initiatives in the respective country’s skills development strategies. These are complemented by critical analyses to determine key issues, challenges, and opportunities for innovative strategies toward global competitiveness, increased productivity, and inclusive growth. The emphasis is to make skills training more relevant, efficient, and responsive to emerging domestic and international labor markets. The reports were finalized in 2013 under the Australian AID-supported Phase 1 of Subproject 11 (Innovative Strategies for Accelerated Human Resource Development) of Regional Technical Assistance 6337 (Development Partnership Program for South Asia).

Learning Development in Higher Education

Author : Peter Hartley
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This book shows how Learning Development enhances the student experience and promotes active engagement. Written by staff from the UK's largest collaborative Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL), the book includes important insights for everyone interested in supporting student retention, progression and success.

Cultural Awareness and Competency Development in Higher Education

Author : Leavitt, Lynda
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As the world becomes more globalized, student populations in university settings will continue to grow in diversity. To ensure students develop the cultural competence to adapt to new environments, universities and colleges must develop policies and programs to aid in the progression of cultural acceptance and understanding. Cultural Awareness and Competency Development in Higher Education is an essential reference book on the latest literature regarding multiculturalism in colleges and universities, focusing on administration and faculty implementation of culturally-aware curriculum to support the development of students' global competence. Featuring extensive coverage on a range of topics including social constructivism, co-curricular learning, and inclusive pedagogy, this publication is ideally designed for academicians, researchers, and students seeking current research on the inclusion of culturally diverse curriculums in higher education.

A Guide to Faculty Development

Author : Kay J. Gillespie
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Since the first edition was published, the dynamics of higher education and faculty development have greatly changed. A Guide to Faculty Development provides an introduction and a guide to faculty development as well as new topics like working with adjuncts, diversity, multiculturalism, assessment, and different issues associated with the various types of campuses. Sponsored by The Professional and Organizational Development Network in Higher Education, this revised and updated guide is essential for faculty developers and administrators newly involved as well as experienced in faculty development.

Handbook of Theory and Practice of Sustainable Development in Higher Education

Author : Walter Leal Filho
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This Handbook approaches sustainable development in higher education from an integrated perspective, addressing the dearth of publications on the subject. It offers a unique overview of what universities around the world are doing to implement sustainable development (i.e. via curriculum innovation, research, activities, or practical projects) and how their efforts relate to education for sustainable development at the university level. The Handbook gathers a wealth of information, ideas, best practices and lessons learned in the context of executing concrete projects, and assesses methodological approaches to integrating the topic of sustainable development in university curricula. Lastly, it documents and disseminates the veritable treasure trove of practical experience currently available on sustainability in higher education.

Designing an Innovative Pedagogy for Sustainable Development in Higher Education

Author : Vasiliki Brinia
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Designing an Innovative Pedagogy for Sustainable Development in Higher Education This book develops a "green pedagogy" and an innovation mindset in higher education by using approaches based on innovative design thinking, arts-based practices, digital transformation, and entrepreneurship for sustainable development. New pedagogical methods and educational solutions are developed throughout this book to offer pedagogical support to both students and university/college-level instructors. This book leads students as well as their instructors, through an artful and experimental way of thinking and doing, to take the ownership of the co-creation process. This is the basis for increasing social responsibility, motivation and commitment, and fostering creativity and innovation. An educational toolkit, including human-centric design methods, digital tools, creative and arts-based practices, innovation-related skills, and nascent and social entrepreneurship competencies, is provided for higher education instructors. This method kit will help instructors support students in the process of creating new knowledge for addressing real-world problems and enhance their societal involvement, foster entrepreneurial spirit, and reach opportunities for a sustainable future. Features Discusses arts-based education and entrepreneurship-based skills. Presents digital transformation and innovation-related skills for sustainable development. Proposes an experimental culture of thinking and doing. Provides agile and collaborative development methodology. Leads students to be much more creative and innovative. Offers a method kit for instructors to respond to 21st-century requirements in the field of higher education.

Quality Assurance in Higher Education

Author : Don F. Westerheijden
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By bringing together leading experts on quality assurance in higher education from seven countries (from Europe, the USA and South Africa), this volume intends to go several steps further than most publications on the same subject. Containing comprehensive discussion of the most relevant trends in quality assurance regulation, translation and transformation, researchers and policy makers will find an engaged, academic reflection on how quality assurance is embedded in higher education and in a dynamic way to assess its impacts and potential improvements.

The History of Higher Education Elite formation system building and the rise of the student estate

Author : Roy Lowe
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"This new Major Work is a five-volume collection in Routledgeѫs Major Themes in Education series. It charts the history and development of higher education. Encompassing the period since 1760, the principal focus is on the late-eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, although more recent developments are also addressed. The rise and development of universities and of higher education in Britain provides the central theme of the collection and is used as a model for developments elsewhere in the English-speaking world. Particular attention is paid to the United States and the British Empire, but some material on other European countries and on the rise of higher education in countries such as Japan and China has also been included. Thus, at the core of this collection is the dissemination of a university ideal around the globe and its particular implications and interpretation in specific societies and locations."--Publisher's website.

Higher Education and Development

Author : Association of Indian Universities
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Universities and the Sustainable Development Future

Author : Peter H. Koehn
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Since the mid-1970s, a series of international declarations that link environment and sustainable development to all aspects of higher learning have been endorsed and signed by universities around the world. Although university involvement in sustainable-development research and outreach has increased substantially, systematic learning from higher-education engagements has been limited. Universities and the Sustainable Development Future offers institutions of higher learning around the world practical guidelines that can be applied contextually to produce credible evidence regarding the outcome and impact of their teaching, research, and transnational-partnering activities. Drawing on innovative applications of lessons from experience with international-development cooperation, this book demonstrates the utility of a flexible framework that will inspire substantial improvements in the ways universities evaluate and improve their sustainable-development undertakings aimed at promoting Agenda 2030. This book promotes an inclusive evaluation framework that will allow universities to illuminate sustainable-development outcomes, and it provides a cutting-edge resource for students, scholars, and policy makers with an interest in sustainable development, climate change, and evaluation challenges.

Instructional Development Agencies in Higher Education

Author : Lawrence T. Alexander
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Education Development and Leadership in Higher Education

Author : Kym Fraser
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In today's highly competitive and globalized higher education market, leaders and managers find themselves considering the same issues of quality assurance, increased participation, the potential of new technologies and improving standards of teaching, learning and leadership. Education development has a central role to play in these areas, and should be a core element in the strategic positioning of all higher education institutions. This book is a packed with research and proven case study material on what education development can offer managers in higher education. It draws from worldwide experiences of leading innovative educational developers, and illustrates the numerous ways in which education development strategies, structures and processes can make a difference to an institution's corporate strategy.

Higher Education Response to Exponential Societal Shifts

Author : Freeman, Jerrid P.
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Based on a structure developed centuries ago, higher education systems are being challenged to alter their landscape and culture. With a rapidly changing knowledge base, job market, and societal and community needs, it is imperative that higher education systems remain adaptive and responsive. However, critical changes must still occur within the higher education system in order to accommodate these new societal needs. Higher Education Response to Exponential Societal Shifts is a critical scholarly publication that provides cutting-edge research on the facilitation of professional growth and commitment to lifelong learning and empowers leaders to be change agents who creatively solve leadership challenges. The book promotes the development of leaders who are committed to service, fairness, equity, and cross-disciplinary collaboration in diverse communities and the global venue and prepares them with the vital knowledge and skills needed to become effective leaders in today’s complex world. Featuring a wide range of topics such as faculty development, accreditation, and higher education, this book is ideal for teachers, deans, chancellors, provosts, academicians, administrators, policymakers, curriculum designers, researchers, and students.