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Dictionary of Root Words Greek and Latin Roots

Author : Manik Joshi
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What are “Root Words”? A root, or root word is a word which is used to form another word. It is also called a base word. A root does not have a prefix (a letter or group of letters added to the beginning of a word) or a suffix (a letter or group of letters added to the end of a word). Root is the primary lexical unit of a word, and of a word family. For example, pure is a root. By adding prefixes and suffixes, the following words could be made: impure, purity, pureness Similarly, play and move are root words. By adding prefixes and suffixes, the following words could be made: plays, played, playing, player moving, movement, moved, movable, mover, movingly In this book, I have given the most common Greek and Latin roots which are used in English language. Sample This: Root Words -- A AGG Origin: Latin | Meaning: collected Examples: agglomerate -- to collect things and form them into a mass or group | related word: agglomeration aggrandize -- to increase your importance or power | related word: aggrandizement aggregate -- to put together different items, amounts, etc. into a single total | related words: aggregation, aggregator ****** ALTR/ALTER Origin: Latin | Meaning: other Examples: altruism -- caring about the needs of other people | related word: altruistic alterable -- that can be changed | related word: unalterable altercation -- noisy argument alternate -- to follow one after other | related words: alternately, alternation, alternative ****** ANIM Origin: Latin | Meaning: breath; life; soul Examples: animal -- a living creature animate -- having life; to make something full of liveliness | related words: animated, animatedly, animation, animato, animator, inanimate animateur -- a person who promotes social activities animism -- the belief that natural objects have a living soul | related words: animist, animistic animosity -- strong feeling of opposition equanimity -- calm state of mind magnanimous -- kind, forgiving, generous | related words: magnanimity, magnanimously pusillanimous -- lack of courage unanimous -- agreeing with others | related word: unanimously ****** Some More Root Words -- A Root Word [Origin] -- Meaning | Example(s) (Related Words in Bracket) a [Greek] -- not | atheism, apolitical, atypical ablat [Latin] -- remove | ablation ablut [Latin] -- wash | ablutions abort [Latin] -- born too soon | abortion abras [Latin] -- rub off | abrasion (abrasive, abrasively, abrasiveness) abstemi [Latin] -- controlled; moderate | abstemious abund [Latin] -- overflow | abundance (abundant, abundantly) ac [Latin] -- to, toward | accept (acceptability, acceptable, acceptably, acceptance, acceptation) acanth [Greek] -- thorn | acanthus acet [Latin] -- vinegar | acetate, acetic, acetone achr [Greek] -- colorless | achromic acid [Latin] -- sour | acidic, acidify, acidosis, acidulate (acidulation, acidulous) acm [Greek] -- summit | acme aco [Greek] -- relief | aconite acous [Greek] -- hear | acoustic (acoustical, acoustically, acoustician, acoustics) adama [Greek] -- invincible | adamant (adamantly) ade [Greek] -- enough | adequate (adequacy, adequately) adip [Latin] -- fat | adipose adolesc [Latin] -- growing up | adolescent (adolescence) aer [Greek] -- air or atmosphere | aerate (aeration), aerial, aerialist, aerobic (aerobics, anaerobic) agr [Latin] -- field | agrarian, agriculture (agriculturist, agricultural) ****** Other Root Words -- A Root Word [Origin] -- Meaning aapt [Greek] -- indomitable, unfriendly abact [Latin] -- driven away abdit [Latin] -- secret/hidden ablep [Greek] -- loss of sight abr [Greek] -- delicate abscis [Latin] -- cutoff absit [Latin] -- distant aca [Greek] -- a point; silence acar [Greek] -- tiny accip [Latin] -- allow, snatch accliv [Latin] -- steep; up-hill accresc [Latin] -- increase ace [Greek] -- heal acer [Latin] -- sharp acerv [Latin] -- pile acest [Greek] -- healing; remedy

Word Roots B1

Author : Cherie A. Plant
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Helps students decode hundreds of words for superior spelling, vocabulary, and comprehension. Meets state standards.

Once Upon a Word

Author : Jess Zafarris
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Where do words come from?--Learning new words by understanding their stories The English language is made up of words from different places, events, and periods of time. Each of those words has an exciting story to tell us about where, when, how, and why they came about. Once Upon a Word is packed with easy-to-understand definitions and awesome word-origin stories. With this dictionary for kids, you can understand the history and meaning of English words, improve your vocabulary and spelling, and learn to play with language. Explore how weird words like gnome, fun words like zombie, and common words like caterpillar came to exist. Discover why some words sound funnier than others (like cackle, sizzle, and twang) and why some groups of words start with the same few letters (like hydrate, hydrogen, and fire hydrant). In this dictionary for kids, there's a whole world of English words to uncover! This unique dictionary for kids includes: Roots & branches--Learn about the building blocks that make up words, called roots, prefixes, and suffixes. Kid-friendly definitions--Look up definitions designed for your reading level in this dictionary for kids. Word snack--Find out where your favorite food words got their start, from bacon to marshmallow, spaghetti, yogurt, and beyond. See how the English language evolved--from its beginnings to today--with this colorful dictionary for kids.

The Greek and Latin Roots of English

Author : Tamara M. Green
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A comprehensive text to learning and understanding Greek and Latin roots of the English language in order to reinforce vocabulary and analytical skills.

The Origins of English Words

Author : Joseph Twadell Shipley
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There are no direct records of the original Indo-European speech. By comparing the vocabularies of its various descendants, however, it is possible to reconstruct the basic Indo-European roots with considerable confidence. In The Origins of English Words, Shipley catalogues these proposed roots and follows the often devious, always fascinating, process by which some of their offshoots have grown. Anecdotal, eclectic, and always enthusiastic, The Origins of English Words is a diverting expedition beyond linguistics into literature, history, folklore, anthropology, philosophy, and science.

Greek and Latin Roots Keys to Building Vocabulary

Author : Timothy Rasinski
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Suitable for K-12 teachers, this book provides the latest research on strategies, ideas, and resources for teaching Greek and Latin roots including prefixes, suffixes, and bases to help instruct learners in vocabulary development, improve their comprehension, and ultimately help learners to read more effectively. Written by leading authors and literacy experts, Greek and Latin Roots enhances instruction with an in-depth understanding of how to incorporate word roots into vocabulary lessons in all content areas. Strategies are presented to help teachers empower students with techniques for using roots to unlock word meaning while expanding their vocabularies and developing a genuine appreciation for words. Ideas on how to plan and adapt vocabulary instruction for English language learners are included to help achieve successful results in diverse classrooms. This resource is aligned to the interdisciplinary themes from the Partnership for 21st Century Skills and supports the Common Core State Standards. 208pp.

English Words from Latin and Greek Elements

Author : Donald M. Ayers
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Presents an overview of the development of the English language and examines the formation of words especially from Greek and Latin roots. Also discusses definitions and usage.

English Vocabulary Quick Reference

Author : Roger S. Crutchfield
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Provides two hundred sixty Greek and Latin word roots and lists words containing those roots along with the definition, entymology, and pronunciation for each

A German Word Family Dictionary

Author : Howard H. Keller
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This title is part of UC Press's Voices Revived program, which commemorates University of California Press’s mission to seek out and cultivate the brightest minds and give them voice, reach, and impact. Drawing on a backlist dating to 1893, Voices Revived makes high-quality, peer-reviewed scholarship accessible once again using print-on-demand technology. This title was originally published in 1978.

The Greek Latin Roots of English

Author : Tamara M. Green
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More than 60 percent of all English words have Greek or Latin roots; in the vocabulary of the sciences and technology, the figure rises to more than 90 percent. Through the study of the Greek and Latin roots of English, students can expand their knowledge of English vocabulary and also come to understand the ways in which the complex history of the English language has shaped our perceptions of the world around us. The sixth edition of The Greek and Latin Roots of English maintains the book’s much-praised thematic approach. After an essential overview of world languages, and the linguistic histories of Greek, Latin, and English, the text organizes vocabulary into various topics, including politics and government, psychology, medicine and the biological science, as well as ancient culture, religion, and philosophy. The sixth edition features revised cumulative exercises in each chapter that reinforce both vocabulary and analytical skills learned from pervious chapter. The sixth edition also features alphabetized vocabulary lists, new photos and cartoons, and other reader-friendly updates. The Greek and Latin Roots of English remains an essential text to help students not only learn vocabulary and understand the power of language, but also appreciate the pleasures of pitfuls of language study.

Word Parts Dictionary

Author : Michael Sheehan
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Here at last is a one-stop word-reference book for language lovers. Anyone who has scoured a regular dictionary or thesaurus in search of an elusive word expressing a specific meaning will appreciate this versatile reference. This dictionary, split into three parts, presents the prefixes, suffixes, combining forms and roots that fit together to form words in English. Part I, an alphabetical listing of word parts with definitions, allows a reader to quickly locate the meaning of a known word part. Part II, the Finder, allows a user to start with a meaning or concept and then find word parts that express that meaning. Part III, also a reverse dictionary, organizes the word parts under broad headings: where a reader might consult Part II for word parts relating to Skull, Part III gives a complete listing of word parts pertaining to The Body.

An Arabic English Lexicon

Author : Edward William Lane
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Science Terms Made Easy

Author : Joseph S. Elias
File Size : 31.7 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Defines scientific words, gives the language that they originally came from, and describes what each word--and various parts of that word--meant in that original language, with appendices that define common prefixes, roots, and suffixes.

Dictionary Buying Guide

Author : Kenneth F. Kister
File Size : 60.90 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Provides information about and evaluations of nearly two hundred fifty adult and children's dictionaries and special-purpose dictionaries and wordbooks

Morris Dictionary of Word and Phrase Origins

Author : William Morris
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The first Edition of the "Morris Dictionary of Word and Phrase Origins" detailed the fascinating and little known stories behind thousands of words and phrases that we use every day. In this new edition, William and Mary Morris update and expand their classic work to keep pace with our ever changing language. New entries include: "New trends"--crack, glitch, greenmail, Harrier attack airplanes "Foreign terms"--falafel, geisha, jihad, paparazzi "People"--batman, dead end kid, Dutch uncle, hatchet man, Young Turks "Given names"--Chester, Edith, Jennifer and others "Food"--Adam and Eve on a raft, alligator pear, grapefruit, Harriet Lane "Sports"--box score, cheese champions, full court press "and many more" Throughout the Morris' s present the histories of intriguing expressions in an eminently entertaining and readable fashion.

Etymological and pronouncing dictionary of the English language

Author : James Stormonth
File Size : 78.74 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Universal Dictionary of the English Language Ine Rhe

Author : Robert Hunter
File Size : 22.50 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Growing Your Vocabulary Learning from Latin and Greek Roots Book A

Author :
File Size : 66.44 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Each chapter includes two to four Greek or Latin roots, up to a dozen vocabulary words, word histories and common phrases. Matching exercises, word searches, crossword puzzles, and writing exercises provide review.

A Dictionary of Derivations Or An Introduction to Etymology on a New Plan

Author : Robert Sullivan
File Size : 40.57 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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March s Thesaurus Dictionary

Author : Francis Andrew March
File Size : 90.77 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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