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The Digger s Game

Author : George V. Higgins
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'Flawless of its kind - never a false word, phrase, rhythm, gesture.' - The New Republic Jerry 'Digger' Doherty is an ex-con and proprietor of a workingman's Boston bar, who supplements his income with the occasional 'odd job', like stealing live checks or picking up hot goods. His brother's a priest, his wife's a nag, and he has a deadly appetite for martinis and gambling. On a trip to Vegas, the Digger finds himself in the sights of a loan shark known as 'The Greek'. Luckily - if you call it luck - the Digger has been let in on a little job that can turn his gambling debt into a profit, if only he can pull it off without getting himself killed.

Gold Digger 200

Author : Fred Perry
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50 regular black-and-white issues and 150 regular color issues combine to make this bicen-tastic anniversary landmark! Written with new readers in mind as well as the already faithful, this new issue has it all! Gina heads off on a dangerous expedition to a lost Mayan temple on Monster Island, and this one time, everyone's available to come help out. For the first time, Gina embarks on an expedition with an army of experts to assist, and she's going to need every one of them to help with what she faces!

Least Trodden Ground

Author : Elaine L Orr
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Digger listened to Uncle Benjamin's stories and acquired her nickname while helping him plant flowers at family graves. She looks forward to spending time with him after busted pipes put her kitchen ceiling on the floor. She didn't expect to find his body at his mountain home, the Ancestral Sanctuary. Who would kill the parsimonious octogenarian who helped the historical society find a new abode? And what will digging into family history tell Digger and her cousin, Franklin, about Benjamin's killer? Spooky times in the Western Maryland Mountains.

Kwei Armah Plays 1

Author : Kwame Kwei-Armah
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Few playwrights have been as successful as Kwame Kwei-Armah at bringing a distinctive new voice and examination of our culture to the stage in recent years. This collection of his work includes his trilogy of plays commissioned and produced by the National Theatre between 2003 and 2008, and Let There Be Love, first produced at the Tricycle Theatre, London, in 2008. Elmina's Kitchen won him awards for most promising new playwright and was described as 'a scorching drama about the black experience in Britain's inner cities. . . there is no mistaking its raw power, humanity and urgent concern' (Daily Telegraph). Fix Up explores race and cultural roots and heritage with verve and wit, setting heritage against the inexorable march of time and change. Statement of Regret explore tensions within the Black community amid changes in the team leading an influential Black policy think-tank. The final play, Let There Be Love, was presented at the Tricycle Theatre, London, in 2008: 'a smart and possibly noble exploration of what it takes to be human and happy' Evening Standard . The volume is introduced by the author and features a chronology of his work..

The Digger s Rest

Author : K. Patrick Malone
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A motley team of art archaeologists sent to excavate a newly discovered castle ruin in England uncovers a legend much older and soul-shredding than anything they could ever have conceived.

Oak Creek The Complete Small town Romance Series

Author : Lainey Davis
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Meet the Crawfords: Brilliant in business, lousy at love. A grumpy astronaut, a brilliant botanist, a CPA, and hot-shot producer. The four Crawford siblings might know all there is to know about their chosen careers, but they have no idea how relationships work. Growing up in a small town full of nosy neighbors, hilarious antics, and family that never butts out, you'd think they'd figure it out. Between the axe throwing, the apology chickens and competitive Scrabble, our heroes just might find true love. Eventually. This complete series features four full-length romantic comedies that will have you snorting with laughter as you follow Hunter, Diana, Archer and Fletcher Crawford up the creek with broken paddles. Can the Crawfords get their act together and figure out how to love? Dive into this steamy series (try to avoid the mating skunks) and escape with feel-good fiction. This set includes: The Nerd and the Neighbor The Botanist and the Billionaire The Midwife and the Money The Planner and the Player

Digger s Moon

Author : John Heird
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Digger's Moon is a dramatic, gritty and realistic look at life and death in the Indian Territory. Set in Fort Smith, Arkansas, where Federal Judge Isaac C. Parker and his 200 U.S. Deputy Marshals struggled to bring justice to the chaos of the Western frontier, Digger's Moon recalls life in a place often called "Hell on the Border." It was a place where life was cheap, and living was hard. Violence convulsed everyday life, and revenge was the law of the land. Digger's Moon is the story of brutality born of lawlessness, and Parker's hard-fought brand of justice, a captivating tale of precarious friendships and redemptive love. Painstakingly researched for historical accuracy and masterfully written in the tradition of old-fashioned, campfire story telling, Digger's Moon will sweep you into the adventures of unforgettable characters, page after page. And when you're finished the last page, this story will stay with you from first-light to twilight, through the light of a digger's moon, until you pick it back up and fall once again under its spell.

Littell s Living Age

Author :
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An Innocent in New York

Author : Dolores J. Guthrie
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Digger s Diary

Author : Victor Osborne
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This work provides the low-down on what really goes on among the ramshackle sheds and improvised cold-frames where the allotment-holding tribe practise their horticultural rituals. It takes us through the allotment year, month by month, from January and February when dogged digging is the order of the day, right through to the pleasures of the festive season and the joy of a Christmas dinner table laden with the fruits of your own labours.