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2022 Calendar

Author : Emma Berman
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Dilbert Calendar 2021-2022 is Amazing Gift Idea for Fans and Owners Around the World ! Give this funny and memorable gift for upcoming: * White Elephant Party * Birthday * Christmas * Yankee Swap * Secret Santa * Stocking Fillers / Stuffers for any fans Calendar Includes: * Highest premium quality paper * 12 brilliant high resolution images (full color) * Modern 18 - months grid planner in English and Spanish, including US, Canada and UK holidays * Perfect for jotting down ideas and for all your daily reminder needs * Nicely printed calendar glossy cover design * Lots of space for writing * Calendar Size: 8.5 x 11 inch * 2 Bonus notes pages for your extra planning needs!

Dilbert Calendar 2022

Author : mjui Calender
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BEST SALE OFF 30%✓ ⚠SPECIAL LAUNCH PRICE ★REGULAR PRICE 14.99$★ Special Calendar with Official Holidays, Very Beautiful calendar gift for fans and making Successful achievements This year. Perfect calendar 2021 to decorate your office desk or your wall. You will love this Book Calendar for sure !!! ✓ Period: 18 months from 1 June 2021 to 30 Dec 2022 ✓ Printed on premium heavyweight deluxe paper ✓ Large grids to mark appointments and events ✓ Measures 8.5x8.5 inches closed and 7 x 14 inches opened ✓ High quality images ✓ Perfect gift for Christmas, birthdays, holidays, or even as a surprise! ✓This calendar are the perfect gift for any occasion: - Christmas Gifts - Halloween Gifts - Veterans Day Gifts - Thanksgiving Gifts - Birthday Gifts - Mother's Day Gifts - Mindful Gifts - new year wishes... - Fill your upcoming 2021, with 18 months of awesome picture all year round. ✓Features and details: - 18 Awesome Full-Color photography - Cute Matte Cover - Official Holidays Get Yours Now! ✓

Chase s Calendar of Events 2021

Author : Editors of Chase's
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Since 1957, Chase's Calendar of Events lists everything worth knowing and celebrating for each day of the year: 12,500 holidays, national days, historical milestones, famous birthdays, festivals, sporting events and more. "The Oxford English Dictionary of holidays." NPR's Planet Money.

Chase s Calendar of Events 2022

Author : Editors of Chase's
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Notable birthdays, historical anniversaries, national and international holidays, religious holidays, and thousands of additional days of note from all over the world.

Arctic Menace

Author : Kenneth Andrus
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A Chinese sub in American waters. Rare elements every nation wants. Can Parkos prevent an environmental apocalypse—and a world war? National Security Analyst Nick Parkos, still recovering from the Amber Dawn incident, uncovers a plot to control the US supply of rare earth elements vital to its military-defense systems. Teaming with former Navy SEAL Geoffrey Lange, he travels to Cape Lisberne, just off the coast of Alaska, to investigate. What he doesn’t know is that a foreign mastermind is actively working behind the scenes to discredit Parkos and hide the truth. The situation soon escalates, and Parkos unearths evidence that a foreign power plans to explode a radioactive radiation dispersal device in Alaska, killing thousands and making the rare elements unobtainable. With time quickly running out, Parkos puts his life on the line to stop them from detonating the bomb. With the world watching and peace hanging in the balance, Parkos stares into the face of his greatest challenge. Kenneth Andrus’ third Defenders novel is a thrilling roller-coaster ride based on his expert knowledge of the current military-political world. If you like breathtaking action based on real-world scenarios, you won’t want to miss Arctic Menace.

Darling December

Author : Caroline Lee
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December "Dawn" Calendar has been blind her entire life, but that hasn't stopped her from living her life to the fullest on her family's ranch. An integral part of the family business, the Calendar Girls' Ranch, she uses her remarkable voice to lead the kids in song and music appreciation. But she knows there's one thing her sisters can do—have been doing—that she can't: falling in love and moving away. Even if she did manage to find someone who could love her, blindness and all, the ranch is her home. She can move around there as well as any sighted person, and just the thought of leaving is terrifying to her. But what man would want to live with her and her parents? And then comes the night when a tap on her window reveals a man with a serious head injury, who can't recall his full name or his reason for being at her house. Todd’s identity is shrouded in mystery, and it’s impossible not to wonder if he arrived with nefarious intentions. But after a ceases to matter. Because Todd is the funniest, sweetest man Dawn has ever met, and best of all, he seems to like her—and her home!—just as much. But his missing memory stands between them. Until he can remember who he is, and why he sought her out, the two of them won't be able to build their future together!