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Dimensions of Love

Author : Padma Aon Prakasha
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What is love...and what is it not? Why is love the most misused word on this planet? Is love meant to hurt? Is there a map to love that I can follow? The Pathway to God s Divine Love, the simplest pathway on earth, has been obscured by our own forgetting of who God is. Dimensions of Love: 7 Steps to God contains new and sometimes radical truths for the soul, in a simple, poignant and profound way. Soulful and insightful, it contains a message of beauty that cannot be missed.

Paladin The Seven Dimensions of Love

Author : Ed Vergara
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Love—we are all seeking it; the quest for it is universal. Even so, how much do we really know about it? Can we really understand its secrets and find love everlasting? Paladin: The Seven Dimensions of Love explores these and many other questions about one of the greatest forces in the universe. Using the story of Paladin as a framework, Ed Vergara not only examines the many facets of love but also helps us discover its meaning and purpose in our own lives. With this deeper understanding comes a greater ability to both love and be loved. Paladin has learned about the universe and time from a beautiful genie and is ready to apply his knowledge to his everyday life and relationships. Still, he realizes that knowledge without purpose is meaningless and a life without love is empty. When the genie reveals herself as a messenger from God and Paladin’s angel, he embarks on yet another journey of discovery. Do you long to know how to love and be loved? Are you curious to know how the Creator of the Universe can take you to the next dimension of love? Paladin’s explorations are both personal and universal, weaving together themes such as fear, gratitude, and trust, as well as how love overcomes or works with each one. Ultimately his discoveries can inspire you to follow your own heart, find the source of eternal love, and live life to the fullest.

The Next Dimension Is Love

Author : Dorothy Roeder
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A TIME FOR HEALING AND TRANSFORMATION Beings from another dimension, parallel to ours and yet far beyond it, give their view about what is happening on Earth now. They speak about what it means to be an unlimited spiritual consciousness immersed in a limited physical body. They describe how our fear of anyone different limits us and why that must change if we are to survive as a race. It is our fear of change that limits our ability to reach our full potential. The primary message is humanity's special ability to love in so many ways and how much we can teach the rest of the universe about creating with love. That is our special contribution to this cosmos. Are these beings, who resemble the praying mantis, really a part of us or our higher consciousness? Topics include: Are we masters of our own destiny? Do we control our own lives? Is there purpose in what we do on Earth? What is going on and what does it mean?

God s Love In 3 Dimensions

Author : Jim McGrew
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Could there be anything more exciting and blessed assurance in our life than knowing that the creator of the universe loves us? That is what this book “God’s love in 3-dimensions” is about, God’s love for us, and His designed purpose for our lives; Reflecting back over more than forty years of service in the Body of Christ; I have found the most important things to be taught and expressed, to bring love and unity, and success to the life of the Church, and to our personal lives are, “God’s love for us,” “Our love for God,” and “Our love for one another.” For the success and the life of the Church, and for our personal lives, God’s love must prevail. “God’s Love in 3-dimensions” reiterates the plea of the writings of our Lord’s Apostles, and the prayer of our Lord, for love and unity. The apostles of our Lord pleaded for us throughout the scriptures to have love and unity through the Spirit of God’s love. Jesus our Lord prayed for God’s unity and love for His followers; “that all of them may be one, Father, just as you are in Me and I am in You.” “I have made You known to them, and will continue to make You known in order that the love You have for Me may be in them and that I Myself may be in them.”(John 17:21&26). What great accomplishments and success await us when we walk in unity with our Lord and Heavenly Father. The greatness of God’s love, joy and peace fills our hearts, souls and minds, providing divine direction and assurance as we walk in our Lord’s Spirit of love. And what great accomplishments have been made by the body of Christ when our Lord’s love and unity prevail among His body members, when working together in the directives and spirit of their Lord. What creates and produces unity with the Heavenly Father, within us, and within the body of Christ? God’s love! What motivated God’s plan of salvation for mankind? God’s love! What power innovated and sustained our Lord, and Savior, in carrying out God’s plan of salvation? God’s love! What would be the greatest and most significant news a person could receive? God loves you! What is the greatest and most significant news one could ever share with another? God loves you! What brings unity and peace within our individual selves, and the Lord’s Church? The knowledge, the receiving, and the expression of God’s love! This book is written through the spiritual desire to glorify and praise the Triune God Head, for their love.

Spirituality and Your Life Story

Author : Bradley Hanson
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Each of us has come to our current life stance through a journey of unique experiences—being born at this time, growing up in this particular social setting and culture, experiencing these specific successes and losses, and having these significant relationships. Whether we are in the early, middle, or latter part of our personal faith story, the ending is still ahead of us—and reviewing our own faith story helps us chart our course into the future. Using psychologist Dan McAdams’s idea that we make sense of life by composing our own life story, author Bradley Hanson explores how our personal identity and spirituality are influenced by the meaning and values embedded in our childhood family life and major story lines promoted by our culture. In our most basic quest to make sense of life, he considers sharply contrasting answers to five fundamental questions. With reflection and suggested group discussion questions at the end of each chapter, this study explores the idea that spirituality and one’s life story are intimately connected. Praise for Spirituality and Your Life Story “Real people tell their stories of success, love, friendship, forgiveness, and loss. Brad Hanson helps us ponder our own deepest commitments and the paths we follow to realize them. A fine book for individual reflection or group discussion.” —H. George Anderson, former presiding bishop, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

Martin Luther King Jr and the Theology of Resistance

Author : Rufus Burrow, Jr.
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It has been nearly fifty years since Martin Luther King, Jr., was assassinated at the Lorraine Motel in Memphis, Tennessee. Appraisals of King's contributions began almost immediately and continue to this day. The author explores a great many of King's chief ideas and socio-ethical practices: his concept of a moral universe, his doctrine of human dignity, his belief that not all suffering is redemptive, his brand of personalism, his contribution to the development of social ethics, the inclusion of young people in the movement, sexism as a contradiction to his personalism, the problem of black-on-black violence, and others. The book reveals both the strengths and the limitations in King's theological socio-ethical project, and shows him to have relentlessly applied personalist ideas to organized nonviolent resistance campaigns in order to change the world. Instructors considering this book for use in a course may request an examination copy here.

The Family

Author : Jack O. Balswick
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The authors of A Model for Marriage share Christian insights into universal issues that shape modern family life from marriage and parenting to sexuality and communication, providing in the latest edition updates on contemporary classroom practices and online resources. Original.

Love in Another Dimension

Author : Anette Darbyshire
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Do ghosts fall in love? Jemma is about to find out... The morning after a drunken party, Jemma makes a life-changing pact with her best friend Alice. Fed up with being broke, she enrolls at her local college, determined to turn her life around. But on her first day she's killed in an untimely accident and finds that she has become a ghost. Terrified, she goes to find Alice in the hope that, by using her psychic abilities, her friend might be able to help her. Instead of making contact with Alice, though, Jemma meets Tom, an attractive but elusive ghost who explains that she is trapped in a dimension for people who weren't supposed to die. She vows to find a way out, but is torn when she develops feelings for Tom, whose own reasons for being there are darker than she could ever have imagined. As time goes on, Jemma learns to adapt to her new existence and falls in love with Tom. But life as a ghost is never that straightforward. A dark, menacing spirit, an unhappy child and Tom's traumatic past force Jemma into making a decision that could ultimately destroy her. Will Jemma lose everything in order to make things right, or might eternal love be possible after all?

Finding Love in Another Dimension

Author : Casper Graham
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[Siren Menage Amour: Erotic Romance, Futuristic, Alternative, Menage, MMM, HEA] Darryl Long is a weak dimension explorer. Exploring dimensions is risky so it isn't easy for him to find assignments to earn money. When he discovers that Leofric Spencer and Titus Cooke, two of the most famous and strongest dimension explorers need someone who can create a pocket dimension to carry their things, he signs up for the assignment because he has that ability. It's nothing more than a glorified porter, but he needs the money. Leofric and Titus are boyfriends. They're both attracted to Darryl. Leofric prefers to be more direct, but Titus doesn't agree because he's afraid they may end up scaring Darryl away. After spending time together in another dimension, the three men grow closer. Unfortunately, they encounter a ferocious group of demonic dragons. They must defeat the dragons while working on their relationship, but that's easier said than done. Will the three men survive and return home as lovers?

Fruitful Embraces

Author : Evelyn E. & James D. Whitehead
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Sexuality and justice often seem odd bedfellows. Sexual embraces of intimacy and passion thrive in our private lives, while justice safeguards the laws and duties that govern the public realm. Yet intuitively, we sense there are deeper connections. Both sexuality and justice support the holistic ideal proclaimed by the early Christian writer Ireneaus: the glory of God is the human person fully alive. Evelyn and James Whitehead combine professional expertise as a psychologist and historian of religion as well as personal experiences and extensive research to explore the interplay of sexuality, love, and justice on the spiritual journey today. While drawing on biblical themes and contemporary psychological insight, the Whiteheads examine modern experiences of attachment and vulnerability, marriage and friendship, compassion and sexual diversity, and the psychological and spiritual experiences of transgender persons-a new and often bewildering consideration for many Christians. Included is a reflection on a prophetic Christian ministry in support of sexuality and justice that illustrates the importance of moral awareness and sensual attunement to the world. Fruitful Embraces utilizes Christian theology and effective pastoral ministry to explore the vital connections between sexuality and Christian spirituality and links between compassion and justice that will encourage anyone on a spiritual journey to open their hearts and minds to the extravagant diversity of creation.