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Dinosaur Collectibles

Author : Dana Cain
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An identification and price guide to dinosaur and prehistoric figure collectibles determines the value of thousands of toys, figures, posters, and kits from the 1920s through the 1990s. By the author of Collecting Japanese Movie Monsters. Original.

Dinosaur Memories

Author : Allen Debus
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Dinosaur memories are hard to forget! Most who revel in the current renaissance in dinosaur science, art, fiction and movies, or who enjoy the other appealing prehistoric animals so well popularized by the media have fond recollections of what it was like “growing up dinosaur.” Together with wife Diane and his father Allen G. Debus, Allen A. Debus unveils treasured dinosaur memories and stories about prehistoric animals and paleo-people, spanning from the cold-blooded dinosaur ‘era,’ to the modern wave dinosaur renaissance. Beginning with fondly recalled roadtrips to prehistoric places where T. rex still reigns, Dinosaur Memories ventures into the realm of thunder beasts and explores the rich ‘pop-cultural’ appeal of prehistoric animals. If you’ve ever collected dinosaurs, enjoyed fossil hunting or visits to see the old bones in museums, Dinosaur Memories is a book you’ll still recall years from now! Thirty-five chapters are grouped into seven sections titled, “Roads Into Prehistory,” “Thunder Beasts,” “Dinosaur Worlds,” “Fantasy Dinosaurs,” “Fossil Trickery,” “Paleo-people,” and “Rustlin’ up Dinos.”

Jurassic Park Collectibles

Author : Kristof Thijs
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A brilliantly illustrated look back at the toys and merchandise associated with one of the most famous and lucrative franchises of all time.

Dinosaur Playsets

Author : Jeffrey S. Pfeiffer
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Dinosaurs have fascinated people since their discovery over two centuries ago. Perhaps the most endearing of the dinosaur collectibles to many people are the lines of figures and playsets produced by the Louis Marx Toy Company. The figures have attained a near iconic status among collectors of dinosaur toys and memorabilia. Often considered something of a "baby sister" to the Marx dinosaur line is the series of prehistoric figures and playsets put out by the Multiple Products Corporation (MPC) at roughly the same time period. Often confused with one another, the dinosaur output of these two companies has shaped the perception of what these prehistoric beasts were like in the minds of generations of children and adults. Unfortunately, until now there has not been an abundance of detailed information available concerning these popular lines of prehistoric toys, and much of what is out there can be wildly inaccurate, frustrating, and confusing to the beginner and serious collector alike. Written with the novice collector in mind, this book starts at the basics, with brief histories of each company, the mold groupings used for the dinosaur figures, discussions of the figures and accessories themselves, and (most significantly), over 190 full color photographs of every major playset available at this time of writing. This represents the most comprehensive work on the prehistoric playsets of these two companies to date. Information is also presented concerning the various reissue and knock-off sets that were produced by other companies, as well as additional items and games that were directly based on the Marx and/or MPC prehistoric output. Also included is a handy guide to each playset covered in this book, with a listing of its contents, year of production, and model number. This is the book that Marx and MPC dinosaur collectors have been waiting for

The Last Dinosaur Book

Author : W. J. T. Mitchell
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Illustrated with forty-eight color plates and scores of black-and-white pictures, an entertaining study examines the enduring appeal of dinosaurs to the human imagination, the many different images of dinosaurs in popular culture, and their symbolic meaning and uses. UP.

Dinosaurs in Fantastic Fiction

Author : Allen A. Debus
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"This literary survey examines how paleoliterature originated, developed and matured from its inception to the present day. It follows trends on the crafting of classic dinosaurs, investigating the figurative and metaphoric meaning of fictional dinosaursand related prehistoria. An appendix provides brief summaries of deserving dinosaur texts, organized alphabetically by author. "--Provided by publisher.

Dinosaur Sculpting

Author : Allen A. Debus
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This new book, greatly expanded from the 1995 first edition, describes detailed, step-by-step procedures for sculpting, molding and painting original prehistoric animals. It emphasizes the use of relatively inexpensive materials including oven-hardening polymer clay and wire. Additional tips are offered on how to build distinctive dino-dioramas and scenes involving one’s own original sculptures that you will learn how to conceive and build. This book will appeal to a new generation who would like to break into the industry of paleosculpture. Techniques range from “basic” to “advanced.” The authors also discuss what it means to be a “paleoartist.”

Dinosaurs Ever Evolving

Author : Allen A. Debus
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"Highly readable prose.... Debus is a master at bringing together both the scientific and cultural aspects of dinosaurs, and this book will be warmly received by anyone with an enduring fascination with the prehistoric 'terrible lizards' Highly recommended"--Choice From their discovery in the 19th century to the dawn of the Nuclear Age, dinosaurs were seen in popular culture as ambassadors of the geological past and as icons of the "life through time" narrative of evolution. They took on a more foreboding character during the Cold War, serving as a warning to mankind with the advent of the hydrogen bomb. As fears of human extinction escalated during the ecological movement of the 1970s, dinosaurs communicated their metaphorical message of extinction, urging us from our destructive path. Using an eclectic variety of examples, this book outlines the three-fold "evolution" of dinosaurs and other prehistoric monsters in pop culture, from their poorly understood beginnings to the 21st century.

The Official Price Guide to Antiques and Collectibles

Author : Rinker Enterprises
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A guide to current market values offers a brief history of each type of collectible and information on collection building

Kovels Antiques Collectibles Price List 2007

Author : Terry Kovel
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Format : PDF, Mobi
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The latest reference book by the expert couple features more than fifty thousand accurate prices for items in more than five hundred categories; hundreds of factory marks and logos; helpful advice on buying, selling, and preserving antiques; hundreds of black-and-white photographs; and a special full-color insert. Original.

Warman s Americana Collectibles

Author : Warman E G Pub Co
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Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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2004 Children s Magazine Market

Author : Veda Boyd Jones
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"Freelance market directory of 655 listings of children's and young adult periodicals, and relevant parenting and educational magazines; selected writing contests and awards; as well as a complete guide to writing queries, preparing manuscripts and understanding copyrights."


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Maloney s Antiques and Collectibles Resource Directory

Author : David J. Maloney
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The singular resource that contains contact information for more than 23,250 antiques and collectibles resources in nearly 3,200 specialty categories is better than ever. Includes listings for collector clubs, specialty periodicals, dealers, collectors, experts, buyers, appraisers, parts suppliers, reproduction sources, Internet resources, repair/restoration/conservation specialists, auction services, manufacturers/distributors of contemporary collectibles, and more!

Everything You Need to Know about Collecting Bean Bag Plush Collectibles

Author : Beckett Publications
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Including a history of Ty Beanie Babies and other plush toys, this guide also features listings for Disney, Looney Tunes, Sesame Street, Harley Davidson, and more. Full-color photos make for easy identification.

Official Gazette of the United States Patent and Trademark Office

Author :
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The Essential Guide to Collectibles

Author : Alistair McAlpine
File Size : 63.24 MB
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Featuring seven hundred entries on more than 170 subjects, this comprehensive guide to collectables on both sides of the Atlantic combs the museums and private collections of Europe and the U.S. for stunning images.

Antiques and Collectibles Price Guide 1998

Author : Kyle Husfloen
File Size : 44.33 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Compiled from the highly regarded "Antique Trader Weekly", this comprehensive volume covers every major category of collecting, from rare pottery and mid-sixteenth furniture to space collectibles and Disney memorabilia--all in an easy-to-read, A to Z format. 1,500 photos.

Warman s Americana and Collectibles

Author : Harry L. Rinker, Jr.
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For more than ten years Warman's Americana & Collectibles has served as the leader in documenting and valuing twentieth-century collectibles ...

Trade marks Journal

Author :
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