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Augustinus Homo Religiosus

Author : Macario Ofilada
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Pensamiento medieval hispano

Author : José María Soto Rábanos
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Radical Justice

Author : Luis Martín-Cabrera
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Radical Justice investigates the convoluted relationship between memory and justice in Spain and the Southern Cone as it is portrayed in political documentaries and detective fiction from Spain and the Southern Cone. It argues that the possibility of achieving justice in these regions lies beyond market and state and is yet to come. This book appeals to a wide range of scholars, ranging from national literature and film specialists of Argentina, Chile, and Spain, to philosophers and students of ethics, human rights, and questions of justice.

The Philosopher s Index

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Vols. for 1969- include a section of abstracts.

Las Par bolas de Jes s Una Aplicacion Para Hoy

Author : Roberto Fricke
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The author presents an analysis of each one of the parables, taking into account the context in which Jesus presented the parable, then how it was understood and used by the people of that day, and finally, how we can follow its teachings within our own context. Dr. Fricke is a retired missionary who taught in Latin American seminaries for many years, and wrote this book in Spanish.

Pedro de Valencia and the Catholic Apologists of the Expulsion of the Moriscos

Author : Grace Magnier
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Drawing on arguments for and against the expulsion of the Moriscos, and using previously unpublished source material, this book compares the case against banishment made by the Christian humanist Pedro de Valencia with that in favour pleaded by Catholic apologists.

The Last Days of Humanism A Reappraisal of Quevedo s Thought

Author : Alfonso Rey
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Francisco de Quevedo (Madrid, 1580-1645) was well known for his rich and dynamic style, achieved through an ingenious and complex manipulation of language. Yet he was also a consistent and systematic thinker, with moral philosophy, broadly understood, lying at the core of his numerous and varied works. Quevedo lived in an age of transition, with the Humanist tradition on the wane, and his writing expresses the characteristic uncertainty of a moment of cultural transition. In this book Alfonso Rey surveys Quevedo's ideas in such diverse fields as ethics, politics, religion and literature, ideas which hitherto have received little attention. New information is also provided towards a reconstruction of the cultural evolution of Europe in the years prior to the Enlightenment, and thus the scope of the book extends beyond that of Spanish literature.

Handbook of Latin American Studies

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Contains records describing books, book chapters, articles, and conference papers published in the field of Latin American studies. Coverage includes relevant books as well as over 800 social science and 550 humanities journals and volumes of conference proceedings. Most records include abstracts with evaluations.

The Bible and Jews in Medieval Spain

Author : Norman Roth
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The Bible and Jews in Medieval Spain examines the grammatical, exegetical, philosophical and mystical interpretations of the Bible that took place in Spain during the medieval period. The Bible was the foundation of Jewish culture in medieval Spain. Following the scientific analysis of Hebrew grammar which emerged in al-Andalus in the ninth and tenth centuries, biblical exegesis broke free of homiletic interpretation and explored the text on grammatical and contextual terms. While some of the earliest commentary was in Arabic, scholars began using Hebrew more regularly during this period. The first complete biblical commentaries in Hebrew were written by Abraham Ibn ‘Ezra, and this set the standard for the generations that followed. This book analyses the approach and unique contributions of these commentaries, moving on to those of later Christian Spain, including the Qimhi family, Nahmanides and his followers and the esoteric-mystical tradition. Major topics in the commentaries are compared and contrasted. Thus, a unified picture of the whole fabric of Hebrew commentary in medieval Spain emerges. In addition, the book describes the many Spanish Jewish biblical manuscripts that have remained and details the history of printed editions and Spanish translations (for Jews and Christians) by medieval Spanish Jews. This book will appeal to scholars and students of medieval Spain, as well as those interested in the history of religion and cultural history.

Comprendamos Como Se Formo la Biblia Se Han Vendido Mas de Un Millon de Ejemplares en Ingles

Author : Neil R Lightfoot
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More than one million copies sold in English! This interesting book provides well-researched and accessible answers to many questions regarding how the books of the Bible were decided upon, the age of the earliest manuscripts, how they have been preserved through the ages, the different translations and much more. Illustrations and review questions at the end of each chapter make this book ideal for individual or group study.