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Directions in Databases

Author : David S. Bowers
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This volume constitutes the proceedings of the 12th British National Conference on Databases (BNCOD-12), held at Surrey, Guildford in July 1994. The BNCOD conferences are thought as a platform for exchange between theoreticians and practitioners, where researchers from academia and industry meet professionals interested in advanced database applications. The 13 refereed papers presented in the proceedings were selected from 47 submissions; they are organized in chapters on temporal databases, formal approaches, parallel databases, object-oriented databases, and distributed databases. In addition there are two invited presentations: "Managing open systems now that the "Glashouse" has gone" by R. Baker and "Knowledge reuse through networks of large KBs" by P.M.D. Gray.

Directions in Databases 12th British National Conference on Databases BNCOD 12

Author :
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New Directions for Database Systems

Author : Gad Ariav
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This volume is intended for researchers, practitioners, and members of the business community interested in the shape of data management in the years to come. The volume is both retrospective and future oriented and the chapters recapitulate current 1980s database research and applications.

Research Directions in Database Security

Author : Teresa F. Lunt
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Many commercial and defense applications require a database system that protects data of different sensitivities while still allowing users of different clearances to access the system. This book is a collection of papers covering aspects of the emerging security technology for multilevel database systems. It contains reports on such landmark systems as SeaView, LDV, ASD, Secure Sybase, the UNISYS secure distributed system, and the secure entity-relationship system GTERM. Much of the research is concerned with the relational model, although security for the entity-relationship and object-oriented models of data are also discussed. Because the field is so new, it has been extremely difficult to learn about the research going on in this area, until now. This book will be invaluable to researchers and system designers in database systems and computer security. It will also be of interest to data users and custodians who are concerned with the security of their information. This book can also be used as a text for an advanced topics course on computer security in a computer science curriculum.

New Directions in Copyright Law

Author : Fiona Macmillan
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This second volume contains further exploration of the themes considered in Volume 1, namely the theoretical framework of copyright, and the convergence, divergence and globalisation of copyright.

XML Databases and the Semantic Web

Author : Bhavani Thuraisingham
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Efficient access to data, sharing data, extracting information from data, and making use of the information have become urgent needs for today's corporations. With so much data on the Web, managing it with conventional tools is becoming almost impossible. New tools and techniques are necessary to provide interoperability as well as warehousing between multiple data sources and systems, and to extract information from the databases. XML Databases and the Semantic Web focuses on critical and new Web technologies needed for organizations to carry out transactions on the Web, to understand how to use the Web effectively, and to exchange complex documents on the Web. This reference for database administrators, database designers, and Web designers working in tandem with database technologists covers three emerging technologies of significant impact for electronic business: Extensible Markup Language (XML), semi-structured databases, and the semantic Web. The first two parts of the book explore these emerging technologies. The third part highlights the implications of these technologies for e-business. Overall, the book presents a comprehensive view of critical technologies for the Web in general and XML in particular. The semantic Web, XML, and semi-structured databases are still relatively new technologies that integrate many other technologies. As these technologies and integration of these advances mature, we can expect to see progress in the semantic web. The information contained in XML Databases and the Semantic Web is essential to the future success of effective e-business on the Web.

Database Systems for Advanced Applications

Author : Hiroyuki Kitagawa
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This two volume set LNCS 5981 and LNCS 5982 constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 15th International Conference on Database Systems for Advanced Applications, DASFAA 2010, held in Tsukuba, Japan, in April 2010. The 39 revised full papers and 16 revised short papers presented together with 3 invited keynote papers, 22 demonstration papers, 6 industrial papers, and 2 keynote talks were carefully reviewed and selected from 285 submissions. The papers of the first volume are organized in topical sections on P2P-based technologies, data mining technologies, XML search and matching, graphs, spatialdatabases, XML technologies, time series and streams, advanced data mining, query processing, Web, sensor networks and communications, information management, as well as communities and Web graphs. The second volume contains contributions related to trajectories and moving objects, skyline queries, privacy and security, data streams, similarity search and event processing, storage and advanced topics, industrial, demo papers, and tutorials and panels.

Global Environmental Databases

Author : Ryutaro Tateishi
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Managing and Mining Multimedia Databases

Author : Bhavani Thuraisingham
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There is now so much data on the Web that managing it with conventional tools is becoming almost impossible. To manage this data, provide interoperability and warehousing between multiple data sources and systems, and extract information from the databases and warehouses, various tools are being developed. In fact, developments in multimedia database management have exploded during the past decade. To date, however, there has been little information available on providing a complete set of services for multimedia databases, including their management, mining, and integration on the Web for electronic enterprises. Managing and Mining Multimedia Databases fills that gap. Focusing on managing and mining multimedia databases for electronic commerce and business, it explores database management system techniques for text, image, audio, and video databases. It addresses the issues and challenges of mining multimedia databases to extract information, and discusses the directions and challenges related to integrating multimedia databases for the Web, particularly for e-business. This book provides a comprehensive overview of multimedia data management and mining technologies, from the underlying concepts, architectures, and data models for multimedia database systems to the technologies that support multimedia data management on the Web, privacy issues, and emerging standards, prototypes, and products. Designed for technical managers, executives, and technologists, it offers your only opportunity to learn about both multimedia data management and multimedia data mining within a single book.

Nested Relations and Complex Objects in Databases

Author : Serge Abiteboul
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This volume was primarily intended to present selected papers from the workshop on Theory and Applications of Nested Relations and Complex Objects, held in Darmstadt, FRG, from April 6-8, 1987. Other papers were solicited in order to provide a picture of the field as general as possible. Research on nested relations and complex objects originates in the late seventies. The motivation was to obtain data models and systems which would provide support for so-called complex objects or molecular structures, i.e., for hierarchically organized data, thereby overcoming severe shortcomings of the relational model. This theme of research is now maturing. Systems based on those ideas are beginning to be available. Languages of various natures (algebras, calculi, graphical, logic-oriented) have been designed and a theory is slowly emerging. Finally, new developments in database technology and research are incorporating features of models involving complex objects. A variety of approaches is represented in this volume. The first three papers give overviews of major pioneering implementation efforts. The fourth paper is devoted to the important issue of implementation of storage structures. The next three papers propose excursions in the foundations of nested relations and complex objects. The following six contributions are all devoted to modeling of complex objects. The area of database design is represented by the last four papers.

New Directions in Internet Management

Author : Sanjiv Purba
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What is the business model for making money on the Internet and how does it function? The answer to this question will determine the shape of the Internet over the near term. As the Internet business model continues to evolve, so will Internet management. And with the demise of the Internet greatly exaggerated, it will continue to be a driving force for business in the future. Keeping you up-to-date with the latest thinking in this field, New Directions in Internet Management gives you an encyclopedia of Internet management know-how. Most Internet-related books present in-depth coverage of one particular technology or application. Not this one. It provides you with a strategic and tactical view of the entire Internet landscape, what the technologies and applications are, how they work together, and how to plan for them. You get advice from battle-scarred experts on everything from choosing the right Web database to finding a reliable Web consultant, from security to performance management. Detailed and instructive case studies, examples, and hundreds illustrations supplement the coverage. Focusing exclusively on the management aspects of Internet development and maintenance, New Directions in Internet Management shows you how to leverage Internet technology while abiding by time-honored business practices.

Clinical Nuclear Cardiology State of the Art and Future Directions E Book

Author : Barry L. Zaret
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Clinical Nuclear Cardiology—now in its fourth edition—covers the tremendous clinical growth in this field, focusing on new instrumentation and techniques. Drs. Barry L. Zaret and George A Beller address the latest developments in technology, radiopharmaceuticals, molecular imaging, and perfusion imaging. Thoroughly revised to include 20 new chapters—Digital/Fast SPECT, Imaging in Revascularized Patients, and more—this new edition provides state-of-the-art guidance on key areas and hot topics with stunning visuals. Online access to the fully searchable text at includes highly illustrated case studies that let you see the problem using a variety of imaging modalities. In other words, this is an invaluable resource no clinician or researcher in nuclear cardiology should be without. Features an editorial and contributing team of worldwide leaders in nuclear cardiology to provide you with current and authoritative guidance. Includes a section focusing on acute coronary syndromes to provide you with practical management tools for these conditions. Presents a full-color design that allows color images to be integrated throughout the text. Includes access to the fully searchable contents of the book online at, along with highly illustrated case studies that let you see the problem using a variety of imaging modalities. Features 20 new chapters including Cellular Mechanisms of Tracer Uptake and Clearance; Attenuation/Scatter Corrections: Clinical Aspects; Hybrid Imaging; Digital/Fast SPECT; Imaging in Revascularized Patients; and more. Focuses on perfusion imaging in a section dedicated to this hot topic so you get all the information you need to stay current.

Research Directions in Data and Applications Security XVIII

Author : Csilla Farkas
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As Information Technology becomes a vital part of our everyday activities, ranging from personal use to government and defense applications, the need to develop high-assurance systems increases. Data and applications security and privacy are crucial elements in developing such systems. Research Directions in Data and Applications Security XVIII presents original unpublished research results, practical experiences, and innovative ideas in the field of data and applications security and privacy. Topics presented in this volume include: -Database theory; -Inference control; -Data protection techniques; -Distributed systems; -Access control models; -Security policy; -Design and management; -Privacy; -Network security. This book is the eighteenth volume in the series produced by the International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP) Working Group 11.3 on Data and Applications Security. It contains twenty-three papers and two invited talks that were presented at the Eighteenth Annual IFIP WG 11.3 Conference on Data and Applications Security, which was sponsored by IFIP and held in Sitges, Catalonia, Spain in July 2004. Research Directions in Data and Applications Security XVIII is a high-quality reference volume that addresses several aspects of information protection, and is aimed at researchers, educators, students, and developers.

New Directions in Intelligent Interactive Multimedia

Author : George A Tsihrintzis
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This book summarizes the works and new research results presented at the First International Symposium on Intelligent Interactive Multimedia Systems and Services (KES-IIMSS 2008), organized by the University of Piraeus and its Depa- ment of Informatics in conjunction with KES International (Piraeus, Greece, July 9–11, 2008). The aim of the symposium was to provide an internationally respected forum for scientific research into the technologies and applications of intelligent int- active multimedia systems and services. Besides the Preface, the book contains sixty four (64) chapters. The first four (4) chapters in the book are printed versions of the keynote addresses of the invited speakers of KES-IIMSS 2008. Besides the invited speaker chapters, the book contains fifteen (15) chapters on recent Advances in Multimedia Data Analysis, eleven (11) chapters on Reasoning Approaches, nine (9) chapters on Infrastructure of Intelligent Interactive Multimedia Systems and Services, fourteen (14) chapters on Multimedia Applications, and eleven (11) chapters on Quality of Interactive Multimedia Services.

Machine Learning and Knowledge Discovery in Databases

Author : Walter Daelemans
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When in 1986 Yves Kodrato? started the European Working Session on Le- ning at Orsay, France, it could not be foreseen that the conference would grow year by year and become the premier European conference of the ?eld, attr- ting submissions from all over the world. The ?rst European Conference on Principles of Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery was organized by Henryk Jan Komorowskiand Jan Zytkowin 1997 in Trondheim, Norway. Since 2001the two conferences have been collocated, o?ering participants from both areas the opportunity to listen to each other's talks. This year, the integration has moved even further. Instead of ?rst splitting the ?eld according to ECML or PKDD topics, we ?attened the structure of the ?eld to a single set of topics. For each of the topics, experts were invited to the Program Committee. Submitted papers were gathered into one collection and characterized according to their topics. The reviewers were then asked to bid on all papers, regardlessof the conference. This allowed us to allocate papers more precisely. The hierarchical reviewing process as introduced in 2005 was continued. We nominated30AreaChairs,eachsupervisingthereviewsanddiscussionsofabout 17 papers. In addition, 307 reviewers completed the ProgramCommittee. Many thanks to all of them! It was a considerable e?ort for the reviewers to carefully review the papers, some providing us with additional reviews even at short - tice.


Author : Joachim Biskup
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This volume contains the 13 best of the 18 papers presented at the first MFDBS conference held in Dresden, GDR, January 19-23, 1987. A short summary of the two panel discussions is also included. The volume is intended to be a reflection of the current state of knowledge and a guide to further development in database theory. The main topics covered are: theoretical fundaments of the relational data model (dependency theory, design theory, null values, query processing, complexity theory), and of its extensions (graphical representations, NF2-models), conceptual modelling of distributed database management systems and the relationship between logic and databases.

Handbook of Soil Sciences

Author : Pan Ming Huang
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An evolving, living organic/inorganic covering, soil is in dynamic equilibrium with the atmosphere above, the biosphere within, and the geology below. It acts as an anchor for roots, a purveyor of water and nutrients, a residence for a vast community of microorganisms and animals, a sanitizer of the environment, and a source of raw materials for co

Advances in Spatial and Temporal Databases

Author : Christian S. Jensen
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This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Spatial and Temporal Databases, SSTD 2001, held in Redondo Beach, CA, USA, in July 2001. The 25 revised full papers and two industrial papers presented were carefully reviewed and selected from a total of 70 submissions. The book offers topical sections on modeling and querying, moving-object query processing, query processing: architectures and cost estimation, processing advanced queries, formal aspects, data representation, industrial session, data warehousing and mining, and indexing.

Database Directions

Author : James A. Larson
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While solving numerous database management problems, relational database systems are generally limited to centralized systems supporting only structured data. Now, Database Directions introduces database management technologies and techniques that take readers beyond the limitations of today's relational database management systems.

Research Directions in Data and Applications Security

Author : Ehud Gudes
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Format : PDF, Kindle
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Research Directions in Data and Applications Security describes original research results and innovative practical developments, all focused on maintaining security and privacy in database systems and applications that pervade cyberspace. The areas of coverage include: -Role-Based Access Control; -Database Security; -XML Security; -Data Mining and Inference; -Multimedia System Security; -Network Security; -Public Key Infrastructure; -Formal Methods and Protocols; -Security and Privacy.