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The Rights of Unaccompanied Minors

Author : Yvonne Vissing
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This volume explores the various challenges faced by ​migrant unaccompanied children, using a clinical sociological approach and a global perspective. It applies a human rights and comparative framework to examine ​the reception of unaccompanied children ​in European, North American, South American, Asian and African countries. Some of the important issues the volume discusses are: access of displaced unaccompanied children to justice across borders and juridical contexts; voluntary guardianship for unaccompanied children; the diverse but complementary needs of unaccompanied children in care, which if left unaddressed can have serious implications on their social integration in the host societies; and the detention of migrant children as analyzed against the most recent European and international human rights law standards. This is a one-of-a-kind volume bringing together perspectives from child rights policy chairs across the world on a global issue. The contributions reflect the authors’ diverse cultural contexts and academic and professional backgrounds, and hence, this volume synthesizes theory with practice through rich firsthand experiences, along with theoretical discussions. It is addressed not only to academics and professionals working on and with migrant children, but also to a wider, discerning public interested in a better understanding of the rights of unaccompanied children.

Family Reunification International European and National Perspectives

Author : Réka Friedery
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Il diritto al ricongiungimento familiare e la sua tutela multilivello

Author : Erjona Canaj
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Il presente libro si prefigge l’obiettivo di contribuire al chiarimento delle modalità operative utilizzate dall’attuale sistema giuridico comunitario europeo per la tutela del diritto all’unità familiare, e in particolare al diritto al ricongiungimento familiare dell’individuo. Da un punto di vista formale il diritto al ricongiungimento familiare gode di una tutela internazionalistica, comunitaria e nazionale. Nel presente libro viene esaminata la tutela della famiglia e i ricongiungimenti familiari nell’ambito delle Convenzioni internazionali a protezione dei diritti umani; il ricongiungimento familiare e la tutela della vita familiare nello spazio giuridico; diritti dei familiari del cittadino europeo nella normativa e nella giurisprudenza europea; la disciplina contenuta nelle direttive 2004/38/CE e 2003/86/CE; il rapporto tra diritto europeo al ricongiungimento familiare e il rispetto delle norme nazionali in materia di ingresso e di soggiorno degli stranieri. Una parte importante in questo lavoro viene dedicato al diritto al ricongiungimento familiare nel diritto interno, ossia la tutela dell’unita familiare in Italia a norma del Testo Unico immigrazione 296/98. The present book is a contribution to the clarification of operating procedures used by the current legislation of the European Union for the protection of the right to family unity, and in particular the right to family reunification of individuals. From a formal point of view the right to family reunification, enjoys international and national protection. This book examines the protection of family life and family reunification within the framework of international conventions on human rights, family reunification and the protection of family life in the area of justice, the rights of family members of European citizens in the EU legislation and the case law; the rules set by the Directives 2004/38/EC and 2003/86/EC, the relationship between EU legislation on family reunification and the respect of national rules governing the entry and residence of migrants. An important part of this work is dedicated to the right of family reunification in the national law, namely to protect the family unit in Italy in accordance with the Consolidated immigration no. 296/98.

Autonomiestatut der Comunitat Valencia

Author : Comunidad Valenciana
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