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Discourse In Educational And Social Research

Author : Maclure, Maggie
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WINNER: 2004 AESA Critics' Choice Award "With wonderful clarity Maggie MacLure shows how deconstructionism opens new avenues of critical inquiry and understanding for educational researchers. In exposing the hidden, ideological side of terms like clarity, certainty, mastery, and relevance she allows us to see schooling and educational policy in new ways. In so doing she allows us to imagine classrooms as liberating, pedagogical places, as places where new forms of desire, knowledge, and learning take place" Norman K. Denzin, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign This book is both practical and provocative. It demonstrates the insights and the challenges of a discourse-based orientation to educational and social research. Drawing on a variety of educational and social science 'texts' - including press articles, life history interviews, parent-teacher consultations, policy debates and ethnographies - the author shows how knowledge, power, identities and realities are constructed and problematised in discourse. The book also deals with research itself as discursive practice, examining the texts that qualitative researchers produce and consume: reports, monographs, journal articles. Practical examples are included for researchers and graduate students wishing to 'interrogate' their own data from a discourse perspective. The author develops a critical awareness of the researcher's role as writer/reader of texts. The book makes the case for 'discursive literacy' in research. While its primary allegiances are to poststructuralism and deconstruction, it draws from a wide range of disciplines, including interaction sociology, feminist ethnography, literary theory, critical discourse analysis and art history. What holds the book together is the persistent question: how to do educational research and social research within a 'crisis of representation' that has unsettled the relationship between words and worlds?

Being Reflexive in Critical Educational and Social Research

Author : Geoffrey Shacklock
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This text is a collection of case studies and readings on the subject of doing research in education. It takes a personal view of the experience of doing research. Each author presents a reflexive account of the issues and dilemmas as they have lived through them during the undertaking of educational research. Coming from the researcher's own perspectives, their positions are revealed within a wider space that can be personal, political, social and refexive. With this approach, many issues such as ethics, gender, race, validity, reciprocity, sexuality, class, voice, empowerment, authorship and readership are given an airing.

Theory and Methods in Social Research

Author : Bridget Somekh
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This new edition provides a scholarly and readable introduction to all the key qualitative and quantitative research methodologies and methods, enabling postgraduate and masters-level students and new researchers to reflect on which ones suit their needs and to receive guidance on how to find out more. With chapters written by experienced research practitioners, this second edition has been extensively expanded and updated. There are seven completely new chapters, as well as new material on literature reviews, a new introduction to quantitative methods, an expanded glossary, weblinks with free access to a wide range of peer-reviewed journal articles, and an annotated bibliography with conversational notes from authors in each chapter. This book will act as your ‘expert friend’ throughout your research project, providing advice, explaining key concepts and the implications for your research design, and illustrating these with examples of real research studies.

Discourses We Live By Narratives of Educational and Social Endeavour

Author : Hazel R. Wright
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What are the influences that govern how people view their worlds? What are the embedded values and practices that underpin the ways people think and act? Discourses We Live By approaches these questions through narrative research, in a process that uses words, images, activities or artefacts to ask people – either individually or collectively within social groupings – to examine, discuss, portray or otherwise make public their place in the world, their sense of belonging to (and identity within) the physical and cultural space they inhabit. This book is a rich and multifaceted collection of twenty-eight chapters that use varied lenses to examine the discourses that shape people’s lives. The contributors are themselves from many backgrounds – different academic disciplines within the humanities and social sciences, diverse professional practices and a range of countries and cultures. They represent a broad spectrum of age, status and outlook, and variously apply their research methods – but share a common interest in people, their lives, thoughts and actions. Gathering such eclectic experiences as those of student-teachers in Kenya, a released prisoner in Denmark, academics in Colombia, a group of migrants learning English, and gambling addiction support-workers in Italy, alongside more mainstream educational themes, the book presents a fascinating array of insights. Discourses We Live By will be essential reading for adult educators and practitioners, those involved with educational and professional practice, narrative researchers, and many sociologists. It will appeal to all who want to know how narratives shape the way we live and the way we talk about our lives.

Political Pressures on Educational and Social Research

Author : Karen Trimmer
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Political Pressures on Educational and Social Research draws upon a variety of theoretical and methodological approaches to consider the problems that can arise when research findings diverge from political directions for policy. Chapters explore the impacts this can have on the researchers, as well as the influence it has on the research, including the methodology and the publication of results. The book offers innovative ways of seeing how these connect, overlap and interact, revealing particular issues of concern for researchers and evaluators in the context of research internationally. Key topics include the power and positioning of research, evidence based policy development, ethics and the importance of research that seeks to explore and discover knowledge. The book is divided into two sections. The first presents chapters from international academics, which provide a theoretical underpinning and discussion of power, policy, ethics and their influence on research resourcing, autonomy, purpose and methodology. The second section explores specific case studies and instances from the authors’ own experiences in the field. This book offers an interesting and enlightening insight into the sometimes political nature of research and will appeal to researchers, evaluators and postgraduate students in the fields of education and the social sciences. It will be of particular interest to those studying research methods.

Methods of Educational and Social Science Research

Author : David R. Krathwohl
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As the new subtitle indicates, the book emphasizes the logic of methods to provide the student a solid basis for future methodology changes, enhancing the integrated approach of the previous edition. Among the author’s many goals are for users to: understand research’s contribution to knowledge building as a social process through which findings become accepted as knowledge; acquire the background to read, analyze, and understand research using a variety of approaches as well as the hallmarks necessary to evaluate each method; and realize that the responsibility for ethical research is fundamentally theirs and that value choices are involved, beginning with the choice of research problem. Updates to the new edition include an extensive example of the use of the computer in the literature search and a new chapter on the reflective researcher. The expanded treatment of qualitative research includes the pros and cons of using software in qualitative analysis. Conceptual analysis, an important concept missing from the second edition, has returned by request because of its widely employed logic in both qualitative and quantitative methods. The author has acknowledged the troublesome nature of the concepts internal validity and external validity and has more clearly defined these important foundational concepts as Internal Integrity and External Generality. Useful tools to facilitate learning include additional reading lists, important terms and concepts, tips on effective research methods and hallmarks of methods, application problems and exercises, a glossary, and an appendix on writing a research proposal. A Web site is available with auxiliary learning enhancements and updates.

Principles of Social Research Methodology

Author : M. Rezaul Islam
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This book is a definitive, comprehensive understanding to social science research methodology. It covers both qualitative and quantitative approaches. The book covers the entire research process, beginning with the conception of the research problem to publication of findings. The text combines theory and practical application to familiarize the reader with the logic of research design, the logic and techniques of data analysis, and the fundamentals and implications of various data collection techniques. Organized in seven sections and easy to read chapters, the text emphasizes the importance of clearly defined research questions and well-constructed practical explanations and illustrations. A key contribution to the methodology literature, the book is an authoritative resource for policymakers, practitioners, graduate and advanced research students, and educators in all social science disciplines.

Responding to Poverty and Disadvantage in Schools

Author : Tamara Bibby
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This book explores a range of challenges teachers face in dealing with situations of disadvantage, and explores different ways of thinking about these situations. Starting with a variety of incidents written by teachers in schools in disadvantaged settings, the book provides a range of ways of thinking about these - some more psychological, others more sociological - and chapters develop conversations between teachers and academics. These 'conversations' will help teachers reflect more deeply on the contexts in which they work, on what disadvantage means, and how disadvantage manifests in practice. It will also help teachers reflect upon the nature of their work; what it means to be a good and effective teacher; and the particular skills, approaches, relationships and competencies that may need to be developed in differing settings of educational disadvantage. The book explores the tensions between different ways of thinking about education and disadvantage; it will make compelling reading for students and teachers of education, education policy makers, and practising schoolteachers.

An Introduction to Critical Discourse Analysis in Education

Author : Rebecca Rogers
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First Published in 2004. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Social Research

Author : Matthew David
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This is a general and integrated introduction to qualitative and quantitative research design, data collection and analysis in the social sciences field and includes comprehensive and practical instruction (including screenshots) on the use of analysis software.