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Let s Discover the Sea

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A reference book dealing with the sea, its animal and mineral treasures, tides, currents, erosion, pollution, and myths and historical events associated with the sea.

Discover and Do by the Sea

Author : Jane Lacey
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Discover Nature at the Seashore

Author : Elizabeth P. Lawlor
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Introduces the three types of seashore and the creatures and features of each. Presents related experiments.

Discover Sea Turtles

Author : Virginia Loh-Hagan
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This Level 3 guided reader introduces basic facts about sea turtles, including their physical characteristics, diet, and habitat. Simple callouts ask the student to think in new ways, supporting inquiry-based reading. Additional text features and search tools, including a glossary and an index, help students locate information and learn new words.

A Voyage of Discovery Into the South Sea and Beering s Straits for the Purpose of Exploring a North east Passage

Author : Otto von Kotzebue
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Let s Discover what People Do

Author : Steck-Vaughn Company
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A reference book dealing with the many ways people earn a living.

Discover Ocean Animals

Author : Katrina Streza
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Discover Reading Early Reader Amazing Animals live in the Ocean Read all about ocean animals in this Discover Reading Beginning Reader. Fish, coral, sharks and more are featured in manageable sentences for kindergarten, first, and second graders.


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Travels to Discover the Source of the Nile

Author : James Bruce of Kinnaird
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Reproduction of the original: Travels to Discover the Source of the Nile by James Bruce of Kinnaird

NIV Discover God s Heart Devotional Bible eBook

Author : Walk Thru the Bible,
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Experience a more intimate walk with God As you journey through this Bible from cover to cover, the NIV Discover God’s Heart Devotional Bible will help you through tough spots such as Numbers and Leviticus while giving you deeper understanding of the Scriptures and connecting you with the heart of its Author. You'll experience rich insights into the original contexts of Scripture, and God's heart will be unveiled in new ways. This Bible includes 312 engaging devotions to serve as your tour guide, walking you through Genesis to Revelation in manageable portions. Each devotion includes a summary section of the Scripture passage, an application section that reveals God's good heart, and an insight section that ties each passage into the rest of God's great story. As you experience God's Word through this NIV devotional Bible, you'll see his divine fingerprints from beginning to end, even in the most unexpected places - and you'll encounter a deeper, fuller picture of the Jesus you thought you knew. Whether you are starting out on your first steps or a seasoned traveler, let the NIV Discover God's Heart Devotional Bible open your eyes to God's good heart. Features: Complete text of the accurate, readable, and clear New International Version (NIV) 312 engaging devotions

A new Problem to discover the longitude at sea by the same observation and with the same certainty as the latitude is With the translation of the problem into Latin

Author : Richard Locke (Mathematician)
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Explore and Discover 1 2004 Ed

Author :
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The Dead Sea Scrolls Fifty Years After Their Discovery

Author : Lawrence H. Schiffman
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Discover Your Psychic Self

Author : Tara Ward
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Have you ever felt you possessed a 'sixth sense' or intuition which you've found difficult to explain? Despite man's extraordinary advances throughout history, do you still feel something is missing: a deeper, more spiritual meaning to life? Discover Your Psychic Self addresses these issues and much more by taking you into the realms of greater awareness; it shows you step by step how to uncover your own true potential, using both meditative and physical exercises. Most importantly, this book has been written in a simple, factual style, making this complex subject both easily accessible and fascinating.

Travels to Discover the Source of the Nile In the years 1769 1770 1771 1772 and 1773 Complete

Author : Earl of James Bruce Elgin
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HOWEVER little the reader may be conversant with ancient histories, in all probability he will know, or have heard this much in general, that the attempt to reach the Source of the Nile, the principal subject of this publication, from very early ages interested all scientific nations: Nor was this great object feebly prosecuted, as men, the first for wisdom, for learning, and spirit (a most necessary qualification in this undertaking) very earnestly interested themselves about the discovery of the sources of this famous river, till disappointment followed disappointment so fast, and consequences produced other consequences so fatal, that the design was entirely given over, as having, upon the fairest trials, appeared impracticable. Even conquerors at the head of immense armies, who had first discovered and then subdued great part of the world, were forced to lower their tone here, and dared scarcely to extend their advances toward this discovery, beyond the limits of bare wishes. At length, if it was not forgot, it was however totally abandoned from the causes above mentioned, and with it all further topographical inquiries in that quarter. Upon the revival of learning and of the arts, the curiosity of mankind had returned with unabated vigour towards this object, but all attempts had met with the same difficulties as before, till, in the beginning of his Majesty’s reign, the unconquerable spirit raised in this nation by a long and glorious war, did very naturally resolve itself into a spirit of adventure and inquiry at the return of peace, one of the first-fruits of which was the discovery of these coy fountains1, till now concealed from the world in general. The great danger and difficulties of this journey were well known, but it was likewise known that it had been completely performed without disappointment or misfortune, that it had been attended with an apparatus of books and instruments, which seldom accompanies the travels of an individual; yet sixteen years had elapsed without any account appearing, which seemed to mark an unusual self-denial, or an absolute indifference towards the wishes of the public. Men, according to their different genius and dispositions, attempted by different ways to penetrate the cause of this silence. The candid, the learned, that species of men, in fine, for whom only it is worth while to travel or to write, supposing (perhaps with some degree of truth) that an undeserved and unexpected neglect and want of patronage had been at least part of the cause, adopted a manner, which, being the most liberal, they thought likely to succeed: They endeavoured to entice me by holding out a prospect of a more generous disposition in the minds of future ministers, when I should shew the claim I had upon them by having promoted the glory of the nation. Others, whom I mention only for the sake of comparison, below all notice on any other ground, attempted to succeed in this by anonymous letters and paragraphs in the newspapers; and thereby absurdly endeavoured to oblige me to publish an account of those travels, which they affected at the same time to believe I had never performed.

Discover Ocean Life

Author : Alice Jablonsky
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Discover Your Creator Contacting You

Author : Alan Fraser Bell
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Discover Nature in the Rocks

Author : Rebecca Lawton
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A friendly introduction to hands-on study of nature in your own backyard. Simple activities for all ages.

Discover Apalachicola Bay

Author : M. Weber
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Discover Apalachicola Bay takes readers to the water's edge, where they will learn about the bay's atmosphere, geosphere, hydrosphere, and biosphere. Apalachicola Bay is part of the Apalachicola National Estuarine Research Reserve. The bay is surrounded by four islands, covers 208 square miles, and is one of the most biologically diverse areas of Florida. Its waters are home to many marine animal species, including the endangered West Indian manatee. Colorful maps, diagrams, and photos provide a close-up view of Apalachicola Bay. Book is aligned to curriculum standards and includes sidebar, activity, glossary, index, and additional resources.

Discover Diving

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