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Discovering Postmodern Cosmology

Author : Jerome Drexler
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Learn how a world-class inventor-scientist is currently tackling the greatest scientific mysteries of the universe -- and succeeding. With his new book, Drexler provides a viable baseline to jump-start debate on a standard model for postmodern cosmology. It is the first book to not only address these seven unsolved cosmic mysteries, shown in this book's subtitle, but also offer plausible explanations for each of them. The correlation of these seven cosmic phenomena by Drexler offers a revolutionary advance in cosmological research and potentially broad acceptance and use of the related concepts. This book was written for open-minded cosmologists, astronomers, astrophysicists, physicists, engineers, students, enthusiasts and those at NASA, NSF, DOE and ESO who want to understand postmodern cosmology. The author's five years of cosmology research, and his successes, convinced him that his postmodern cosmology model is correctly based upon the relationships and linkages of these seven cosmic phenomena.

Our Universe Via Drexler Dark Matter

Author : Jerome Drexler
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This book is different from all other modern cosmology books in several ways. It introduces a cosmologic universe, which is orderly, logical, and systematic. It teaches and explains by illustrating how a variety of cosmic mysteries have been solved. It raises the status of dark matter in the universe by illuminating its roles as the principal source of energy, the principal source of matter in the form of hydrogen and helium, and the principal source of cosmic relationships with the principal cosmic phenomena of the universe. This book simplifies the universe as Nicolaus Copernicus' book simplified the solar system in 1543. With more and more cosmic mysteries being discovered and the slow progress in solving them, cosmologists and astrophysicists must re-train themselves to understand and to utilize the postmodern unified astrophysical cosmology model and to maximize the knowledge derived from the astronomical data. These are the three principal objectives of this book.

Primordial Truth and Postmodern Theology

Author : David Ray Griffin
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Proposes religious philosophies to succeed the waning worldview of modernity.

The Postmodern Adventure

Author : Steven Best
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This compelling book explores the challenges to theory, politics, and human identity that we face on the threshold of the third millennium. It follows on the successor of Best and Kellner's two previous books, Postmodern Theory, acclaimed as the best critical introduction to the field - and The Postmodern Turn, which provides a powerful mapping of postmodern developments developments in the arts, politics, science, and theory. In The Postmodern Adventure, Best and Kellner analyze a broad array of literary, cultural, and political phenomena from fiction, film, science, and the Internet, to globalization and the rise of a transnational image culture.

Learning and Discovery for Professional Educators

Author : Eleanor Allgood
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This book presents counsellor education from a post-modern relational perspective. The relationally-oriented counsellor takes the attitude that in the meeting between counsellor and client lie opportunities for learning and discovery by both participants. The question of self-insight is taken up and discussed in regard to the relation between the professional and personal. The counselling meeting is understood as inherently relational and mutual in which both counsellor and client are open to discovery.

Why Religion Matters

Author : Huston Smith
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Huston Smith, the author of the classic bestseller The World's Religions, delivers a passionate, timely message: The human spirit is being suffocated by the dominant materialistic worldview of our times. Smith champions a society in which religion is once again treasured and authentically practiced as the vital source of human wisdom.

The Return to Cosmology

Author : Stephen Edelston Toulmin
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Postmodern Sophistications

Author : David Kolb
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Kolb discusses postmodern architectural styles and theories within the context of philosophical ideas about modernism and postmodernism. He focuses on what it means to dwell in a world and within a history and to act from or against a tradition.

The Sacred Santa

Author : Dell deChant
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The Sacred Santa is an inquiry into the religious dimension of postmodern culture, seriously considering the widespread perception that contemporary culture witnesses a profound struggle between two antithetical systems -- a collision of two worlds, both religious, yet each with vivid visions of the sacred that differ radically with regard to what the sacred is and what it means to human life and social endeavor.

Curriculum in the Postmodern Condition

Author : Michael Peters
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Annotation This book examines the ways that postmodernism has impacted curriculum formulation, changing the ways that people think about knowledge, how they participate in work and civic life, and how humans interact with technology. It approaches topics such as cultural contact, postmodern science, critical literacy and new technologies, and the professionalization of environmental educators. The authors have all taught in departments of education and are currently working in Mexico and New Zealand. Annotation c. Book News, Inc., Portland, OR (

Singapore and Asia Celebrating Globalisation and an Emerging Post Modern Asian Civilisation

Author : Edward SW TI
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SINGAPORE AND EAST ASIA----CELEBRATING GLOBALIZATION AND EMERGENCE OF A POST-MODERN ASIAN CIVILIZATION The economic achievements of peoples bear a close relationship with their cultures and level of development of their civilization. Until the 16th century, the major world civilizations were similar in stage of development in being feudalistic, authoritarian and religious. Since then with the Enlightenment, the age of Reason and the control of nature through mastery of science, Western civilization has taken a quantum leap in creating the modern industrial world and achieved wealth through colonization and globalization. In stagnating for centuries, Asians paid dearly at the feet of Western hegemony. Nevertheless, through the embrace of techno-science whilst retaining traditional values, Asians are now catching up fast. East Asians have happily discovered that practicing their cultural heritage of Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism has been to their advantage. This thesis has been reinforced by Communist Chinas phenomenal success in the global economy. At the same time East Asia has found cultural consonance with the philosophy of Constructive post-modernism. This has been a movement in the West which questions the precepts of modernism, its materialism and lack of spirituality, its failure to achieve harmony in society and amongst nations, and its excessive exploitation of Mother Nature. Constructive post-modernism movement has placed its biggest hope in the harmonious rise of Marxist China. An East Asian champion of globalization has been Singapore. Initially thought too small to exist as a country, Singapore has surprised in reaching the ranks of a global city well within a life span. SINGAPORE----Celebrating globalization and fusion of civilizations Singapore is currently ranked 7th in position as a global city, joining in wealth and influence New York, London and Tokyo. Caux Round Table, a global index of social capital in 2009 ranked Singapore 14th among 200 countries. Singapore was top in Asia and ahead of the United States and Britain. Singapores exciting fusion of Western and Asian civilizations started in 1819 when the British East India Company set up a trading post at the sparsely populated island off the Southern tip of Malaya at the strategic Straits of Malacca. When colonial initiatives made Malaya into the worlds biggest producer of rubber and tin, the port city grew into the New York of Malaya. Following the usual rhetoric of newly independent countries against colonial exploitation, the Republic of Singapore was pragmatic in remaining closely aligned to the Western world. The elevation of English to be the first language of instruction in all schools not only helped unify multi-lingual Singapore, but also facilitated linkage with the global economy and progress in techno-science. English speaking workers together with other positive factors such as hard work ethics, freedom from labor strikes and corruption attracted MNC investment. Since the 1960s Singapore has become the biggest MNC hub in the world. In 2007, over 7000 foreign companies account for $15 billion or 85% of fixed asset investment and 44.5% of the GDP. Besides MNCs, Western talents in top level management, finance, academia and research have all been recruited. International Advisory Panels (IAP) continue to assist Government and statutory bodies. Unlike much of Asia, a key element in Singapores success has been winning the war against corruption through political will, tough anti-corruption laws and paying ministers and civil servants well. Transparency International has consistently ranked island-State as one of the least corrupt countries in the world. The livability of Singapore has for past decades been significantly improved by clearance of slumps, clean tree-lined and crime-free streets, decent housing, and access to high quality education and healthcare. Architectural legacy

Postmodern Philosophy and the Scientific Turn

Author : Dorothea E. Olkowski
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A groundbreaking, interdisciplinary approach to the study of consciousness: “Beautifully written, engaging throughout, and captivating” (Claire Colebrook, The Pennsylvania State University). What can come of a scientific engagement with postmodern philosophy? Some scientists have claimed that the social sciences and humanities have nothing to contribute, except perhaps peripherally, to their research. Dorothea E. Olkowski shows that mathematics itself—the historic link between science and philosophy—plays a fundamental role in the development of the worldviews that drive both fields. Focusing on language, its usage and expression of worldview, she develops a phenomenological account of human thought and action to explicate the role of philosophy in the sciences. Olkowski proposes a model of phenomenology, both scientific and philosophical, that helps make sense of reality and composes an ethics for dealing with unpredictability in our world.

Historical Development of Modern Cosmology

Author : Vicent J. Martinez
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Annotation Proceedings of a weeklong, international summer school held in Val`encia, Spain in December 2000. Twenty-four lectures presented at the School by cosmologists, astronomers, particle physicists, and science historians review how our concept of the universe has changed in the last century. A sampling of topics: an introductory review to the historical development of modern cosmology; Einstein, Eddington and the 1919 eclipse; dark matter and large scale structure; history and current research on the classical singularity problem; the evolution of alternative cosmologies; discovering and understanding cosmic structure; a modern perspective on sharing the universe; and the quest for the edge of the universe. No subject index. Annotation c. Book News, Inc., Portland, OR (

The Politics of Postmodernity

Author : Gary Brent Madison
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The Politics of Postmodernity outlines in a clear and coherent manner the implications for political theory that are inherent in philosophical hermeneutics. Hermeneutics is not only a general theory of human understanding, it is also, in terms of its practical consequences, a general Theory of Democracy. This book demonstrates, with reference to current debates, how hermeneutical theory provides the ultimate philosophical justification for democratic practice and universal human rights. One of the book's most significant features is the way in which it attempts to work through postmodernism and the way in which throughout it shows how hermeneutics, while fully a form of `postmodern' thought, is nevertheless distinctive in this regard in eschewing all forms of relativism and in resolutely defending a nonessentialist universalism. This book will be of interest to all those concerned with the fate of the core values traditionally defended by philosophy and, indeed, with the future of philosophy itself after postmodernity.

Postmodern Studies

Author :
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Canadian Review of Comparative Literature

Author :
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Premodern Faith in a Postmodern Culture

Author : Peter Drilling
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In Premodern Faith in a Postmodern Culture, Peter Drilling presents a how-to guide to assist believers in seeing how the process of coming to faith in the triune God of the Christian tradition is not only reasonable and authentic in its original development, but also continues to be relevant in light of modern and postmodern challenges. This work implements Bernard Lonergan's method to highlight the consistency of the Christian faith and includes various directions believers can take, both theoretical and practical, to apply faith in the Trinity.


Author : Chinaka S. DomNwachukwu
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Multiculturalism: A Shalom Motif for the Christian Community is an attempt to engage the Christian community on the ongoing discussion of cultural diversity and its implications for the church and the entire Christian community of the twenty-first century. Written for Christian schools and churches, this book confronts the fact that, for the Christian church in North America to remain vibrant and relevant in the twenty-first century, it must engage with the idea of multiculturalism and all other forms of diversity that now characterize the contemporary society. While the nature of this engagement will vary from case to case, cultural diversity must become a growing face of the church in America. This book uses a combination of philosophy, educational theories, and biblical theology to provide Christian educators and churches with a critical understanding of multiculturalism, as well as practical steps for engaging this issue within the Christian community.

Technology Pessimism and Postmodernism

Author : Yaron Ezrahi
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This is the first systematic examination of the contemporary and prior connections between technological progress and pessimism over the future. If the hallmark of the Enlightenment was a firm belief in technology as a principal instrument of universal progress, the hallmark of postmodernism may well be skepticism, even despair, over technology's role in shaping our world. This book incorporates the perspectives of historians, political scientists, philosophers, and literary scholars to illuminate the origins, evolution, and influence of technological pessimism and to evaluate its long-term prospects. The volume should appeal to specialists in technology studies and the history of ideas but also to general readers concerned with these dilemmas of technological progress.

Diagnosing America

Author : Shepard Forman
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Individual essays in the volume investigate topics ranging from contested values, community politics, middle-class economics, and workplace culture to the psychophysiological effects of stress on African Americans and the coping mechanisms of Mexican Americans along the border. Debunking the notion of anthropology as a "value-free" science, the authors argue forcefully for an anthropology expressly committed to the values of cultural pluralism and democratic participation.