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Discovering Psychology Across Borders

Author : Kirill Maslov
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"Discovering Psychology across Borders expands the inquiry into the field of social representation of key ideas in psychology by providing systematic coverage of the ways in which psychology advanced in the context of Russian society at the end of the nineteenth and beginning of the twentieth century. Examining the controversial history of scientific contact in psychology between the European world and the Russian, Maslov provides a unique insight into the changes that psychology in Russia underwent as a result of the influence of European social representations. The emergence and development of psychological science in Russia took place in the context of deep and insuperable struggle between two poles of society - Slavophiles and Westernizers – as well as the struggles between materialistic and idealistic philosophical and political camps. Using findings gathered from the study of unpublished materials in Russian, Estonian and European archives, Maslov endeavours to construct a unifying history of psychological ideas in Russia. Taking into account the intense personal, scientific and institutional conflicts that Russian psychologists faced, the book will give a wide and multifaceted analysis of their ideas and their applicability from the 1830s to 1922.Providing unique insights that help us to understand modern and no less controversial tendencies in the current Russian and European scientific, political and cultural spaces, this book will be essential reading for psychologists and historians. "--Provided by publisher.

Characters on the Couch Exploring Psychology through Literature and Film

Author : Dean Haycock
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Providing intriguing insights for students, film buffs, and readers of various genres of fiction, this fascinating book delves into the psychology of 100 well-known fictional characters. • Provides an engaging and entertaining way to learn about both positive psychology and mental health issues through the behavior of interesting and often familiar characters, leading to a better understanding of human behavior • Helps readers distinguish realistic depictions of psychological disorders from inaccurate ones, providing a basis for avoiding negative mental health stereotypes and stigma associated with mental illness • Covers a wide range of behaviors and psychological disorders arranged in a convenient format, making it easy to find and learn about particular topics that can be read in or out of order

Exploring Psychology in Language Learning and Teaching

Author : Marion Williams
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This book explores key areas of educational and social psychology and considers their relevance to language learning and teaching, using activities and questions for reflection. The topics discussed in the book include: • learners’ and teachers’ beliefs about how a language should be learned and taught • learning and working in groups • relationships with others • the role of the self in teaching and learning • motivation to start and persist with tasks • the role of emotions in learning. The authors provide useful insights for the understanding of language learning and discuss the important implications for language teaching pedagogy. Extra resources are available on the website: Marion Williams was formerly Reader in Applied Linguistics at the University of Exeter and is a past president of IATEFL. Sarah Mercer is Professor of Foreign Language Teaching at the University of Graz, Austria. Stephen Ryan is Professor in the School of Economics at Senshu University, Tokyo.

Advancing Methods for Psychological Assessment Across Borders

Author : Kai Ruggeri
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Exploring Psychology AS Student Book for AQA A

Author : Matt Jarvis
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Exploring Psychology follows the AQA A specification, with the emphasis on teaching students not only the required knowledge and understanding, but to think and act like psychologists too. Designed to add considerable value to students' exam performance, Exploring Psychology is best suited to students of average and above-average ability. It helps provide an ideal grounding for those considering studying Psychology and related subjects at degree level.

Lawyers Beyond Borders

Author : Maria Armoudian
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Despite international conventions and human rights declarations, millions of people have suffered and continue to suffer torture, slavery, or violent deaths, with no remedy or recourse. They have fallen, in essence, "below the law," outside of law's protection. Often violated by their own governments, sometimes with support from transnational corporations, or nations benefiting from human rights violations, how can these victims find justice? Lawyers Beyond Borders reveals the inner workings of the advances and retreats in the quest for redress and restoration of human rights for those whom international legal-political systems have failed. The process of justice begins in the US, with a handful of human rights lawyers steeped in the American tradition of advancing civil rights through civil litigation. As the civil rights movement gained traction and an ample supply of lawyers, this small cadre turned their attention toward advancing international human rights, via the US legal system. They sought to build another piece of the rights revolution, this time for survivors of egregious human rights violations in faraway lands. These cases were among the most unlikely to be slated for victory: The abuses occurred abroad; the victims are aliens, usually with few, if any, resources; the perpetrators are politically powerful, resourced, and well connected, often members of governments, militaries, or multinational corporations. The legal and political systems' structures are mostly stacked against these survivors, many who bear the scars of trauma and terror. Lawyers Beyond Borders is about agency. It is about how, in the face of powerful interests and seemingly insurmountable obstacles--political, psychological, economic, geographical, and physical--a small group of lawyers and survivors navigated a terrain of daunting barriers to begin building, case-by-case, new pathways to justice for those who otherwise would have none.

Dialects Across Borders

Author : Markku Filppula
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Nonstandard varieties of languages have recently become an object of new interest in scholarly research. This is very much due to the advances in the methods used in data collection and analysis, as well as the emergence of new language-theoretical frameworks. The articles in this volume stem from the 11th International Conference on Methods in Dialectology (Methods XI, August 2002, Joensuu). The theme for this conference was “Dialects across borders”. The selection of contributions included in this volume demonstrates how various kinds of borders exert major influence on linguistic behaviour all over the world. The articles have been grouped according to whether they deal primarily with the linguistic outcomes of political and historical borders between states (Part I); various kinds of social and regional boundaries, including borders in a metaphorical sense, i.e. social barriers and mental or cognitive boundaries (Part II); and finally, boundaries between languages (Part III).

Education Across Borders

Author : James Fegan
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The Universal Declaration of Human Rights endorsed in 1948 by member states of the United Nations continues to remain very much valid as it provides the solid foundation for most actions and activities that are aimed at guaranteeing the rights of everybody. The rights enunciated in the Declaration are comprehensive and two that are relevant to the content of this book are the right to education and the right to learn. The right to education and the right to learn are known to have been hotly debated by politicians, policy makers, and implementers. Sometimes, the rights in question here have found their way into political parties’ manifestoes, and advocates oftherighttoeducation andtherighttolearnhavebeenquicktobringintojudgment politicians who have not lived up to their promises. Even at that, many member states of the United Nations have taken steps to ensure that access to learning is jealously guarded. For education and lifelong learning remain among the primary forces that can guarantee individual, community and national development, as they had always been from time immemorial. Globally, there has been ample evidence of efforts made by governments to p- mote the widening of access to participation in learning activities. Even so, the literature on the subject of access and participation has not captured suf ciently what has happened across the world in terms of providing access outside national boundaries in the context of globalization and the rapid creation of the knowled- based economies of the 21st century.

Psychology in Oceania and the Caribbean

Author : Grant J. Rich
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Culture across the Curriculum

Author : Kenneth D. Keith
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Culture across the Curriculum provides a useful handbook for psychology teachers in the major subfields of the discipline. From introductory psychology to the foundations in such areas as social psychology, statistics, research methods, memory, cognition, personality, and development, to such specialized courses as language, sexual minorities, and peace psychology, there is something here for virtually every teacher of psychology. In addition to discussions of the rationale for inclusion of cultural context in their areas of specialization, these experienced teachers also offer advice and ideas for teaching exercises and activities to support the teaching of a psychology of all people.