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Discrete Algorithmic Mathematics Third Edition

Author : Stephen B. Maurer
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Thoroughly revised for a one-semester course, this well-known and highly regarded book is an outstanding text for undergraduate discrete mathematics. It has been updated with new or extended discussions of order notation, generating functions, chaos, aspects of statistics, and computational biology. Written in a lively, clear style that talks to the reader, the book is unique for its emphasis on algorithmics and the inductive and recursive paradigms as central mathematical themes. It includes a broad variety of applications, not just to mathematics and computer science, but to natural and social science as well. A manual of selected solutions is available for sale to students; see sidebar. A complete solution manual is available free to instructors who have adopted the book as a required text.

Complete Solutions for Discrete Algorithmic Mathematics

Author : Stephen B. Maurer
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Discrete Algorithmic Mathematics

Author : Stephen B. Maurer
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The third edition of this text has been revised for improved clarity and streamlined to fit a one-semester course. It includes a broad variety of applications, from economics and finance to natural and social science.

Selected Solutions for Discrete Algorithmic Mathematics

Author : Stephen B. Maurer
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This manual contains solutions to all problems from Discrete Algorithmic Mathematics whose labels are printed in color. The manual is intended for use by students.

Discrete Mathematics

Author : Richard Johnsonbaugh
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This is the eBook of the printed book and may not include any media, website access codes, or print supplements that may come packaged with the bound book. For a one- or two-term introductory course in discrete mathematics. Focused on helping students understand and construct proofs and expanding their mathematical maturity, this best-selling text is an accessible introduction to discrete mathematics. Johnsonbaugh’s algorithmic approach emphasizes problem-solving techniques. The Seventh Edition reflects user and reviewer feedback on both content and organization.

CanaDAM 2013

Author :
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Computational Discrete Mathematics

Author : Sriram Pemmaraju
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This book was first published in 2003. Combinatorica, an extension to the popular computer algebra system Mathematica®, is the most comprehensive software available for teaching and research applications of discrete mathematics, particularly combinatorics and graph theory. This book is the definitive reference/user's guide to Combinatorica, with examples of all 450 Combinatorica functions in action, along with the associated mathematical and algorithmic theory. The authors cover classical and advanced topics on the most important combinatorial objects: permutations, subsets, partitions, and Young tableaux, as well as all important areas of graph theory: graph construction operations, invariants, embeddings, and algorithmic graph theory. In addition to being a research tool, Combinatorica makes discrete mathematics accessible in new and exciting ways to a wide variety of people, by encouraging computational experimentation and visualization. The book contains no formal proofs, but enough discussion to understand and appreciate all the algorithms and theorems it contains.

Probabilistic Methods for Algorithmic Discrete Mathematics

Author : Collectif
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The book gives an accessible account of modern pro- babilistic methods for analyzing combinatorial structures and algorithms. Each topic is approached in a didactic manner but the most recent developments are linked to the basic ma- terial. Extensive lists of references and a detailed index will make this a useful guide for graduate students and researchers. Special features included: - a simple treatment of Talagrand inequalities and their applications - an overview and many carefully worked out examples of the probabilistic analysis of combinatorial algorithms - a discussion of the "exact simulation" algorithm (in the context of Markov Chain Monte Carlo Methods) - a general method for finding asymptotically optimal or near optimal graph colouring, showing how the probabilistic method may be fine-tuned to explit the structure of the underlying graph - a succinct treatment of randomized algorithms and derandomization techniques

Handbook of Discrete and Combinatorial Mathematics

Author : Kenneth H. Rosen
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The importance of discrete and combinatorial mathematics continues to increase as the range of applications to computer science, electrical engineering, and the biological sciences grows dramatically. Providing a ready reference for practitioners in the field, the Handbook of Discrete and Combinatorial Mathematics, Second Edition presents additional material on Google's matrix, random graphs, geometric graphs, computational topology, and other key topics. New chapters highlight essential background information on bioinformatics and computational geometry. Each chapter includes a glossary, definitions, facts, examples, algorithms, major applications, and references.

Orders Algorithms and Applications

Author : Vincent Bouchitte
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This volume is the proceedings of the first International Workshop on Orders, Algorithms, and Applications, held at Lyon, France in July 1994. Ordered sets and the more specifically algorithmic aspects of order theory are of increasing importance, for example in graph theory. They enjoy a recognized place in computer science as well as in mathematics, due to various new developments in the last few years. The nine technical papers accepted for this volume and the four invited papers presented offer a representative perspective on theoretical and applicational aspects of orders and related algorithms.