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Discussing Language

Author : Herman Parret
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How We Talk about Language

Author : Betsy Rymes
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With examples of conversation, this book is a lively account of social and intellectual import of everyday talk about language.

Learning Language and Culture Via Public Internet Discussion Forums

Author : B. Hanna
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Public Internet discussion forums offer opportunities for intercultural interaction in many languages on a vast range of topics, but are often overlooked by language educators in favour of purpose-built exchanges between learners. The book investigates this untapped pedagogical potential.

Talking About Second Language Acquisition

Author : Karim Sadeghi
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This book includes interviews with fourteen internationally-acclaimed leading figures in Second Language Acquisition (SLA), who speak on seminal issues in the field as well as their own contributions to SLA scholarship. As well as covering the contributors’ backgrounds and academic achievements, the interviews also delve into their areas of expertise, current theoretical and practical considerations, and contemporary questions, developments and challenges in SLA. The author probes their views on current topics including input and interaction, vocabulary acquisition, teaching pronunciation, writing development, syntactic processing, multilingualism, L1 attrition, complex dynamic systems, processing instruction, instructed second language acquisition, and technology in language teaching. An introduction by the author draws out the key themes and debates in the field today, and highlights areas for future research and further exploration, and a foreword is provided by Rod Ellis. This book will be of interest to students and scholars of Applied Linguistics, Teacher Education and Methodology, and Second and Foreign Language Education.

Come Travel With Me An ESL Language Discussion Textbook for International Students

Author :
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Genre Frames and Writing in Research Settings

Author : Brian Paltridge
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This book presents a perspective on genre based on what it is that leads users of a language to recognise a communicative event as an instance of a particular genre. Key notions in this perspective are those of prototype, inheritance, and intertextuality; that is, the extent to which a text is typical of the particular genre, the qualities or properties that are inherited from other instances of the communicative event, and the ways in which a text is influenced by other texts of a similar kind. The texts which form the basis of this discussion are drawn from experimental research reporting in English. Contents: 1. Introduction 2. Approaches to genre 3. Genre and frames 4. A sample analysis: Writing up research 5. Summary and conclusions.

Generative Linguistics

Author : Frederick J. Newmeyer
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First published in 1997. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Challenges for Language Education and Policy

Author : Bernard Spolsky
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Addressing a wide range of issues in applied linguistics, sociolinguistics, and multilingualism, this volume focuses on language users, the ‘people.’ Making creative connections between existing scholarship in language policy and contemporary theory and research in other social sciences, authors from around the world offer new critical perspectives for analyzing language phenomena and language theories, suggesting new meeting points among language users and language policy makers, norms, and traditions in diverse cultural, geographical, and historical contexts. Identifying and expanding on previously neglected aspects of language studies, the book is inspired by the work of Elana Shohamy, whose critical view and innovative work on a broad spectrum of key topics in applied linguistics has influenced many scholars in the field to think “out of the box” and to reconsider some basic commonly held understandings, specifically with regard to the impact of language and languaging on individual language users rather than on the masses.

Framing Sexual and Domestic Violence through Language

Author : Renate Klein
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With examples from throughout Europe and the United States, the contributors to this volume explore how gender violence is framed through language and what this means for research and policy. Language shapes responses to abuse and approaches to perpetrators and interfaces with national debates about gender, violence, and social change.

I m Not Afraid of GDPI Group Discussion and Personal Interview

Author : Tuhina Varshney
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I'm Not Afraid of GDPI: Group Discussion and Personal Interview is carefully designed to guide you to face the compelling challenges of career building in the current scenario of cut-throat competition. This book offers several valuable sutras to aid an all-round development of one's personality. It discusses different ways to hone the career management skills such as writing a persuasive bio-data, presenting oneself convincingly in the interviews, tackling GDPI and dealing with time management stress. Neatly divided into two parts and eleven engaging chapters, the book comprehensively deals with every aspect of personal grooming required to be successful. Right front the positive mindset to correct attitude, and impressive body-language to acquiring 'officer-like qualities', this book can teach you the an of winning.