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Divine Beings

Author : Nimmy Chacko
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As Ravana abducts Sita, the brave vulture Jatayu sacrifices his life trying to save her. With his unparalleled devotion, Nandi gains immortality as Shiva's vahana. The magnificent four-tusked elephant, Airavata emerges from the golden egg of creation to become Indra's trusted vehicle. When Vishnu as Narasimha continues to destroy the world, he takes the form of the two-headed bird, Gandaberunda. Shyama and Sabala, the divine hounds are given the responsible task of guarding Yama's gates. The stories in this Amar Chitra Katha are taken from ancient texts including the Shiva Purana, Vishnu Purana, Gajashastra, the Brahmanas and also from folklore.

Visits with Angels and Other Divine Beings

Author : Laurie Conrad
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This is a story about two young boys, who were living their lives like millions of other kids. But with some luck they are able to buy a cabin. Now they have a place of their own. Many different adventures await them. Not only did they have a lot of fun, but they grew up fast. Having a place of your own creates lots of responsibilities. They have to be friends and then also act as grown ups, but some of their classmates still take advantage of them. They have to figure out how to take control, and still keep their friends. This is how they become adults, and take control of different situations. They also go through many different experiences, but when they go their separate ways, one thing for sure they always remain friends.

Tolkien s Cosmology

Author : Sam McBride
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Demonstrating the unity of Tolkien's created world across Middle-earth's Ages An in-depth examination of the role of divine beings in Tolkien's work, Tolkien's Cosmology: Divine Beings and Middle-earth brings together Tolkien's many references to such beings and analyzes their involvement within his created world. Unlike many other commentators, Sam McBride asserts that a careful reading of the whole of the author's corpus shows a coherent, if sometimes contradictory, divine presence in the world. In The Silmarillion, an epic history of the First Age of Middle-earth, Tolkien describes the Ainur, angelic beings under the direction of Eru Ilúvatar, the legendarium's god, as creators of physical reality. Some of these divine beings, the Valar and the Maiar, enter physical reality to oversee its development and prepare for the appearance of sentient life forms in Middle-earth: Elves and Humans, Dwarves, and eventually Hobbits. In the early stages of this history, the Valar and Maiar interact directly with Elves and Humans, opposing the work of evil beings led by Melkor. Yet Tolkien appears, at first glance, to have ignored this pantheon in The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, set in the Third Age of Middle-earth. Tolkien's letters, however, suggest the cosmological structure continues. And representatives of the Valar and Maiar can be seen at work, such as Gandalf and Saruman. Tolkien also introduces hints that his divine beings continue to influence events invisibly, as with the prominence of luck in The Hobbit and fortuitous weather conditions in The Lord of the Rings. In the end, McBride argues, Tolkien's cosmology allows room for everything from poor decision-making to evil, suffering, and death, all part of a belief system that will make the final victory of Good much more powerful.

I Am an Arcturan Divine Beings On Earth

Author : The Abbotts
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Many people are drawn to the Arcturus star system, as have many ancient cultures for thousands of years. The Abbotts paranormal specialists explain that many ex-Arcturans have incarnated to Earth in the last 60 years with a strong urge to create more Spiritual conditions here on Earth! Learn about life on the Arcturan Home planet of Kesch and the three divisions of enlightened beings that live there from Arcturan Elders and by intriguing channelled messages from the Ascended Masters. The Abbotts add their own unique and easy to understand knowledge that they have gathered as hypnotherapists and clairvoyants for over twenty years. A fascinating ebook with special knowledge for all Starseeds, ex-Arcturans and students of esoteric para-sciences.

Norse Mythology

Author : Birker Leif
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Scandinavians of the ancient world had many gods and goddesses they worshipped. Are you curious about which ones they revered so much? Well, in this guide, that’s exactly what you will learn. To start off, this brief guide will go over some a quick history of the Vikings. Then, you will discover more about several deities that are worth mentioning, as well as some queer beliefs and false notions that have been spread about the Norse. If this is the kind of stuff you are into, then go ahead and keep reading.

Incantations mentioning various gods and divine beings fragmentary

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Ressourcement Theology

Author : Patricia Kelly
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Ressourcement Theology: A Sourcebook offers a collection of texts previously unavailable in English from leading Dominicans and Jesuits, who initiated a movement for renewal that contributed to the reforms of the Second Vatican Council. In the last decade, theologians have undertaken a serious reappraisal of the contribution of Ressourcement theology to 20th century theology in the Catholic tradition and beyond. This 'return to Ressourcement' has resulted in many of the principal texts being translated into English and (re-)issued, ensuring their accessibility to scholars across the globe. Despite this, many of the earliest documents relating to the history of Ressourcement theology are unavailable to most English-speaking scholars, as they are largely journal articles and book chapters published in French. Patricia Kelly has selected the most significant texts that so far have been unavailable in English, including the controversial piece by Jean-Marie LeBlond ('The Analogy of Truth') that was condemned in the 1950s by the Vatican, as well as the response to Labourdette's attack on LeBlond, penned anonymously by a group of Jesuits. All of these documents will help students and scholars to engage deeply with the history of the Ressourcement movement and its relevance for the developments of the Catholic tradition.

Angels Spirit Guides Goddesses

Author : Susan Gregg
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Angels, Spirit Guides & Goddesses is a lavishly illustrated guide to 100 celestial helpers who are ready to provide guidance—all you need to do is ask. Celestial helpers surround us in abundance, simply awaiting our call. Angels, Spirit Guides & Goddesses is a lively reference to who’s who in the celestial realms. Featuring 100 divinities from spiritual traditions both current and ancient, this guide shows you how to call upon divine help in all areas of your life, from relationships, to career and money, to home and family. Angels, Spirit Guides & Goddesses offers an overview of each deity, their purpose, and how you can call upon them for assistance. Need protection? Call upon Archangel Michael. To find your true soul mate, open your heart to the Hindu god, Krishna. Want assistance with healing or communicating with animals? Invoke Saint Francis. Is your life in need of excitement? Call upon Hawaiian volcano goddess Pele to stoke your passion and inner fire! Beautifully illustrated in full color, Angels, Spirit Guides & Goddesses helps you to easily connect with the essence of each guide and call upon them for magical help and support.

On theology genealogy of divine beings

Author :
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Divine Beings Earthly Praise

Author : Chelsea Luellon Bolton
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Here is a collection of poems about various Goddesses, Orisha and Gods from around the world.Within Divine Beings, Earthly Praise, you will find poetry of: Athena, the Bright-Eyed. Frigga, Queen of Asgard. Hekate, Queen of the Crossroads Hela, Queen of Helheim. Hera, Queen of Olympos, Zeus, King of Olympos and Poseidon, the King of the Sea Hestia, Hearth Goddess Nana Buruku, the Primordial Mother Obatala, King of the White Cloth Olokun, the Ocean's Depths Osanyin, Herbal Medicine Oshun, the Beautiful River Oya, Queen of Wind and Rain Shango, of Thunder Yemaya, the Queen of the Ocean

Divine Beings

Author : L. E. Reiner
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In the beginning, the Earth God Messa, and the Fire Goddess Senna, fought for the fate of mankind. In the year 1438, their armies rise again.But Senna's elite warriors of fire, the Priests, have disappeared, leaving humanity to fight against Messa's unholy abominations that scour the land.Elias Rose is the newly appointed captain of the 22nd Ranger Regiment in the Sennian Military after the untimely, grisly death of his former commanding officer. Stationed in the Northern Pass, his biggest threat is the harsh, snowy environment and the Lycans who grow more active every day. With the arrival of his new combat medic, Nya Winter, the massacre of over half his regiment, and a shipment of brand new recruits fresh from basic training, Captain Rose struggles with keeping his unit alive and fighting the temptation of forbidden love.If only the Priests arrived, mankind could be saved.

Apsaras and Gandharvas

Author : SA Krishnan
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Stories from Hindu Puranas and Epics about celestial beings and nymphs.

The Explication of the Articles of the Divine Unity the Trinity and Incarnation Commonly Received in the Catholic Church Asserted and Vindicated By Occasion of the Late Books of Dr S Clarke and His Opposers and of Another Book by a Learned Socinian i e T Emlyn Entitled The Supream Deity of God the Father Etc

Author : Stephen NYE
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Divine Beings Angels in Grid Drawing Book Journal

Author : Educando Kids
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How pretty and divine angels are! This is a drawing book that pays tribute to angels. Use this drawing book to encourage your child's visual analysis. Visual analysis pertains to the ability to understand the concepts of size comparison, distance and textural differences. Drawing is one of the best activities to develop visual analysis. Encourage your child to draw beginning today.

Archangels and Ascended Masters

Author : Laura Powers
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Do you have a tough problem you don't know how to solve? Want angelic intervention? This book will tell you exactly which angels to call on. Celebrity Psychic Laura Powers, shares direct messages from the angels to help you navigate through life more easily. You can look up angel specialties to connect quickly with the angel who can help or read the book from front to back to learn from them all. You will also hear from Ascended Masters who have a message just for you. Knowing who to call on makes all the difference!


Author : Ev. Paul Mukendi
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No book has ever attempted to deal with the subject of divinity in its entirety. Here at long last is a comprehensive book dealing with divine beings in its complexity. It provides the reader with accurate and insightful knowledge concerning the concept of divinity. The author gives a clear explanation of the Triune nature of God. God is one being, manifest and existing in three distinct identities or persons, which is further discussed as being comparable with the makeup of a human being. God shares his divine nature with spiritual beings in the heavens with angels and on earth with humankind. The divine nature of God resides in all spirits. Therefore, men have God’s nature in their spirits; they can communicate with and receive the things of the spiritual realm. Through sin, humanity has lost the nature of God; for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. The purpose of the Bible is to spiritualize humankind, because we have fallen short of the glory of God. The broad focus of this book is to bring as many believers to a stage of maturity in the knowledge of Christ.

Cultural Beings

Author : Yuval Lurie
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Human beings are a cultural species. This predicament enables them to take on many different cultural identities, all of which transcend the bounds of natural behavior of other species. To contemplate this predicament through philosophy is to reflect on such questions as, What makes cultural forms of life possible? What is encompassed in them? What lies at their core? What distinguishes them from natural forms of life? What brings them about, sustains, and causes them to change? Philosophical answers to these questions predate abstract ways of thinking, as they are sometimes embedded in ancient mythical and religious narratives. Such is the story told in the first three chapters of the book of Genesis in the Bible, revealing how human beings became the cultural beings that they are. This study suggests how that ancient and most celebrated story in the literature of the West may be read as harboring insightful philosophical observations on the cultural nature of human beings. It first focuses on the very concept of cultural forms of life, revealing its complicated conceptual links to natural forms of life. It then offers an interpretive framework for reading mythical, symbolic narratives. Using these ideas, it provides a philosophical reading of the Biblical narrative, disclosing it to harbor a metaphysically oriented conception of nature and two insightful philosophical overviews of the cultural nature of human beings. Both overviews endow human beings with an ability to manipulate nature, but in different ways: the first by subjugating parcels of nature to human will; the second by subjugating human beings themselves to a value-laden conception of things and ethical forms of life. Thus, human beings are portrayed as natural creatures possessed of a cultural nature that enables them to transform nature and recreate themselves through their unique cultural predicament.

The Divine Resting on My Shoulder

Author : Richard Ferguson
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Have you ever wondered what it is like to have a real, divine, mystical experience? How would you know if you had one? And what happens afterward? The Divine Resting on My Shoulder: The Story of How Divine Mystical Experiences Brought Me Closer to God answers those questions and more. Author Richard Ferguson uses his experiences to describe what divine, mystical experiences actually feel like and how you can tell if an experience is really from the divine. Ferguson also shares what these experiences tell us about God, His character, and how dearly He loves us and wants to help us in our lives. There is so much apathy in modern society that God’s soothing caress and whispers of love go unnoticed. People are too attached to their smartphones and the latest releases of video games that they miss out on what God wants to give to all of us. The Divine Resting on My Shoulder: The Story of How Divine Mystical Experiences Brought Me Closer to God will open the door of your heart so He can walk through and show you His loving power and His love for each and every one of us.

Scaffolds of the Church

Author : Cyril Hovorun
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Unity is the categorical imperative of the church. It is not just the church's bene esse, but its esse. In addition to being a theological concept, unity has become a raison d'etre of various structures that the church has established and developed. All of these structures are supposed to serve the end of unity. However, from time to time some of them deviate from their initial purpose and contribute to disunity. This happens because the structures of the church are not a part of its nature and can therefore turn against it. They are like scaffolding, which facilitates the construction and maintenance of a building without actually being part of it. Likewise, ecclesial structures help the church function in accordance with its nature but should not be identified with the church proper. This book considers the evolution of some of these church structures and evaluates their correspondence to their initial rationale. It focuses on particular structures that have developed in the eastern part of the Christian oecumene, such as patriarchates, canonical territory, and autocephaly, all of which are explored in the more general frame of hierarchy and primacy. They were selected because they are most neuralgic in the life of the Orthodox churches today and bear in them the greatest potential to divide.

Guidebook to Angel Talk

Author : Cathy Catching
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Guidebook to Angel Talk is a remarkably detailed handbook on how to communicate with angels and other divine beings. Learn the basic skills on how to release your fears and unlock your own divine connection. With these skills, you will be able to connect with your own guardian angel, the archangels, departed loved ones, or any other heavenly being! Your angels want you to understand about their unconditional love and are eager for you to talk with them. They want you to enjoy your life and will show you exactly how to do so. Learn how this angelic communication can create a happiness and positivity that will radiate from your very soul! Learning to talk to your angels just may be the single most important thing that you have ever done! Guidebook to Angel Talk also offers readers a glimpse into the life of clairaudience as the author relays some of her own personal stories of angelic interaction. As she shares these captivating stories, you may very well be able to see the divine synchronicity in your own life!