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DIY Sourdough

Author : John Moody
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Your helping hand for adding simple, homemade, whole grain sourdough to your weekly schedule Real life is busy enough without having social media-worthy sourdough on your to-do list. But if your goal is to make simple, nourishing, and delicious whole grain sourdough for your whole family, then DIY Sourdough is your one-stop beginner's guide. Coverage includes: Simple sourdough recipes for breads, snacks, and more The secrets to consistent results Tips and tricks for homemade sourdough, including flour buying, home milling, and sourdough starter Homemade bread scheduling options, including split-day sourdough recipes for making sourdough an easy part of your weekly routine. DIY Sourdough is your personal guide to getting started with sourdough. It gives you a helping hand to succeed and offers a simple time-saving approach to make nourishing and delicious sourdough that fits into a hectic lifestyle. The Moody family has been making traditional foods, including fine-tuning sourdough recipes and making sourdough with grains, for over a decade. John Moody is author of The Elderberry Book, the founder of Whole Life Services and Whole Life Buying Club, and the former executive director of the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund. Involved with farming, food, and homesteading, the Moody family of two old-timers and five rambunctious kids farms and homesteads on 35 acres in Kentucky.

D I Y Sourdough

Author : Mike Payne
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A Do It Your Self Sourdough cookbook. An easy explanation for creating your own Sourdough starter. Great recipes to use the Sourdough starter. Bread, Chocolate cake, Pancakes, Waffles, Pretzels, Cinnamon Rolls, Biscuits. Sourdough will open a new world of baking.

How to Make Artisan Sourdough at Home

Author : Dr David Jones
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Do you want to bake great artisan bread for your family and friends or take your hobby to the next level ? If yes this book is for you. Whether you just want to learn more about the Artisan Baking or already understand it and want extra help making Amazing Baked Bread, this book is for you.Many people are turning their backs on mass-produced, homogenized and bland bread in favour of something natural and nourishing. And what can be more natural than the way bread used to be made-with flour, water and care. Once you've mastered the sourdough 'starter'-the vigorous little mixture of flour and water that helps leaven the bread and develop flavour-you just need to mix a small amount of it with your other ingredients and you're well on your way to a great-tasting fresh loaf. Top up the starter and you can keep it going for as long as you want.It's no surprise than when people take in the wonderful aroma of their first homemade sourdough loaf, before breaking the firm, springy crust and savouring the delicious, light and flavoursome inside that they never look back. You'll be amazed not only by the flavour and variety of wonderful Sourdough recipes on offer in this book, but by their simplicity. There is a comprehensive step-by-step guide to making the dough, kneading the dough, and shaping, preparing and baking a basic sourdough loaf. From there, you'll discover exciting breads made with some of the hugely popular ancient grains.

Food DIY

Author : Tim Hayward
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'Warning: contains tantalising graphic depictions of meat' Esquire 'This is a tome to splatter through constant use' Harper's Bazaar Tim Hayward's Food DIY - the first comprehensive manual for the DIY cook. Over recent years, across much of the world, people have started rejecting shop bought food and are getting into making it themselves. The DIY food movement is spreading. But why DIY? Because it's fun, an adventure, thrifty, a great way to get your hands gloriously dirty, and because at a time when skills like baking, preserving and curing are in danger of being lost forever, it's more important than ever to learn how things work. Most importantly though, when you do it yourself you can make sure that all the food you eat is absolutely delicious. In Food DIY, Tim Hayward, editor of influential food magazine Fire & Knives and enthusiastic DIYer, will show you: - How to make your own butter and cheese, sloe gin, suet pudding and potted lobster. - How to smoke, and cure fish and meats, air-dry bresaola and boerwoers, as well as pickle fish, game and vegetables. - He'll explain the mysteries of terrines and faggots, bread and buns, as well how to spit-roast a whole lamb, make a clam bake in a wheelbarrow, smoke a salmon in a gym locker and deep fry a turkey outdoors. - He'll teach you how to make your own takeaway: from delicious Peking duck and fried chicken to doner kebab and your morning cappuccino. 'The perfect guide to everything from salt beef to gravadlax, through jerkey, pickles and sloe gin' Shortlist 'If you fantasise over the perfect pork pie with a proper jelly layer and cut into each deli-bought version only to be disappointed, here is the answer' Independent 'If you like Cooked, and even if you didn't, check out Tim Hayward's new book, which promises to be a DIY classic' Michael Pollan 'As 'Urban Food DIY-er' Tim Hayward proves with his new book, making your own everything is much easier than you might think and a whole lot of fun . . . excellent inspiration for anyone who cherishes the art of producing good food' Psychologies

DIY Fermentation Over 100 Step By Step Home Fermentation Recipes

Author : Rockridge Press
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Simple DIY Ferments that Prove Homemade is Always Better Fermentation has given us some of the food world’s most treasured delights, and with DIY Fermentation, making delicious probiotic foods in your own kitchen has never been easier. Accessible overviews of fundamental fermentation techniques and step-by-step recipes provide the basic skills you will turn to again and again as you experiment with nourishing ferments at home. Work your way through a wide range of do-it-yourself fermentation projects with: · 100+ recipes to make your own sauerkraut, kimchi, pickles, kefir, yogurt, vinegar, kombucha, hard apple cider, and more · Recipes ranging from beginner to advanced to put your skills to the test · Detailed troubleshooting guides to ensure fermentation success · Insider tips and anecdotes from fermentation experts · Step-by-step illustrations to stay on track · A bonus chapter integrating homemade ferments into everyday cooking Enjoy all the health benefits and delicious flavors of naturally fermented vegetables, fruits, dairy, beverages, breads, condiments, and much more with this invaluable guide to unleash your inner DIYer and master your fermentation skills.

D I Y Delicious

Author : Vanessa Barrington
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For crafty green types who want to master the fundamentals of a scratch pantry and have graduated from simple weekend jam and baking activities, this book offers a wide variety of recipes and blueprints for artisanal food projects. Forty projects with accompanying recipes appeal to a range of skill levels and palates. D.I.Y. Delicious goes beyond pickling and preserving into fermenting, culturing cheese, and brewing sodas and tonics. A total of 75 recipes and more than 50 step-by-step, color photographs lead the way to outfitting a scratch pantry that uses fewer ingredients to make delicious staples at a much lower cost.

Artisan Starter Sourdough for Beginners

Author : Brenda D Grim
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Fermented bread is good for bowel health When the ingredients of the starter of the fermented dough are mixed and allowed to sit, the lactobacilli (good bacteria) degrade and produce lactic acid, which helps your gut better absorb many nutrients in the bread. The starter aims to produce healthy yeast and develop a baking flavor. In practice, there are several types of beginners because the water/flour ratio in the starter (hydration) varies. The starter can be liquid paste or solid paste This book provides an instructional guide on the ingredients and procedures on various sourdough starter This book contains Sourdough bagel Streusel coffee cake Crusty white bread oat bread Wholemeal bread Chocolate brownie recipe and lots more

Fix It Make It Grow It Bake It

Author : Billee Sharp
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An inspiring and instructive handbook on how to live the 'handmade' life - consuming less and creating more. Practical and profound, it covers every area of life and offers accessible ideas, recipes and advice on how to save money and the planet while maintaining a high quality of life.


Author : Martina Goernemann
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This book celebrates the complexity and simplicity of sourdough bread making which offers a nourishing and meditative counterpoint to stressful lives and fast food. Sourdough bread, delicious, tangy, satisfying, is one of life's real pleasures, but like all good things, it takes time. In this journey through the world of sourdough bread baking, Martina Goernemann reveals how the process of baking bread exemplifies food awareness, a way of life that is becoming increasingly popular. Beginning with her own first attempts, Goernemann then goes on to interview a series of people across countries and cultures who, like her, have incorporated the practice of sourdough baking as a healing ritual for overscheduled lives. From interior design expert Delia Fischer finding her way in the kitchen of her grandmother, to John Whalley, an American realist painter who appreciates the simplicity of things and therefore discovered sourdough as a perfect object for his portraits, each of the individuals profiled represent a different appreciation for the time and patience necessary to create the perfect loaf. What they all have in common is Goernemann's starter recipe, now part of the Puratos Company's sourdough library. She's also included valuable tips from professional bakers around the world. Whether it's carving out time in a busy day, contemplating the miraculous combination of flour, spices, and water, or painstakingly searching for the optimum conditions, bakers at every level will take away something valuable from this nourishing guide to living well through sourdough.

The Bread Exchange

Author : Malin Elmlid
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An ode to a life warmly lived, The Bread Exchange tells the story of one woman's hunger for greater meaning in her life and how it has been enriched by the sharing of her handmade bread. From her cozy kitchen in Berlin to a flat in London, from a deck in New York City to huddling around a tandoor in Kabul, the author shares discoveries, stories, and recipes from her inspiring travels. A busy fashion-industry professional with a bread-baking obsession, Malin Elmlid started offering her loaves to others in return for recipes, handmade goods, and, above all, special experiences that come from giving generously of yourself. Here is a book of tales and reflections, of wanderlust connections, and more than 50 recipes for Malin's naturally leavened breads and other delicious things collected on a journey honoring the staff and the stuff of life.

Cosmo Doogood s Urban Almanac 2006

Author : Eric Utne
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From cities across North America, a reference explores urban flora and fauna, from blooming schedules to a year's worth of weather predictions, with sun, moon, and planet guides and weekly meditations. Original. 80,000 first printing.

The Joyful Home Cook

Author : Rosie Birkett
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An inspirational collection of resourceful and delicious recipes steeped in a fundamentally practical way of approaching home cooking; returning to basics, minimising waste, following the seasons and keeping things simple to create effortless meals packed with flavour.

Talmud Bavli Tractate Pesachim vol 1 3

Author :
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Simple Farmhouse Life

Author : Lisa Bass
File Size : 61.60 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Transform your home into a simple farmhouse--no matter where you live--with this beautiful guide to slow living. Country girl and popular blogger Lisa Bass shares her favorite hearty recipes, handmade projects, and tips for natural living that she uses in her own from-scratch life. Slow down and enjoy the simplicity of a country lifestyle with recipes and projects such as: Natural Kitchen: rosemary lemon foaming dish soap, stonewashed linen apron, market tote Handmade Décor: pillow covers from reclaimed materials, dipped beeswax candles, linen ruffle throw blanket Natural Body: chamomile body butter, lavender calendula salve, relaxing bath soak and body mist Natural Laundry: essential oil spot remover, wool dryer balls, lavender linen spray Natural Cleaning: orange dusting spray, glass cleaner Farmhouse Cooking: cast iron sourdough cinnamon roll, orange cream kefir smoothie, roasted red pepper and tomato soup Gardening: windowsill herb garden, cut flower garden, essential oil pest spray

The Complete Idiot s Guide to Fermenting Foods

Author : Wardeh Harmon
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Format : PDF, Docs
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Make your own delicious cultured foods-safely and easily! The art of fermenting foods is an ages-old craft that is enjoying a resurgence as people are discovering not only the health benefits of live-culture foods, but the true pleasure of creating their own fermentations at home. From kombucha to kefir, and from sourdough to kimchi, research is proving that live-culture foods can help reduce high cholesterol, strengthen and support digestive and immune systems, and help fight and prevent chronic diseases. The Complete Idiot's Guide® to Fermenting Foods covers the amazing health benefits of fermented foods and the techniques for safely fermenting food at home. Here's what you'll find in The Complete Idiot's Guide to Fermenting Food: Over 100 unique and delicious recipes for ferments of all types, including beverages, cultured dairy, fermented grains, vegetable ferments, and much more, and each with detailed instructions Helpful insight on the tools and techniques you'll need to know to safely create nearly any type of fermented food Detailed guidance on how fermentation works, how to troubleshoot common fermentation issues, and how to grow your own starters

Drink Your Way to Gut Health

Author : Molly Morgan
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Easy, healthy drinks and smoothies made with kombucha, kefir, yogurt, almond milk, and more These days, it seems everyone is always talking about juicing, cleanses, and smoothies. In Drink Your Way to Gut Health, Molly Morgan, a Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics, brings credentials and extensive knowledge to the topic with 140 healing drink recipes based on kefir, yogurt, kombucha, almond milk, and ginger beer. The beverages, organized by chapters like Energizing, Nutrient-Rich, and Detoxifying, not only work against a variety of ailments like type 2 diabetes, allergies, and obesity, but are delicious too. Just look at the Blueberry Cinnamon Crush and the Macaroon Smoothie! Other bonus materials included in the book are nutritional data, health tips, resource lists, and shopping guides, making it an indispensable resource for those looking to improve their gut health.

Climatological Data

Author :
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Collection of the monthly climatological reports of the United States by state or region, with monthly and annual national summaries.


Author : Gay Bilson
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Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Gay Bilson's name is synonymous with the revolution in Australian cooking and restaurant life that began in the 1970s. Her food is legendary, as are her informed and passionate observations about food and culture. Plenty is a rare feast for the mind and senses: sharply personal memories and musings, including the years at the Bon Gout, Berowra Waters Inn and Bennelong restaurants in Sydney; perceptive portraits of eminent chefs and food writers; and, throughout, a sustained reflection on the significance of preparing and sharing food.Gay Bilson's writing is in turn cerebral and sensuous, analytical and celebratory, purposeful and playfully digressive. This book, like the best restaurants, offers pleasure and nourishment in equal measure.

Library Journal

Author :
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Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The Art of Fermentation

Author : Sandor Ellix Katz
File Size : 71.60 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Winner of the 2013 James Beard Foundation Book Award for Reference and Scholarship, and a New York Times bestseller, The Art of Fermentation is the most comprehensive guide to do-it-yourself home fermentation ever published. Sandor Katz presents the concepts and processes behind fermentation in ways that are simple enough to guide a reader through their first experience making sauerkraut or yogurt, and in-depth enough to provide greater understanding and insight for experienced practitioners. While Katz expertly contextualizes fermentation in terms of biological and cultural evolution, health and nutrition, and even economics, this is primarily a compendium of practical information—how the processes work; parameters for safety; techniques for effective preservation; troubleshooting; and more. With two-color illustrations and extended resources, this book provides essential wisdom for cooks, homesteaders, farmers, gleaners, foragers, and food lovers of any kind who want to develop a deeper understanding and appreciation for arguably the oldest form of food preservation, and part of the roots of culture itself. Readers will find detailed information on fermenting vegetables; sugars into alcohol (meads, wines, and ciders); sour tonic beverages; milk; grains and starchy tubers; beers (and other grain-based alcoholic beverages); beans; seeds; nuts; fish; meat; and eggs, as well as growing mold cultures, using fermentation in agriculture, art, and energy production, and considerations for commercial enterprises. Sandor Katz has introduced what will undoubtedly remain a classic in food literature, and is the first—and only—of its kind.