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Doctor Who Adventures in Lockdown

Author : Chris Chibnall
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Darkness Never Prevails. While staying home was a vital safety measure in 2020, the freedom of the TARDIS remained a dream that drew many - allowing them to roam the cosmos in search of distraction, reassurance and adventure. Now some of the finest TV Doctor Who writers come together with gifted illustrators in this very special short story collection in support of BBC Children in Need. Current and former showrunners - Chris Chibnall Russell T Davies and Steven Moffat - present exciting adventures for the Doctor conceived in confinement, alongside brand new fiction from Neil Gaiman, Mark Gatiss and Vinay Patel. Also featuring work from Chris Riddell, Joy Wilkinson, Paul Cornell, Sonia Leong, Sophie Cowdrey, Mike Collins and many more, Adventures in Lockdown is a book for any Doctor Who fan in your life, stories that will send your heart spinning wildly through time and space... £2.25 from every copy sold in the UK of Doctor Who: Adventures in Lockdown will benefit Children in Need (registered charity number 802052 in England & Wales and SC039557 in Scotland)

Doctor Who

Author : Steve Cole
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Darkness Never Prevails. While staying home was a vital safety measure in 2020, the freedom of the TARDIS remained a dream that drew many - allowing them to roam the cosmos in search of distraction, reassurance and adventure.

Lockdown 2020

Author :
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Doctor s Romantic Adventures

Author : Yu BuZhou
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Tang Chuan, the heir to the imperial family, was ordered by four beautiful mothers to find the precious treasure of the Apricot Forest, the "Nine Stars Needle". At the same time, he helped his fiancée, who he had never met, dissolve her yin and yang body, but because of the misunderstanding, Tang Chuan stayed at Zhou's house.

Child Safety Lockdown

Author : David Brock
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At one time, protecting your children was as easy as ensuring they were in at dark, brushed their teeth and had a delicious and healthy dinner. The world has changed throughout the years, however, and nowadays it is a much scarier place to live than we ever could have imagined 15 or 20 years ago. It seems that we live in a world where dangers lurk at every corner; especially for the harmless, helpless children that we love so dearly. Keeping your kids safe is a never-ending, tireless task, yet one that you’d go to great lengths to secure for the most precious beings in your life. From the very first day that you bring your children home from the hospital until the day that you leave this earth, protecting your kids from harm is something that you’d go to great lengths to do. Friends and family are always there to provide you with advice and guidance for child-rearing and maintaining their safety and while their advice is always meant-well and accepted, it sometimes isn’t accurate, up-to-date, or something that you’d ever consider as a parent. Since there is no manual for child safety and the advice of others may not always be the best, it is up to you to ensure that you are always aware of the right ways of protecting your little ones. With this guide you’ll learn professional tips and advice for child safety. Whether you’re the parent of a baby, a toddler, or a school-aged child or teenager, the information inside of this course is provided to you in an effort to help you keep the people that you love most in life safe no matter where life may take them. ORDER NOW.


Author : Brij Bhan
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The book is a fantasy about corona pandemic and it's affects throughout the world,it also tells us the geopolitics in the world and the struggles Chinese and western world which is about to come in future.This book also has another plot which is very exciting and give some relief to the readers in this difficult atmosphere, in this plot a young boy struggles and accidentally finds the corona vaccine.In the end I want to say that this book is for all the classes and age's people. One must get full pleasure and relief.

The Adventures of Mad Martin

Author : Bethany Cavers
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Religion and Doctor Who

Author : Andrew Crome
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Doctor Who has always contained a rich current of religious themes and ideas. In its very first episode it asked how humans rationalize the seemingly supernatural, as two snooping schoolteachers refused to accept that the TARDIS was real. More recently it has toyed with the mystery of Doctor's real name, perhaps an echo of ancient religions and rituals in which knowledge of the secret name of a god, angel or demon was thought to grant a mortal power over the entity. But why does Doctor Who intersect with religion so often, and what do such instances tell us about the society that produces the show and the viewers who engage with it? The writers of Religion and Doctor Who: Time and Relative Dimensions in Faith attempt to answer these questions through an in-depth analysis of the various treatments of religion throughout every era of the show's history. While the majority of chapters focus on the television show Doctor Who, the authors also look at audios, novels, and the response of fandom. Their analyses--all written in an accessible but academically thorough style--reveal that examining religion in a long-running series such as Doctor Who can contribute to a number of key debates within faith communities and religious history. Most importantly, it provides another way of looking at why Doctor Who continues to inspire, to engage, and to excite generations of passionate fans, whatever their position on faith. The contributors are drawn from the UK, the USA, and Australia, and their approaches are similarly diverse. Chapters have been written by film scholars and sociologists; theologians and historians; rhetoricians, philosophers and anthropologists. Some write from the perspective of a particular faith or belief; others write from the perspective of no religious belief. All, however, demonstrate a solid knowledge of and affection for the brilliance of Doctor Who.

Doctor Who Guide 2 3

Author : Compiled from Wikipedia pages and published by Dr Googelberg
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The World s Most Haunted Hospitals

Author : Richard Estep
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A paramedic and paranormal investigator takes readers on a terrifying tour of haunted hospitals, asylums, and medical facilities across the globe. Hospitals are the nexus point between life and death, the place into which people enter this world, but also exit it. When we consider what has taken place behind the closed doors of hospitals since the inception of the medical profession, it should come as no surprise to discover that so many of them are haunted. In The World's Most Haunted Hospitals, paramedic and paranormal investigator Richard Estep recounts some of the most fascinating—and chilling—stories of hospital hauntings from across the globe, including: The apparitions at an old Utah hospital, now a nursing home, whose appearances are said to predict a patient's death. The Italian island referred to by locals as "the gateway to Hell," where the spirits of thousands of plague victims prowl the streets. The terrifying phenomena that keep visitors away from an abandoned airbase hospital in the Philippines. The ghostly nurse who has haunted the corridors of a London hospital for generations.

Just a Matter of Times

Author : Don Shields
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Our story begins in 1988. The Cold War continues. David Blade is a spy for a super secret espionage agency, AEGIS (Allied Espionage Group Intelligence Service) which serves as a watchdog over western intelligence agencies. Blade´s employer, AEGIS, also handles missions deemed too politically difficult for the CIA or MI5. Our story opens with Blade completing a mission. On returning to AEGIS headquarters Blade is told he is to old for fieldwork and is to be retired. Events transpiring in a Russian research facility cause AEGIS to bring Blade out of his recent forced retirement and send him into Siberia for one last mission. An accident at the Soviet research facility has caused the Chief Soviet scientist to discover a crude means of time travel into the past. The accident threw his daughter and a logbook of important data into the past to the year 1908. The leader of the first KGB team sent back in time to retrieve the data and girl goes rogue kills his teammates takes the girl and defects into 1908. Blade must follow her trail to the past and find her and the data before another competing KGB team. Blade must display initiative and creativity in this low-tech environment as he follows the girl´s trail across Siberia on the Trans-Siberian Express into Czarist Russia and Moscow. Blade is competing against time in more ways than one as he must return the woman to the specific point where they were inserted to the past in Siberia before she Phase-Locks with the past. Blade has only 23 days to find her in Moscow and return her to Siberia using 1908 modes of transport.

The Psychosocial Aspects of a Deadly Epidemic What Ebola Has Taught Us about Holistic Healing

Author : Judy Kuriansky
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Edited by a clinical psychologist who has been on the ground helping to develop psychosocial support for Ebola survivors in one of the hardest-hit regions of West Africa, this book explains the devastating emotional aspects of the epidemic and its impact on survivors and the population in West Africa, families in the diaspora, and people in the United States and other countries. It also describes lessons learned from past epidemics like HIV/AIDS and SARS, and valuable approaches to healing from future epidemics. • Addresses the various myths and resulting psychological, social, and economic harm caused by Ebola • Presents models of psychosocial support and help offered by local as well as international aid organizations • Covers efforts to build the mental health infrastructure of the affected countries, revealing the importance of integrating mental health care into primary health care • Explains government and media responses to the Ebola epidemic • Supplies critically important information for psychologists and mental health workers, health professionals of all disciplines, public health students, government officials, policymakers, and all individuals and groups interested in providing psychosocial support • Includes a foreword by an important official and endorsements by other significant stakeholders in the fight against Ebola

The Heretics

Author : Will Storr
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Why do obviously intelligent people believe things in spite of the evidence against them? Will Storr has travelled across the world to meet an extraordinary cast of modern heretics in order to answer this question. He goes on a tour of Holocaust sites with David Irving and a band of neo-Nazis, experiences his own murder during 'past-life regression' hypnosis, takes part in a mass homeopathic overdose, and investigates a new disease affecting tens of thousands of people - a disease that doesn't actually exist. Using a unique mix of personal memoir, investigative journalism and the latest research from neuroscience and experimental psychology, Storr reveals why the facts just won't convince some people, and how the neurological 'hero-maker' inside all of us can so easily lead to self-deception and science-denial. The Heretics will change the way you think about thinking.

Islands of Refuge

Author : Jeff Muñoz
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"Islands of Refuge is the stuff of legends. A confused teenager in big trouble over drugs, wanted by the FBI, goes on the lam and has just landed on Hawaii's Big Island when a car driven by an old man pulls over and offers him a ride. Daddy Bray, Hawaii's last great kahuna, tells Jeff that he has been waiting years for him to arrive. Over the next quarter century, [Munoz] remakes himself into a new kind of man..." Jeffrey Paine, author of Father India and Re-enchantment: Tibetan Buddhism Comes to the West; vice president of the National Book Critics Circle and Judge of the Pulizter Prize.

The Last Call to the Human Race

Author : Soumik Sarkar
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Those fortunate souls who are reading this book right now are the chosen ones, because your mission and real purpose of life will finally be revealed to you soon. This book unlocks the secrets of life. Those who really want to change their life for the better will get this book by divine intervention, at the perfect time. As you go on an epic adventure with Mohan, the young and dynamic character in this book, you will explore the beautiful and divine holy places, ancient Holy Scriptures and the most confidential secrets of life by holy enlightened monks. You will learn how to become extraordinary, successful and lead a satisfying life using real life incidents and ancient, very powerful bonafide techniques. This book has been written in a manner which is simple, understandable and practical in real life, to enlighten and re-energize souls. The readers will be transported to an amazing paradise on Earth. So if you dare to break free, if you dare to think differently and don't want to miss a once in a lifetime opportunity to go on an epic adventure and quest for the absolute truth, just grab this book with both hands and change your life forever.

Sonic Super Special Magazine 12

Author : Sonic Scribes
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Format : PDF, Kindle
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Celebrate 25 years of the SEGA GENESIS with this extra-special anniversary edition of SONIC SUPER SPECIAL MAGAZINE! Take a look back at the SEGA system that started a revolution with this anniversary issue featuring the origins of such hit games as Golden Axe, Altered Beast, Streets of Rage and more—alongside awesome new pin-up art from the Archie team! Also featured is a special look at the all-new SONIC BOOM games and TV show, with exclusive info you won’t find anywhere else! The SONIC SUPER SPECIAL MAGAZINE gives you the world of Sonic the Hedgehog comics as you've never seen it before, with tons of comic stories, special features and exclusive articles on the latest and greatest in the world of everyone's favorite blue hedgehog-hero! Plus an interview with Sonic inker supreme Terry Austin and an all-new cover from the incomparable BEN BATES! This issue is jam-packed with awesomeness!

Intensive Care

Author : Gavin Francis
File Size : 49.23 MB
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An Observer, New Statesman, Financial Times, Irish Times and Scotsman 2021 Non-Fiction Highlight 'Searing yet beautiful ... less a hot take that an astute manifesto for what matters most in life, as well as in medicine.' Rachel Clarke, author of Breathtaking: Inside the NHS in a Time of Pandemic and Your Life in My Hands 'Well written, often entertaining and occasionally deeply moving; an unmissable account of a year we will all try too hard to forget.' The Times 'Inspiring. I can't recommend it too strongly. You will learn a lot from it, and you will find much more that is encouraging.' Allan Massie, Scotsman Intensive Care is about how coronavirus emerged, spread across the world and changed all of our lives forever. But it's not, perhaps, the story you expect. Gavin Francis is a GP who works in both urban and rural communities, splitting his time between Edinburgh and the islands of Orkney. When the pandemic arrived in our society he saw how it affected every walk of life: the anxious teenager, the isolated care home resident, the struggling furloughed worker and homeless ex-prisoner, all united by their vulnerability in the face of a global disaster. And he saw how the true cost of the virus was measured not just in infections, or deaths, or ITU beds, but in the consequences of the measures taken against it. In this deeply personal account of nine months spent caring for a society in crisis, Francis will take you from rural village streets to local clinics and communal city stairways. And in telling this story, he reveals others: of loneliness and hope, illness and recovery, and of what we can achieve when we care for each other.

Alex and the Monsters Together at Home Coronavirus Days

Author : Jaume Copons
File Size : 69.72 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Hi! My name is Alex Pianola. Since the coronavirus lockdown began, I’ve been stuck at home with ten monsters and my parents. Gradually, I’ve realized that everyone else is in the same situation and we all I have to learn to do everyday things differently. I am eager to go outside, but thanks to the monsters and my friend Lidia, I’ve learned more about the virus and the whole point of the lockdown. We have to be responsible. We have to support our healthcare system, research and science, but we also need to take care of the planet and of each other, because we are all in the same boat. This special digital edition guide helps young readers learn to live with the coronavirus and play their part in stopping it from spreading. It encourages children to calmly reflect on what they are experiencing and teaches them how to cope with the anxiety that changes in routine can create. The information about COVID-19 is presented in a kid-friendly format and is easy to understand. Great care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of the scientific facts presented, thanks to the input of specialists such as Salvador Macip (doctor, scientist and writer), Toni Hernández (physicist, linguist and teacher) and Elena Rottier (psychologist). Together we will defeat the virus and there will be more Alex and the Monsters adventures! -- Jaume Copons

The Diaper Series

Author : Lee Tasby
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The Diaper Series: The Diaper Series is a collection of superhero books for children. Each book centers around Muscle Man Mo Baby. In each series, Muscle Man Mo Baby manages to save the day by capturing the bad guys and wrapping them up in a diaper hold. This collection of books are fun, entertaining, and filled with excitement and thrills. Baby Mo is an innocent little baby that suddenly morphs into Super Man Mo Baby. His Mother Susan has no idea what her young child has been up to. In this book Muscle Man Mo Baby has to save the city from all of the super animals that the Good Doctor created. About the Author: Maurice is an energetic fun loving 8 year old who loves telling stories and creating new adventures. He also loves sports and school. He began his writing career to give him something to do during lock down 2020. The Diaper Series is his first published work. Maurice looks forward to continuing to build on to his series by adding new stories and fun activities for kids.Note from the Author: I am wrestler. Unable to practice because of Covid, I am using my time to develop my entrepreneur skills. My Mom and Sister are big into business and I was coerced to write a book out of sheer boredom. This coerced experience has opened my eyes to do something I did not think I was able to do. I found out that I really love writing and sharing stories with others. I also really liked every aspect of the development of my book series. The goal for this project was to help bring my dad home. So he can work with us and build a successful business that supports our family and gives back to others in need. Thank you for reading my book! I hope you like it as much as I enjoyed writing it.So here it is the Diaper Series!Maurice

Escape Your Nightmares

Author : Zoey Mahrie Taylor
File Size : 67.26 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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When Christie Livingston wakes in the morning, she suffers heart palpitations and shivers with fear. Lately, her sinister, recurring dreams have been featuring visions of kidnappings, home invasions, and motorcycle gangs. At times, this retired Kelowna, British Columbia, resident questions her own sanity. She especially worries about her family and friends when they make appearances in her dreams. Christie prays that these events remain in her subconcious alone. But soon, Christie's worst nightmares are manifested when her best friend's young granddaughter is abducted from school. With a fierce winter storm approaching, authorities launch desperate efforts to obtain the handicapped child's safe return. A massive manhunt- for someone in Christie's life- begins in earnest. A roller coaster ride of drama and suspense, Escape Your Nightmares reveals the twisted thinking of a disturbed serial killer and touches upon the terror produced by a contagious and potentially fatal disease., Author Zoey Taylor's new psycho-thriller addresses topics of current relevance while holding you captive to a tension-filled tale. Author's Website EARLY REVIEWS Zoey Taylor has done it again with her signature storytelling and believable characters. Escape Your Nightmares holds our attention when Chrisite's premonitions become all too real; a gang fight leads to the abduction of an innocent child. Throw in a bit of HIN! flu, a school lockdown, and a desperate search for two unpredictable murderers, and you've got another page-turner with a fast-moving plot that you won't be able to put down. Janeah Rose, author of Finding Happiness Without Children. I loved reading your novel. While some aspects of Escape Your Nightmares dealt with subjects outside my usual milieu, I found the experience both enlightening and educational. I feel like Christie-- her family and friends are people I've known for ages and about whom I care. In Paolo's case, I'd sum it up as "power of love" and power of prayer" equals justice. Karma suggests his next life will find him learning some tough lessons the hard way! Sylvia Port, retired Violent Crime Analyst Once you begin reading Escape Your Nightmares by Zoey Taylor, you won't want to wait to find out what happens next! the plot as well as the characters reflect the interesting twists and turns of current-day events in contemporary society. Dee Battista, Realtor