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Document Analysis Systems Theory and Practice

Author : Seong-Whan Lee
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Recently, there has been an increased interest in the research and development of techniques for components of complete document analysis systems. In recognition of this trend, a series of workshops on Document Analysis Systems commenced in 1994, under the leadership of Henry Baird. The first workshop, held in Kaiserslautern, Germany, in October, 1994, was chaired by Andreas Dengel and Larry Spitz. The second workshop on Document Analysis Systems was held in Malvern, PA, USA, in October, 1996, chaired by Jonathan J. Hull and Suzanne Liebowitz Taylor. The DAS workshop has been one of the most prestigious technical meetings, bringing together a large number of scientists and engineers from all over the world to express their innovative ideas and report on their latest achievements in the area of document analysis systems. The papers in this special book edition were rigorously selected from the Third IAPR Workshop on Document Analysis Systems (DAS’98), held in Nagano, Japan, on 4 - 6 November 1998. It is worth mentioning that the papers were chosen for their original and substantial contributions to the workshop theme and this special book edition. From among the 53 papers that were presented by authors from 11 countries at the DAS’98 after critical reviews by at least three experts, we carefully selected 29 papers for this special book edition. Most of the contributions in this edition have been expanded or extensively revised to include helpful discussions, suggestions, or comments made during the workshop.

Document Analysis Systems VI

Author : Simone Marinai
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Thisvolumecontainspapersselectedforpresentationatthe6thIAPRWorkshop on Document Analysis Systems (DAS 2004) held during September 8–10, 2004 at the University of Florence, Italy. Several papers represent the state of the art in a broad range of “traditional” topics such as layout analysis, applications to graphics recognition, and handwritten documents. Other contributions address the description of complete working systems, which is one of the strengths of this workshop. Some papers extend the application domains to other media, like the processing of Internet documents. The peculiarity of this 6th workshop was the large number of papers related to digital libraries and to the processing of historical documents, a taste which frequently requires the analysis of color documents. A total of 17 papers are associated with these topics, whereas two yearsago (in DAS 2002) only a couple of papers dealt with these problems. In our view there are three main reasons for this new wave in the DAS community. From the scienti?c point of view, several research ?elds reached a thorough knowledge of techniques and problems that can be e?ectively solved, and this expertise can now be applied to new domains. Another incentive has been provided by several research projects funded by the EC and the NSF on topics related to digital libraries.

Document Analysis Systems II

Author : Jonathan J Hull
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This book provides an overview of the state of the art in research and development of systems for document image analysis. Topics covered include a variety of systems and architectures for processing document images as well as methods for converting those images into formats that can be manipulated by a computer. The chapters are written by recognized experts in the field and describe Systems and Architectures, Recognition Techniques, Graphics Analysis, Document Image Retrieval, and World Wide Web Applications. Contents: Document De-Blurring Using Maximum Likelihood Methods (T Pavlidis)Language Identification in Complex, Unoriented, and Degraded Document Images (D-S Lee et al.)Language-Independent and Segmentation-Free Techniques for Optical Character Recognition (J Makhoul et al.)Priming the Recognizer (G Nagy & Y H Xu)A Multi-Layer Corroboration-Based Checked Reader (G F Houle et al.)A System for Copying Oversize Documents (J F Cullen)SPAM: A Scientific Paper Access Method (A L Spitz)Documents on the Move: DA&IR-Driven Mail Piece Processing Today and Tomorrow (U Miletzki)Evaluating the Performance of Techniques for the Extraction of Primitives from Line Drawings Composed of Horizontal and Vertical Lines (J F Arias et al.)Prediction of OCR Accuracy Using a Neural Network (J Gonzalez et al.)DocBrowse: A System for Textual and Graphical Querying on Degraded Document Image Data (M Y Jaisimha et al.)The Development of a General Framework for Intelligent Document Image Retrieval (D Doermann et al.)Evaluating Japanese Document Recognition in the Internet/Intranet Environment (T Hong et al.)Document Analysis and the World Wide Web (D Lopresti & J Zhou)and other papers Readership: Computer scientists and researchers in artificial intelligence, image processing & computer vision and document image analysis. keywords:Document Analysis;Document Recognition;Pattern Recognition;Layout Analysis;Skew Detection;Handwriting Recognition;Document Processing;Engineering Drawing Interpretation;Bank Check Recognition;WWW Image Recognition

Document Analysis and Recognition ICDAR 2021

Author : Josep Lladós
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This four-volume set of LNCS 12821, LNCS 12822, LNCS 12823 and LNCS 12824, constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 16th International Conference on Document Analysis and Recognition, ICDAR 2021, held in Lausanne, Switzerland in September 2021. The 182 full papers were carefully reviewed and selected from 340 submissions, and are presented with 13 competition reports. The papers are organized into the following topical sections: document analysis for literature search, document summarization and translation, multimedia document analysis, mobile text recognition, document analysis for social good, indexing and retrieval of documents, physical and logical layout analysis, recognition of tables and formulas, and natural language processing (NLP) for document understanding.

Machine Learning in Document Analysis and Recognition

Author : Simone Marinai
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The objective of Document Analysis and Recognition (DAR) is to recognize the text and graphicalcomponents of a document and to extract information. With ?rst papers dating back to the 1960’s, DAR is a mature but still gr- ing research?eld with consolidated and known techniques. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) engines are some of the most widely recognized pr- ucts of the research in this ?eld, while broader DAR techniques are nowadays studied and applied to other industrial and o?ce automation systems. In the machine learning community, one of the most widely known - search problems addressed in DAR is recognition of unconstrained handwr- ten characters which has been frequently used in the past as a benchmark for evaluating machine learning algorithms, especially supervised classi?ers. However, developing a DAR system is a complex engineering task that involves the integration of multiple techniques into an organic framework. A reader may feel that the use of machine learning algorithms is not approp- ate for other DAR tasks than character recognition. On the contrary, such algorithms have been massively used for nearly all the tasks in DAR. With large emphasis being devoted to character recognition and word recognition, other tasks such as pre-processing, layout analysis, character segmentation, and signature veri?cation have also bene?ted much from machine learning algorithms.

Graphics Recognition Recent Advances and Perspectives

Author : Josep Lladós
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1 Thisbookcontainsrefereedandimprovedpaperspresentedatthe5thIAPR - ternational Workshop on Graphics Recognition (GREC 2003). GREC 2003 was held in the Computer Vision Center, in Barcelona (Spain) during July 30–31, 2003. TheGRECworkshopisthemainactivityoftheIAPR-TC10,theTechnical 2 Committee on Graphics Recognition . Edited volumes from the previous wo- shops in the series are available as Lecture Notes in Computer Science: LNCS Volume 1072 (GREC 1995 at Penn State University, USA), LNCS Volume 1389 (GREC 1997 in Nancy, France), LNCS Volume 1941 (GREC 1999 in Jaipur, India), and LNCS Volume 2390 (GREC 2001 in Kingston, Canada). Graphics recognition is a particular ?eld in the domain of document ana- sis that combines pattern recognition and image processing techniques for the analysis of any kind of graphical information in documents, either from paper or electronic formats. Topics of interest for the graphics recognition community are: vectorization; symbol recognition; analysis of graphic documents with - agrammatic notation like electrical diagrams, architectural plans, engineering drawings, musical scores, maps, etc. ; graphics-based information retrieval; p- formance evaluation in graphics recognition; and systems for graphics recog- tion. Inadditiontotheclassicobjectives,inrecentyearsgraphicsrecognitionhas faced up to new and promising perspectives, some of them in conjunction with other, a?ne scienti?c communities. Examples of that are sketchy interfaces and on-line graphics recognition in the framework of human computer interaction, or query by graphic content for retrieval and browsing in large-format graphic d- uments, digital libraries and Web applications. Thus, the combination of classic challenges with new research interests gives the graphics recognition ?eld an active scienti?c community, with a promising future.

Graphics Recognition Algorithms and Applications

Author : Dorothea Blostein
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This book presents refereed and revised papers presented at GREC 2001, the 4th IAPR International Workshop on Graphics Recognition, which took place in Kingston, Ontario, Canada in September 2001. Graphics recognition is a branch of document image analysis that focuses on the recognition of two-dimensional notations such as engineering drawings, maps, mathematical notation, music notation, tables, and chemical structure diagrams. Due to the growing demand for both o?-line and on-line document recognition systems, the ?eld of graphics recognition has an excitingand promisingfuture. The GREC workshops provide an opportunity for researchers at all levels of experience to share insights into graphics recognition methods. The workshops enjoy strongparticipation from researchers in both industry and academia. They are sponsored by IAPR TC-10, the Technical Committee on Graphics Recog- tion within the International Association for Pattern Recognition. Edited v- umes from the previous three workshops in this series are available as Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Vols. 1072, 1389, and 1941. After the GREC 2001 workshop, authors were invited to submit enhanced versions of their papers for review. Every paper was evaluated by three reviewers. We are grateful to both authors and reviewers for their careful work during this review process. Many of the papers that appear in this volume were thoroughly revised and improved, in response to reviewers’ suggestions.

Progress in Intelligent Computing Techniques Theory Practice and Applications

Author : Pankaj Kumar Sa
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The book focuses on both theory and applications in the broad areas of communication technology, computer science and information security. This two volume book contains the Proceedings of 4th International Conference on Advanced Computing, Networking and Informatics. This book brings together academic scientists, professors, research scholars and students to share and disseminate information on knowledge and scientific research works related to computing, networking, and informatics to discuss the practical challenges encountered and the solutions adopted. The book also promotes translation of basic research into applied investigation and convert applied investigation into practice.

IBBO International Biography and Bibliography of Ophthalmologists and Visual Scientist A Z

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DIAL 2004 explores new technologies that promise to assist the integration of imaged documents within digital libraries. This workshop describes the state of the art and identifies urgent open problems. Its papers cover general DIA challenges arising within DLs, DL systems architectures, document-image retrieval, content extraction from document images for DLs, and specialized challenges to DIA methods posed by handwritten and/or historical documents.