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Does Christianity Kill Culture

Author : Arthur Chingwaru
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This book was written in an environment of multi-culturalism. To be against one or pro the other might offend the other. A multi-cultural society allows you to feel connected to different cultures, and culturally different points of view. Cultural differences are not of some one’s own making but natural. The importance of Christianity to culture is that, Christianity started social things like schools and hospitals, which are for the alleviation of the plight of society. Christianity involves things like our family lives and our personal hygiene, which are very important for our well-being. Christianity takes us as all equals in the eyes of God the Father, is not selfish but viewing every creation as important. How we view ourselves is how we should view others as important as ourselves. Christianity is unique in that it combines many cultures. It started at the time of Jesus, which means those who came to Christianity, had their own cultures. Some cultures had to abandon what they valued before, such as polygamy, alcohol divorce, abortion and some rituals, which were anti-Christ. Some cultures were made to adopt some Christian cultures, which were not in their cultures before, such as Christmas and Easter holidays. With the fact that they were made to drop some of their traditions and adapt some Christian cultures could be the reason why they would start saying Christianity is killing culture.

How Christianity Saved Civilization

Author : Mike Aquilina
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Ancient Rome’s brutal culture exploited the weak and considered human life expendable. Women were used as property; unwanted children were left on the streets to die. Four centuries later, even ordinary men and women prospered in what had become a vigorous new Christian society – a society that served the vulnerable, exalted women, treasured virtue, and loved peace. Faith had triumphed. Truth was proclaimed. And on this rock-solid foundation, Christian society flourished in the West for the next 1500 years. These eye-opening pages document the many ways in which Christians penetrated and civilized that debased Roman empire, introducing then-radical notions such as the equal dignity of women, respect for life, protection of the weak and vulnerable, and the obligation of rulers to serve those they rule and maximize their freedom. Here you’ll learn about the seven specific areas where any paganism, ancient or modern, is particularly vulnerable. They provide a roadmap for modern Christians to reclaim for the Faith our own neo-pagan modern culture. Facing an overwhelmingly dark and hostile culture, Rome’s early Christians took the steps necessary to transform it. Their struggles and the hard lessons they learned – documented here – afford us hope that, by imitating their example, we may do the same for our culture today.

Producing Christian Culture

Author : Giles E. M. Gasper
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Producing Christian Culture takes as its thread the 'interpretative genres' within which medieval people engaged with the Bible. Contributors to the volume present specific material as a case study illustrative of a specific genre, whether devotional, homiletical, scholarly, or controversial. The chronological range moves from St Augustine to the use of gospel texts in polemical writing of the first two decades of the 1500s, with focal sections on early medieval Anglo-Saxon and Carolingian theology, the scholastic turn of the High Middle Ages, and the influence of vernacular writing in the later Middle Ages. The tremendous range and vitality of medieval responses to biblical texts are highlighted within the studies.

Cultures of violence

Author : Ivan Evans
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This book deals with the inherent violence of “race relations” in two important countries that remain iconic expressions of white supremacy in the twentieth century. Cultures of violence does not just reconstruct the era of violence. Instead it convincingly contrasts the “lynch culture” of the American South to the “bureaucratic culture of violence” in South Africa. By contrasting mobs of rope-wielding white Southerners to the gun-toting policemen and administrators who formally defended white supremacy in South Africa, Cultures of violence employs racial killing as an optic for examining the distinctive logic of the racial state in the two contexts. Combining the historian’s eye for detail with the sociologist’s search for overarching claims, the book explores the systemic connections amongst three substantive areas to explain why contrasting traditions of racial violence took such firm root in the American South and South Africa.

Shaping the Society Christianity and Culture

Author : Pastor Stephen Kyeyune
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African theology involves theology that reflects the original thinking of African people. Many African have expressed a need for the theology that reflects the original thinking of African peoples. Some theologians have recklessly labeled every aspect of African culture to be evil whereas others have expressed contempt regarding Christianity wrapped in Europeans culture. Having stayed away from my culture for more than twenty years, I have encountered several cultural shocks. My personal experience has induced me to invest time into intensive researching on the issue of culture and Christianity in anticipation to help somebody puzzled and drowned in confusion. I mean somebody who will not draw a diving line between the two aspects of lives. Within every cultural background setting, there is a godly culture that is not in conflict with Christianity. The culture of man apart from God equals to corruption. God created culture and He sent His Son to restore and to preserve the moral values of the cultures. The godly culture of man should therefore not be in conflict with the culture of the Bible. This topic has been produced in a series of teachings in different volumes of books for deeper clarification. I advise you to read all of the series available for your spiritual growth. Pastor Stephen Kyeyune

Christian Identity in Cross Cultural Perspective

Author : Martien Brinkman
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The Intertwined Conflict

Author : Najebah Marafi (Naj Murphy)
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This book looks into the different aspects of Islam and culture, and how culture rather than Islam is affecting Muslims, today. It will examine the conflict between Islamic values, and social and culture ones. How Islam has always seen as a religion of oppression and terrorism through the Western eyes, this book will illustrates the factors which created those stereotypes and impression about it. The book, frankly explores the events and life in the Islamic world, Kuwaiti society and the wrongdoings of Muslims. It also finds out how Muslims are influenced by the surrounding circumstance and the folklore of their ancestors whether living amongst their compatriots or expatriates. The book refers to some practices of Muslims briefly by extracting religious texts: The Quran, The Sunnah, and the Sharia, and explaining the misconception of those referred texts by fanatics and very conservative Muslims. The book compiled information and references about different Islamic topics such as social relationships, jurisprudence, and Islam and the modern world. It also explores how Islam is compatible with the past, present and future. The Intertwined Conflict: The reason I chose this title for my book The Intertwined Conflict is because of the conflict most of Arab countries have when it comes to culture, tradition and religion. Everything is embedded with Islam when it has nothing to do with it. It s all about making Islam seem to be the problem when it s all about culture, tradition and the wrong doings of the real means of Islam. People take Islam as an excuse to cover up what they believe in and what they think is right so they relate it to Islam. Fanatics mostly misunderstand Islam, the Quran and the Sunnah and tend to decipher things according to their preference. Matrimony and divorce vs. Islam: Marriage is the most complicated issue which is affected by traditions of the country in where one lives. Different countries have different interpretations of Islam and marriage. Different tribes, ethnic groups and races in a country have different interpretations of marriage. In terms of marriage, In Islam, the conjugal right is as much a woman s right as it is a man s right because one of the purposes of marriage is to protect the chastity of both men and women. This right is also based on the fact that if woman does not have the right to sexual intercourse, it would not have been mandatory in Islamic law for both spouses to insure the maximum possible self-fulfillment for each other. Racism and Islam: Racism in Islam is forbidden and in the sight of Allah no man is superior to another by color, race, class or ethnicity. Indeed, all human beings are equal to Allah and what distinguishes them from another is their good deeds, religious commitments, good manners and following and obeying the Quran and the Sunnah. Equality is one part of the targets of Islam and one of its fundamental bricks. Equality is embedded in most of the Islamic manners and rules. Women, their role and Property Owning: Women in Islam have the full right to own property and possessions, money in whatever manner they prefer. They do not transfer their possessions to their husbands once they get married. They get to keep their money and belongings, and the husband still has to pay for her trivial expenses, such as the household, her children and whatever she needs as a woman, not extravagantly but fairly. Islam and Neighborhood: Neighborhood is one of the important things that Islam exhorted us to pay attention to. It is one of the things that we should not neglect. Taking care of your neighbor urges peace, love and tolerance. Not only Islam exhorts it, but also Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) he was a good example to all of us Muslims in all matters and this matter too. He use

The Bible in Western Culture

Author : Dee Dyas
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With no prior Biblical knowledge required, the volume offers a framework of understanding for those studying Western literature, art, historical events, or for those just wanting to improve their general knowledge.

A Christian Critique of American Culture

Author : Julian Hartt
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Bad conscience is rampant in the church, asserts Julian Hartt. There is the feeling that the church has mislead the contemporary world by its own commitment to archaic symbols and outworn attitudes. It has continued to endorse and defend a system of values that has eroded almost past recognition. Dr. Hartt shows how this acute anxiety over bad conscience prompts the radical reorientation of Christian thinking identified as theology of culture. The heralds of the New Morality have not been reluctant to point this out, and to demand from the church a fairly severe penance: a readiness to give up the ghost if it cannot secularize its Gospel without reservation or residue. But, the author says, the church cannot do this faithfully if it simply looks piously to the past, hopeful to heaven, and with good old American optimism to the future. In this timely and fresh theology of culture for the American situation, the author shows that a deep concern for contemporary culture is an elementary and indispensable part of authentic Christian theological reflection. The revelation of God in Jesus Christ, he contends, gives us both a foundation and a critical posture for the assessment of the world in which we live. Dr. Hartt points out that the initial foothold for Christian theological work is a certain criticism of contemporary life. This will demonstrate what the Christian believes God is and what God demands of him and of all men, whether or not they are Christian or are even religious in any ordinary sense. He then goes on to delineate sketches of what he feels are the chief claims of the Christian faith, and what are key realms of culture.

Christianity and Cultures

Author : David Emmanuel Singh
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"This volume on Christianity and Cultures is a way of marking an important milestone in the relatively short story of the Oxford Centre for Mission Studies (OCMS). The papers here have been exclusively sourced from Transformation, a quarterly journal of OCMS and seek to provide a tripartite view of Christianity's engagement with cultures by focusing on the question: how is Christian thinking forming or reforming through its interaction with the varied contexts it encounters? As Christianity has taken and still takes shape in multiple contexts, it naturally results in a variety of expressions and emphases. One can gain an appreciation of these by studying different strands of theological-missiological thinking, socio-political engagements and forms of family relationships in interaction with the host cultures."--BOOK JACKET.

Christianity and Culture Collision

Author : Cyril Orji
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Drawn from the Conference on World Christianity, this provocatively titled book, invoking images of “culture collision,” “particularity,” and the “global South”, prompts for profoundly new understandings of apparently polar themes: inculturation, universality, and world Christianity. Since the emergence of world Christianity is not an epiphenomenon, but central to the question of how the gospel is good news for today’s world, readers concerned about the theological issues related to the possibilities for a genuinely new evangelization will find this volume. It will also be of interest to students and scholars of African ecclesiastical history, world Christianity, and inter-religious and inter-cultural dialogue. Cyril Orji is Associate Professor of theology at the University of Dayton, Ohio, USA. He specializes in systematic and fundamental theology with particular emphasis on the theology and philosophy of Bernard Lonergan, whom he brings into conversation with the works of the American pragmatist and semiotician Charles Sanders Peirce. Dr Orji also collaborates in inter-religious dialogue and the intersection of religion and culture – inculturation, post-colonial critical theory, and Black and African theologies – and engages in communal practices of communicative theology in the development of local/contextual theologies. He has published numerous articles in various peer-reviewed journals, and is the author of A Semiotic Approach to the Theology of Inculturation (2015), An Introduction to Religious and Theological Studies (2015), The Catholic University and the Search for Truth (2013), and Ethnic and Religious Conflicts in Africa: An Analysis of Bias and Conversion Based on the Work of Bernard Lonergan (2008).

Christianity and the Culture of Relativism in the Anthropologies of Joseph Ratzinger and Stanley Hauerwas

Author : Charles Ssennyondo STL STD
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Joseph Ratzinger rates relativism as the greatest challenge of the Church today. What he describes is not a new phenomenon but his theology highlights its origins and magnitude. Stanley Hauerwas fights the same battle on the Protestant side. This book attempts to discover and streamline their deliberations, showing their meeting points and where they differ, and remedies they offer to combat the crisis. It seeks to argue out the best response to relativism that can most appropriately benefit both Western and African Christendom. Despite being a Western phenomenon, relativism is no longer an exclusively Western problem. It is, rather, imposing itself as the new world culture, depicting all other cultures and perspectives as inferior. Ratzinger christened this the Dictatorship of Relativism, while Hauerwas calls it Policing of Christian Values. While Ratzingers greatest worry is relativisms denial of Truth (mostly from outside the ekklesia), for Hauerwas, relativism is not a force from without (of the Church) but part and parcel of the peoples modern ways of life, in which Christian values are persecuted in the name of peaceful existence. Both perspectives point at a crisis of cultures where the past is rejected and the future disconnected from the present, which trend inevitably leads to disintegration a leap into the dark. While the pre-Modern world sought God, the Modern world sought knowledge. The contemporary world seeks relativism. But all is not lost. The truth can still be found through the word of God and Christian culture.

Christianity and the Culture Machine

Author : Vincent F. Rocchio
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Christianity and the Culture Machine is a precedent-shattering approach to combining theories of media and culture with theology. In this intensive examination of Christianity's role in the cultural marketplace, the author argues that Christianity's inability to effectively contest the ideology of secular humanism is not a theological shortcoming, but rather a communications problem: the institutional church is too wedded to an outmoded aesthetic of Christianity to communicate effectively. Privileging authority and obedience over the egalitarian and transformative goal of Christianity, the church fails to recognize how it undermines the vitality of the Christian narrative and message. In the absence of a more compelling vision offered by the official church, a new aesthetic can be found forming within the margins of popular culture texts. Despite its past failures in representing the Bible in mainstream film and television, the culture industry now offers more compelling versions of core Christian theology without even realizing it--within the margins of the main storylines. This book analyzes the aesthetic principles employed by these appropriations and articulations of Christian discourse as a means of theorizing what a new aesthetic of Christianity might look like.

Village Christians and Hindu Culture

Author : P. Y. Luke
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American Christianity s Adultery with Secular Culture

Author : Michael D. LeMay
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An honest look at where the church in America is headed and what we can do to change course. American Christianity is dying a slow death at its own hands. Instead of positively affecting the secular culture, we are being infected by it under the guise of being "seeker-friendly" and "loving." Soon, the church may be an exact mirror of the culture that seeks to destroy us. With a lack of strong, principled leaders, and with followers who want their ears tickled instead of being challenged to pursue righteousness, American Christianity is writing its own epitaph as it slowly dies. Unless we reverse course by embracing the complete, absolute truth of God's Word and stop trying to redefine God in our selfish human image, only a remnant will remain of a once-powerful church. Do we have the courage to challenge ourselves and our leaders to reject secular culture and its influences? Or will we continue to die a slow death at our own hands as we continue to inhale the cancer of secular humanism? Time is running out. Original Title: The Suicide of American Christianity

Two different worlds

Author :
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Crossroad Discourses between Christianity and Culture

Author :
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Christianity exists in relation to and interacts with its cultural environment in a number of ways. In this volume authors from a wide variety of backgrounds explore various facets of the relationship and interaction of Christianity with its cultural environment: politics, society, esthetics, religion and spirituality, and with itself. Divided into three main sections, Crossroad Discourses between Christianity and Culture looks at the interaction of Christianity with culture in the first section, with other religions and spiritualities in the second, and finally with itself in the third. The contributions engage in a critical examination of not only the culture in which Christianity finds itself but also in a critical examination of Christianity itself and its interaction with that culture. The editors hope that teachers, students, and readers in general will profit greatly from the critical articles contained in this book.

Judaeo Christian Intellectual Culture in the Seventeenth Century

Author : A.P. Coudert
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MURIEL MCCARTHY This volume originated from a seminar organised by Richard H. Popkin in Marsh's Library on July 7-8, 1994. It was one of the most stimulating events held in the Library in recent years. Although we have hosted many special seminars on such subjects as rare books, the Huguenots, and Irish church history, this was the first time that a seminar was held which was specifically related to the books in our own collection. It seems surprising that this type of seminar has never been held before although the reason is obvious. Since there is no printed catalogue of the Library scholars are not aware of its contents. In fact the collection of books by late seventeenth and early eighteenth century European authors on, for example, such subjects as biblical criticism, political and religious controversy, is one of the richest parts of the Library's collections. Some years ago we were informed that of the 25,000 books in Marsh's at least 5,000 English books or books printed in England were printed between 1640 and 1700.

Christianity Latinity and Culture

Author : Patrick Baker
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This book presents, for the first time in English, two studies by Salvatore I. Camporeale (1928-2002) on the fifteenth-century thinker Lorenzo Valla. Camporeale’s work offers new perspectives on Valla, in terms of both content and method.

Encounters Between Chinese Culture and Christianity

Author : Jingyi Ji
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Tracing encounters between Chinese culture and Christianity, Jingyi Ji (*1962 in Beijing) displays vividly how Chinese Christians interpret Christianity in their context. The book involves both Chinese and Western philosophy and theology and will be of interest not only for theologians but also for all those exploring the interaction between Chinese and Western culture.