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Does It Hurt When I Do This

Author : Mark Salamon
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Mark Salamon integrates current scientific literature with his own twenty-five years of experience as a physical therapist to produce this humorous "owners manual" for the human body. Far from a dry guide, this entertaining read teaches readers how to maintain and restore good health, and can be referenced again and again when injuries arise.

Broken Loyalty

Author : Andi Rhodes
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Finn… Wounded Warrior, that’s what they call me. But that’s not who I am. I’m broken, physically and mentally, beyond repair. And I’m no warrior. The only thing I’m good for is sharing my story when the mood strikes me and ignoring the pitying looks when storytime is over. Why, then, can’t I ignore the searing stare of the blonde beauty? I try but she is a perfect representation of my old life, my pre-war life. A life I took for granted. Even worse, she keeps dangling a very tempting carrot in front of me and tearing down walls that I carefully built to protect myself. Isabelle… It’s not easy being the twin of an MC president but it’s a position I’ve accepted and learned to embrace. I grew up knowing that our club would always be my home, my North Star in a demented world. I never dreamed I would find another place, another family that would give me even more purpose in life. Working with veterans feeds my soul in ways the club can’t. Then he shows up and rocks my foundation. He’s the very best of both worlds, but he doesn’t see it. Within minutes of first laying eyes on him, I vow to do whatever it takes to help him figure out how to bridge the divide. There’s a giant flaw in my plan though. I’m the one who ends up needing him. I’m the one who may not survive without his help. And I’m not entirely certain he’s capable of giving it.

The Wesleyan Sunday school magazine afterw The Wesleyan methodist Sunday school magazine

Author :
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No Such Thing as Can t

Author : Lisa Sexton
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There are many books about overcoming obstacles, but this quintessential story of victory over limitations is unique. How many doctors have cerebral palsy? Not many. Yet this disability was part of the Great Physician’s plan for Tyler Sexton. Because of it, Tyler has become a role model for others facing adversity, including his patients. He has also become a humble healer who uses his heart and faith along with his intellect and training to help kids and give them hope. Tyler’s story has been featured on ABC’s 20/20 and was the basis for many episodes of ABC’s new show The Good Doctor. This is a story of a man who says, “I’d rather walk with a limp in Christ than with a strut in the world”; who wears superhero T-shirts and tells his little patients they’re “super” too, despite their physical problems; and whose stint at a medical school in the Caribbean completely erased the islanders’ negative view of disability. Through this inspiring true story, people will be encouraged to face adversity with hope, determination, and the strength of Christ.

Stolen Hearts

Author : Sasha L. Miller
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Mervyn is accustomed to the unusual and strange. People of all walks come to him with problems that only magic can solve. A wizard of no little skill, he enjoys the challenges that come with his job and that he can offer help to people who have nowhere else to go. Even fairies, long abused by wizards for the special energy they can provide, find their way to his door. But when Callisto, a terrified and maliciously attacked fairy, shows up to ask for his help, he presents a challenge that even Mervyn finds overwhelming. In place of his heart, Callisto has only a charm, and it will kill him in a matter of days if Mervyn does not find a solution.

Where Does My Horse Hurt

Author : Renee Tucker
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Keep your horse pain-free and performing his best! Introducing 27 simple body checkups you can do on your horse—Where Does My Horse Hurt? is a do-it-yourself method for determining when and where your horse hurts. With this easy-to-follow book, conveniently spiral-bound so you can lay it open on your tack trunk and follow the instructions as you work on your horse, you will: • Become familiar with your horse's normal range of movement so you can prevent minor issues from becoming major. • Stay in tune with areas of temporary or chronic discomfort so you can offer relief as needed. • Solve "mystery" or "phantom" lamenesses that come and go seemingly without reason. • Save thousands of dollars by avoiding expensive diagnostics that rarely get you answers. • Learn how to discuss potential problem areas with farriers, veterinarians, and bodyworkers. • Keep your horse actively and happily "in work" for more months of the year, and more years of his life.

Mourner at the Door

Author : Gordon Lish
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A collection of stories by the author of "Dear Mr. Capote" and "Peru" captures the significance of the trivial details and everyday experiences that often add up to create the majority of an individual's memories

Susan s Brother

Author : James Marinero
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In 1957, at the age of 9, Susan’s brother was in an adult unit – a unit treating very seriously ill mental patients. In 1985, Susan’s brother took delivery of an Aston Martin DBS. The intervening 28 years hold a remarkable story about a man who grew and prospered as a successful engineering professional, but started out as a dyslexic ‘slow starter’, unwanted by his mother and sister. This is based on a true history, a history that gives hope, a history that demonstrates how simple acts of kindness by friends and neighbours can help someone overcome tremendous handicaps, identity denial and family abuse to become a success both as a person and a parent. There is also a message about those who learn to abuse as children and continue that abuse into adulthood with their own children, and also about those in the extended family who turn a blind eye out of a misplaced sense of family loyalty. This book has some dark moments, but it is a book written to uplift.

True Love

Author : Maria Anderson
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This novel takes place in the real word and on screen, and a few unexpected things happen. People find out the truth about themselves and others. One character named Serenity finds out who her real parents are, which made her have a hard time believing what was right in front of her. She falls in love with a pirate named Jeff Jacob, who just happens to be a captain of a ship named the Destiny. He was in love with another, but she wasnt his true love. This novel has love, hate, gods, demigods, and all kinds of mystical creatures.

AaBack s Grimm A Dark Fantasy Fairy Tale 4 The Battle In The Hedge Labyrinth s Dead Garden The True Beauty Raisin Sweet Tooth And The Jinx query

Author : Kristie Lynn Higgins
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Type: novella and the word count is about 41,600 words The fairy tales you know with a wicked twist. Enter a deadly world that could use a little hope and love. Jane finds she is in a battle with the characters from Little Red Riding hood as she tries to protect the Beast from himself. AaBack's Grimm Dark Fantasy Action Adventure Fairy Tale Series: #1 Tale Of Two Worlds: The Wizard, The Battle Mage, And The Werewolf "FREE" #2 Friends Reunited: The Janus Beast, The Rose Beauty, And The Cursed Duckling "FREE" #3 Dragon Scorned: The Towering Mountain Citadel, The Sword Of Cross-Worlds, And The Maximus-curse #4 The Battle In The Hedge Labyrinth’s Dead Garden: The True Beauty, Raisin Sweet-Tooth, And The Jinx-query