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Genetic Nature Culture

Author : Alan H. Goodman
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Individual essays address issues raised by the science, politics, and history of race, evolution, and identity; genetically modified organisms and genetic diseases; gene work and ethics; and the boundary between humans and animals. The result is an entree to the complicated nexus of questions prompted by the power and importance of genetics and genetic thinking, and the dynamic connections linking culture, biology, nature, and technoscience. The volume offers critical perspectives on science and culture, with contributions that span disciplinary divisions and arguments grounded in both biological perspectives and cultural analysis.

Dog Culture

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Culture Clash

Author : Jean Donaldson
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The book that has shaped modern dog training and ownership with its unique and scientifically sound recognition of the "cultural" differences between dogs and humans. Dogs can't read so you need to in order to really understand your dog.


Author : Margot Lasher
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Dog: Pure Awareness is a psychological and ultimately spiritual exploration of the human-dog connection. People think of their dogs as companions, as partners, and as members of their family, and this book takes that idea seriously. The mind of the dog is approached as someone who lives with us and knows us, sometimes better than anyone else in the world. The book answers questions that all of us who live with a dog have asked: what is she thinking when she stares into my eyes? how does he know when I am feeling sad or anxious? why is she so happy to see me when I¿ve been gone for only 10 minutes? The answers in Dog: Pure Awareness come from an original and revealing combination of relational psychology and shamanic understanding. The connection between a human and her dog is treated as a relationship: two beings in close connection who find strength and a sense of belonging in each other. Using psychological concepts such as attunement and perceptual awareness, the book explores the ways in which human and dog experience and understand each other. Dog: Pure Awareness is written in a clear, non-technical style that will appeal to all dog lovers. It validates people¿s experience that their dog is deeply important to them. It is also a serious theory of the human-dog connection which will be of interest to professionals such as psychologists and veterinarians. It is appropriate for consideration in college and veterinarian school courses which deal with the human-animal bond.

The Dog Problem How Humans Ruined an Animal

Author : Richard Jergens
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The ubiquitous presence, sights and sounds of the dog in your home, on a lawn in the neighborhood, in the media, feature and news stories, in advertising all beg for a critical look at the phenomenon and problem. The problem has been centuries in the making creating in our society an entrenched dog culture. This book involves many sides of the subject including the dog culture, dog industry, service dogs, legal aspects of ownership, Biblical references, fear of dogs and what can be done about it.

Animals in Victorian Literature and Culture

Author : Laurence W. Mazzeno
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This collection includes twelve provocative essays from a diverse group of international scholars, who utilize a range of interdisciplinary approaches to analyze “real” and “representational” animals that stand out as culturally significant to Victorian literature and culture. Essays focus on a wide range of canonical and non-canonical Victorian writers, including Charles Dickens, Anthony Trollope, Anna Sewell, Emily Bronte, James Thomson, Christina Rossetti, and Richard Marsh, and they focus on a diverse array of forms: fiction, poetry, journalism, and letters. These essays consider a wide range of cultural attitudes and literary treatments of animals in the Victorian Age, including the development of the animal protection movement, the importation of animals from the expanding Empire, the acclimatization of British animals in other countries, and the problems associated with increasing pet ownership. The collection also includes an Introduction co-written by the editors and Suggestions for Further Study, and will prove of interest to scholars and students across the multiple disciplines which comprise Animal Studies.

Man Bites Dog Hot Dog Culture in America

Author : Bruce Kraig, professor emeritus of History, Roosevelt University, Chicago, Founding President, Culinary Historians of Chicago; author, Man Bites Dog: Hot Dog Culture in America and Hot Dog: A Global History
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Whether you call them franks, wieners, or red hots, hot dogs are as American as apple pie—but how did these little links become icons of American culture? Man Bites Dog explores the almighty hot dog through history, culture, styles, and even the people who made them famous. Loaded with stunning color photos by Patty Carroll, descriptions of neighborhood venues and flashy pushcarts from New York to Los Angeles, and recipes for cooking up hot dog heaven at home, this book is the ultimate source—informative, fun, and tasty—on the role of hot dogs in American culture.

Racial Culture

Author : Richard T. Ford
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What is black culture? Does it have an essence? What do we lose and gain by assuming that it does, and by building our laws accordingly? This bold and provocative book questions the common presumption of political multiculturalism that social categories such as race, ethnicity, gender, and sexuality are defined by distinctive cultural practices. Richard Ford argues against law reform proposals that would attempt to apply civil rights protections to "cultural difference." Unlike many criticisms of multiculturalism, which worry about "reverse discrimination" or the erosion of core Western cultural values, the book's argument is primarily focused on the adverse effects of multicultural rhetoric and multicultural rights on their supposed beneficiaries. In clear and compelling prose, Ford argues that multicultural accounts of cultural difference do not accurately describe the practices of social groups. Instead these accounts are prescriptive: they attempt to canonize a narrow, parochial, and contestable set of ideas about appropriate group culture and to discredit more cosmopolitan lifestyles, commitments, and values. The book argues that far from remedying discrimination and status hierarchy, "cultural rights" share the ideological presuppositions, and participate in the discursive and institutional practices, of racism, sexism, and homophobia. Ford offers specific examples in support of this thesis, in diverse contexts such as employment discrimination, affirmative action, and transracial adoption. This is a major contribution to our understanding of today's politics of race, by one of the most distinctive and important young voices in America's legal academy.

Transactions on the Fifteenth International Congress on Hygiene and Demography

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The Invention of the Modern Dog

Author : Michael Worboys
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Connecting the emergence and development of certain dog breeds to both scientific understandings of race and blood as well as Britain’s posture in a global empire, The Invention of the Modern Dog demonstrates that studying dog breeding cultures allows historians to better understand the complex social relationships of late-nineteenth-century Britain.

The Influence of the Horse in the Development of Plans Culture

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Unleashing Your Dog

Author : Marc Bekoff
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No matter how cushy their lives, dogs live on our terms. They compromise their freedom and instinctual pleasure, as well as their innate strategies for coping with stress and anxiety, in exchange for the love, comfort, and care they get from us. But it is possible to let dogs be dogs without wreaking havoc on our lives, as biologist Marc Bekoff and bioethicist Jessica Pierce show in this fascinating book. They begin by illuminating the true nature of dogs and helping us "walk in their paws."; They reveal what smell, taste, touch, sight, and hearing mean to dogs and then guide readers through everyday ways of enhancing dogs's freedom in safe, mutually happy ways. The rewards, they show, are great for dog and human alike.

Mr and Mrs Dog

Author : Donald McCaig
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McCaig draws on twenty-five years of experience raising sheepdogs to vividly describe his-- and his dogs June and Luke's-- unlikely progress toward and participation in the World Sheepdog Trials in Wales. Along the way, he relays sage advice, straightforward dog-training tips, and anecdotes of the life experiences that set him on the long road to the Welsh trial fields.

Arctic tourism in times of change Seasonality

Author : Rantala, Outi
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The seasonal nature of tourism is increasingly receiving the attention of various actors: tourism destination planners and economic development strategists at all levels, tour operators and the diverse businesses that significantly depend on tourism, and the host communities who negotiate tourism’s potential to have both positive and negative impacts. The research report at hand identifies and discusses four main perspectives on the issues of seasonal tourism in the Arctic: local community perspectives; employment and workforce issues; the Arctification of northern tourism; and global environmental change. These themes form the key issues around which the challenges and opportunities related to seasonality of tourism can be placed and worked with. Based on the discussion, the report outlines recommendations related to developing a thriving and sustainable tourism sector in Arctic Europe.

Training Your Dog the Humane Way

Author : Alana Stevenson
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"Too many books on dog training leave you feeling you're starting too late. Or they ask you to buy into a complete system, with no variation from the trainer's program. But real world dog owners, often facing intractable behavior problems and unique canine personalities, need tips and techniques to make their lives better right now. And more and more dog owners are realizing that the traditional approach of dominance training through punishment is not only unpleasant to administer and potentially damaging to the dog, it is simply ineffective long term. With Training Your Dog the Humane Way, animal behaviorist and dog trainer Alana Stevenson set out to provide dog owners with a simple, accessible guide to the most effective positive dog training techniques she has in her arsenal. She provides readers with the basic principles of animal learning so that they can effectively prevent and remedy behavioral problems using a humane, positive approach rather than punishment. Alana provides easy-to-follow and highly effective methods and advice for teaching dogs polite manners and for resolving ongoing behavior issues. She provides solutions for such problems as house-soiling, play-biting, separation anxiety, fear of strangers, aggression, lunging while on leash,car sickness, and more. She teaches readers how to teach their dogs the way animals learn best, through kindness and benevolent leadership"--

Brucellosis Surveillance Annual Summary

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CDC Veterinary Public Health Notes

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Shaping Organisational Culture For Success

Author : Rajat Tewari
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A scintillating exposition of Organisational Culture and how to mould it for success and growth ... a must-read for every leader!'-TOI * Are some of your employees disengaged at work? * Are there unresolved conflicts among your team members? * Do you struggle to keep your customers happy? * Do some of your well planned strategies fail? Culture drives the success of any business, group or family As the world becomes more complex and uncertain by the day, the biggest challenge for leaders is to understand Culture and how to shape it for success. Cultures are invisible, pervasive forces which permeate every aspect of our lives. We engage in different cultures at home, at work and in our social groups. Cultures drive our behaviour and if we understand and mould them they can motivate our teams, improve productivity and deliver profitability and growth In Shaping Culture for Organisational Success, Rajat Tewari brings a compelling and practical exposition of Culture, it’s elements, and impact on our lives. This book also presents a detailed step wise process to build and shape your business culture. This book will help you to: Understand what “culture” really is and how it impacts your business, social group or family Identify the ‘gaps’ in your Culture which are thwarting growth and success Apply proven methods and tools to shape the culture Sustain and improve the Cultural change over time Shaping Organisational Culture for Success will give you the knowledge, confidence and tools to shape your Culture.

Medical Service Digest

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The Perfect Dog

Author : Dr Roger Mugford
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Expert animal psychologist Dr Roger Mugford separates the dog care facts from the fiction and teaches you how to care for your pet in a simple, organic and rewarding way. Dr Mugford debunks the myths surrounding dog care in this radical new book that reacts to many modern canine theories. This book explains how your dog is unique. He explains: it's OK to treat your dog as a child your dog isn't the descendant of a wolf, so you don't need to assume the role of pack leader. It also provides you with a practical instruction on the best way to train and raise a happy and healthy dog, based on the most recent research and Dr Mugford's own tried and tested methods. Forget what you've read and seen about dog care, The Mugford Method is the new and definitive approach to raising your pet.