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Doing Respectful Research

Author : Susan A. Tilley
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"The author draws from the critical ethnography she conducted to provide concrete examples of the research process including issues related to data analysis and respectful representation. A unique feature of the book is the emphasis on advisement and the student-advisor relationship that is embedded in chapter discussions. The author addresses the complexities of the relationships that develop between students and advisors over time, emphasizing the role students can play in ensuring the relationship is productive from the beginning to the completion of their research journey. At the conclusion of each chapter there is an annotated bibliography of additional sources (e.g., articles, theses and dissertations) that provide a discussion, and/or examples of research, related to the issues addressed in the chapter. The text includes a significant amount of Canadian context within the text itself and as part of the annotated bibliographies. This qualitative research text is situated within a critical, feminist postmodern framework. The book has three central organizing themes shaping the discussion of doing critical qualitative research (critical reflexivity, the distance dynamic, respectful research praxis). The role power, privilege and passion play in decisions related to what gets researched, who is positioned as researcher or participant and how data are collected, analyzed represented and publicized is embedded in the chapter discussions. The text is written for student researchers, individuals who teach and advise students, instructors of qualitative research courses in social sciences, health and education and community members interested in qualitative methods and conducting research."--

Doing Your Early Years Research Project

Author : Guy Roberts-Holmes
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This bestselling guide to undertaking your Early Years research project takes the reader on a practical step-by-step journey. Breaking down each section into accessible and digestible topics, and accompanied by a multitude of practical examples, case studies, research summaries and key points, the author brings this process to life. The updated and revised fourth edition includes: Useful additional resources at the end of each chapter Extended material on the child’s voice within research Signposted glossary terms throughout the text Updated website materials for further study From learning how to structure and organise your project, through to the final presentation and written report of your findings, this is the essential guide and companion for undergraduate and postgraduate students throughout their early childhood and social science courses. Guy Roberts-Holmes will be discussing key ideas from Doing Your Early Years Research Project: A Step-by-Step Guide in the SAGE Early Years Masterclass, a free professional development experience hosted by Kathy Brodie. To sign up, or for more information, click here.

Respectful Research With and About Young Families

Author : Alice Brown
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This book explores the distinctive theoretical and methodological features associated with conducting ethical and respectful research with young families, along with its unique considerations and challenges. With parents and young children understood to be both major players and ‘first educators’ in supporting childhood health, development and learning, this book examines how opportunities for research can be conceptualised within this privileged space. This volume embraces an interdisciplinary approach to this research, examining topics such as researcher identity and positioning, issues of consent, notions of power and relationships with families, methods for collecting data and frameworks for making sense of that data. Rather than providing concrete methods of practices and tools, this book will help raise the consciousness of researchers who are engaged in research with these young families. It is sure to appeal to students and scholars of education and early childhood development, as well as those concerned with conducting research ethically and respectfully.

Doing Your Early Years Research Project

Author : Guy Roberts-Holmes
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This guide talks through the early years research project from start to finish. Drawing on the work of practitioners within the sector to illustrate concepts and methods, it brings the entire research process to life. Research summaries, key point checklists and discussion topics are included throughout.

Doing Research with Children and Young People

Author : Sandy Fraser
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Doing Research with Children and Young People introduces researchers to the key considerations involved in working with children and young people.

The SAGE Handbook of Innovation in Social Research Methods

Author : Malcolm Williams
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Social research is a bourgeoning field. Of course it has many traditions and approaches, but there is a high premium upon thinking differently and thinking anew because social life is never static or wholly predictable. The Handbook, edited by internationally recognized scholars, provides a comprehensive, pitch-perfect critical assessment of the field. The main features of the Handbook are: Clear organization into 4 parts dealing with The Social Context of Research; Design and Data Collection; Integrating The Analysis of New Data Types; Sampling, Inference and Measurement Clear, cutting edge chapters on Objectivity; Causation; Organizing Social Research; Correspondence Analysis; Grounded Theory; Conversational Surveys; Mixed Methods; Meta-Analysis; Optimal Matching Analysis; GIS Analysis; Quantitative Narrative Analysis; Longitudinal Studies; SEM; MLM; Qualitative Comparative Analysis; Respondent Driven Sampling Brings together a glittering assembly of the key figures working in the field of research methods Demonstrates the continuities and productive tensions between classical traditions and real world research. The result is a superbly organized text which will be required reading for anyone interested in the routes and future of social research. It is an unparalleled teaching resource and a 'must have' for serious social researchers.

The Handbook of Ethical Research with Ethnocultural Populations and Communities

Author : Joseph E. Trimble
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The Handbook of Ethical Research With Ethnocultural Populations and Communities, edited by Joseph E. Trimble and Celia B. Fisher, addressES key questions in the first major work to focus specifically on ethical issues involving work with ethnocultural populations. Filling gaps and questions left unanswered by general rules of scientific conduct such as those embodied in federal regulations and professional codes, this Handbook will help guide ethical decision making for social and behavioral science research with multicultural groups for years to come.

Canadian Journal of Native Education

Author :
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Cross Cultural Research with Integrity

Author : Linda Miller Cleary
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Drawing on the experience and insights of 70 researchers across 7 countries and from a diverse range of cultures, regions and disciplines, this book explores the issues and ethics involved in cross-cultural research and how such research can be done with integrity.

Recreating Relationships

Author : Helen Christiansen
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Focuses on two major themes: the imporvement of teaching practice through collaborative research, and reflection on the process of collaboration itself to understand its role in educational change.

The Respectful Parent

Author : James A. Deutch
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The most important job you will ever have is being a parent. Parents usually raise their children the way they were parented, no matter how good or bad their experience. People laugh when they say, Babies dont come with an instruction manual. The Respectful Parent: A Manual for Moms and Dads may be the closest book to that much needed manual. This book is for parents whose normal children are driving them up the wall, and parents who want to improve their parenting skills while things are still going well. The Respectful Parent is written in a personal style by an author, who has over 55 years of clinical experience working with families and individuals of all ages. Dr. Deutch believes that respect between parent and child, along with a toolbox of great common sense techniques, is the key to having a cooperative, happy and productive family. Spanking, yelling, and threats may work on your child in the immediate situation, but scientific research shows that in the long term, they have many negative and sometimes catastrophic side effects. The Respectful Parent teaches how to use positive and democratic ways to nurture children. These ideas are based on the commonsensical philosophy of Doctors Alfred Adler and Rudolph Dreikurs. Learn to use the power of encouragement, the family council, individual special time, natural and logical consequences, and simple communication techniques. Become your childs consultant rather than boss. Raise your childs self-esteem, courage, mental health, and even his or her I.Q.

Basics of Qualitative Research

Author : Juliet Corbin
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Offering immensely practical advice, Basics of Qualitative Research, Fourth Edition presents methods that enable researchers to analyze, interpret, and make sense of their data, and ultimately build theory from it. Authors Juliet Corbin and Anselm Strauss (late of the University of San Francisco and co-creator of grounded theory) walk readers step-by-step through the research process—from the formation of the research question through several approaches to coding, analysis, and reporting. Packed with definitions and illustrative examples, this highly accessible book concludes with chapters that present criteria for evaluating a study, as well as responses to common questions posed by students of qualitative research. New end-of-chapter “Insider Insights” contributed by qualitative researchers give readers a sense of what it’s like to work in the field. Significantly revised, this Fourth Edition remains a landmark volume in the study of qualitative methods.

Doing Early Childhood Research

Author : Glenda Mac Naughton
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Introducing the most common qualitative and quantitative methods in early childhood education training, this work covers a wide range of conventional and newer approaches including surveys, observation, action research, ethnography, and policy analysis.

Qualitative Research Approaches for Public Administration

Author : Larry S. Luton
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Thoroughly updated, more concise than the previous edition, and available for the first time in paperback,

Participatory Research in Palliative Care

Author : Jo Hockley
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Participatory research is a relatively new method of researching practice especially within palliative care. It differs from other methodologies in that there is an expectation of action within the research process. The values that underpin participatory research are collaboration, empowerment, and reflection. In the current climate of collaboration and working with people in healthcare, participatory research methods are gaining increasing interest when there is a desire to bring about change. Organisational change is becoming an important focus as we look at ways of not only reducing costs but at the same time improving quality of care. While palliative care puts the patient and family at the centre, Participatory Research in Palliative Care discusses a new research methodology that puts practitioners at the heart of the research process as collaborators who work together with researchers to resolve problems in practice. Divided into three sections, it provides theoretical groundings of action research, a greater focus on exemplars from studies within palliative care, and discusses prominent issues when using such a methodology. All three sections are illustrated by an action research study undertaken by the author within a palliative care setting. Participatory Research in Palliative Care is written by international, multi-disciplinary authors who explore a collaborative approach to embark on research. It will appeal to health and social care professionals, academics undertaking research within palliative care, and the management of organisations where people with end of life care needs are cared for, including long-term care homes.

Pragmatic Approach to Qualitative Case Study Research Learning by Doing

Author : Hisham Dzakiria
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Interviewing as Qualitative Research

Author : Irving Seidman
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Now in its fourth edition, this popular book provides clear, step-by-step guidance for new and experienced interviewers to develop, shape, and reflect on interviewing as a qualitative research process. Using concrete examples of interviewing techniques to illustrate the issues under discussion, this classic text helps readers to understand the complexities of interviewing and its connections to broader issues of qualitative research. The text includes principles and methods that can be adapted to a range of interviewing approaches. Appropriate for individual and classroom use, the new edition has been expanded to include: clarification of important phenomenological assumptions that underlie the interviewing approach presented in the book; new sections on Long-Distance Interviewing and its implications for the relationship between interviewers and their participants; a new section on the pros and cons of Computer-Assisted Qualitative Data Analysis Software; The Ethics of Doing Good Work, is a new chapter which discusses the interplay between ethical issues in interviewing and how interviewers carry out their work as researchers.

What is Research

Author : Jeanette Rhedding-Jones
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This book is about the practices and experiences of doing contemporary research in the social sciences and in related professions. Written in personal and easy-to-read English, it is for people beginning to do research or wanting to change the ways they research and write. Jeanette Rhedding-Jones explains different ways of doing research, as these link to critical issues researchers decide take up, and to what drives research inquiries. With personal examples and a conversational style, she deals with both the difficult matters of doing theorised research and the politics of getting published. The chapters are about research and self, professions, disciplines, theory, inquiry, methodology, ethics, gender, ethnic diversity and post-modernity. The last two chapters are about research writing and publishing. This book will be a key text for research methodology courses in the social sciences and the professions. As a companion text to more traditionally written books, 'What is Research?' opens doors for readers needing new directions.

Learning and Teaching Community Based Research

Author : Catherine Etmanski
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Community-Based Research, or CBR, is a mix of innovative, participatory approaches that put the community at the heart of the research process. Learning and Teaching Community-Based Research shows that CBR can also operate as an innovative pedagogical practice, engaging community members, research experts, and students. This collection is an unmatched source of information on the theory and practice of using CBR in a variety of university- and community-based educational settings. Developed at and around the University of Victoria, and with numerous examples of Indigenous-led and Indigenous-focused approaches to CBR, Learning and Teaching Community Based-Research will be of interest to those involved in community outreach, experiential learning, and research in non-university settings, as well as all those interested in the study of teaching and learning.

Indigenous People and Archaeology

Author : University of Calgary. Archaeological Association. Conference
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