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Don t Call Me Michael

Author : Joyce Holton Crawford
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Christopher's life was great-until the day Mike Carter moved to Harmony and began attending James Elementary. Mike quickly becomes the meanest kid in school, and his favorite target is Christopher. Mike calls Christopher mean names, plays embarrassing pranks on him, punches him, and even gets him in trouble at school and at home. On the worst day of bullying Christopher has experienced, Mike orders Christopher to meet him at the cemetery well for a big project he needs help with. But when the project doesn't go as planned, Christopher is forced to find the boy behind the bully who yells, 'Don't Call Me Michael.'

Letters to Michael Jackson Aka King of Pop

Author : karen Z. Taylor
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The book is about letters sent to Michael and family and about his lyrics concerning me.

Two Cowboys in New York

Author : Clark Selby
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Two Cowboys in New York is the story of what happens when two cowboys come for a friends wedding in the big city and find when they arrive that the brides father has disappeared. They offer to try to find out what happened to him after he left a meeting at the Port of New York and they become entangled with the New Yorks Mafia, who was robbing passengers at the port. The Mafia never ran into adversaries like these two cowboys before in their history. Indian Leader and Rocky Stone just didnt play by the same rules that the Mafia was used to facing. They were men of the west and lived by the code of the west. Indian and Rocky didnt back down, they would never quit until they either won or died trying. By the time they were through, things at the Port of New York would never be like it was before they came calling. Can Indian and Rocky find the brides father and let their friends wedding finally happen and corral the Mafia at the same time?

Don t Call Me Clarence

Author : C. Joseph Socha
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Dont Call Me Clarence! begins with an introduction describing what life was like during the authors childhood, the Depression years, a bit of colorful history of that era. Then the chapters take us from the authors early years how his inferiority complex came to be, a lot to do with character-forming, the pressures and influences and how important it is to be aware of both harmful and positive experiences, and even more importantly, how often people who denigrate us may actually benefit us by making us try harder to prove them wrong, The author had at least three strikes against him as a youth: that name, Clarence, in his tough neighborhood humiliated him; he was short and thin which made him an easy mark for neighborhood bullies. Bad enough, there was the Fat Man, Fathers nephew who came to live with the family during the Depression until he could get on his feet financially, but he never left. The Fat Man was a cynical, faultfinding person who seemed to target Clarence with criticism mostly because Clarence tended to argue and fight back. But thanks to his father and mother, good old-fashioned, Old Country Christians, Clarence acquired what he called a beacon to distinguish right from wrong that influenced him to lead a straight life. His behavior was affected by a combination of positive and negative responses, but mostly his determination to fight back, to try harder to prove himself, helped him succeed in the difficult life that he led. Outside the home, there were two very positive influences that gave Clarence a goal in life. There was Mrs. Lowe, the grade school librarian who persisted in getting Clarence to read. It wasnt easy for her, but she put a book in his hand, and he opened it, and suddenly that fantastic world of books took hold. Clarence couldnt get enough books to read. The more he read, the more he wanted to improve his knowledge and education. Book stories fueled his imagination and opened the door to a fantasy world where heroes always won, and good triumphed. It influenced his personality. It also energized his creative mind. His own stories came to mind. And it was a second dedicated teacher, Mrs. Gabrielle, who took him in hand and encouraged Clarence to write. He then knew that what he wanted most out of life was to become a writer, and he had a goal, which he pursued. There were the Depression years that toughened people to hardships, and Clarence tried early in life to get work, any kind of work to help provide income for the family. He had that work ethic that employers recognized so he always had someone wanting his services. In those years before self-service markets, Clarence clerked for a grocery store, learned how to deal with people, and he learned an important lesson. When employers see you working is when other job offers come up. Work produces work. Then came World War II. Clarence enlisted in the Navy. He served on four ships that took him to different lands to see different people. His third ship was sunk off of Ansio, Italy, and he barely survived. His fourth ship he saw being built in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin. His ship, the PGM-30, a gunboat, was in Okinawa where the Japanese were determined to fight to the death, inflecting heavy wounds to our Navy. The PGM-30 was part of an invasion fleet awaiting action in the invasion of Japan, that American planes dropped the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and suddenly the war was over. After the war, there was a quandary in Clarence: what to do for a living? His goal of becoming a writer was stalled, at age twenty-six. Here another helpful person persuaded Clarence to go back to school. Back to college among young teenagers fresh out of high school was embarrassing, but Clarence persisted, earned hi

A Calling Bird

Author : Jo Tannah
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Cole Burns doesn’t suffer the cold or feeling the holiday spirit, but dreams of having a family by thirty, preferably with two or three children, are slowly fading into the fog of winter. It's a sad, sad situation he cannot seem to escape. For John Michael Diamond, being CEO of Diamond Corporation equates to never finding the perfect mate to share his nest. In fact, it’s next to impossible. Through a twist of fate, he discovers his mate not only lives nearby but is on his family’s estate. Cole never thought he’d fall for such a crazy, insanely gorgeous rich guy, and yet here he is, wrapped in shifter eagle who serenades him with love songs. This is going to be an interesting Christmas.

After Some Tomorrow

Author : Mack Reynolds
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POWER! Perhaps the rarest gift in the world is that ability to read the future, to know what will happen to a person, a group, even a country, and when it will happen! EXTRASENSORY PERCEPTION The year is some indeterminate time in the future; Mickey Grant and Anna Enesco are involved in special studies for people who have shown extraordinary ESP talent. Their progress is as frightening as it is incredible. But when our government sends them on missions that become increasingly dangerous and difficult, are their lives the price of their special pre-knowledge?

From Jerusalem to Beverly Hills

Author : Eitan Gonen
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This is a riveting story of the author's journey for survival as a war refugee and overcoming poverty. The story begins in Jerusalem as the British Empire crumbles and World War II ends. The ensuing turmoil in Palestine lead to Israel's War of Independence and the Arab siege of Jerusalem that shaped Eitan's childhood and the journey he travelled as a construction laborer, shepherd in a kibbutz, "Top Gun" fighter pilot in Israel Air Force, engineer for the Space Shuttle and a businessman in Beverly Hills. On his quest for independence and justice he endured family displacement, hunger, personal loss, and a government corruption scandal that nearly unraveled all he had worked to create. This compelling story, however, is ultimately one of triumph. Jerusalem, at once provincial and cosmopolitan, where lives of Christians, Jews and Arabs intermingle, is the colorful ground for a true story of a boy growing up during the tumultuous waning years of the British rule. The author describes scenes from the Arab-Israeli war, from a rare vantage point of a little boy, turned refugee in the ravaged city. As a teenager, he becomes a member of a socialist youth movement and joins his friends to establish a kibbutz. Toiling as a shepherd in the hills of Judea, and disappointed by the communal system, he leaves to join the Israel Air Force and becomes a fighter pilot. At the age of 22, he takes Dina, his wife, to Africa to create the newly independent Ghana Air Force. Fulfilling his lifelong dream, the author goes to America, but tragedy drives his young family back to Israel for eleven years. Following the Yom Kippur War, his keen sense of justice compels him to expose government corruption that inevitably teaches him that "no good deed goes unpunished," but at the end of the day makes him victorious. A memorable scene aboard an El Al flight provides an emotional end. Visit

You Don t Bring Me Flowers Anymore

Author : Rebecca Pater
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Beth is overweight, worn down and afraid she is losing her marriage. Can she rediscover the girl she used to be, the girl her husband fell in love with, or is it already too late. Joan must face the shame of her birth and learn to believe that she deserves to love and be loved. Jillian has been devastated by her husband’s infidelity and must decide whether she can move on with him or start again on her own. Caroline’s life is forever changed by a tragedy that tears her family apart. Four ordinary women whose lives will never be the same again. Where do they go from here?

Black Pawn

Author : Mel LeBrun
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After witnessing something he wasn't meant to see, Michael Cailen is caught in a real life game of chess where every move could be his last. A former special ops soldier, he uses his training and skills to stay alive and one step ahead of those hunting him. Jessica Nickoli's life is forever changed when a chance encounter with Michael in a cafe almost leads to her death. Saved by Michael, she must go on the run with him as it becomes clear they intend to kill her now too. As Michael learns more about Jessica's murky past and questionable career as a computer hacker he begins to wonder if there is more to her than meets the eye. He soon realizes it was not mere coincidence that brought them together. With his own survival now dependent on hers, he will stop at nothing to protect her as they work together to bring down the powerful forces working to kill them.

Don t Call Me Angel

Author : Natalie M. Monet
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Don’t Call Me Angel By: Natalie M. Monet Don’t Call Me Angel started one night as the author was writing in her journal. She was moved to expose Satan and how he plays his games. She wishes for the world to see the true face of Satan and how he works in an individual’s life to pull them into darkness and control them. I am saying I am Angel of God and that I want to see how Satan is working in your life. The night Natalie finished her book, Saint Michael was standing at the end of her bed, guarding her. She told him, you don’t have to babysit me, I’m fine. Her entire bed was shaking and she shouted out, “Knock it Off”! It was the Angels telling Michael and her that God wants to acknowledge her and her book. She found herself standing before God. He was the size of the tallest building you ever seen. He placed one finger on her head, for her to bow. A crown was placed on her head. She found herself back in room. She wanted to ask her Father a question. She was then standing next to his ear. She asked him a question in a whisper. He just laughed and said yes. But suddenly found herself in Heaven, standing before God. He placed a finger on her head and pushed her down to bow before Him. She felt a crown placed on her head. She was back in her room and wanted to ask her Father a question. Then she was next to His ear, asked the question, and He just laughed and said “yes.”