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Don t Tell Me Not to Ask Why

Author : Samantha King Holmes
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Don’t Tell Me Not to Ask Why, Samantha King Holmes’s second solo poetry collection following her bestselling Born to Love, Cursed to Feel, is a mirror that reflects our honest truths. Holmes’s poems are like little stories, hooking readers while navigating issues like body image, family relationships, loneliness, failed relationships, and finding belonging. Don’t Tell Me Not to Ask Why is a call to introspection, a demand for honesty, and an affirmation of second chances.

Don t Tell Me I m Going to Die

Author : Feroze Moos
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These reflections on my terminal cancer have only one purpose in mind: to bring together those who would heal. and those who would be healed. And to preserve protect and prolong life, hold it sacred against all impediments and anyone who would have it otherwise. They mirror the human predicament reflected in a single heart, are written with no intent to harm, and hold everybody harmless in an effort to save lives. Some of the names have been altered to protect the innocent, while others have been used with their permission. Everything written and implied explicitly. or implicitly, is solely the perception of the author. The story of my life struggling with the cancer in me and the cancer out there as I call it, that would have had me dead before my time, is an odyssey that allows one to look into oneself. The fragility and insouciance of human nature is terrifying, disheartening and inconceivable at times, but nonetheless allows one to transcend it if one has the courage and tenacity to survive against all odds. Thats what this story is all about. I dedicate this book to all those who would unstintingly heal, knowing what cannot be known. hold life sacred and seek this truth so as to transcend themselves and act with compassion. humility and unerring faith, to help others survive.

Don t Tell Me I Can t

Author : Nancy Elizabeth Phillips
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In Don't Tell Me I Can't, the author describes the anxiety and depression that she has had since early childhood. She also describes the darkest moments of her life, such as when she was waiting for a judge to hand down the decision about the disposition of her children. Her ongoing bouts of depression and anxiety are also described.

Don t Tell Me to Wait

Author : Kerry Eleveld
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From an award-winning political journalist, the story of how LGBT activists pushed Obama to embrace gay rights -- transforming his presidency in the process Gay rights has been a defining progressive issue of Barack Obama's presidency: Congress repealed Don't Ask, Don't Tell in 2010 with his strong support, and in 2011, he instructed his Justice Department to stop defending the Defense of Marriage Act, helping to pave the way for a series of Supreme Court decisions that ultimately legalized same-sex marriage nationwide. This rapid succession of victories is astonishing by any measure -- and is especially incredible considering that when Obama first took office he, like many politicians, still viewed gay rights as politically toxic. In 2008, for instance, he opposed full marital rights for same-sex couples, calling marriage a "sacred union" between a man and a woman. It wasn't until 2012, in the heat of his reelection campaign, that Obama finally embraced marriage equality. In Don't Tell Me to Wait, former Advocate reporter Kerry Eleveld shows that Obama's transformation from cautious gradualist to gay rights champion was the result of intense pressure from lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender activists. These men and women changed the conversation issue by issue, pushing the president and the country toward greater freedom for LGBT Americans. Drawing on years of research and reporting, Eleveld tells the dramatic story of the fight for gay rights in America, detailing how activists pushed the president to change his mind, turned the tide of political opinion, and set the nation on course to finally embrace LGBT Americans as full citizens of this country. With unprecedented access and unparalleled insights, Don't Tell Me to Wait captures a critical moment in American history and demonstrates the power of activism to change the course of a presidency-and a nation.

Show Me Don t Tell Me

Author : Dave Holston
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A guide to strategic communication for stronger brands! Powerful brands succeed because of the quality of the long-term relationships they establish with customers and stakeholders. At their foundation, these relationships are built upon consistent and meaningful strategic communications. These communications are developed around a framework that defines business goals, considers the audience's needs, surveys the competitive environment, identifies a unique value proposition and establishes a metric for success. Strategic communications are also integrated, bringing together marketing, public relations and internal communications. They are accountable through measurement, and they are accountable to their stakeholders, the various publics and their customers. In this book, author David Holston takes the daunting task of smart communication and makes it manageable in just four steps. Holston has worked in the areas of marketing, advertising, communication planning, design management and public affairs for leading organizations for the past 25 years. He is also a national speaker and the author of two additional books, The Strategic Designer: Tools and Techniques for Managing the Design Process and Design for Online Engagement: SEO, Content and Design Optimization for Editors and Designers. This indispensable guide provides you with a process for developing visual strategic communications that are sure to help your brands succeed.

Don t Tell Me It s Okay

Author : Sue Doble
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This book is about grief in its rawest form. As you read you will visit each emotion and entertain the feelings that go with them. The book does not just describe grief, but takes you to that place also; it is not your pain but one you can relate to and hopefully, find hope.

Don t Tell Me to Relax

Author : Kelly Rompel
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Don’t Tell Me to Relax! teaches high achievers who are spread thin, stressed out, and overwhelmed how to live a balance of achievement and enjoyment. Don’t Tell Me to Relax! is for the ambitious soul who loves to be productive but struggles with the stress and anxiety that comes from being a high achiever. Former perfectionist and to-do list junkie, Kelly Rompel, shares her story of how she traded in her seemingly picture-perfect life for one of peace and purpose. As a pharmacist and holistic anxiety coach, she has helped countless high-achievers bounce back from burnout and lower their stress while still maintaining their success. Don’t Tell Me to Relax! teaches high achievers how to: Lower stress and anxiety while maintaining their productivity and motivation Stop perfectionism from keeping them stuck Drop the guilt that comes with relaxing Learn ways to decrease the irritability that high achievers often experience

Don t Tell Me You Love Me

Author : Tanya Royes
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Love never dies... Unforgiving and prideful vs calm and charming, Darius Johnson, battles with his desires and demons to find happiness. But what is happiness when you’re mourning the death of your beloved Grandma? A new life begins and he grudgingly moves back home to word wrestle with headstrong mum and teenage sister developing an attitude and dancing with fire, and a sudden arrival causes a shift in the family dynamics. Impressing women with his casual bravado he relishes in risky escapades with a gutsy allurer DJ and sinks into lust with his ex-girlfriend. But, when the game is in session, Darius misses the lesson when the unknown entices him - a gorgeous and graceful enigma, Faye. Switching up the game and marvelling at the beauty of the mysterious woman. Darius wonders if he is face to face with his soul-mate or fate for something bigger as he motions through the seasons of life without Grandma, resurfacing unresolved matters and family secrets.

Tell Me No Secrets

Author : Joy Fielding
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A gripping psychological thriller, perfect for fans of Lisa Hall and BA Paris Jess Koster spends her days putting criminals behind bars. Then she meets Rick Ferguson, a man about to be tried for rape. That is, until the victim disappears before giving evidence. Fearing for the woman's safety, and positive that this is Rick's plan to stop her from testifying, Jess is determined to prove that Rick had something to do with her disappearance. But now somebody wants to make Jess disappear too . . . Tense, dark and packed with twists, this is a gripping psychological thriller from the 16-million-copy bestselling Queen of psychological suspense, Joy Fielding.

Tell Me No Lies

Author : Maxine-Rae Brown
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The book itself; “Tell me no lies”, is about a middle aged recently divorced woman struggling to keep her sanity in a world she is naive to and blunders along bumping into one disaster after another. She believes herself to be independent and a strong woman but finds herself to be quite vulnerable and fragile suddenly entering a world of devious corrupt behaviour which envelopes her in fear and almost giving up, not knowing who to trust and then struggling financially to keep her head above water. Then events take a different turn once again. This book is amusing, sometimes sad but always positive.