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Don t Tell the Boss

Author : Anna Bell
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'I love this book. I can't put it down!' Amazon reviewer. A laugh-out-loud romantic comedy perfect for fans of Holly Martin and Joanna Bolouri. When newlywed Penny turns her hand to some casual wedding planning she only wants to help other women afford the big day of their dreams. But taming bridezillas turns out to be a full-time occupation, and what began as a hobby becomes a personal and professional nightmare. Soon Penny is struggling to keep her day job and prevent her own marriage from collapsing under the strain: tired, stressed and knee-deep in ivory satin, is Penny's life and livelihood hanging by a thread?

Don t Tell Me I m Going to Die

Author : Feroze Moos
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These reflections on my terminal cancer have only one purpose in mind: to bring together those who would heal. and those who would be healed. And to preserve protect and prolong life, hold it sacred against all impediments and anyone who would have it otherwise. They mirror the human predicament reflected in a single heart, are written with no intent to harm, and hold everybody harmless in an effort to save lives. Some of the names have been altered to protect the innocent, while others have been used with their permission. Everything written and implied explicitly. or implicitly, is solely the perception of the author. The story of my life struggling with the cancer in me and the cancer out there as I call it, that would have had me dead before my time, is an odyssey that allows one to look into oneself. The fragility and insouciance of human nature is terrifying, disheartening and inconceivable at times, but nonetheless allows one to transcend it if one has the courage and tenacity to survive against all odds. Thats what this story is all about. I dedicate this book to all those who would unstintingly heal, knowing what cannot be known. hold life sacred and seek this truth so as to transcend themselves and act with compassion. humility and unerring faith, to help others survive.

You Vs You

Author : Wayne Mazzoni
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Motivational book for all athletes.

Performance Management and Appraisal Systems

Author : T. V. Rao
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Performance management is a means of identifying critical dimensions of performance, its planning, review and development. It is a simple and commonsensical way to measure productivity as also to enhance performance and is a critical tool for organizations in today's competitive environment. Organizations are constantly on the lookout for a performance system that is appropriate to their environment and work culture. This book explores the many facets of performance management and how it works. The author defines performance management as a continuous process which consists of defining, planning, analyzing and developing performance through competency building. It focuses on commitment and support building as also recognizing and rewarding performance and contribution. The author maintains that more than just a method of reviewing performance, a performance management facilitates learning among managers. This system brings about role clarity and resultantly, there is more focus on performance development. It also raises levels of trust, which create better communication, and as a consequence a more transparent and productive organization. A key feature of the book is that it advises organizations to shift their focus from an appraisals only approach to the more holistic framework of performance management. This will ensure growth and development of employee performance. This book is discusses the latest theoretical developments in the field in a jargon free and accessible style. It encompasses critical implementation aspects of performance management and includes a number of chapters which provide insightful information on performance management. It also includes recent experiences of organizations which have incorporated performance management systems in their structure, thus giving the reader a realistic and comprehensive feel of the topic.

Living with Cancer

Author : Dave Visel
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In this candidly written guide, Visel draws on expertise hard-won during his wife's battle with lymphoma. He provides an overview of the varieties of cancer as well as patients' perspectives on all the basic types of treatments available.

I Hurt Therefore I Am

Author : Jon Garate
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Back in the early 1600s, Rene Descartes, the father of modern philosophy was struggling with the meaning of life, and wondering if he really existed, or if he was just some kind of awareness fl oating around in the universe. He fi nally resolved that he really did exist. His proof was stated, I think, therefore I am. Too bad for him there werent any old time cowboys around yet, or they could have saved him all that soul searching. Very early in the life of a cowboy, as he picks himself up out of a pile of rocks after being bucked off his horse, he knows for absolute certain of his existence. In the words of author and old time cowboy, Jon Garate, I HURT, THEREFORE I AM. Who would ever believe that growing up as a wild cowboy in the Old West would nurture the developing mind of a self-made philosopher? Herein, a reader can harvest-in-full, or glean piece-meal, nuggets ofhorse sense (country wisdom), feasting on the thoughts and ideas presented throughout this work of art.

100 Ways to Get on the Wrong Side of Your Boss

Author : Peter R. Garber
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This book was written for anyone who has ever been frustrated by his or her working relationship with the boss. Each of the examples is designed to illustrate a particular problem and provide an effective strategy to prevent this problem from occurring in the future. (Careers/Job Opportunities)

Being the Boss

Author : Linda A. Hill
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You never dreamed being the boss would be so hard. You're caught in a web of conflicting expectations from subordinates, your supervisor, peers, and customers. You're not alone. As Linda Hill and Kent Lineback reveal in Being the Boss, becoming an effective manager is a painful, difficult journey. It's trial and error, endless effort, and slowly acquired personal insight. Many managers never complete the journey. At best, they just learn to get by. At worst, they become terrible bosses. This new book explains how to avoid that fate, by mastering three imperatives: · Manage yourself: Learn that management isn't about getting things done yourself. It's about accomplishing things through others. · Manage a network: Understand how power and influence work in your organization and build a network of mutually beneficial relationships to navigate your company's complex political environment. · Manage a team: Forge a high-performing "we" out of all the "I"s who report to you. Packed with compelling stories and practical guidance, Being the Boss is an indispensable guide for not only first-time managers but all managers seeking to master the most daunting challenges of leadership.

Learn How to Become a Successful Manager Collection

Author : Richard Templar
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The Rules of Management will teach you how to manage your team--and manage yourself. They're surprisingly easy to learn and live by. Now, Richard Templar has brought them all together in one place: the quick, irreverent The Rules of Management. Templar covers everything from setting realistic targets to holding effective meetings; finding the right people to inspiring loyalty. Learn when and how to let your people think they know more than you (even if they don't)--and recognize when they really do! Discover how to adapt your style to each team member... create your own private game plan for success... manage stress and stay healthy... and take charge, as if you were born to manage! The Rules of Work are about how you are seen to be doing it. They are about how you appear to others. And they are about helping you to achieve the success you richly deserve. This new, even better, edition includes 10 brand new rules to take you further, faster. These rules are the guiding principles that will improve both what you do and how you do it, giving you the unmistakable air of confidence that will win you admiration, respect, and the next promotion. With The Rules under your belt you'll have the edge in everything you do, without having to compromise your principles.

Be a Great Boss The Hill Collection 4 Items

Author : Linda A. Hill
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This digital collection, curated by Harvard Business Review, offers seminal ideas by leadership expert and Harvard Business School professor Linda A. Hill. It includes three of her most popular books—Becoming a Manager, Being the Boss (coauthor), and Collective Genius (coauthor)—as well as the influential 2011 Harvard Business Review article, “Are You a Good Boss—or a Great One?,” which Hill coauthored with Kent Lineback. Hill is an in-demand teacher and mentor to professionals worldwide on the topics of managing change, cross-organizational relationships, global strategy, innovation, talent management, and leadership development. This collection offers the best reading on how to be an effective leader and a better boss—resulting in enhanced personal and professional success and a better-performing organization. All four works included in the set are influential in the field of leadership and have been embraced by practitioners everywhere, who use Hill’s advice to become better at what they do. Linda A. Hill is Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School and the faculty chair of its Leadership Initiative. She has chaired numerous executive education programs at the school. Hill serves on numerous boards of directors, boards of trustees, and advisory boards, and her work and ideas are featured regularly in international media.


Author : Cathy Williams
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She’s smart and reliable, but her heart isn’t so clever?she’s fallen for her playboy boss! Tessa heads to her first day at a new job full of hope and nerves, but her new boss, Curtis, fires her on the spot. It turns out he wasn’t looking for a competent assistant, just a beautiful one…and apparently she doesn’t stack up! Though he’s handsome, he’s also oppressive. And though she may be plain, she’s no pushover. She convinces him to give her a chance?she’ll just have to prove the value of her work! He gives Tessa a three-month trial period, and eventually, he praises her as a valuable member of his team. But his sweet smiles cause her heart to pound and throb painfully. She knows he only dates glamorous beauties. She knows she’ll only end up getting hurt. And yet she can’t resist him!

Her Brooding Italian Boss

Author : Susan Meier
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From his assistant…to his muse! Pregnant and broke, Laura Beth's only option is to take a job with brooding yet brilliant artist Antonio Bartulocci. He may be darkly handsome, but the fiery Italian proves to be a difficult boss! Since his wife's betrayal, Antonio has been unable to pick up a brush. But captivated by Laura Beth's guileless beauty, he wonders if she could be the woman to unlock the talent he thought he'd lost forever… It's a miracle which reminds him of all that's now good in this life: Laura Beth!

Heart Soul

Author : Neicy
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What Your Black Friends Don t Tell You

Author : Carl A. Benson Sr
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This book doesn't have one main plot. It has 35 of them. These are story poems of animals that act like humans. They have their problems just like real people. They pull tricks on one another. They laugh. cry, feel bad, cheat, fight, love and what have you. But at the end of each short story there is usually a moral or a hard learned lesson that teaches them how wrong they were to start trouble in the first place and how to live peacefully. Some of the poetry is funny, some silly, sad or thoughtful. The poem of the horse and the cow, "True Friends", shows that love lasts forever. The animals also can see each others differences. Some are respected, some aren't. Take for example Noah's Ark. The story in the Bible and mine is that you hear the animals version and their point of view. You're also going to read about a turtle who went to the circus for the first time and what happened to him. There's a story about a fox who keeps trying to crash into a camp site but is put off by a huge dog everytime. There is a story that all mailmen will love.Maybe by reading this book a lot of adults will probably remember the antics of their own pets when they were small. Even a story about Saint Francis makes it into the book. It is about my own dog "Freddie the Freeloader, now in heaven. There is a story about a lion who thought that this would never happen to him. A poem about a stone cat who yearns to be alive is very interesting.. A lot of these story poems will have you saying to yourself how true, how true.

Temporary Boss Forever Husband

Author : Stacy Connelly
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A supervisor finds himself falling in love with a coworker despite his long time commitment to keep his personal life separate from his work.

The End of Don t Ask Don t Tell The Impact in Studies and Personal Essays by Service Members and Veterans

Author : J Ford Huffman
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Featuring 4 reports and 25 personal essays from diverse voices—both straight and gay—representing U.S. Marine Corps, Army, Navy, and Air Force veterans and service members, this anthology examines the impact of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” and its repeal on 20 September 2011 in order to benefit policy makers, historians, researchers, and general readers. Topics include lessons from foreign militaries, serving while openly gay, women at war, returning to duty, marching forward after repeal, and support for the committed same-sex partners and families of gay service members.

Chasing Women Without Leaving Your Seat

Author : Julian Barrie
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Julian Barrie knows that its hard for men to find the women of their dreams and then sometimes even harder to keep them. Hes made keen observations over the years when it comes to women and engaging in serious relationships with them and has noted bits of wisdom to help any man about to embark upon such a journey. Do you ever wish you could go back in time to your teen years or early twenties and advise yourself on how to avoid life-changing mistakes involving women? Barrie provides humorous insights, including eleven commandments, regarding how to find, attract, and keep the woman of your dreams. Learn how to make decisions that will create a happy and peaceful existence with the love of your life. Let Chasing Women without Leaving Your Seat help you choose your life mate and guide you through the often tricky stages of friendship, courtship, relationship, nuptials, raising a family, and finally, retirement, while keeping the sparks of romance burning brightly.

Boss of Me

Author : Pearlin Siow
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Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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What You Don t Know and Your Boss Won t Tell You

Author : Pamela F. Lenehan
File Size : 89.86 MB
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To move ahead in your career you need to be concerned about many issues that are not taught in school or the company handbook. What You Don't Know and Your Boss Won't Tell You covers a wide range of topics explored candidly by experienced female executives who learned how to navigate the unspoken and often debilitating rules of corporate life. This book will show you how to actively manage your career, communicate in the language of business, find leadership opportunities and good mentors, and develop a personal style that projects confidence and competence. The book also shows how you can handle the nuances of dating, emotions, and office politics, how to understand the rigors and rules of business travel, and ways to balance work and family comfortably. Unlike other books geared toward women on how to succeed in corporate life, What You Don't Know and Your Boss Won't Tell You offers specific advice from a group of successful female executives that will help empower women to take charge of their careers, instead of letting their careers take charge of them.

The Boss Next Door

Author : Roz Denny Fox
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Love, family, success. Can you really have it all? Garrett Lock wants it all. He's a single father with a child he adores. He has a successful career. And now he wants a second chance at marriage, another shot at love—with Sherry Campbell. Despite her desire for a family, Sherry doesn't believe that love and independence are compatible. But when Garrett becomes her boss—and her neighbor—she starts to question her assumptions, falling first for his eight-year-old son…and then for him. Maybe with a bit of compromise and a lot of trust... you can have it all?