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Cook a Doodle Doo

Author : Janet Stevens
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With the questionable help of his friends, Big Brown Rooster manages to bake a strawberry shortcake that would have pleased his great-grandmother, Little Red Hen.

Easy Doodle Abstract Colouring Book

Author : L. J. Knight
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30 original abstract illustrations Hand-drawn Strong lines & large spaces - ideal for easy colouring Difficulty level - easy Single-sided printing Easy Doodle Abstract Colouring Book features thirty simple all-abstract illustrations. These designs have fairly thick lines and larger spaces than typical adult colouring books, making them easy to colour. This book is a great choice for: People who find it difficult to colour designs with small spaces Beginners and inexperienced colourists Kids People using thick markers or other colouring media with broad-tips More advanced colourists who like to add their own details, shading, blending, and patterns Anyone who wants to relax by colouring easy designs! This simple colouring book is perfect for colourists of all ages, and will provide hours of relaxation and enjoyment. This book has hand-drawn lines with a more natural and less 'perfect' style than in the previous colouring books from the same author. You can preview some of the designs in this colouring book using the Look Inside feature, and see all of them on the author's website - click the author name above for the URL. If you're using markers, it's best to place a sheet of scrap paper under the page you're colouring, to protect against bleed-through. There are spare pages at the back of the book for this purpose. Please note, this book was originally published in September 2017 as Easy Doodle Abstract Colouring Book by Tigerlynx.


Author : Amy Burvall
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Inspiring and exploring creativity opens pathways for students to use creative expression to demonstrate content knowledge, critical thinking, and the problem solving that will serve them best no matter what their futures may bring. Intention offers a collection of ideas, activities, and reasons for bringing creativity to every lesson."'Rigorous whimsy.' I'm in."-Clive Thompson, author of Smarter Than You Think "Bravo to Burvall and Ryder for showing us how to bring out more creativity in the classroom. All teachers, parents, and students will find something to steal here." -Austin Kleon, New York Times best-selling author of Steal Like An Artist "What I would have given to have educators like Amy and Dan in my early years ? doodling, remixing, iterating, discovering, playing to learn with all your might. The world needs thinkers like these two and the world also needs this book."-Sunni Brown, best-selling author of Gamestorming and The Doodle Revolution "Intention is a work of art and genius. Burvall and Ryder explore the rich tapestry of ways in which academia can embrace curiosity and creativity, provide tools with which to dissect it for values, and take that further with actionable exercises that empower the reader to put these ideas into practice. A beautifully executed exploration of creativity in learning."-Adam Bellow, co-founder of Breakout EDU "Don't just read this brilliant book of recipes for classroom creativity. Make it your intention to digest, deliberate, and doodle all over it. (I did!)"-Bryan Mathers, founder of VisualThinkery

Doodle Your Destiny

Author : Meera Lester
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Discover the power of doodling! You can draw your way to the life that you've always wanted with Doodle Your Destiny. Written by law of attraction expert Meera Lester, each thought-provoking prompt shows you how something as simple as doodling can manifest your deepest desires. With her guidance, you will draw detailed illustrations of the things you want, allowing you to solidify your intention and ensure that your actions, words, and thoughts are in harmony with accomplishing your aspirations. Whether you're looking to attract the perfect partner, own a bigger house, or find success in your career, this book can help you harness the power of the law of attraction through doodling and make every wish a reality. With Doodle Your Destiny, you can achieve your wildest dreams--one doodle at a time!

Purpose Fuels Passion

Author : Carrigleagh Books
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Cute adorable Diary/Guest Book /Journal/ Notebook Gift Lovely Designed Interior pages This minimalist and classic notebook is a wonderful multi-purpose journal for sketching, jotting down thoughts, and writing notes. The notebook is made with flexible matte laminated softback cover, which helps repel liquids. Therefore, the notebook is durable to withstand any adventure. If you would like to see a sample of the notebook, click on the "Look Inside" feature. Specifications: Layout: Unlined Dimensions: 6'" x 9" Soft, matte laminated paperback cover 80 pages Paper Weight: 60lb text/90 GSM Pages are numbered Acid Free Paper Binding: Perfect

The Soul Discovery Coloring Book

Author : Janet Conner
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In Writing Down Your Soul, Janet Conner introduced tools to teach readers how to connect to the voice within where soul knowledge and spiritual breakthroughs occur: "If you want to engage in a vibrant conversation with the wisdom that dwells just a hair below your conscious awareness, write. Write every day, at approximately the same time, with passion, honesty, and the intention of speaking with and listening to the voice within." As a natural extension and follow-up to Writing Down Your Soul, here is a companion coloring book that offers a powerful catalyst for accessing the knowledge already deep within you. Structured around 22 key questions to ignite the imagination, such as "When I look out, what do I see?" "When I look in, what do I see?" and "If I could create the perfect gate to my extraordinary life, what would it look like?" The Soul Discovery Coloring Book invites readers to: Noodle: use silence, reflection, staring off into space, allowing images to come Doodle: not drawing to replicate, but allowing Color: allowing the colors to choose you Scribble or soul write: scribbling because when we soul write we write fast and messy to get ahead of our conscious mind For each of the 22 key questions there are 4 pages: the first poses and explores the question and provides an image to color, the second provides an image to color plus space to scribble and doodle, the third offers a quote or small inspiration design for free drawing, and the fourth offers blank space to allow the reader to complete their exploration through writing or coloring. Adult coloring books are all the rage and The Soul Discovery Coloring Book comes with the added benefit of helping readers to reach deep within themselves to connect with the divine. The result? The reader not only colors a beautiful picture, but also creates a beautiful life.

Buddha Doodles Imagine the Possibilities

Author : Molly Hahn
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Adding love to the world, one doodle at a time! With simple, whimsical drawings and simple, deep truths, Buddha Doodles celebrates the amazing possibilities of the divine light within us all.

100 Books Every Blues Fan Should Own

Author : Edward Komara
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Search the Internet for the 100 best songs or best albums. Dozens of lists will appear from aficionados to major music personalities. But what if you not only love listening to the blues or country music or jazz or rock, you love reading about it, too. How do you separate what matters from what doesn’t among the hundreds—sometimes thousands—of books on the music you so love? In the Best Music Books series, readers finally have a quick-and-ready list of the most important works published on modern major music genres by leading experts. In 100 Books Every Blues Fan Should Own, Edward Komara, former Blues Archivist of the University of Mississippi, and his successor Greg Johnson select those histories, biographies, surveys, transcriptions and studies from the many hundreds of works that have been published about this vital American musical genre. Komara and Johnson provide a short description of the contents and the achievement of each title selected for their “Blues 100.” Entries include full bibliographic citations, prices of copies in print, and even descriptions of specific editions for book collectors. 100 Books Every Blues Fan Should Own also includes suggested blues recordings to accompany each recommended work, as well as a concluding section on key reference titles—or as Komara and Johnson phrase it: “The Books behind the Blues 100.” 100 Books Every Blues Fan Should Own serves as a guide for any blues fan looking for a road map through the history of—and even history of the scholarship on—the blues. Here Komara and Johnson answer the question of not only what is a “blues” book, but which ones are worth owning.

Sunflower Journal and Doodle Book

Author : Hall
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Do you or someone you know love flowers? 100 pages - half blank for doodling or sketching, the other half of the pages are lined for notes or reflections. Great gift as a gratitude journal, a personal journal, great to record inspirational quotes or just as an all-purpose notebook. Makes a perfect gift for men, women, teenagers, teens or kids. Lined journal to write and draw in. 100 pages. Softcover/paperback.


Author : Artomistry Press
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A great gift for artists, kids, adults, students and all those quirky creative people you know! This Awesome Artist Sketchbook has clean, crisp white paper and is perfect for all your creative drawing and art work. It's also a great multi-purpose notebook for jotting down thoughts, poetry, notes and ideas. Suitable for most media including pencils, pens, acrylics, light felt tipped pens, watercolor paints and very light fine tip markers. Good quality blank white paper. 100 pages Extra large size (8.5" x 11") Glossy, soft laminated paperback cover Let your imagination run wild on the pages of this Drawing Sketchbook. Order yours today!